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Starting Small


It happened all of a sudden. None of this was planned. Yet the events that unfolded seemed so well orchestrated, so natural. It has opened my eyes no a world I knew very little about. And I couldn't have done it without my boyfriend, Jithin who opened me up to a world I knew little about.

Jithin and I have been in a relationship for little over a year. Though it took us some time to "open up" to each other, when we did finally start having sex, it came second to nothing. He was both gentle and rough when I needed him to be and what I liked most is that he listened and paid attention to my every move, longing to please me. In many ways, he helped release that sexual energy that lay pent up in me for over 19 years.

Sadly, over time the excitement started to fade and Jithin was starting to get the drift. Most of our rendezvous were late in the night in his dad's car or in the afternoons at a friend's apartment. Although my friend, Ravi was out at those times that we fooled around at his apartment, I once found out that he had set up his webcam and recorded most of our sessions.

One day I was supposed to meet Jithin directly at the apartment and reached there an hour early. As my friend had given me a spare key to use, I let myself in only to find Ravi in the bedroom, sitting in front of his computer and staring intently at the screen. Wanting to scare him, I quietly closed the door, and tip toed towards the room. When I reached the open door, I noticed that his hand was moving vigourously in his lap. Figuring what was happening, I looked at the screen to see a video of myself lying on the bed with my feet in the air, Jithin's face buried in my crotch.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I wasn't sure how to react. I wanted to leave the room but at the same time I wanted to confront him. Right then his head leaned back and he started to stroke even more vigorously. Knowing he was about finish soon, I cleared my throat. His head turned and in a fraction of a second he jumped up in shock, covering the screen with his hands, not realizing his shorts were at his ankles, and his ass was exposed.

'Er...what are you doing here...when did you come in?' he stuttered, covering the screen with one hand while the other searched hard for the mouse. Something came over me. May be it was the realization of the sudden power I now had over him. Looking angry, I walked over and stood close to him. I was close enough to him to feel the head of his hard cock gently poke into my stomach. He stood there frozen, not sure how much trouble he was in. There was pin-drop silence as I stared into his face when all of a sudden I could hear my voice through the speakers asking Jithin to 'put it in me now...fast!' I could hear him gulp.

I looked directly down at his cock touching my stomach. I moved back an inch to see a patch of pre-cum on my top. His cock was fairly small. Knowing that Jithin's was around 7 inches, I pegged Ravi's to be no more than 4. It was a little thicker than my thumb and the foreskin was pulled back tight as the small mushroom head pointed upward at me. Without a thought, I reached out and held the head, punching it gently between my index finger and my thumb. A drop of pre-cum oozed out of the slit and dripped onto my thumb. I couldn't believe what I was doing.

I didn't bother to look up at him. He just stood there, almost lifeless as pulled on his foreskin, drawing it over the head and pushed it back. All of a sudden he gasped, his feet pushing him up a little and moments later, his cock twitched, spurting out thick loads of cum into my hand each time. I could feel the warm jelly hit my palm as I held his foreskin back. As the orgasm subsided, the squirts got weaker until a think gob peeped out of the slit. I wrapped my hand around his cock and pulled gently, feeling it begin to soften.

We remained in silence as I heard myself moaning on the computer. Jithin was still pounding into my cunt, my hands holding his ass and pulling him into me. I sat down on the chair, his now soft cock still in my hand. Only three fingers could hold it. I wiped my hand on his t-shirt and pulled him closer to me, my legs together, between his. His soft cock was inches from my mouth as I leaned forward to inspect it. Limp, it was no longer than 2 inches. The head seemed to remain the same size. It was slick from the cum that was still on his cock.

I put a finger under it, lifting it up to face me and placed just the head between my lips. It felt like a thick nipple and I could get the familiar taste of warm cum. I sucked his cock further in and I could already feel it begin to grow. I sucked it clean with my lips and tongue, circling the head. In minutes it was back to its old self, staring up at the ceiling. Wanting to take full advantage of my current position, I pushed him back and got up. His face looked a little pained, thinking I was done with him.

Pulling him by his cock, I led him to the bed and made him sit down at edge. Wheeling the chair over, I pushed him backwards, making him lie down while his legs hung over the edge of the bed, his cock sticking up like a miniature flagpole. I sat down in the chair and proceeded to feel his balls. I rolled them between my fingers, feeling his smooth scrotum. His cock twitched once or twice.

I lifted his knees up high, his balls and ass exposed to me. He didn't seem to mind as I pushed his knees back over his stomach, holding them there with one hand as the other continued to play with his balls. Feeling naughty, I lightly trailed a finger down the line behind his balls, down towards his anus. He wasn't very hairy and I could see the puckered hole twitch with anticipation. I continued slowly until it reached his asshole. Ever so lightly, I circled it with the finger. It seemed to respond to my finger, opening and closing.

I pushed his knees back and spread his legs as I moved my face closer, licking his balls and kissing him on his inner thighs. 'Get up and turn over!' I said firmly and he readily obeyed, turning over and getting on his hands and knees. His little cock hung downwards a little, as I spread his knees with my hands and pushed his back down, his asshole now looking me in the eye. I reached out for his cock and alternating between the fingers of each hand, I pulled his cock just as one would when they milked a cow. I could hear him sigh deeply as I started to lick the back of his balls. My horniness was bringing out the "dirty" in me as I instinctively let my tongue trail down the line, leaving behind a wet track as it neared his asshole. The anticipation was driving him mad and he arched his back, pushing his ass out even further. The moment it touched his asshole, he moaned and shivered a little. My hands were still milking him and his balls were drawn up taught into him. As the tip of my tongue poked into his asshole, I could feel it twitching in uniform pulses. He let out a throaty moan and his cock twitched and spurted cum onto the bed, some of it on my hands.

As it subsided, his knees grew week and he slumped sideways, rolling over onto his back. His feet we still on the bed, kneed folded and spread, his cock and balls displayed in all their glory. I wiped my hands on the bed sheets and sat back, looking at his softening cock, covered in a little cum. I just couldn't have enough of it. I leaned forward and took it in my mouth, sucking it clean once again. I pulled back to check the time on the wall clock, still holding Ravi's cock when I noticed Jithin standing in the doorway.

To be continued...

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