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Staying with Friends


I had a bit of vacation time that the rest of the family couldn't join me, and our old friends from our hometown, Lori and George, invited me to come out and stay with them. They're a little bit younger than us and have no children. They're both tall, slim and good looking. George is taller than me, blonde and good looking. Lori has the face of a model, is about 5'6, with short dark hair and small breasts that seem to be as firm as when I first met her 20 years ago. I know this because she often goes braless and I can make out her chunky nipples as they make their presence known under her clothes. We're all become very close friends over the years, and Lori and I somehow always do a bit of flirting when we're around each other. I've often wondered if there was more to it on her side than banter. As for me, I've fantasized about her in weak moments for years.

As the evening progresses, we all drink a bit too much wine and they start to get amorous in front of me. I watch as they kiss deeply and he gives her tits a little squeeze through her clothes. I jokingly say to George, "let me know if you need any help."

He looks at me with a wink and replies, "Help yourself," then he gets up and heads toward the kitchen. Lori spreads her arms invitingly and I move over to the couch where she's sitting and we kiss. Like I've said, I've had fantasies about kissing her. The reality is just as good as the dream. As we kiss, I get bold and reach up to feel her breasts. She reaches between us, but rather than stop me, she unbuttons her shirt. I slip a hand inside her bra and pinch at her hard nipple. Her eyes widen, but there is no protest from her, so I decide to see how much farther this might go. I begin to nibble my way downward as I push her bra out of the way. My mouth finds her hard nipple and I swirl my tongue over it. She moans, then suddenly pushes me away and begins to stand up.

I'm thinking the fun is over at this point, but she just smiles, takes my hand and starts to lead me toward the bedroom, her blouse hanging open and one breast out of her bra. I'm surprised to see George leaning against the wall of the living room. Had he been there the whole time, watching us kiss? I notice he's smiling at me, and that his jeans can't hide the bulge his hard cock is making in his jeans. She kisses him, hugging him with one arm while reaching behind herself to grab my cock through my jeans. Feeling bolder again, I push up against her ass and grind my cock against her.

George breaks their kiss and asks me, "Would you like to join us for some fun in the bedroom??" I nod, unable to believe my luck, and we all go into the bedroom, where the two of us men begin the task of pulling off Lori's shirt and giving her firm little breasts all the attention we can. Once we've removed her shirt and bra, she lays back on the bed and we descend on her. At some point, I look up and discover George has removed his shirt. He's also opened his pants and his cock is sticking out proudly. Lori turns to him and takes it eagerly in her mouth, slurping on it until George is moaning. His balls are beginning to pull up tight against his impressive shaft so I can tell he's almost ready to cum.

Before he can climax, he pushes her away and pulls off his pants and briefs, then begins to tug Lori's jeans and panties down her long legs. Tossing them aside, he kneels between Lori's slim thighs and starts licking her neatly trimmed pussy. She bucks against his face as he quickly brings her to an intense orgasm. As she lies there trying to catch her breath, George looks over at me and says "Your turn, Bill. She's all warmed up and ready for your cock."

I strip quickly and crouch between her legs. "Hurry up and fuck me," she moans quietly. I push the head of my cock inside her juicy tunnel and hold still for a moment. Lori lifts her hips up to meet my cock as I slowly feed my cock into her.

"That's right, Bill, screw her, but don't come inside her," George urges. "I want to see you shoot off." He is running his hands over my buns and back, which seems a bit odd to me, but because it feels so good, I just go with the flow. I do my best to fuck Lori slowly, but can't help going faster and faster as her fingers trace patterns all over my chest, sides and back. Her tight pussy is juicy, wet and squeezing. As she's reaching a very noisy climax, George reaches down between us and wraps his hand around my balls and the base of my shaft. It's too much for me to handle and I pull out, ready to cum George grabs my dick and pumps it until I shoot a big load all over Lori's belly, some of it shooting up to her breasts.

