tagMind ControlStart of the Plan Ch. 05

Start of the Plan Ch. 05


Chapter V

Amanda walked down the hallway and stopped in front of a non-descript door. With every breath she took, she felt the silver chain around her neck, reminding her of her shackled will. She felt so much more owned when dressed in this skimpy "uniform".

Opening the door, she entered the room. Amanda recognized the woman standing in front of the screen in an outfit similar to her own. Sparkler was staring at whirlpool on the TV, sweat covering her shaking body. As Amanda came closer she could smell the mixture of arousal and exhaustion. And hear what the blonde moaned and groaned. They were words Amanda had already burned into her own mind. "Mistress loves me...Obedience is peace...Mistress trusts me...Obedience is pleasure..."

She approved of the fervent tone in Sparkler's voice, but didn't give the superheroine any more time to savor her surrender to Mistress. Amanda had instructions to carry out. "Stop and turn around."

The blonde crime fighter complied immediately. The fabric of her uniform clung to her skin, but Sparkler made no move to cover herself or start conversation. Amanda ticked off the first item on her mental list. There was, however, something else that had to be checked first.

"Mistress has tasked me with controlling you. I speak with her voice until instructed otherwise. Stand at attention." Amanda had anticipated the look of uncertainty she received.

"Hands behind your back," she started. The superheroine did it perfectly, as expected. The position had been in her lessons, but Mistress said it was more effective to acquaint a slave to it this way. "Chest forward, straighten your back and part your legs a little."

She watched as Sparkler did her best to do all those things. When she seemed done, Amanda matter-of-factly cupped the blonde's sex. Seeing her wide-eyed look, Amanda explained, "this position is intended to make you more physically and mentally open and receptive to whomever gives you orders. Your mind will become better attuned to obedience every time you assume this position. You stand at attention, you will obey better."

"I will obey."

Amanda noted there was no hesitation, but that meant little. It was possible the superheroine was trying to fool her and hadn't actually watched the screen. That needed to be tested first. The first question appeared in Amanda's mind as her hand returned to her side. "Answer my questions. What is Mesmeri?"

"She is my Mistress." Sparkler's breathy voice hitched at the end.

"What are you?"

"Mistress's slave."

"What is obedience?"

Sparkler mewled the next words and her knees almost buckled. "Peace and pleasure."

The reactions could still be faked, but Amanda did not believe they were. Sparkler had watched the screen, now it was a matter of seeing how well it had taken. Amanda moved closer until they almost touched. "Kiss me."

Sparkler looked surprised but then she leaned over and pressed her lips against Amanda's. Amanda watched the other woman's face, noting the hesitancy as Sparkler figured out what exactly she was supposed to do. But technique didn't matter right now; this was about testing how far her obedience went. So Amanda took a step back and observed the other's reaction.

The crime fighter hadn't been leaning on Amanda so she wasn't threatening to topple over. Nor was she trying to follow Amanda to prolong the kiss, she simply stood there blinking somewhat owlishly.

Amanda moved to the next point on her list. "Show me your pussy."

The exertion of the last few hours had left Sparkler's face a little reddened, making it impossible to detect a hint of a blush. Her "I obey" certainly was a little subdued. Removing her right hand from her back, Sparkler hooked a finger behind the scrap of fabric covering her sex and pulled it to the side.

Amanda made a show of looking at those puffy lips, probing the superheroine for any sign of being uncomfortable. She found none. In fact, Sparkler seemed to be getting a little more aroused. Which was a perfect opportunity for the execution of Amanda's next instruction.

Once more taking a step forward, she slipped a finger into Sparkler's drenched snatch without preamble. The crime fighter squawked at the intrusion, but made no move to stop Amanda when she began to plunge the digit in and out of Sparkler. Instead, her hips began to sway in time with the intrusion and her head started to loll back.

All of the stimulation she had received left Sparkler with a hair-trigger, so, within a minute, the crime fighter started to give signs she was about to cum. Seeing the superheroine surrender so shamelessly to the pleasure was beautiful, but Amanda had orders. She pulled back right away, leaving Sparkler high and dry. This time the superheroine did protest but it was weak and wordless. Amanda paid it no heed: partially because it was of no consequence, but mostly because Amanda was too busy experiencing completion of her instructions.

Coming back down to earth, Amanda found new instructions waiting for her. She began to implement them by addressing Sparkler. "Your uniform is out of order, you will follow me to have that corrected."

"I obey." Sparkler was still standing there with the thong pulled aside, but she mouthed the right words without having to search for them. Amanda turned around and marched out the room, letting the imagined tugs on her nipples guide her to her destination.

Their first stop was a toilet, where Sparkler relieved herself. After that, they entered a Changing Room, and Amanda walked over to one of the shelves before turning to face Sparkler once more. The superheroine's attention was firmly fixed upon Amanda and the latter noted Sparkler's disheveled appearance.

