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Staying In Shape


Living in the country, it's a little easier to stay in shape, but it wasn't always that way.

Having a nine to five office job makes it a nit more difficult, to stay in shape, and the best way I have found to keep my legs slim and my butt firm, is to bike to and from work. Besides the health and physical benefits, I get to wear sleek, skin tight biking outfits. Or if I'm feeling especially daring, which is most of the time, I wear one of my short "professional" skirts.

The city I use to live in isn't all that big and it doesn't take long to start recognizing people and vise versa. I always love the feeling that passes over the faces of those that recognize me when they come into my office to deliver or pick up something. I usually give them something to look at when they do see me. I keep all my packages far from my desk, so that I have to get up and that's when if they are quick, they get a little peek between my legs, or when I bend over they can get a good look down my blouse.

The company I worked for was based out of a larger city on the west coast, so it was usually just me. I unfortunately had to work on a particular fourth of July one time, they main office was in an audit and I had to fax them things from time to time all day. I was going to make the best of it though, so I dressed in my sexiest work outfit. A short black skirt, with a matching black jacket. Under that, a sheer silk camisole, that was really transparent. No bra or panties today, it's all about freedom today. Since I wasn't wearing a bra, my nipples stayed hard, from the cool air of the office and they poked through the thin fabric.

I called for a messenger and waited for them to come pick up a small box that was being shipped to my own PO box, just so I would have something for them to come get. I sat back in my chair, unbutton my jacket letting my breasts be seen by who ever came in. I was getting excited and could feel the moisture between my legs growing. I reached down and found my hardening clit and started rubbing it. It didn't take long to push me past the point of no return, I grabbed the desk and had to bite my lip to keep quiet when I came, I nearly fell into the floor from thrusting my hips into my hand. Just then I heard the bell for the door.....good thing I had locked the door or this guy would have came in to see my fucking myself.

I jumped up, smoothed my skirt, and headed for the door. I must have still been a little flushed or my eyes been glazed over in the way they do after I have had a really good orgasm, cause the messenger looked at me oddly. It was then that I noticed his eyes kept flicking up and down trying not to be too obvious. He was staring at my tits. I stepped back not bothering to cover up much, let him see me again before I turned, also so I could see him. A quick glance portrayed a lean muscular body and a very handsome face.

"Do you mind waiting for a minute? I have to put the address on," I asked, "you can come in and wait, " I added as I turn and gave a little swing in my hips. He nodded and followed me back to my desk and I could almost feel his eyes burning into my ass. Coming around to the back side he stopped and waited, I bent over as if looking in the drawers for the address. This allowed him a good view of my bare chest. My neck line on my blouse was very low and loose. My heart began to race even faster, all I wanted to do was have this guy push me against the wall, tear open my blouse and put those huge hands all over me.

"So you here all alone today?" he managed to stammer out.

"Yup," I answered with a little pouty voice, "the main office being audited today. But either way, I'm usually the only one here everyday. It's funny, you would think that I would be use to it by now, but for some reason, I'm a little lonely on this particular day." With that I picked up a piece of paper and smiled, "here it is, the address. Are you in a hurry? I have some drinks to celebrate the fourth with." I asked him as I brushed past him to get the box. He must have been startled, either by what I said or by my closeness, because he stepped backward and fell over a chair that was directly behind him. I leaned over to help him up, allowing him to look down my blouse again and I'm not sure but I think he caught a glimpse of my bare pussy as well. Just then my stupid shoe slipped and down I went with him, he tried to catch me and ended up on top of me instead. I could feel how hard he was, I so wanted him

"Good thing there is no one here," I murmured and lifted my lips to his. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me strong, his tongue immediately wrapped itself around mine. In a rage of lust he tore open my shirt exposing me to him. I pushed him over and stood up, straddling his chest, giving him a clear view of my swollen pussy. I stripped off what was left of my blouse and unzipped my skirt. I stood towering over him like some naked Amazon.

"Damn are you hot," he nearly shouted. He quickly jumped up to join me and he had his clothing off in about two seconds. He lifted me on to my desk and spread my legs. He bent down and dove into me, he gave me the best tongue lashing I ever had. He licked and sucked on my clit until my legs were shaking uncontrollably, then he inserted one finger, then two. "Fuck me, I want you to fuck me!" I moaned between my teeth. He just continued to suck my clit into his mouth. I lost it and clenched my legs around his head and I came all over his face. I fell backwards on top of my desk, spilling odds and ends all over the floor. Before I could regain my strength he was prying my legs open. Too weak to resist, my body was his play toy. He flicked the head of his dick against my clit, causing me to jump from the sensation. He stated pushing against my pussy and was just about to shove it inside me when he pulled away and flipped me over onto my stomach all in what seemed to be one very fast move. This put my ass high in the air, he then spread my cheeks letting his thumbs play with my soaking pussy and ass.

"Give it to me!" I managed to get out and with out hesitation he rammed his cock into my ass, causing me to push back and get on to my feet. I pushed him back until I had the a hold of the edge of my desk. "Give it to me, fill me up, I want you to fuck my ass, cum in my ass!" I cried. He did just that. He was big, not huge but still bigger than I was use to. He shoved into me until I thought I would explode. He rammed into me with such force my tits were hitting against the desk despite all my effort to remain in position.

Just then I felt him reach around and squeeze my tit hard, pinching my nipple at the same time, I felt the wave coming when I felt his hand reach for my clit. That was just too much and totally lost it again. I pushed him back into the wall and bent over as far as I could and slammed into his cock. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled hard, I started screaming with he force of the orgasm that was now washing over me. I could feel his dick swelling and with the last of my energy I pounded into him harder. He came just then and I swear I felt it hit me in the stomach. A rich hot burning feeling that seemed to not stop. He kept cumming and cumming.

He finally stopped and I fell to my knees, my body convulsing and his and my own cum leaking from me onto the floor. I saw him gather his clothes and put them on while watching me lay on the floor, exhaustion filling me up. He took the package and the address from the floor and looked at me once more, "so" he said slyly, "I do 24 hour deliveries anywhere you want it..."

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