George takes my place the instant I move away. Lori's orgasm seems to prolong itself and start building immediately toward another. After a few minutes in the missionary position, he rolls off her and lies down close to the edge of the bed, his feet off the side. Lori sits on his cock with her back to him, which gives me a great view of his cock as it enters her dark-haired pussy. I watch as he fucks her, watch his pole moving in and out of her cunt, watching as her clit and inner lips become engorged with her arousal, turning a darker shade of pink the more he strokes in and out of her. His balls are jiggling back and forth, her breasts are bobbing in rhythm as she frantically rides him, moving back and forth and up and down on his cock.

I'm not too surprised to notice that my rod has become stiff again watching them in action. Lori sees it as well, and motions for me to come closer, so I stand on the bed beside them and she begins to suck on me as she rides George. After a few moments, she releases my cock and looks up at me. "Kiss me," she says in a breathless moan. I kneel next to Lori and start kissing her. In a few brief moments, she grabs my head and pushes it downward, first to her breasts, then to her belly, smeared with my cum, and finally to her pussy. "Lick my clit while George fucks me, Bill," she moans. "Make me cum hard!" Feeling his cock graze my tongue as he's sliding in and out of her pussy and I kiss her clit excites me. His cock fascinates me, as I've been bi-curious for a long time. Hesitantly, I move my hand down to get a quick feel of his balls. When he makes no objection – after all, he'd jacked me off just a few moments before --I cup his balls in my hand. Then with my other hand I feel his hard shaft, slick with their juices, as it moves in and out of Lori's pussy.

I'm still licking Lori's pussy and clit, and now I feel her push my face further down. "Lick George's balls for him," she grunts. I'm eager to do just that, and I'm glad they seem to want the same thing. I gently start sucking on George's balls while he pumps his wife's pussy. It's so exciting seeing two people up close. I alternate between licking her clit and his cock, occasionally dipping lower to suck on his balls. After a few minutes of this Lori stiffens and moans as she climaxes for at least the third time.

She climbs off him and asks him to take her from behind. He gladly moves behind her and mounts her doggie-style. I move behind them and cup his balls again as he thrusts into her. I kneel to put my head between his legs, trying to keep licking his balls, but I can only tongue them occasionally while he fucks her that way. Then I feel his hand on the back of my head, pushing it toward his ass. I know exactly what he wants, and I'm excited about doing it for him.

His ass cheeks are warm and firm. I put my hands on them, feeling their resilience, then I spread them apart slightly. I hesitate a little at first, but then start running my tongue up and down the crack of his ass. I spread his buttocks further, probing his anus deeply with my tongue until I hear him moan in agonizing ecstasy.

I look down and see that my Lori is rubbing his balls. I intensify my licking of his asshole, and soon I hear him say he's coming. I slip beneath them and watch intently as he pushes deeply into Lori and sprays his load into her pussy with a great moan. Seeing his cock twitch and jerk in her just increases the lust even more.

"Your turn again," Lori grins as she rolls on her back. When I slide my cock back inside her, I'm surprised that she's a lot looser and much wetter than the first round. Than I realize it's because I am sliding my cock through another man's sperm for the first time in my life. I find the whole thing very erotic. Lori and I kiss deeply as I begin pumping into her. Once we settle into a good rhythm, George moves close to Lori's face, presenting his semierect cock, dripping with a mixture of their combined juices, to her mouth.

I watch from point-blank range as Lori turns her head and licks some of the creamy mixture from the tip of his dick. Then she turns back to kiss me again. Tasting the juices on her tongue just makes my lust grow stronger. She licks a little more from his dick, then shares the taste with me again. I love it. Lori takes my hand and places it on George's dick, which is growing harder. Placing her hand over mine, she points his cock toward my mouth .

"Doesn't that feel incredible in your hand?" Lori teases. " Doesn't it look yummy? You want to taste it, you know you do." I look with undeniable fascination at the come-smeared dick which is throbbing against my palm. "He's waiting," Lori says. "He wants to have his cock in your mouth. You want to suck on George's hard cock, don't you?"

