by Chloe Tzang

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* * *

"One Iced Caramel Macchiato," she snapped. "Make it quick, will ya." Not even looking at me.

Jesus, screw you and the attitude you rode in on, bitch. Anyhow, who'd drink this shit? Pretentious wannabe something or other in her power suit, cellphone in one hand, laptop in her trendy little Marc Jacobs tote.

"Coming right up." Screw you, bitch. Why the heck had I taken this job anyhow? But I made it anyway, quick, just like she wanted. Job's a job and I was paid to make this shit and smile. Didn't matter about the smile, she was too busy yapping away on her cell to notice. She paid, took it, walked. No smile. No thanks, nada.

"Next please." Smiling brightly.

"Hey, Chin-Chin, how you going there, girl? Make mine a Pick of the Day, Grande, will ya?" The old guy in jeans, plaid shirt and oil stained work boots was smiling, the way he did almost every morning. Made a real change from that last bitch, I tell you.

"Sure thing, Mark." Guess Mark was short, that time of the week. I could always tell when he was down to just a few bucks to spare, he loved those butterscotch latte's. He only got them for a couple of days every two weeks, right after payday. "That'll be two bucks ten."

He counted it out in change. There wasn't much there. Turning back after I made it, I smiled.

"Here you go, Mark, one Smoked Butterscotch Latte Frappuccino just like you ordered."

"Uhhh..." He blinked.

"Move it on, buddy, you're holding up the line here." I gave him the real smile, not the fake one. "Enjoy it Mark, see ya tomorrow morning, kay. ... Next..."

* * *

"I saw that." Cedric grinned at me.

Ten thirty, the morning rush done. Nothing but a few hipsters perched at tables whacking away on their laptops doing whatever the heck it was hipsters did on their laptops in Starsucks. Trying to make everyone think they were working on website development or blogging or shit like that. More likely writing porn for some XXX website like that Chinese girl over in the corner if you ask me, but what the hell, who cares. Not me. I just wanted that break. Sitting back with Cedric, no customers waiting, no incoming, sippin' on an iced tea and just chillin'. Loved that stuff.

"So? Watcha gonna do about it?" He wouldn't do a thing, I knew. Cedric was cool. He ran the place. The guy that owned it, he'd show up a coupla times a week, do the books, check on everything and then waddle off. He'd hired me, but for all intents and purposes, Cedric was the boss. Not a bad looking boss either. If I'd had time, I'd have looked at him a bit more often. Nice butt there, dude. He wasn't some over muscled jock, let's just go with "in good shape." Oh yeah, nice shape.

Him and me, that was who worked here and I was liking it that way. Liking it more and more coz Cedric, well, let's just say he had possibilities. Me, I'd been here a month now, 'n it was a great summer job. Maybe I could keep going part-time after college started up in a few weeks. That'd be cool. Extra money, free iced tea. Flirting with Cedric. Oh yeah, fun.

Cedric grinned that cool grin of his. All white teeth and little hipster goatee and sparkling blue eyes and just that one gold stud in his ear. Thank god. Don't like piercings, not on a guy anyhow. One stud, just perfect.

Ohhh, that grin. "Just don't do it too often hey, Ching-Ching."

"Or what, you going to spank me?" I raised one eyebrow. It'd taken me ages to learn to do that.

He laughed. "You'd do it every day if I said yes, wouldn't you."

My turn to giggle. "Ohhhhh yeah, baby, spank me." I wasn't quite sure if I was joking or not. On balance, probably not. I'd been having these little fantasies about Cedric. Used to be about my boyfriend back home, but hey, I'd moved over here to start College, moved in with my cousin who was already here. He'd stayed back home, working for his Dad. Gotta accept our ways had parted. Wasn't like I was broken-hearted or anything.

Neither was he after he'd found out I'd done the deed with his buddy at that going away party while he was passed out. So sad, too bad. It wasn't like I'd spread myself around or anything. Marc, he'd been my goodbye present to myself after Benson failed to deliver. Marc had delivered all right. Very nicely. But Marc wasn't here and a girl needs a boyfriend. Well, maybe that's a generalization, but me? I was definitely missing what I'd been used to Benson giving me.

* * *

That break was short. Round eleven it started picking up again, by midday we were flying and it didn't slow down until well after two. Which of course was when the computer system went down.

