Stay-At-Home-Fuck-Daddy Ch. 03


I said up at Tom with a pout on my lips: "Why'n't you just go on home, husband? Let mommy do her fuckin'."

Those words tore a new asshole in Tom. He let go of Ronnie and was over me in a second flat. His angry hands grabbed my neck and he slammed my head down. I couldn't cry out in pain because there was no breath for a sound. Tom was crushing my neck.

I felt my juices drop out from my legs when Ronnie slipped out of me.

His forearm went around Tom's neck and he pulled him backward. Tom's hands left my neck and the two of them tumbled backward. They slammed with such force that one of the barstools fell over.

I stood up dizzy from being strangled. I caught the table for balance and looked down at the two men as they struggled on the floor. Both had their backs touching the floor. Ronnie still held Tom around the neck with his forearm. Tom's legs were kicking outward.

Ronnie's fat boner had fallen onto his belly.

"C'mon, Jana," Ronnie blurted while he held Tom pinned against him. "My hands are full, you have to do it!"

I stepped out of my ripped pants and let my torn blouse fall from my shoulders. All I had then was my apron tied on and my tangled bra. With my round titties showcasing my hard pink nips, I stepped over to Ronnie and Tom.

I smiled down my nose at Tom while he struggled. There I was now almost naked, like I thought Tom always wanted to see. Even through his rage, his eyes darted over my thin form. I saw his eyes look over my sweet curves and my hot white skin. My apron dangled between my thighs so it hid my thick hairy red curls from both men.

"See, Tom," Ronnie grunted as he held Tom round his neck. "Right now you're all pissed. Maybe you wanna kill me or kill your wife, but it don't change shit, Tom. It don't undo time! It's your fault, buddy. You done fucked up by living next door to my cock. You sure as shit shouldn't have brought ass like Jana around. Not when there's someone like me! Joy knows what I'm talking about."

Like I was some kind of punctuation mark, I squatted over Ronnie.

I used my hands to find his shooter and aim it back at the target.

Air left me like a balloon as I felt his perfect, huge size back in its spot. My baby cavern celebrated the intrusion as I settled him almost to my belly in one long drop.

"Ohhhhh, Jana," Ronnie taunted as he held Tom down.

"Ohhhhh, Ronnie," I hissed back at him, making my brown eyes sinister with the game. I liked my little role in Ronnie's big idea. My hips swiveled on his Jolly Red Giant and a beautiful thought entered my head. Maybe if my body thought I was Jana, it would get pregnant like Jana.

Tom still struggled in Ronnie's some grip, but he was giving up on the fight. I watched his face. I thought about the time he'd eyeballed my titties a while ago. The time when he loaned me a shirt. That made me reach up and lift my orbs together. I loved that he'd never touch them. I loved that they were not obtainable.

"She's fuckin' sexy, ain't she?" Ronnie chirped.

I could feel his balls tap that spot right below my backdoor brownie. My easy bake oven's temperature climbed while I fucked his gorgeous tube of meat. I wanted Tom to see the pleasure on my face while I rode it. I wanted him to think I was Jana and that I was getting it from someone with the right equipment.

Tom's face looked all stung. His eyes were hot with hate.

I had a private giggle because I could tell that he was getting the picture.

"Jana," Ronnie grunted through his teeth. "Can you pull Tom's ding dong out? Can you reach it?"

I smirked down at Ronnie. I leaned up to expose some of his glistening wet penis only to cover it up again. My hands reached for Tom's pants.

Tom bucked away from me some, but I finally did get my fingers hooked into his belt. He struggled the whole while when I slid his belt buckle unlocked. The concentration it took to get Tom's pants open made the rhythm of my fucking off. Every time I slipped up on fucking, Ronnie was quick to compensate. Together, Ronnie and me, we were a well-lubed machine.

Finally I got his thingie out of his pants. I couldn't hide the laughter in my eyes when I saw it. It was a millimeter peter! It was smaller than Harlan's! I'd always known Ronnie was the biggest thing ever, but I'd never really imagined the smallest thing ever.

"What's it look like!?" Ronnie demanded.

I peered down at it as the biggest cock in the room rubbed up against my womb. I felt a sneer come over my lips right there under my nose. It was pale and I figured about as long as my pointer-finger. It also looked just about as thick as a wedding ring. There was something even funnier about it though. There was something I definitely was not expecting to see.

My jaw dropped some as Ronnie's foreskin up-stroked my little red champ.

"Ronnie, baby," I said with a chuckle tainted with sexual ecstasy. "I think he's hard!"

