At first the townspeople thought an odd, if immodest statue had been added above the old Sanctimony Saving and Loan Building, the oldest and tallest building along Main Street. The savings and loan company was long gone and the building had fallen into a state of disrepair as a number of tenants came and went over the years. Of course, even in its decline, the building remained the most noticeable in that area of town. If someone was going to erect a statue the old Sanctimony Savings and Loan Building was the place to do it.

Even from the ground this statue on the roof was beautiful, portraying a nude female with arms held out as if she was about to take a swan dive off the edge. While it intricate detail of the statue couldn't be seen from so far below, the delicate curves, nicely rounded breasts and long flowing hair attracted a lot of attention. Of course not all the attention was good and soon for every admirer who looked up at the statue, there were several others to berate the onlookers for lustfully gazing upon the unholy nakedness.

"But can't you see it's an incredible work of art?"

"No, the statue of General Wisemore in the square is art, this is just salacious nakedness. Why look at it, you can clearly see naked breasts and even down to the nether region. It's a sin I tell you."

I listened as discussion such as that soon became arguments and when several local churches entered the fray with the threat of hell and damnation word soon spread of a movement to get rid of the statue. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon someone's outlook, no one knew who owned the old building. A search of the tax rolls turned up the names of several companies but all were buried in a mass of partnerships and sister companies.

Finally when a group of people decided to simply go up on the rooftop and pull the statue down, I volunteered to lead the group. I had hoped I could either sabotage the effort, or at least make sure the statue came down intact. I figured if I could save the statue, perhaps it could be moved to another location, rather than simply be destroyed.

We gathered some ropes, chains and sledgehammers and worked our way up the old stone stairway. Our voices and footsteps echoed as we climbed but once we reached the top we found the entrance to the roof locked and sealed shut.

"The door is locked," I hissed back at the group gathered on the stairs below me. I guess we will have to leave it on the roof.

"Just break it down," the reverend answered, handing me his sledgehammer.

Taking firm hold of the tool I said, "Okay you, back up now will ya? I can't get a good swing with you on top of me like this."

After a lot of rustling about, the group backed down the stairs some, I held the sledgehammer firmly and took a good swing at the lock. The heavy head slammed into the lock with an loud, echoing, "Thunk!" but the lock just bounced around against the door with no apparent damage. Gripping the sledgehammer harder, I took a mighty swing and crashed it into the door so hard, the sound of it rang in my ears, but once again, nothing happened.

"It's not working, the lock doesn't even seem damaged," I said.

"Hey, let me try," one of the other's shouted, so I handed him the sledgehammer and stepped back down the stairs a bit. After several others tried the door we gave up, deciding there must be a better way.

Several men rushed out on the top floor and opened widows to see if perhaps they could climb up to the roof, but there was simply nothing to grab onto from the window ledge. The reverend remembered the building had an outside fire escape, but the ladder up to the roof had either been removed or had fallen off in recent years. We were all milled together near the stairway when the police arrived and led us out of the building. Apparently some of the art lovers got the police to realize we were trespassing and had us removed.

Although we quietly left the building, the reverend did make a speech on the sidewalk just outside the building. Holding his bible high in the air he spoke of love for fellow man, the sacred beauty of God's creations and of the lustful abomination on the roof. Amid the scattered, "Boos," and other catcalls from some people in the street, our group split up and headed home.

Determined to find out more about the statue and perhaps figure out a way to stop it's destruction I returned the next day, but instead of trying to get onto the roof of the old savings and loan building I went into the building across the street. I carried my telescope as I climbed up the stairs of the three story building and I found one of the roof access doors unlocked.

After moving out onto the roof I set up the tripod but before looking through the telescope I gazed up at the statue. Looking at it from this angle I could see more of the detail, the hair and face was especially intricate actually showing what looked like a look of curiosity. It actually seemed like the eyes were looking directly at me.

I moved behind my telescope and focused on the statue, actually zooming in on the breasts. The gentle curves looked so soft and inviting with firm, actually erect nipples with even what looked like tiny goose bumps in the areola. Moving the telescope lower, I saw more fine detailing where the pubic hair actually looked real and I could see the beginning of the slit between the woman's, ah... the statue's legs.

Moving my eye from the telescope, I looked back to the roof access door and saw I was still alone. Glancing back into the eyepiece, I found myself looking at the almost perfect carving work forming the pubis. If everything wasn't colored a gray tint I would swear I was looking at an actual woman. It all looked so real to me, so enticing, so damn sexy that I felt my cock throbbing in my pants.

Pulling away from the telescope, I walked back to the roof access door, opened it and made sure there was no one coming up the stairs. I quietly closed the door and quickly returned to the telescope. Zooming the view out a bit I took in the view of the entire statue from head, to beautiful breasts, to sensuous pubis and down almost to her feet. I stared intently while I reached down and unzipped my zipper.