"Crap, can you figure all this stuff down here out, Ching-Ching?" Cedric was down on his knees looking at the boxes and the wiring and cables tucked under the counter on a shelf and on the floor. He wasn't exactly geek of the year I guess. I joined him, peering at the spaghetti. Neither was I.

"Anyone there?" The voice came from above.

"You get it," I glanced at Cedric. "I'll try and figure it out."

"Thanks, Ching-Ching." And he was on his feet. "Hi, what can I get you?" Jeez, he sounded like it was his dream come true up there. I was gonna have to learn that one. The customer is god, or something like that.

Me, I just got down on my elbows, stuck my butt in the air and got busy trying to figure out all the spaghetti. It went all over. Plugs. Cables. More cables. Jesus. All this for a coffee shop? These cables ran up here into this box right under the counter and ... Cedric stuck his head down. "Hey, like the red panties. Nice butt there, Ching-Ching."

Guess that skirt was a bit shorter than I thought. "Get a good look pervert," I said. "It's only free once." I wiggled it.

"Nice all the same," Cedric said, standing back up. Taking another order.

Cables ... cables ... cables and yet more cables. Hey? A loose one? I pushed it in to whatever it was half out of. Pings and beeps and whirring chirps came from all over.

"Hey, you did it, maestro," Cedric said. "Problem solved."

"Oh yeah, but, uhh, I think we got a new problem down here. Definitely." I eyed the large bulge in Cedric's jeans. Oh, very definitely.

"What is it?" he said, glancing down.

"Someone's been looking at my butt," I said. Just as my fingers brushed down the front of his jeans. Oh yeah, really nice and hard. Big too. My heart beat a little faster. A lot faster. No Ching-Ching. Don't do this. Stop right there.

My fingers didn't listen. They ran up and down that bulge. "A real hard problem," I said.

"Think you can fix this one?" His voice was a little breathy. Excited.

"Um." I thought about that one. "Depends." I thought some more, but my fingers kept exploring.

"On what?"

"On whether you're taken or not."

"Free as a bird," he said. "I'm in your hands."

That was exactly what I wanted to hear. I mean, we'd chatted, I knew a lot about him. He knew a lot about me. All I wanted was a bit of confirmation. I looked up, smiled, heart pounding, watched his eyes widen as I unzipped his jeans. Ohhh, that bulge was big alright and he was wearing those loose boxers. My fingers delved in eagerly, found what they were looking for, released it from its durance vile. Ohhh, it was so big. Big and hard and exactly what a girl was looking for.

"I was thinking I needed a long one," I murmured, choking up with excitement as my fingers slowly stroked him. Steel overlain by velvet. Nice. I mean, I'd only been face to face with two others before but this one, well, let's just say my mouth was watering as I examined it closely.

"Coffee of the day," a voice intruded on my rapt reverie.

"Would that be a Grande?" Cedric asked.

"Yes thanks," whoever it was on the other side of the counter said, their voice a little distant.

"Grande? Seems more like a Venti to me?" I murmured, eyeing what I held in my hand, heart pounding. And yeah. Of course my heart was pounding. It wasn't like I'd done this with a lot of different guys. Well brought up Chinese girls don't just unzip the jeans and suck on any cock that comes along. But this one, yeah, it was in my hand and it was right in front of my face and yep, this one was bigger than my boyfriend's alright. My old boyfriend's. And his buddy Marc's. Mmmm, nice.

Wasn't like I had many to compare it with. Just my boyfriend and that buddy of his at that party that night when my boyfriend had passed out. They'd been about the same size. They'd both been Chinese too. Cedric wasn't Chinese. He was a white guy and his cock was bigger. A lot bigger. Big and kind of pink with that swollen purplish-red head. A white guy's cock. The first one I'd ever seen and I wanted it. Badly.

"Venti? You think so?" Cedric's voice sounded strained. Then again, my old boyfriend always sounded a bit strained around this point too. Torturing guys by keeping them on edge was just such fun. But this was at work, not my bedroom or his. Better not let the suspense go on for too long.

"Venti? Oh yeah, definitely," I said, puffing air over the tip. Flicking my tongue out and tasting him. A quick lick. Ohhhh, nice. Very nice. I liked the way his cock jumped in my hand as well. "Definitely definitely."

I liked the way his breath hissed through his teeth when I lightly brushed the tip of his cock back and forth over my lips. Mouth flooding with saliva, I hesitated. I wanted to do this, I did. But at work? Like this? I mean, it wasn't like I hadn't given my old boyfriend a blowjob before. I had. Lots of them. Just, I'd dated him for weeks before it got to that stage. Cedric? We hadn't ever dated.

