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“Sneaky slut, ain’t ya?”

“Merely being prudently protective,” I countered. “For the both of us.” My mind was already busy working out other concerns to protect both of us. “My husband is gone for the weekend, but just in case he’s returned earlier than expected, wait outside the back gate for the all clear signal before you approach the house.”

D’bone snorted; whether it was caused by him viewing my entirely sensible precautions as me being so much spooked, white wife horseshit, or because he saw me as a conniving slut wasn’t clear. “And what’s this all clear signal gonna be, Diane?”

“Oh, you won’t be able to miss it.” I kissed him right on the lips, then stepped away from D’bone. Pressed up against him any longer and I would never make it back to the other teachers. “I’ll give you a suitable sign that the coast is clear and that I’m ready and waiting for more of your hard black cock.” I glanced down and sighed wistfully. “Which is so magnificently hard once again.”

With a huge grin, D’bone aimed his stiff black cock at me and began stroking its turgid length. I had to change the subject quickly. “By the way, Darnell, I totally disagree with the call that got you tossed out of the game.” My mouth was becoming dry and I wanted him to stop masturbating that beautiful black cock of his, at least while I was speaking to him, and in the same thought, I didn’t want him to quit. D’bone wouldn’t do it anyway. He knew watching him jerk off would eventually get to me. And was it ever! “Football is a game of hitting, and that is all you were doing, D’bone.” Watching him jack off, I had to work up some spit so I could speak without croaking. “The ref made a bad call, and I’m sorry you have be the one to pay for it.”

“A fucked up call is what it was,” D’bone snarled. The variation of the word ‘fucking’, spewing so angrily from D’bone’s mouth, sent a chill racing up my spine. “You a player my size, you bring all the load you got when you hit someone.”

‘And such a wonderfully BIG load you bring’ I couldn’t help thinking as I watched him continue to stroke his cock—possibly for my benefit, but, more likely, for his own pleasure. God! I had to get the hell out of there… and right then. With one last hungering, heartbreaking look at D’bone’s raging black hardon—already beginning to ooze precum, I forced myself to turn away and walk (on unsteady legs) out of the shower room. I stopped, but I didn’t dare turn back around. I’d be totally lost if I did. “One more thing, D’bone, please dress appropriately for our after-the-game party.”

“Just like this ain’t appropriate, Diane?”

I couldn’t help myself; I peeked over my shoulder. “Noooooooooo! I ah… I would prefer it if you arrived at our private party gift wrapped.” D’bone was jacking off faster. I could barely breathe. I couldn’t swallow. Slivery droplets of precum were being flung about, going to waste on the tiled floor of the shower room. “I promise I’ll unwrap you, all by myself, once the backdoor’s closed and securely locked behind us.”

Then, to mimic some of my slang-spouting students, I beat-feet the hell out of the forbidden guy’s locker room.

To be continued…

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