A new command bubbled up. "Remove your disguise and place it on the shelf." Like before, Sparkler acknowledged the command before complying. She started with kicking off the sandals. The bikini-top and thong followed suit without a hint of self-consciousness from Sparkler.

The crime fighter's hand rose up, presumably to remove the eye mask, but stopped halfway. It hovered there for a few seconds and then Sparkler lowered it again.

"Remove your disguise and place it on the shelf," Amanda droned.

Sparkler's hand now stopped its downward motion, but it didn't go up either. "I have removed my disguise," she responded with a hint of confusion.

Amanda blinked. The instruction was still there in her mind, which meant that Sparkler was not speaking the truth. But no other sign of non-compliance was visible. She seemed to think she had obeyed. Amanda concluded that completing this instruction required more information.

"You are still wearing your mask." There was no condemnation in her voice. It was a simple observation.

"My mask is not part of my disguise."

Contentment eased its way through Amanda's mindscape as the solution became obvious. "Mistress has deemed your mask to be part of your disguise. Remove your disguise and place it on the shelf."

"I obey."

Amanda could tell Sparkler was happy that the problem had been solved. But the hand stopped when it touched the mask. The superheroine's face began to twitch as emotions raced across it.

The hand started to shake as a puzzled frown solidified on Sparkler's face. "I...don't want..."

Amanda had heard enough. "Stand at attention." The order wiped out any expression on the crime fighter's face as her body moved into the proper position. She gave the order again. "Remove your disguise and place it on the shelf."

Sparkler made to remove the last piece of her disguise, only to stop again when her hand touched the mask. This time, though, her expression didn't change nor did she speak. But something within her was resisting the order.

And Amanda knew precisely how to cure the superheroine of that. "Stand at attention," she commanded. 'Instructions exist to be carried out; I will continue with this until she obeys the instruction.' It proved unnecessary because, this time, when ordered to remove her disguise, Sparkler removed her mask with a shudder of pleasure.

The gray eyes that were revealed woke no spark of recognition within Amanda. She had not met this slave before. Not that it mattered. "Wash yourself, dry yourself, then return here and put on a proper uniform."

There was no resistance in those eyes for these orders. "I obey," Sparkler chanted and so she did. Amanda still kept an eye on her, only having to give an order once when she tried to masturbate while washing herself. Amanda had been instructed to keep Sparkler from climaxing.

Eventually, a properly-dressed Sparkler faced Amanda once more. She still lacked a chain around her neck, but that was appropriate. Mistress put those on herself, at least for the first time. Amanda surveyed her appearance once to be sure everything was in order.

"New slaves of Mistress all start with the same designation. This will help you distinguish between what you were and what you are. Your new designation is Slave X. Acknowledge."

Slave X blinked. "I...my name...Emily...Sparkler..." She shook her head in denial.

Amanda broke no argument. Additional instructions emerged on how to best implement this order. "Stand at attention." Sparkler did so immediately, a look of contentment covered her features. "Sparkler is part of your disguise; you are no longer in disguise. Acknowledge your new designation, Slave X."

Slave X started to blink again, but, like with her mask, she could no longer voice resistance. Amanda sought for further instruction within her but found nothing new. So what should she... Mistress had not counted on Sparkler giving away her real name this easily. Amanda could use that. It did call for more improvisation.

"Mistress says Emily West is no longer your valid designation. That is who you were. Your new, proper designation is Slave X. That is who you are. Acknowledge your new designation."

Slave X's eyes went dull. Her voice was soft and subdued as she obeyed. "I am no longer designated Emily West. My new designation is Slave X. Acknowledged."

Success was a wet tongue on Amanda's slit. "Slave X has been slated for rest. Follow me," she told the blonde and marched out into the corridor again.

Behind her, Slave X obediently followed. ------------------------------------------------- Sparkler woke up feeling very funny. She felt parched, hungry and jittery. She also had no idea where she was. A look around showed her she was lying on a raised platform in something that looked suspiciously like a cell: Bare walls, a mattress on a block of concrete, and, not far from her head, the reinforced door.

The air was warm, which was part of the reason she only belatedly noticed she was wearing nothing but a skimpy bathing suit and sandals. 'What the hell happened to my uniform?' She jumped off the bed. 'I wore it when... when I broke into the parlor. Yes, I remember now. I found out where Mesmeri was hiding out.'

She'd gained access to the hideout easily enough, thanks to the completely innocuous, and very insecure, security system the parlor was sporting. Sparkler had moved through the ventilation system until she'd found a changing room.

There, the superheroine had acquired her disguise to help her move about the base without arousing suspicion. The disguise she was wearing right now. And it had worked; the woman she'd encountered had totally bought... 'Or did she?'