With Lori's face glowing with sexual excitement as her pussy muscles squeezed my cock and George's dick in front of my eyes, covered with pussy juice and come, I hardly know any more who I am or what I wanted. All I know is that I want more, but I'm paralyzed for the moment.

Lori continues moving the tip of her tongue up and down George's dick. "God, that tastes good," she whispers, licking her lips. "And it's all yours. Just open your mouth and take it."

My heart is pounding. Leaning forward with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, I stick my tongue out and touch it to the end of George's cock, tasting Lori's juices on it along with a few drops of sperm that still are still oozing from the tip. Then I open my mouth, feeling the warmth of his dick as it touches my lips. Slowly I take the head into my mouth and begin to suck it. I feel his cock twitch, and the thought of the whole thing in my mouth is very enticing. I open my mouth wide and engulf his dripping tool, which quickly swells and stiffens into full hardness.

As incredible as it seems, I almost forget about fucking Lori as I focus on the incredible sensation of George's twitching dick in my mouth. I close my lips tightly around it, sliding it in and out of my mouth, feeling the bulging veins rubbing back and forth over my tongue and lips. I remove it briefly to lick up and down its entire length and suck on his balls. Then I engulf it again, swirling my tongue around it, plunging down on it until I can feel the swollen head pressing into the back of my mouth. I hear Lori coaxing me to swallow it, but it's too big. Still, I try, plunging down on it again and again, until after about thirty attempts, I finally succeed. The head of his cock is deep in my throat, his balls resting against my chin. George groans and grabs at my head as he empties his hot sperm into my throat. Seemingly endless waves of come flood my mouth. It's impossible to swallow it all, and it oozes through my lips and dribbles down my chin.

Between George pumping his jism in my mouth and Lori's strong vaginal walls squeezing my cock, I can't hold on any longer. I feel as though I might pass out as I explode into the most strenuous and prolonged orgasm I can ever remember, spewing a mighty load into Lori's cunt. Watching George exploding in my mouth, Lori also goes into a frenzy, thrashing and panting, her cunt gripping and pulling at my dick.

When we all have stopped coming, I let George's cock slip from my mouth. The power of my orgasm had left me almost unable to move. I roll off of Lori, panting. She turns and hugs and kisses me, licking George's sperm from my face. George bends down and spreads Lori's sweaty thighs and sucks on her pussy lips, drinking our juices, and then together they turn their attention to my dick, licking off the accumulated juices with eager tongues.

The sight of these two good friends of mine sharing my cum-covered cock serves to get me hard again in a very short time, and Lori presents herself to me doggy style, ready for another round. She pushes back to meet every thrust as I once again plow into her pussy. It's terrifically thrilling to be so uninhibited with these people I know and love, to be doing all these new and exciting things. I feel determined to experience everything, so when George begins sliding his dick up and down the crack of my ass, I push back at him just as his wife is doing to meet my thrusts. With a little effort on both our parts, his cock is soon deep in my ass, and his balls are touching mine.

His penetration feels great. The warmth of his flesh and his ability to control it makes his cock feel much better than the times I've been fucked with a strap-on. We soon build up a rhythm – as George pushes into my ass, I push into Lori's pussy. The more he pushes, the more I push. We just keep fucking faster and faster, harder and harder. The combination of frictions from his cock in my ass and her pussy around my dick is incredible, and each of George's powerful thrusts drives all of us that much closer to orgasm.

Finally I can't not hold back, and I push deep into Lori's cunt as I unload my come up that narrow passage. George slams his dick repeatedly into my backside, and with one final thrust spews his hot sperm deep into my guts. I could feel his cock swelling as each blast of come erupts in my ass. As we all come down from that last climax, Lori pushes me into the middle of the bed. George pulls the covers up on us. They both snuggle close to me in the bed and as I'm drifting off to sleep, Lori whispers, "I'm glad you're staying with us all week."

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