Outside of work, I didn't know anything much about him except that I had these totally shivery fantasies about him. But this wasn't a fantasy. This was his cock and it was in my hand and it was rock hard and I was kissing it. My whole upbringing said no way, you shouldn't be doing this, Ching-Ching. That excitement I felt within me said, yeah, way to go, do it, girl. You only live once. Besides, I knew how to do this. I knew I shouldn't. Bad girls did things like this and I was a good girl.

I did it anyway.

Heart drumming, I opened my mouth wide and I did what I'd wanted to do since I saw that bulge growing right in front of my eyes. I eased the head of his cock into my mouth, in between my lips, onto my waiting tongue, feeling his solid thickness fill my mouth. Tasting him. The sheer size of his cockhead astounded me. I mean, my old boyfriend, I'd thought he was big but Cedric's cock was way bigger. But then, Cedric was a white guy.

My old boyfriend, he was Chinese, like me. Cedric's cockhead felt huge in my mouth, the size of a large plum, the shaft almost as thick, so thick that my jaws were stretched as I opened wide around him. Tasting him. Swallowing saliva that was now cock-flavored. Cedric's cock. White guy cock. Oh yeah, big and tasty.

"Jesus, Ching-Ching," he whispered, looking down, looking down at his cock with my lips stretched around it.

I'd have smiled around his cock but it was too big for that. Too thick. My lips were stretched around his girth. My jaw was stretched for that matter. Jesus, Benson's cock had been six and a half inches long. I'd measured it one day, out of curiosity, just before I'd given him a blowjob. Cedric's cock was definitely longer. Eight inches? Aiyyaaaah, it was big enough to choke me if he tried to push all of it in my mouth. I hoped he didn't. Benson used to try to when he got all excited just before he came.

"Mmmm-uuhhh-hhuuhhh." Cedric sounded like he was enjoying this but trying not so make any loud noises.

Me? I was enjoying this already. Enjoying his excitement, those twitchy little movements that said his cock was taking control over his brain but he was fighting it. I liked it when that happened to guys. I'd always liked it when I drove Benson crazy. A girl should have a hobby. I did. Driving my boyfriend nuts. Now it was Cedric's turn and now that his cock was in my mouth and we were getting somewhere with turning fantasy into reality, I was looking forward to it.

"Mmmmm." With a little sigh of contentment of my own, I held his shaft firmly in my hand and began sliding my lips down his shaft. All the way down until my lips met my encircling grip and his cock touched the back of my mouth. Pausing, running my tongue over his shaft, easing my lips back to pause where they encircled the base of his glans. Run my tongue over that swollen cockhead, tasting him, swallowing, easing back down.

"What can I get you, Sir?" His voice, doing its best to sound normal.

Giggling silently around his cock as he poured that coffee without his cock leaving my mouth. Now that was what I called good workstation design. Good self-control too coz, well, I wasn't moving my mouth but my tongue was busy. I didn't listen to anything else although I heard him speaking, heard the customer's voice. I was too busy exploring Cedric's cock with my fingers, stroking him lightly, brushing him with my fingertips, caressing every inch of his glorious length. It really was a gorgeous cock, big, hard, thick, long, blue veins patterned along the surface, steely hard.

I thought about Cedric's cock doing to me what I'd let my boyfriend do to me in those last few weeks before I'd left. Oh God, yes. I had to touch myself, I had to, so I did. Slipping one hand under my little black barista's skirt. Shivering as my fingertips brushed my little red panties. Wet? My panties were soaked through and I was so hot and wet and slippery that I was sure I could take this monster. He might be a lot bigger than my old boyfriend, bigger and thicker and longer, but I wanted it. I wanted Cedric's cock and I almost climaxed right then.

Except that Cedric's hips jerked, his cock plunged deep into my mouth, my momentary lack of attention letting him take more than I'd been prepared for and now he was in control, sliding his cock slowly and gently in and out of my mouth, sliding his cock against the friction of my lips and tongue, one hand reaching down to rest on my hair, holding me there as his cock eased between my lips, backwards and forwards. His cock tasted delicious, a salty male tang that flooded my mouth with saliva, leaving me swallowing continuously do that I didn't everywhere. That was when I tilted my face, looking up at him for the first time since I'd taken his cock into my mouth.

