tagMind ControlStart of the Plan Ch. 07

Start of the Plan Ch. 07


Chapter VII

With a regretful moan, Slave X felt the tubes slither out of her, leaving her alone in the dark. Sure, she was a little sore, but their departure meant Mistress was leaving, too. It meant she wouldn't be sharing any more truths with Slave X--not right now, anyway.

It also left her at a loss as to what she should do now. The need to obey Mistress was still fresh in her mindpussy, radiating a heat that made her so deliciously pliable. But there were no orders that Slave X could recall.

The helmet was lifted up and Slave X had to blink rapidly as she was confronted by much brighter surroundings. Still blinking, she turned her head to see who had removed the helmet. She recognized the slave who had taken charge of Slave X in the Preparation Room.

Slave X didn't know her name, but that was fine. If she was supposed to know it, she would have been told what it was. Patiently, Slave X waited for instructions. The thought of even a mundane order, like being told to stand was enough to restart her arousal.

Without preamble, her fellow slave spoke. "I am Amanda. Mistress has tasked me with controlling you. I speak with her voice until instructed otherwise. Stand at attention."

"I will obey," she mewed as she bolted out of the chair. As she assumed the position she could feel her mindpussy open up a little further. Becoming more like her pussymind, wet and inviting, so ready for Mistress's love.

Amanda didn't comment on the other's blatant need. That careless show of disinterest only stoked Slave X's fire. "Follow me," Amanda intoned before turning around and walking away.

Slave X didn't say the words, "I obey." She was them. Slave X followed Amanda, not seeing anything but her fellow slave. There was no room, no hallway. She felt no surprise nor did she wonder, as they descended down the stairs, when exactly she'd been brought up a level. And knowing she should, but didn't, because she hadn't been ordered to, just made her pussymind flutter.

Eventually, Amanda stopped, and Slave X became aware she was in a Changing Room. Expectantly, she waited for Amanda's next order. "Look at this," Amanda told her, pointing at a motorcycle suit hanging on a hook. Beneath it were a pair of boots and an eye mask. "Do you recognize it?"

The blonde examined the red suit for a moment. "Yes, it looks...familiar," she answered, still looking at the uniform. "I think it belongs to... a superheroine."

"It belongs to Mistress," Amanda corrected. "Before that, it belonged to Sparkler." Slave X frowned at the name. "Does that name sound familiar?" Amanda asked.

"I... Yes, it does." Slave X blinked. The name was waking memories within: things Sparkler had done, that the superheroine had known. "There are memories. I remember her. Almost as if I am Sparkler." Which was impossible, she was Slave X. 'But then why do I remember wearing that uniform? Fighting people, fighting Mistress?' Slave X's expression grew troubled. 'Are these memories right?' Her head turned back to face Amanda. 'Something feels... There's something wr-'

"Mistress has given you access to those memories so you can carry out Her mission," Amanda explained.

Instantly, Slave X's worries disappeared. That was the answer. She didn't really remember being someone who wasn't Mistress' loyal slave. Slave X had been given those memories in order to serve Mistress better. She didn't wonder how they got there or how Mistress had obtained them in the first place. She trusted Mistress. That was the answer to those concerns. It was the answer to any concern.

Her fellow slave wasn't done. "You will use them when needed to carry out Mistress's orders. Otherwise, they hold no meaning to you. You do not need to remember things that hold no meaning to you. To do so distracts you from obedience."

"I obey." Yes, she would. Slave X could feel the memories grow more detached. Her memories of Sparkler were meaningless to her. The recollections of an enemy of Mistress were, by definition, meaningless to a slave of Mistress. Why think of fighting Mistress when she could spend that time dreaming of pleasing Mistress? Slave X groaned as her mindpussy quivered at the mere thought of it. 'Yes, so much better to love Mistress. To obey Mistress.'

Amanda's words cut through Slave X's thoughts. "Mistress wants you to put on Sparkler's uniform. Once you have done that, you will use Sparkler's memories to become her. Sparkler must believe that she has just rescued me from Mesmeri and that I have important information she needs to capture Mesmeri. You will ensure Sparkler does not question this scenario, so that she brings us both to her base. Once we are inside Sparkler's base, Sparkler will do the following..."