"You can't tell!?" Ronnie laughed.

"Hard as a clothes pin! And just about as big!"

Tom stopped struggling while we laughed at his cock.

My sopping slush box seemed to agree from behind the bliss Ronnie's superior stabber kept dishing out. The pleasure gave way to emptiness when he released Tom and shoved me off.

"Fuck I gotta see this!"

My head banged on the booth and my knees fell together while Ronnie got to his feet.

Tom was going for his pants to close it all up.

With one of his heavy hands, Ronnie slapped Tom across the cheek with so much force that Tom's hands just stopped what they were doing.

"Holy shit, Joy! You weren't foolin'!" Ronnie laughed. He then looked at me with that asshole grin that made him so cute. "Hey Jana, pretend we fucked and came and all that shit. And then, well, you went home."

I grinned at him like it was a joke I didn't get.

"Fuck him, Joy! Jesus Christ you're so stupid!"

Ronnie tugged Tom's pants down further.

I stood up and stepped up to Tom and Ronnie. I eyeballed the little hard-on and then looked back at Ronnie.

"Bye, Jana! You goin' home now!?" He prompted me.

"Yeah!" I shouted back, playing the next line. "Gonna go. Go fuck my husband now!"

"Okay! Good luck with that!"


Ronnie wasn't touching Tom's dick, nor would he ever. But it pleased him to see something so tiny existed. I looked at Tom's face and got reminded about how he'd looked at my body a few times before. When I was getting the mail or times like when I came over to have a beer with Jana.

The son of a bitch was probably going to enjoy having his pencil pusher in me.

I squatted over Tom and Ronnie moved away.

I reached down and my fingers found the simple silken sample. It was thin like one of them skinny magic markers that always run out, but it wasn't nearly as long as one. He must have seen the sarcasm on my face because he tried to push me away. Maybe Ronnie had me a little pissed off that I had to fuck It's-A-Small-World-After-All. I only suggest it since I slapped Tom's face hard with my free hand.

His hands fell to his sides.

I could finally have what Ronnie wanted.

It felt good to hit Tom that I just did it again while I guided his penny to my quarter-slot. Tom looked up at me as I slid him inside. His eyes were wet from me and Ronnie having abused him. Nothing about tears could have changed the evil expression I felt on my face.

He tried not to betray how good my honey pot felt, but I saw it on his fat lip.

I knew it felt good for him.

I didn't feel much at all. I wasn't stretched in anyway, but I could feel something hard like a battery from the remote control.

"So there's your wife, Jana," Ronnie narrated like one of them nature shows. "Her pussy's all stretched out by something like this." He pointed at his cock. "You're hard and inside her and she's what? Thinking about smoking a cigarette?"

He put a cigarette in my mouth. I cupped his hand while he lit it for me.

I felt Tom move his hips beneath me and I blew smoke down at his chest.

"Is she wondering when it might be over?"

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. My hips were static. My thighs were locked over Tom's while he moved up and down. It was strange, but without even joking, I could barely feel him. I wondered if I'd be able to feel Harlan again. As I puffed again on my smoke, I wondered if Ronnie had truly spoiled my juicy wrapper like one of those black-worm fireworks that expand when they're on fire.

"Or is she thinking about this?" Ronnie offered his cock to my mouth. My brown eyes registered it and my jaw went slack right away. The hand with my cigarette went to Tom's chest so the other could train the truest tug muscle to my tongue.

The latest drag from my smoke rolled over his lavish knob and on to his proud, thick veins. I watched my smoke drift up to his pudgy belly and higher as my lips closed around the enormous helmet. My tongue stabbed his piss hole and Ronnie smiled down at me.

I wondered what it looked like to Tom. Maybe it was like watching a porno while getting fucked. That's probably the only spot he'd ever seen something as colossal as Ronnie and someone as willing as me. I knew it wasn't like fucking and looking in a mirror though.

I could hear Tom's breathing. He was aroused. He was grunting some.

"Go on and fuck yer wife, get it done," Ronnie groaned. The sound of pleasure on his voice gave me an involuntary orgasm in Tom's lap. Tom moaned as I poured fresh syrup on his baby sausage link.

My head spun some because two cocks were at my call. For a split second, it didn't even matter who was bigger. I just reveled in greed while I sucked one plunger with another one plunging me.

I turned to face him more and put both hands on his hips. My smoke drifted from my hand and over my man's flabby body. This new angle let me lick further up the bottom of his silky skin.

