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Statement of Purpose



That was all the text said and as she caught sight of it, her body gave a small, delicious jolt. She blushed gently and various delicate body parts seemed to smile and hum. She stood.

"I'm so sorry," she began, interrupting the end of the meeting. "I'm afraid I have to duck out. But I'll get those numbers to you before the end of the day. Do let me know if I miss anything during the wrap up. Forgive me."

She closed her laptop, gathered her things and quietly made her way to the door. No one questioned her. One of the great benefits of being relentlessly diligent and efficient at work is that no one wonders where you're wandering off to, so long as you walk with purpose. And this girl was positively filled with purpose.

Back in her office she quickly checked her makeup and applied a new layer of lip gloss. Grabbing her light coat and scarf she stopped short when her phone pinged again with another text.

"Bring nothing but your panties. Carry them in your right hand."

Without stopping to think, or close her office door, she bent down and pulled the scrap of black lace from beneath her tight skirt. Her tiny leather pumps clicked across the threshold of the doorway to the hall. Reaching back to turn off the light as the door shut, she called out to her assistant.

"If anyone asks I'll be back soon. Something needs my attention. I'll be off the grid for a bit."

Her assistant nodded to her back and she moved down the hall shrugging on her coat and scarf. Passing three senior researchers on the stairway she pulled her damp panties into her fist and smiled warmly.

"Off in a rush?" one asked casually.

"Oh, you know me," she trailed as she moved swiftly past and down the stairs. "Always off in service to the next sticky widget."

The sunlight felt glorious to her as she stepped through the heavy glass doors and out on to the green. Leaving her desk, let alone the building, during the workday was a rare luxury. Spring was still a ways away, but the unseasonable warmth was a welcome respite. Things were about to bloom. She walked confidently along the paved paths criss-crossing the grass. Her heart was beating rapidly and her mind was blank except for one thought.

"My true purpose."

She knew the summons would come but hadn't known when. Every night before going to bed she picked out each piece of clothing with care, groomed herself perfectly. She was in a state of complete readiness all week. When his text arrived she felt like a racehorse finally hearing the starting shot and she lunged forward in expectation.

His building came into view quickly and she adjusted the panties in her hand so that they were clearly visible. She knew he was watching for her, or hoped he was. The thought of it kept the butterflies in her torso banging around her rib cage with relentless fervor. She bit her lip and raised her chin. He loved her pride, especially when it came to inspiring her to peel it away before him at the slightest flick of his wrist or twitch of his perfect mouth.

Approaching the entrance to his building an undergrad was exiting and held the door for her without bothering to look up from his phone.

"Thank you," she breathed moving past him without breaking her stride. She startled more than a few students with the unusual sound of her heels marking time against the polished wood floors. She smiled to each as she passed and returned the few good mornings that came her way. Somewhere in her mind she noted how unusually polite these students seemed. She wondered if it was his influence.

Settling at his door, she took a deep breath and knocked gently.


She turned the knob and slipped in, shutting the door quietly behind her.

He was standing in the middle of the room, fully dressed and barefoot, looking down at a pocket watch. He clicked it shut and slid it into his trousers. He said nothing but she knew he was pleased with the time she had made. He wasn't shy about his displeasure when necessary and she worked hard to make sure it was rarely necessary. He held out his hand.

She moved towards him silently and passed the soft lace she had been carrying across his smooth palm. He closed his fingers around the cloth and brought it up to his face. Her eyes remained cast down. When she saw his hand come into her line of vision she was relieved when he carefully began to unwrap her scarf from her neck and then move around her body to help her out of her coat. She heard his movements behind her as he hung her things up. Moving back to stand in front of her, he ran his finger down her cheek and across her full bottom lip. She gasped at the touch and he growled back from someplace deep within his chest.


She tucked her bottom lip behind her teeth as her small hands went to her left hip and began to lower the hidden zipper on her black pencil skirt. She shimmied it down and let it pool silently at her feet. She stepped out and reached down to fold the skirt loosely and lay it alongside her. Next her hands went to the buttons on her crisp cotton shirt. As she peeled it open it revealed a sapphire blue slip. It had a lace-trimmed slit up her left thigh, a plunging neckline and an almost nonexistent back. It matched the color of her shoes perfectly. His grip on her tiny panties tightened without conscious thought. She stepped out of her shoes and reached for the hem of her silk slip.


He placed the very tip of his index finger against the center of her clavicle, and exerted the slightest pressure. He saw her nostrils flare slightly as she tentatively took a step backwards and kept moving, inch by inch, until her back came to rest against the door she'd come through a few minutes earlier. Only then did he remove his fingertip from her skin.

Long brown hair curled around her shoulders and the thin straps of her slip. Her eyes were still downcast and her long lashes rested gently against her pink cheeks. Her little mouth was moving silently as she tugged on her bottom lip. He moved the last few inches towards her and crouched down to just above her eye level. He could almost smell her sweet excitement and see her tight little body vibrating with need. He slowly moved his arms up to brace against the cool, wooden door on either side of her head. He leaned in slowly and allowed the length of his forearms to fall against the wood, bringing him even closer. Still, not a single point on their bodies touched.

He was pleased to hear her begin to whimper. This girl loved to be crowded and he loved her little beast that rose right to the surface when he got this close.

She kept her eyes down and he studied her with more than a passing amount of intensity. A smug little smile played at the corner of his lips. He was taunting her and knew she was desperate for him.

"Why are you here, pet?"

Her response was barely audible. "Because you sent for me."

"Why else?"

He saw her eyes shift as she searched for another answer.

"This girl aches to be your favorite toy, to please you."

"Excellent. And what is your purpose, pretty girl?"

"Pleasure," she answered immediately.

His own pulse began to race.

"Are you glad to be here with me?"

"Oh yes," she rushed. "So very glad."

He saw her smile and couldn't help but do so himself. He stood suddenly and watched a mix of disappointment and surprise wash across her face as he withdrew from her. He took one small step back and snapped his fingers. She melted down to her knees on the floor.

"I'm going to play with you and then send you back to work very tightly bound with rope beneath your clothes. Would you like that?"

He saw her hands tighten into fists and a strong blush swiftly push across her collarbone and chest. Her eyes closed as she whispered her response.

"Very much so. Thank you."

"Come into the bedroom, pet"

He didn't need to turn to know she had begun to crawl slowly in his wake, eager to please him and to fall further into whatever rabbit hole they found together.

February 2017

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