Slave X stifled every sound as each order pumped into her pussymind and caressed her mindpussy. Somewhere deep inside of her, she could barely feel the realization that she was about to close an avenue of escape, a way to get herself rescued, and do so herself simply because she was ordered to. The anticipation was a buzz in her butthole. She could hardly wait for it.


"...so I think I deserve some time off," Sparkler informed the man on the screen. He wasn't a superhero or anything, just someone who helped manage the League's organization. Sparkler didn't think she'd faced this one before, but that didn't mean he was new. "I'd like to take a two weeks vacation starting tomorrow."

The man took a few seconds to look something up before responding. "Yes, it seems you haven't taken a single day off since you went on assignment."

That was true. She'd never felt the need for even a day off before. 'So why do I sudden-' Something blanketed the thought, the beginning of doubt, and left only peace behind. 'I need a two-week vacation.' Sparkler's eyes softened. A delicious shiver went through her body. 'I must have a two-week vacation.' Her aureoles crinkled. Yes, it was absolutely necessary; Sparkler knew that.

On the screen, the man was still speaking. "The shrinks actually added a note just yesterday recommending that you get some down-time. And who are we mere mortals to go against their expert opinion? Consider your request granted. I'll do the paperwork, so don't worry about that. Any more business?"

Sparkler took care not to look at Amanda. "Can't think of a thing. Take care and thanks, Sparkler out."

"No problem, just doing my job. Skyfortress out."

Having made sure the connection was closed, Sparkler swiveled her chair to face her guest. At a first glance, the young woman looked mousy with her bushy brown hair and small stature. And Sparkler knew Amanda was actually older than her. The clothes didn't suit that impression, their sheer tightness emphasizing her modest assets.

Right now, she was smiling and Sparkler could well imagine why. She'd just been saved from Mesmeri's clutches right before she was turned into one of the supervillain's slaves. Of course, that meant Sparkler shouldn't have brought the woman with her. It could be a trap with Amanda as the bait. But the woman's babbling as she was rescued had revealed she had information, the information, in fact, Sparkler needed to finally find Mesmeri.

"And that takes care of that. They won't expect me to make contact for two weeks so I can devote all my time to apprehending Mesmeri. You said Mesmeri's people were talking about a base they were going to take you to?"

Oddly enough, Amanda completely ignored the question. "You are certain the League isn't going to wonder where you are before then?" Her voice had lost its hesitancy, too. Almost as if the reminder of her ordeal meant nothing to Amanda.

It was strange, but Sparkler knew it best to go along with the brunette right now. In fact, she was oddly certain she should answer Amanda truthfully and completely. It was important. Sparkler didn't wonder why; that was equally unimportant. She knew that, too. "I'm sure. It wouldn't be much of a vacation if I could be called back to the office for every little thing that crops up."

"Excellent." Amanda's posture straightened out, her expression growing almost impassive. "You serve Mistress well, Slave X. You are to disengage the Sparkler personality; she is no longer required. The mission has been completed."

Sparkler gaped at Amanda. 'What the hell is she-' The world lurched and grew indistinct. She felt herself sinking, becoming immaterial, like a wisp of smoke. 'An illusion, a figment of my imagination.' The thoughts came from nowhere, recited like a mantra.

She cried out as her body was assaulted by sensations. Hands roamed over her body, caressing her all over. Something thick and long was pumping in and out of her pussy. 'Pussymind,' her mindpussy corrected as her ass was invaded too. It filled her up, the pleasure of it all. It displaced everything else.

Sparkler had a moment to wonder what was happening to her, then Slave X was reveling in her reward. She had obeyed perfectly, had never been even tempted to go against her orders, to believe the lies in Sparkler's head. How could they be true, after all, if Sparkler didn't even really exist? The only reality was Mistress and all She encompassed. Tears of joy pooled in Slave X's eyes at the knowledge she was Mistress's slave, she was real, she was loved. Somewhere deep inside her, Sparkler echoed her cry of bliss.


This part of town was quiet on Sundays. Officer Kirsten Drewinger knew that already, and the rookie, Bianca Singer, was learning that fact fast. But they still had to show their presence and, to be honest, Drewinger preferred the quiet. She'd seen the things that went on in places like Sunville, New Camelot and Median City: superpowered battles just about every week with normal cops like Drewinger caught in between. All because the equipment needed to stand up against criminals like the Abominable Giant and Snaker was huge overkill for everyday police-work, not to mention expensive. This meant police officers were supposed to just stand by and do nothing.