Ronnie grabbed my blonde hair in thick handfuls while I slobbered on his corn-fed cob. The sound of my sucking was unapologetic, maybe even louder than normal. I really wanted Tom to feel inferior.

I think Ronnie wanted that too, because he went right into using my head like he was fucking a pumpkin. He pounded his cock well into my throat and then back out again. His hands jerked me like my body wasn't a concern for him. My body wasn't a concern for me neither while he had his way with my face.

"Oh my darlin', oh my darlin', oh my darlin', Clementine!" Ronnie sang out and he used my throat in time with his words. I could hear my wet voice echo around his stiffy while he rammed me. My gags were gurgles while he fucked the shit out of my face. My sloppy wet drool welcomed him home with each powerful thrust.

His hands released me and I went back to the duty of sucking his impatient tip.

Ronnie went on singing.

He smacked his belly in time with his words.

"You are lost and gone forever, oh my darlin' Clementine!"

There was a tapping at the front door.

"Uh-oh!" Ronnie shouted. "Someone's at the door! You guys just keep it up, I'll be right back."

Ronnie popped his cock out of my mouth. A string of my saliva broke from his gravy giver and my bottom lip. He dusted his hands together to drop some blonde hairs he must've torn from my head. Then he walked the length of the bar wearing just his Keystone Light shirt.

I watched him go and felt disgusted when the little asshole's hands went to my hips. I just put my cigarette to my lips and kept right on fucking Tom's thumb. I didn't really have a choice until Ronnie told me to stop.

I looked down my nose at Tom. Lust was in his eyes. He eyeballed me with a retarded, and have to say unworthy, amount of need. That's when he leaned himself up with his arms out. His face was jacked in a way all peculiar. His lips were doing a sucking action. I could tell he was going right for my left tit.

I stopped moving my hips.

As far as I was concerned, pussy was on the menu but anything else was off limits for sure! I pushed back on his forehead to force him back to the floor where he belonged. He still suckled the air, all turned on. His resistance was tough and I thought it was funny that he was trying to fight me with his gross face.

"'Fuck are you thinking?" I cringed. "You're disgusting."

I got him to the floor and flicked my ashes on his face. I went back to humping his needle with my damp haystack. Smoke rolled from my lips and I looked back at the door for Ronnie.

Ronnie was walking back toward us with Jana. I watched her waddle up, fatter than ever with my lover's kid. In one hand, she held her own burning cigarette and with the other, she held Ronnie's cock.

"You know what's stupid!?" Ronnie shouted. "Fuckin' Joy and pretendin' she's Jana when I could just fuck Jana!"

He slapped her ass and she gave a little squeal.

"Oh, Tom's fuckin' Joy now?" Jana said and I glared up at her. From behind her jet-black bangs, Jana sneered at Tom. "Good. Gotcherself a girlfriend."

"I'm not his girlfriend!" I shouted.

"Shut the fuck up!" Ronnie spat at me and he stepped from Jana's side. I looked up at him, still fucking Tom like he wanted. He grabbed my arm hard and slapped me across the face. I could feel my cheek got red from his fingers. I could feel where his nails might have scratched me. "Now fuck him!"

I looked back at Tom and bounced my pussy up and down.

"Faster! Getty-up!" Ronnie bellowed. He whipped my naked back with the palm of his hand. I swallowed and moved my hips even faster, the sting of his hand moving me like a mare drawing a wagon. I could feel Tom's greasy Freedom Fry flop around some in my fry basket.

"Always suspected Joy was better with the little dicks." Jana chuckled and pursed her lips to her smoke.

Ronnie snorted a laugh and spit on the floor I'd cleaned earlier.

I felt my posture drop a little and I rocked my hips on Tom in an effort to feel something.

"Looks like we're both big fat cheaters, Tom," Jana said. Her free hand was jacking Ronnie's dick while she spoke. "So no harm no foul, right?"

Tom looked up at her with a shocked expression, "I didn't do this. They did this."

Jana smirked and touched her flipflop to Tom's lips. She repeated, "No harm no foul, right?"

Tom looked away and clenched his eyes shut.

"Well, I see how it is," Jana slurred. "How about you see how it is? Husband?"

She clenched her cigarette in her teeth and undid her momma pants.

They rolled down and Ronnie spanked her ass right away. Jana hissed with the slap, but kept her eyes on us the whole time.

Jana scooted a barstool toward her and ashed on Tom and me.

"First time I fucked a girl," Ronnie muttered. "She didn't want it. I been eye-balling her awhile, getting drunk and watchin' her at practice. She liked them football assholes." Right then, he slapped Jana across the face. Smoke flung out from her stung mouth.

