Stay-At-Home-Fuck-Daddy Ch. 02


Ronnie grinned at Harlan over his shoulder, "Lookie here, Harlan, we're on tee-vee!"

He reached between us and aimed his drill back at my press.

"Lookit Harlan when I do it, Joy," he sighed and pushed his pecker forward.

I wanted Harlan to see it on my face when Ronnie entered me again. This time would be different because this time I was dripping wet and wanting it. I hoped Harlan would be able to tell the change in my expression when I went from empty to full.

I felt it on my face as my expression softened. My eyes blinked themselves to half-opened. My brown eyes watched Harlan and my lips made an 'o' as Ronnie filled me.

"Tell him how good it is," Ronnie ordered.

"It's so good," I said right away. There was no hesitation on my part. Any feelings for Harlan were being fucked away right in front of him. "It's so big."

"Tell him what's gonna happen," Ronnie said, fucking me so hard the tee-vee was shaking.

"You're gonna make me... pregnant..." I hissed. "...your fucking me so deep, it's right... up... in my... belly!"

"Are you sure?"

"Oh my god yes!" I panted. "You... wouldn't... fuck me unless... I could do that... do that for... you!"

I stared at Harlan as Ronnie plowed me with his thick length all covered in veins.

"I want to expand your... I want to be fat and round. I want you to drink milk from my tits... oh!"

"What about Harlan?" Ronnie grinned down at me.

I laughed. The sound was one part belly laugh and two parts sexual energy. "No! I want... your baby... I want it to be yours..."

"Make it a girl, Joy?"

"Anything... pumpkin," I panted at him and then narrowed my eyes at Harlan. His nickname had been reassigned. And that was on accident. Some shit just couldn't be helped and I loved that. That one saying that goes "everything happens for a reason" came to mind.

My eyes went back to Ronnie's and I brought both of my shaking hands up to his cheeks. I stretched my neck up and I slobbered a kiss on his chin. I saw Ronnie start closing his eyes, so I slammed mine shut too.

We kissed again. But this kiss felt more like we were alone. More like I was special. His sick tongue pushed into my mouth and I sucked it in like a tiny cock. The breathing through his nose sounded like an angry bull. He broke away from me and we locked eyes.

"I want a girl," I gasped. "I want... it... to be... a girl... for you..."

Ronnie started to grunt in time with his thrusts. The guttural shouts sounded like he was lifting something heavy. I could tell he was actually holding something heavy back. With each repeat, he sounded more labored and I knew I was about to get his cum. And I couldn't wait for it.

"I'm gonna come, girl!" Ronnie grunted.

"Do it!" I panted up at him and I narrowed my eyes at the thought of it. My fingers clenched his big arm muscles and I humped back as much as I could.

He howled tipped his head back.

My head mirrored his position and I cooed in the air. I felt his giant sword burst in my willing sheath. The tension of his blood filled veins relaxing and tensing up with each glorious hiccup sent me over the edge of my own orgasm. I gritted my teeth up at him, salivating for his seed, hungry for his fulfillment.

Ronnie's fat lips went to my neck and he sucked the flesh into his teeth. I cried out. His hands held my ass cheeks like he was going to pull them apart.

I groaned as wad after wad of his sticky seed shot up the net of the nookie he so rightly owned. His hands locked under my ass and he jerked me down on him to make sure each shot counted. I felt the flood of his heat as his cock added log upon log to my burning fireplace.

His hand shot up to my neck and he gripped it so hard I thought he'd pop it right off. His pale green eyes were as hard as his handle on me. I couldn't breathe as he held me like that. With each spray he put in me, his grip got tighter and tighter on my throat.

I would have been fine with dying.

My legs went around his ass to hold him.

Ronnie shook his ass right then and bounced my legs away. He then slipped the torpedo out of my tube. He turned toward Harlan and tossed me at the same time.

I spiraled into Harlan and Ronnie caught my arm.

"Anything you wanna say to him, Joy?" Ronnie asked.

I stared at my husband gagged and taped up. I stared at his fat sweaty face and his stupid short hair. His eyes pleaded with me. He looked so hurt. If he was one of them cry baby men, I could tell he'd be crying right then.

My breath still quaked from Ronnie and me's orgasm as I surveyed Harlan. I could feel his warmth still in my pussy. I could feel it on my thigh.

I wiped Ronnie's dribble off my leg and smeared it on Harlan's forehead. I felt rage at him. I had no idea where it was coming from. I smacked him upside the head. I smacked him again and again with the palms of my hands. And then I spit on him.

Ronnie pulled me away and shoved me toward the kitchen.