He was looking down at me, my head held lightly by both his hands now, and that look on his face, that smile, said that he was definitely enjoying the sight of his cock burying itself in my mouth, slowly sliding in and out between my lips. His eyes met mine, an almost electric shock hit me. My entire body jolted as our eyes connected, an electric tingling glow that if we'd been alone, would have had me helpless, surrendering myself completely to him.

As it was, all I could do was keep on kneeling there beneath the counter and doing what I was doing. Giving him a blowjob. Long slow slides of my lips down his shaft, his cockhead sliding across my tongue, filling my mouth, again and again, a slow steady rhythm with my hand working steadily, stroking him as my lips moved. My own excitement grew, my fingers brushing myself through my panties as I held him.

Cedric's cock was in my mouth and touching myself, I wanted to squeeze my thighs tightly together. There was that rising excitement inside me, a tightening knot in my stomach, that melting heat and wetness at the juncture of my thighs, a shortness of breath that wasn't caused just by his cock moving in my mouth.

I could sense his rising excitement now. He was moving more forcefully, wanting to take control, his hands on my head not quite gripping me but stroking my hair, brushing it back from my face as I knelt there. But then he actually was moving. His hands holding my head as he eased his cock into my mouth rather more vigorously. My lips slid along his shaft as he plunged inwards, clung loosely to him as he pulled back, leaving only the head of his cock in my mouth, resting on my tongue.

I could see his cock as his shaft plunged into my mouth, watch as it slid back out, feeling his cockhead sliding across my tongue as he moved, feeling his shaft slide over my lips, between my lips, my eyes narrowing on the apex of each thrust as he moved inside far enough to touch my throat. As he moved, I clasped him with my fingers, savoring the thickness of him, the girth, too thick for my fingers to meet around. The steely hardness underlying that velvet-soft skin as I stroked him.

"Mmmppphhhh." A deeper and harder thrust took me by surprise but I kept my grip on his shaft with my fist, my lips clamped down on him, sliding on his shaft as I moved my head, bobbing up and down on him, sucking on him now as he thrust deep between my lips. I wanted to please him. I wanted him to be satisfied with my blowjob. I wanted to give him the best blowjob he'd ever had. I wanted to blow his mind as well as his cock.

"Oh yeah, Ching-Ching ... Oh fuck yeah ..." Cedric's fingers were entwined tightly in my hair now. No longer content to stand there while I did the work, his hips were moving, slowly, then rather more vigorously, his cock thrusting into my mouth, pushing in, sliding backwards and forwards between my lips, across my tongue. Moving against my hand where I clasped him. Me? I was sucking on him with my lips and doing my best to lick him with my tongue as he thrust himself in and out of my mouth more and more vigorously, until ...

"One latte, coming now," he groaned, both hands holding my head. His hips were jerking spastically now. Twitches, jerks, thrusts that pushed his cockhead all the way to the back of my mouth. His hands gripped my head firmly, his cock pushed in, touched, pushed a little more, almost choking me. He juddered, he held me, his cock spurted copiously, flooding my mouth with his cum. Hot, thick, astringent.

I swallowed.

Well, I gulped. Frantically. It wasn't like there was anything else to do. I mean, think about it. Guy, cock deep in my mouth, cum spurting out. What was I supposed to do? Take it out? And end up with that cum all over my face and in my hair and god knows where else? Nope, been there, done that and besides, not happening. I wanted to know what Cedric's cum tasted like. Not that there was any time to think any of that. Nope, I just did it.

Gulped. Swallowed. Gulped again.

His cock spurted again and again, filling my mouth with another great jetting flood.

I gulped it down. Gulped and gulped and gulped, swallowing as fast as I could. Milking him with my hand, feeling his cock pulse and throb in my hand, against my lips where they were sealed to his cock shaft. His cockhead pressed against my tongue, those spurts erupted one after the other, jetting out against my tongue, against the back of my mouth, astringent, salty, deliciously thick. He tasted different from my old boyfriend too. Different but nice. I liked the taste of Cedric's cum.

Hands gripped my head firmly, held me as his hips juddered, held me as his cock pulsed again and again. Held me as I gulped and swallowed everything he had to give me in a never-ending series of those great thick explosive bursts. I swallowed and I swallowed, again and again, feeling his cum settling in my stomach. Eagerly welcoming his culmination in my mouth until he was finished. Completely finished.

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