Sparkler rubbed her forehead when the following memories grew progressively fuzzier. 'The slave had said something about my uniform. That it was out of order. I followed her to a room. A room with a big screen that had water... whirling water spiraling into the deep...my mind sinking deeper...' Her mind started to drift.

Sparkler shook her head to clear it. 'Whoa! Okay, don't think of...that room anymore. Obviously, Mesmeri drugged me and imprisoned me here. Now how do I get out...'

The door opened, answering that question handedly. Sparkler whirled around to face whoever it was. Her mind already resolved to fight her way out of there. She recognized the tall, muscular woman who stepped into the room. It was the one she'd dubbed an amazon, the one that had led her into the trap. It didn't change Sparkler's intention, though.

Closing her eyes and turning her head away, she threw up her hands and unleashed her power. Even through her eyelids, she saw the brief flash of white light. More importantly, the amazon did, too. She didn't utter a sound but when Sparkler looked back, the amazon had her arms shielding her face. But there was no way Mesmeri's slave could have reacted fast enough to block all of the flash.

Grinning, the superheroine began her attack. The amazon heard her move and now she did speak. "Stand at attention." Her voice crackled with authority and hit Sparkler like a sledgehammer. As if the words were puppet strings, they pulled at her limbs, forcing Sparkler to stop.

Her hands were almost folded behind her back when Sparkler regained control of her motor-function. By then her opponent had moved out of the cell and into the hallway. She was blinking, but her gaze was aimed in Sparkler's direction.

'Not good,' the crime fighter cursed mentally as she launched her attack. The amazon rolled away from her flying kick and managed to block Sparkler's follow-up elbow strike. 'Not good at all. I'm not at the top of my game and she is.'

Sparkler spun away, then turned it into a spinning kick aimed at her opponent's midriff. 'If I don't get a good hit in soon, she'll recover and this fight will only go downhill from there.' The kick was blocked too, but this time Mesmeri's slave transformed the block into a grab, pulling Sparkler off balance.

The amazon didn't use that moment to pull off anything fancy, she simply plowed into the crime fighter and made them both hit the floor. The air was knocked out off Sparkler with a whoop, then strong limbs began to snake around the superheroine.

She still fought back, forcing them to roll over on the floor. But Sparkler was still out of breath, weakened, and not in her element. She wasn't a wrestler, but her opponent, apparently, was. Sparkler ended up lying on her stomach underneath the amazon. Her legs were held down by the simple expedient of an arm pressing against the hollows of her knees, her shoulders were trapped under the black woman's shins, and Sparkler's head was pinned down by the amazon's crossed ankles.

The superheroine didn't really have time to appreciate her new position before the amazon made her move. She simply yanked the thong aside with her free arm and was suddenly tonguing Sparkler's pucker.

The crime fighter's head tried to shoot up at the unexpected invasion but was stopped by the amazon's tight hold. This was so wrong and filthy and it made her toes curl as stars began to explode behind her eyes. She hadn't really remembered it, but she'd spend most of the day before in a fugue state of arousal. One that had given her no release.

She was a bomb that had been prevented from detonating for far too long and now her opponent was sticking in the fuse. Sparkler had never had anything up there before, hadn't even thought she might like it. But when that supple tongue slipped past her sphincter into her asshole, she had no doubt that she did, in fact, like it. She liked it a lot. Gasping for air, she whitened out as she exploded all over the floor.

Breathing hard, she felt her opponent get off of her. But Sparkler didn't try to stand up or anything else. She felt so nice, so peaceful. All the crime fighter wanted to do was lie there and bask. She felt like she was floating on a fluffy cloud of bliss.

The amazon's command didn't stop that basking. The woman told her to stand at attention and Sparkler's body got up and flowed into the right position. She moaned when the feeling of peaceful delight intensified.

The amazon faced her now, showing no signs of the struggle they had been through only a minute ago. "I am Kira. Mistress has tasked me with controlling Slave X."

Sparkler frowned. She knew Slave X was her designation, but when had that happened? 'And why does it feel right somehow? For that matter, why am I just standing here listening and agreeing with Kira?'

Kira continued. "I speak with her voice until instructed otherwise. You will follow me to the mess hall, where you will feed yourself."

The words came out on their own. "I will obey." The amazon had waited for them before she moved past Sparkler. Her body on autopilot, Sparkler turned around and followed Kira.

'What the hell happened last night?' Sparkler wondered. The afterglow was dying down at last, but there was still this feeling of peace tinged with something exciting blanketing her thoughts. She could think again, but the urge to obey remained. Her breath hitched at the little jolt of arousal caused by simply thinking the word.

Her body took another step and a memory emerged. She recalled seeing Mesmeri, falling into her eyes. There was a screen, too, water moving round and round in a pool...

Sparkler's eyes softened as memories streamed into her mind with every step. With every step that she obediently followed Kira, Slave X remembered Mistress.

To Be Continued

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