No, she liked Bay City just fine. That incident with Mesmeri had been the first instance of any supervillain visiting the town and Drewinger felt confident she could have handled the woman. 'Unlike our high and mighty local superhero,' she thought with just a hint of vindictive gloating. 'Can't keep to the speed-limit and can't do her job either.'

A superhero who had taken a vacation, to boot; they'd been informed of it so they would know not to expect her help. The last ten days had been just fabulous as far as Drewinger was concerned. 'Too bad she'll be back in a few days, but I suppose I should be thankful the League didn't send a temp.'

The rookie was driving, so Drewinger had her attention on the left. What remained of that attention anyway. "Ehm, Kirsten. Isn't Sparkler supposed to be on vacation?"

Turning to face Singer, Drewinger saw the reason the rookie asked. Coming out of an alleyway the red-clad superheroine waved them down. 'Speak of the devil,' she thought sourly. But she knew better than to voice the sentiment. Singer, unfortunately, was a fan of Bay City's resident masked vigilante. So instead she said, "guess she came back early. Stop the car and let dispatch know what's going on."

Stepping out of the car, Officer Drewinger made sure to keep her feelings hidden and to present a professional demeanor. Looking around she noticed Sparkler's bike further down the alley, but not the reason for her being there or why she'd flag them down. "Sparkler, what's going on? I thought you were on vacation."

Stopping a little ways away from the Sparkler, Kirsten had the uncomfortable feeling the superheroine's eyes were roaming over her. It was hard to tell with the helmet obscuring Sparkler's face. "I decided to come back early and found someone on my first patrol. I was hoping you'd bring her in."

'Of course you are. We wouldn't want to waste your valuable time with menial tasks like bringing in perps.' Singer came to stand beside her, so Drewinger said something completely different: "No problem. Transporting a suspect on that bike can't be easy. We'll be happy to take her in." Beside her, Singer nodded eagerly. Drewinger managed to stop herself from sighing.

"Great, thank you officers. I'll make it up to you, I promise." And with those words Sparkler turned back into the alleyway, Singer hot on her heels, gushing out some question.

Drewinger followed, too, but more warily. Something didn't feel right. Halfway down the alley, Sparkler stopped to store her helmet in her bike. Singer asked another question and Sparkler turned her head to answer her. The glint of silver peaked out from underneath the collar of her uniform. 'Is she wearing jewelry? And why the hell did she wait to remove that helmet until now?' The feeling that something wasn't right with this situation increased.

They had gone halfway around the building before the perp came into view. Better said, she stepped into view not five feet in front of them. She was dressed in denim and looked familiar somehow. The next thing Drewinger noticed was the complete absence of restraints. "I see you brought them to me," the woman said.

Warning bells started to go off in her head, but it was the rookie who said: "Hey, isn't that Mesmeri?" And Drewinger remembered. Every cop in the city had been shown her face, but obviously it was expected she would be wearing that suit of hers so the mugshot had been an afterthought in the briefing.

'I'm getting old if the rookie can put a photo to a face faster then me,' she grumbled. Her hand shot to her holstered weapon as she moved to get a clearer line of fire. Her training instinctively labeled the superheroine as an ally, because Drewinger didn't yet have the time to consider what this unexpected encounter meant.

"Yes, Mistress. They arrived right on schedule." Hearing Sparkler say those words stopped Drewinger cold. Baffled, she took her eyes off the supervillain to look at Sparkler.

The incredulity, however, didn't last. Her hands flipped away the catch that secured her firearm in its holster. "Fr-" Drewinger had thought her reflexes fast. Sparkler proved to be faster. She twisted around and had her palms up before Drewinger even had a firm grip on her pistol. To her left, Singer was still looking at her idol with confusion.

Drewinger knew what was about to happen but didn't bother to shield her eyes. 'This is going to hurt, but her power won't stop a bullet. I hate to fire blind but it can't be helped. Just remember where everybody is and keep your cool.'

The world exploded into light, but not the painful white Drewinger had been preparing for. Bright blue and purple dominated with red and brown ribbons undulating on the edges of her vision. Kirsten's concern, anger and fear were simply blasted away. Her hands fell limply to her side, but Kirsten wasn't worried. She wasn't worried about anything. It felt like she was drinking in cool bliss with her eyes.