He went right on talking.

"But the harder my cock gets, the more it has to get what it wants. The thicker and the more solid it grows, the more I let it tell me what to do," Ronnie's velvet voice seemed sort of dreamlike while he went on.

He wasn't talking to anybody really. Maybe he was talking to Jana because he slapped her again. I flinched when he did it, because I was wishing it could be me. While he spoke, I felt the sense of pride he had for his amazing penis. With every need he described it having, I looked at it with even more appreciation.

"So I got her alone like my cock wanted. I slapped her pretty face like my cock wanted. I tore her panties just like my cock wanted. And when I got in her, she was not wet. She was tight, dry. I had to fight for every inch of ground and my cock, my cock fucking loved it. And it loved it most when she got wetter than she ever been. See? She came around. She wanted what my cock wanted too."

He tugged Jana to the barstool and forced her to bend over it.

"Joy and Jana didn't know what they wanted until my cock told 'em," Ronnie spoke with the conviction of a Sunday School teacher. "See, Tom? I get to slap Jana because I own Jana. I slap Joy because I own Joy. You don't own anyone, so when you slap, I slap you!"

He went behind Jana. That's when Ronnie pushed into Jana from behind. Jana gasped in pain when he penetrated her. Her mouth dropped open and her breath was shaking. I watched her expression stretch from dull to fulfillment when she got parted.

"Fuck yeah," Ronnie breathed. "Dry. That's a good girl, Jana. Such a good girl."

Her eyes fluttered shut and she rolled her head around to some silent tune Ronnie was making in her music hall. I knew she was all the way filled then. I knew when it happened cause her expression was one I'd worn a whole lot before. I saw one of her blue eyes peek down at me.

I knew she could read the jealousy on my face. I also saw how it made her smile. She gave a mild chuckle that was prompted by the penetration. Her eyes stayed narrowed at me like she was high and mighty. She grunted some and put her cigarette to her lips. Her cock-drunk expression drove me crazy while she took a drag.

I smoked too, still riding her husband's pathetic prick.

"I'm moving into Maggie's old room," she said, while Ronnie stretched her with his back and forth movements. I could hear two legs of the barstool go up and fall down again with each thrust.

"No you're not," I said and blew smoke at her. The more I spoke, the less confidence I had. "That's my room."

"Yeah, you're sharing it now," Jana almost smiled, but she gasped instead as Ronnie hit the right spot in her again. I watched the pleasure quake over Jana's face. Her latest thrust from behind had done her so well that her head hung down. "Oh my god," she groaned.

"Fuckin' shit!" Ronnie yelled. "Jana, can you fuckin' move your fat ass so we can do it so Tom can see!? You and Joy, don't know who's dumber!"

Ronnie's cock appeared to my view for a moment while Jana made an adjustment. I could see it wet with her juices, my slobber, and as hard as an American flag pole. Jana pulled herself onto the barstool and spread her legs.

"Is that for real, Ronnie?" I asked, afraid to hear the answer. Below me, I felt Tom's hand tug on my tit. I knocked it off of me and did a little rock on his cock.

"How's this?" Jana asked and blew a long stream of smoke over Ronnie's shoulder.

"I don't know, shit. This was all so much better in my head!" Ronnie hollered.

"Ronnie?" I asked in another quiet drawl.

He held his piss proud present out to Jana's hoity-toity hole. I could see that her blue eyes fluttered ownership of the situation. I watched her blink to telegraph the message that she was getting it and I wasn't.

And then she got it. My lungs shuttered at the sound of her long moan. Her guttural, satisfied octave was carrying on about every single millimeter of our shared stag. Her cigarette fell from her fingers.

"Ronnie," I coughed. "Is what Jana meant—"

"Fuck off!" Ronnie screeched down at me while laying it down between Jana's thighs. Her hands were on his powerful shoulders and I thought I heard her chuckle. He twisted his voice into something that made fun of me, "Ronnie? Ronnie? Ronnie?"

I looked back at Tom and felt sad in my throat. "I just wanted to know if—"

"Get over it, Joy!" Ronnie growled while fucking Jana. "I make the rules! I say I want you n Harlan's room for me n Maggie, it happens! I say move into Maggie's room, Joy, you do it! I say you're sharin' it with Jana, well guess what!?"

"Tom," Jana sighed. "I dropped my cigarette, do you mind?"

Tom reached for the cigarette, but couldn't find it right away. I was so pissed off that I grabbed the thing and held it up for Jana. Jana took it and mouthed the words 'thank you' at me.

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