"Get me a beer, bitch!" He shouted.

I couldn't wait to serve him. I went for the fridge and saw Ronnie lower Harlan to put his back on the floor. The legs faced the tee-vee.

Ronnie spread his thighs and straddled Harlan's head. He laid his fat limp cock over my husband's face. I could see it was bigger than my husband's face, even limp like it was.

I handed him his beer. He opened it on the floor.

"Feel how heavy this thing is?" Ronnie said down to Harlan. "It's fucking huge and it's heavy. It's heavy, Harlan and it wrecks things."

He snapped his fingers at me and I squatted next to him. He shoved me forward and I fell over Harlan's legs. Bent like I was, my cherry pie was exposed to both men. Ronnie jammed his thumb in it.

I moaned and pushed against it.

That his touch made me feel so good didn't matter to Ronnie right then. Right then, he was explaining things to Harlan.

"I'm not just talking about wrecking this pretty bitch's cake here. I'm talking about your fucking life," Ronnie sipped his beer and looked down at Harlan's face. "Lots of fellas might wanna get violent. Try n' beat me or maybe her too. Might even wanna kill. If you're like that Harlan, there's only one thing me n' Joy can do about it."

When he spoke my name like it was us together, I writhed my appreciation on his thumb. I raised my pussy up and down on his thumb, dragging every centimeter of my red lips on it.

"See. She's gettin' knocked up by me. That's just what's up," Ronnie spoke matter of fact. And the words made me even wetter for him. "And I'm sure you know that sometimes these things take time. Sometimes these things take multiple tries. So me n' Joy are gonna go on fuckin' in front of you for a while. We're gonna fuck so much that you'll get all, ya know... desensitized n' shit. Like all that pissed off shit you're thinkin' right now? It'll just go away. Your feelins'll be as little as your penis."

Ronnie took his thumb out of me and moved his dick around Harlan's face.

"Get used to how Joy n' me smell, cause this whole place'll smell like it. Get used to her laughin' at you. Get used to how she's mine now," his voice was like a good wine to my ears. "Show 'im, Joy. Show 'im how you're mine."

I loved that he told me to demonstrate it. I wanted to fuck all over just like Ronnie said. I wanted all the things he told Harlan. I couldn't wait to laugh at my husband. Together, the way Ronnie told it, we would just drive him away so sad that he'd never hurt anybody. To make sure, we had to go on hurting him, just like Ronnie planned.

My coochie, so delicious and full, came up with another kind of tingle. I knew what I wanted to do for Ronnie. With a tremble, I let my own pee fall out and I wetted my husband like Ronnie had. I went to the bathroom right there on my husband.

Ronnie stood up. "There she goes, Harlan. Pissin' on you. Pissin' on you like I did. Maybe you'll just be our bathroom for awhile, huh, big guy?"

I sighed at the thought of it. The joy of using Harlan like a toilet made my heart skip a beat. I couldn't wait to hurt him more.

Once I was done peeing, Ronnie slapped my ass so hard I knew it left finger marks. I hissed at the sting and my knees went weaker than all get out. His fingers went around my thighs and he yanked me forward. I thought I was getting fucked again for sure, but Ronnie didn't want to just then.

He touched the fat mushroom of his big dick to my quaking fault line. I groaned at the touch as he mashed it up against my lips down there. I could tell it wasn't hard; he just wanted me to feel it some more.

He took it away then and stood up.

I looked up at him with my bra twisted all around my ribs. My sweet titties sat on Harlan's belly as I straddled him there on the floor.

"Joy, go on and drag Harlan back to our room. Park him there," he said and snorted snot in his nose. "Make sure he's got a good view."

I got up and worked on pulling Harlan right side up. I couldn't budge him like that. He was too big and too fat and too stupid. The more I tried to move him, the more afraid I got that Ronnie was going to get upset.

"Settle down, Joy," Ronnie beamed and slurped some beer. "Just drag him in that way. We can tip him up later."

I smiled at Ronnie and wrapped my fingers around one of the chair legs. With a tug, I moved Harlan to the hallway. I yanked and pulled my husband all down the linoleum floor all the way to the room with our marriage bed.

My arms got weak from all the effort and I think I got strength from Ronnie's seed all up in me. I was all kinds of wet from the pee, his thumb, and the head of his dick. My sweet cockwashed donut had me thinking like an animal.

I just wanted it rubbed some more. I wanted it fingered and plowed. The ache inside me had given up on satisfaction.

There in the room, I lowered myself on Harlan's nose. I smeared my adulterous petals all up and down where he took his air. A wonderful and wicked thought told me Harlan just might be better off suffocated by my used up pussy.