Her posture straightened as Kirsten took a stance of complete relaxation. The lightscape continued to stream into her, drowning her awareness. Drool began to escape her slack jaw, but Kirsten didn't feel embarrassment anymore, either.

A voice joined the lightshow, its timbre and words fitting perfectly with the visual stimulation. Kirsten recognized the voice; she'd heard it just a little while ago. It was Mesm-Mistress speaking. Yes, of course. Mistress was Mesmeri, Mesmeri was Mistress. They meant the same, the voice was right. It was always right.

Happiness filled her as her thoughts and the voice became one. Her nipples now stood proudly at attention, ready for inspection. Which meant it was only natural to undress so that Mistress could perform that inspection. Her shirt unbuttoned and her bra lying somewhere on the ground, Kirsten's pants followed, pooling around her feet. Yes, it was so easy to obey, so natural to serve.

Kirsten swore she could feel Mistress's gaze on her puffy sex, like warm sunlight, licking at her skin. She hoped she met with Her approval, it was so important. Which meant the sadness hit even harder when Kirsten realized this wasn't real, it was just her fantasy. Mistress and Sparkler hadn't really been there; she would realize that once she got dressed again.

'Yes, it is my greatest fantasy to serve Mistress. To become Her slave.' The urge to kneel came over Kirsten. It seemed so fitting to kneel before Her Mistress, in this fantasy as much as in reality. Feeling the dirty stone scraping her knees seemed fitting punishment to her for forgetting to kneel right away, then the voice plucked that idea away. There was no punishment, no failure. She would not allow herself to fail, to disappoint Mistress. Yes, she wanted to serve.

"Now take out your nightstick, yes, just like that." Kirsten had to feel around a bit before she found hers. "You can feel how good that felt, just doing such a simple thing for me. How nice it feels to obey me, how completely harmless it is. You did not hurt anybody, you only felt better when you did as I told you to."

'And She's so right,' Kirsten thought holding her nightstick. 'It feels good to obey Her. Yes, no need to worry. I'm safe with Her.'

"Now turn and face your partner," Mistress ordered. Kirsten did so and was only slightly amazed to see Bianca, the only solid thing in this lightscape. Her eyes were wide and dreamy, her breathing slow and steady. Kirsten took her in, her dusky complexion and small breasts capped with surprisingly long nipples. The triangle of black curls pointing towards her wet sex. She was quite the picture. 'And I must look just like that.' The thought released another flood of arousal.

"Take your nightstick and slowly insert it into your pussy. Keep your eyes on your partner while you do that, burn that image into your memories. Witness how obedient the other is, how good it makes her feel. How great it makes you feel."

Kirsten's hiss was drowned out by Bianca's cry as they both slowly inserted their nightsticks into their snatch. Even with how lubricated her tunnel was, Kirsten had some difficulty fitting it in. Bianca seemed to have more trouble, but she still did it.

"Focus on your partner, watch how she obeys. How powerless she is to do anything but obey. Concentrate on that as you focus on her. Nothing else matters until you cum, because you cannot cum if you don't think of obedience and your partner. Of obeying me alongside your partner. Fantasize about this as you pull the nightstick out, and then push it back in, repeating my order until you cum."

Bianca's moans were now joined by Kirsten's as they moved up and down on their nightsticks in sync. The dreary, mundane world returned, but the officers only had eyes for each other. Her nighstick was now as slick as her pussy, allowing Kirsten to increase the tempo. But she didn't, she couldn't. She was following Bianca's pace even as the rookie was following hers.

Mistress's voice enveloped them. "That nightstick is a constant reminder of what you want to happen. A trigger to your deepest desire of serving me. You will feel it every time you touch it; that need consumes you each time your pussy envelopes its length. You want to keep it with you at all times. Because you want to cum every day with it in you, you will fantasize about this every day. You will do this every day so you can cum like you want every day. And you can only cum while you act out this dream."

"Yesss!" Kirsten cried right alongside Bianca.

"And since this is a fantasy, it is not real. You know that after you put on your clothes this never happened, but you want it to. You will remember this as just a fantasy that you will want to make true with every climax. With every orgasm, you will feel your desire to obey me grow. Until you cannot resist anymore and you contact Sparkler. Cum and obey."

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