Carefully working my cock out of my pants I began to stroke it as I kept focused on the beautiful nude body before me. Funny, it almost seemed the expression in its face changed from curiosity to shocked surprise as the eyes remained locked on me. I zoomed in closer but quickly moved the telescope downward to gaze at her breasts, the hard nipples. Cupping my hand into a fist I made my own special cunt that slid up and down the length of my cock again and again.

Letting the telescope move down the statue's body I looked at the patch of hair and the wonderfully detailed slit just below. I imagined running my tongue up and down that slit, feeling the soft folds of skin open to me. I'd push my tongue deeper and deeper... "Oh yes," I moaned out loud as I arched my back and let my cum spurt wildly onto the rough surface of the roof.

Just as I was milking the last droplets of cum onto the roof I heard the roof access door open behind me. I quickly shoved my cock back into my pants and then placed my foot over as much of the white cum as I could. Turning I said, "Oh, it's you reverend. What are you doing here?"

"Hello Michael, I was down below with another group of people that had formed. But what are you doing here? Have you found a better way to view that statue?" the reverend asked, looking disapprovingly at me.

"It's not what you think reverend, why not just leave the statue there?"

"But it's an abomination, pornography right in the middle of the town."

"It's a beautiful statue."

"It's a sin, a sin that needs punishment."

"What are you going to do, stone the artist?"

"No," he answered and then he tilted his head, as if considering something. Smiling, he continued talking, "But just outside this building there are a couple of planters with some large stones. I think we might be able to dislodge the statue from its pedestal and it will fall down," he said as I ground my foot on the roof gravel.

"Why not just wait until we can get someone onto the roof?" I replied

He moved over to my telescope and peered at the statue, slowly moving it, taking in every inch. After a few moments he looked at me and breathlessly said, "The statue comes down today."

As he walked away, I noticed him tugging a bit at the front of his pants, obviously adjusting his erection. I remained on the roof as the reverend rushed to the street below and organized the stoning. Everyone agreed the statue had to come down now and since the door to the roof of the Savings and Loan was sealed tight, stoning was the perfect remedy. Remembering the stonings that took place in the bible, I guess the people felt justified and, after all, it was just a statue.

Fittingly, the reverend threw the first stone which clattered off the brick along the front of the building. Following that throw several more stones arched upward, these much closer to the target. I moved over to my telescope and watched the statue as the stones landed haphazardly about. Toward the back of the building I noticed some movement and focusing on the movement, I spotted two, no three people carefully creeping toward the statue. There were two women wrapped in robes about the same size as the statue and a taller man with a beard.

Oddly, when a stone whizzed close to the statue I thought I noticed a blur of movement and then suddenly, when a stone grazed one of the statue's arms, the other arm moved as if to grab it. Damn, it wasn't a statue, it was a woman!

I rushed to the edge of the building screaming, "Stop, stop throwing the rocks. It's not a statue, it's a real person."

There was a slight pause and then several of the people grabbed rocks and began throwing again, this time with increased intensity. The people on the roof rushed to help the "statue" down from the pedestal, but just as she began to climb down a rock crashed into her face and she tumbled onto the roof. The woman's friends rushed to the edge of the Savings and Loan, and between their shouting and mine, the stoning finally ended.

Almost immediately a voice on the loudspeaker directed the people on the Savings and Loan roof to unlock the door and come downstairs. I watched as the bearded man helped the "statue" to her feet as her two friends wrapped a robe around her body. They walked toward the roof access door and after a few minutes of work, the door creaked open.

By the time I got downstairs, the four trespassers were in the back of a police car amid a crowd of screaming people. When the group saw me, they rushed over, cheering me and then lifting me to their shoulders. Apparently the reverend told them the stoning was my idea and they were calling me a hero. While the crowd milled around me, the police car slipped away.

I never did get to see the people involved. After I talked to the police and the reverend's church got involved there was a rush to keep everything quiet. The church didn't want to be involved in the modern day stoning and did everything it could to suppress the news. What I eventually read in the paper was that the four people on the roof were a group of traveling performance artists, whose only performance in our town was a disappointing flop. The artists moved on to another show with a small donation from an unnamed benifactor and a signed agreement that no one would take any legal action.

I tried to play down the hero thing as much as I could. I also received a small stipend not to discuss the reverend's involvement with the stoning, so I couldn't tell the truth about the affair. After about a week or so, I decided I needed to get away for a while. I packed up a few things and headed out on the road, aimlessly wandering from town to town searching out and admiring the many statues that adorned the streets. I must admit, I will never look at a statue the same way again.

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