I panted without shame as I continued to thrust against the nub of his face.

"Fuck are you doin', Joy!?" Ronnie shouted through the opened door. I looked up at him with my face flushed. I felt my big brown eyes plead up at him for another sweet climax as I writhed on Harlan's face.

"You're like a fuckin' dog! A fuckin' bitch dog!" He yelled.

Ronnie yanked me up by the arm and slapped me across the face.

"You think you get to come without me!? Those days are over!" He shouted hard at my ear and I felt spit land where his hand had stung me. He flung me at the bed and stepped over Harlan. He was after me with his hard fucker in his hand.

I put myself up on my elbows and spread my legs for him.

He used his knees to swing my legs wider while they hung off the bed.

"Put a pillow over yer face, you dumb slut!" He hollered.

I had the pillow over my face in a second flat.

"Don't you dare fuckin' peek," Ronnie grunted. I could hear him beating off his meat. "Spread the garage for me, Joy... show me where it's pinkest."

I reached between my legs and held my wet pussy open.

Ronnie made a noise like a garage-opener.

I could feel my womb was open like a balloon, craving to be all filled up. I sighed at the touch of my fingers. The only sound in the room was Ronnie's heavy sex-breath and the constant slap of his man meat.

"I wish Maggie was here... I really wanna fuck her, Joy. Your daughter. My girlfriend..." He hissed while he jacked it between my thighs. "I wanna stick this right up her pregnant baby maker... I wanna bounce that round belly in my hands and suck milk off her big fat tits... oh Joy, she's got the biggest, sweetest nipples... not little stupid Tic-Tacs like you... fat, dark red... and white when I suck 'em..."

My breath was drunk and out of control while he talked over me. I loved Ronnie using me like a magazine. It was like he was young and just getting into sex. I was something he stole cause he'd just figured out how to get off.

"Cover up your tits, now, Joy! I don't wanna look at those little fuckin' things!" Ronnie growled. I reached up for another pillow and set it on my chest. I went back to holding my flower open. The sweaty, wet sound of Ronnie jacking off was making me hotter with every pull.

"Where's Maggie at, Joy!? I wanna put it in her after... I done put it in you," his breathing matched the speed he was yanking himself off with. "I've got two hands on it, Joy... don't it just make you wet thinkin' about it? Too bad you thought it was... cool to rub it yourself... think Maggie rubs herself? What makes you think I want bitches gettin' themselves off!?"

He knocked the pillow away from my tits right then like it was a punctuation mark. I felt that same hand grab my tit and shove its flesh at the nipple. The grip relaxed and re-asserted itself. It was like he wanted to move my titty to be on my shoulder. The pain of the shoves made me groan with hunger. When it couldn't be forced up high enough, he slapped it.

He switched attention to the other breast and I panted into my pillow.

That's when I felt his hot can of Silly String shoot up my thighs. He aimed it on my thick red pubes. If any hit my pussy spot on, it was hard for me to tell.

"Scoop it in your pussy, Joy," he grumbled. "Keep your snaggle-face covered up."

I did like I was told. My fingers sought all evidence of his baby goo and I gathered its strings. I spread myself wide and stabbed anything I could find into my stretched pussy.

"Christ, you can't tell where it is!" Ronnie shouted and I felt his fingers swipe at my legs. With one hand, he gripped my pussy like a bowling ball to hold me open. His other fingers stabbed in and out of me like he was stuffing a turkey.

The doorbell rang.

"Stay here and stay covered up you piece o' shit!" Ronnie said and his fingers stopped everything below. I heard him stomp out of the bedroom.

As I breathed into the pillow, I could hear Harlan's breath struggling. It sounded so sad and pathetic. I didn't want to look at him. I was content under my pillow with my boobs battered and my legs spread.

Ronnie shouted in the front room at someone. It sounded like it was Jana he was talking to.

"Know what a fluffer is!?" I heard Ronnie's voice bounces up the walls of the trailer. "The girl that gets a dick hard in a porno. Fluff me, girl. I'm gonna go back and fuck Joy some more."

I sighed in the pillow and felt my dampness return. I gripped the pillow with both hands and promised myself not to touch it. I knew it wasn't allowed anymore. I wasn't fucking stupid.

"Yeah, I'm fuckin' Joy now. She's gonna have my baby, just like you. Just like Evie will one day. Know what else? One day I just might make a baby with your baby, bitch..." I could hear him huffing some now. "I'll be all old and shit... putting it right in her poochie. After you tell her to let me do it... better have a fucking girl, bitch. You go to sleep at night wishing for a girl. You wake up in the morning, the first thing you better fucking think is 'I want Ronnie to have a girl.'"

If Jana couldn't do it, I hoped I could give Ronnie a girl.

He laughed and I heard the voice in the next room cry out.

"Come back here, I want you to see somethin'."

I heard Ronnie and the feet of someone else coming up the hallway. My breath pulled in tight in my chest and I waited behind the pillow.

"Look at this!" Ronnie said. "Joy, take the pillow off!"

I was right. It was Jana he was with. My eyes went to Ronnie's hard cock as the two of them looked at Harlan.

"Funny, huh?" Ronnie asked and slapped Jana's tit.

"You're just leavin' 'im on the floor like that?" Jana asked.

"You're right! He can't see too well from there. Help me lift him up, fatso." Ronnie blurted and the two of them tipped Harlan up to face the bed.

With his hard cock right up against her ass, he lifted her white t-shirt up over her belly. "Lookie here, Harlan. This is what I'm gonna do to Joy."

I rubbed my knees together and sat up.

Ronnie sat on the bed and turned Jana to face him. Her black-penciled eyes blinked at me from behind her jet-black bangs. Ronnie smacked her ass.

"Straddle me, you cow. Put them big titties where I can suck 'em!"

Jana did as she was told. Ronnie lifted her shirt and popped her globes out of each bra cup. He stuck his nose up against her chest and kneaded both titties. When he started sucking, it was the only sound in the world.

Jana sighed and leaned her head back. She stroked the back of Ronnie's head with affection and the sucking sound increased in volume.

"Don't leave marks on me," Jana whispered.

Ronnie pushed her off of his lap and she fell back off the bed. The pregnant neighbor smacked into Harlan's knee with her head and she cried out.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Ronnie stood up and pointed at her. Jana rubbed the back of her head and looked up with Ronnie with sadness.

He hefted her up by her skinny arm and slammed her boobs into his still-hard-hot-rod.

"Put some on it!" Ronnie demanded.

Jana looked up at Ronnie and he shook her with outrage.

"Do it! It ain't for you this time, it's for Joy!"

I heard Jana swallow and she reached toward her big titty. She pinched her nipple between two fingers and gave a tug. She pulled on it a little more.

"Hurry up, Jana, shit!" Ronnie bellowed.

"I need both hands!" Jana shouted.

Her arm was thrown down from Ronnie's grip. And Ronnie used that hand to rub my calf. I was grateful for the touch and I didn't mind smiling at Harlan when it happened.

Jana used both hands to pinch droplets of milk from her nipple. The drips landed on Ronnie's waiting cock. Jana grunted with the effort as she squeezed a little more out.

"That's all you got!?" Ronnie shook his head and pulled it away from her.

Ronnie hacked a lugie into his open hand and rubbed it over Jana's baby-milk on his blue-veined stiffy. He furiously rubbed the mixture over it and smeared the head especially.

"Go on and get out of here, Jana, you stupid fuckin' piece o' shit!" Ronnie gritted his teeth and turned to face me. He threw my ankles apart and crawled onto the bed. He still gripped his snot-covered cock. What snot was still on his hand he wiped on my thigh before getting down to business.

My arms went around Ronnie as he entered me. My jaw dropped open and I blinked at Jana. A perverted smile slipped over my lips and I raised my eyebrows impatiently. I didn't know why Jana hadn't left yet and thought she should move along.

"I just don't want Tom to see marks, that's all," Jana offered.

He touched me just as deep as ever and spoke to Jana over his shoulder, "that's not my problem! You figure it out! If something's fucked up, just figure it out! I fuck the dumbest people in the world! Ain't that right, Joy!?"

I nodded with my eyes closed and my legs went around his hairy ass. The mess of piss, cum, me and Jana's drool, and Ronnie's snot was all a welcome jumble of hot fuss rocking my insides as we fucked.

"See!? Joy figures shit out! I tell her to do somethin', Joy does it!"

As he leaned over me, he put both hands on my tits and used them for balance. He crushed all of the air out of my lungs and I looked at him with all of my cock-fulfilled-happiness.

"Check it out, Jana!" He shouted and lifted one hand to slap me. He slapped me so hard that I saw the closet. Then he slapped me the other way and I saw the dresser. He slapped me four times like that and with each sting from his beautiful palms, my hips fucked him harder.

"Joy don't worry about marks!" He pulled his cock out of me. Ronnie gripped my thighs and rolled me up against the headboard. My legs were twisted, my pussy was wide and inviting. I kissed the wall.

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