Stealing is the Ultimate Gift


After a few sessions, he eventually asked her out. She was tempted but besides the recurring height issue, she also decided that her policy of not shitting where she ate should apply to the gym too. And she was too busy with her career to get seriously involved with anyone. But rather than merely turning him down, she had the brilliant idea to soften the blow by suggesting he would be a great match for her friend instead. Her whim had proven fortunate. Veronica and Alex had hit it off straight away, bonding over their athletic interests.

"Yeah, that sure looks good," Veronica said, moving in behind Amanda to look out the window.

"Uhm, what? I..." Amanda stuttered. A flash of guilt hit her as she realized she was checking out her friend's husband, eyeballing his tanned muscles as they glistened in the sunlight.

"The boat," Veronica said. "It looks cool, right? Bigger than I imagined."

Amanda noticed the motor yacht anchored by the shore. "Ah, yes. It looks very nice."

They sat down for breakfast when Paul and Alex came inside. Sabina and Marco joined them soon thereafter. Sabina apparently had no issues with walking around the house in just her bikini.

"Are we ready to leave right after breakfast?" she asked.

The question was supposedly directed to everyone, but Amanda felt all eyes on her. She really should sort out the issue of the panties. But if no stores were open, what could she do?

"Can you help me with my back?" Veronica asked once they were cruising along over the ocean. She handed Amanda the sun screen and folded her red locks out of the way. "I'll burn up in two seconds if I'm not covered."

It seemed like a job for Alex but he was busy steering the boat. So Amanda helped her friend out by rubbing the lotion over Veronica's pale skin.

"My turn," Sabina said once Amanda finished with Veronica's back. "Let me get that out of the way for you."

And just like that she removed her bikini top. Amanda couldn't help but marvel at the blonde's brash attitude sometimes—showing off seemed so natural to her. She didn't even put her top back on once her back was covered, strutting around the boat with her perky tits out. Marco just leered at his wife, showing no objections. She had truly found her match in her partner.

"Let me do yours," Sabina offered, and before Amanda even had a chance to react she helped Amanda out of her beach tunic. "Can I undo the strap in the back?"

Reluctantly, Amanda allowed it but held the cups tight against her chest. She looked nervously around to make sure none of the guys were watching. Once Sabina was done, Amanda quickly redid the knot in the back.

"Why don't you leave it off," Sabina whispered. "You've got nothing to be ashamed of, to say the least, and we're all friends here."

Amanda shook her head. She would have been self-conscious about being topless even if it only had been her girlfriends on board. There was no way she would consider it with their husbands around too.

But she did leave her tunic off as she sat in the back of the boat, enjoying the ocean breeze as it caressed her skin. She noticed the guys checking her out from time to time, and at first it made her anxious. She wasn't used to hanging around with them with so much of her body exposed. But as she grew accustomed to her state of dress, she found it oddly rewarding. Her limited clothing gave her an odd sense of freedom.

"The guys are going fishing," Veronica announced. "I told them to drop us off at one of the smaller islands in the meantime. There are a bunch of pristine beaches around here."

The boat anchored at a shallow beach. The rubber dinghy wasn't large enough to fit all four of them along with their stuff, so Amanda waited on board while Veronica paddled the others ashore. Still shamelessly topless, Sabina sat in the front and baked in the sun.

"Looks beautiful," Alex said.

"What, the barely covered women in the dinghy?" Amanda asked, immediately regretting her stupid comment.

Alex chuckled. "I meant the beach. But sure, the women are quite the sight too, on that boat and on this one."

Amanda smiled shyly at him. Should he really compliment her like that?

"You really do look great," he continued. "I can tell you still do your squats."

That comment made Amanda blush an even deeper shade of red. His comment drew attention to her ass and she noticed the other two guys checking her out too.

"Thanks," she heard herself say. Thanks? What kind of response is that when your friend's husband insinuates that he likes the way your ass looks?

But if she was honest with herself, she blushed in part because she appreciated the compliment. When did she last allow herself to enjoy the attention of any man? And now she found herself surrounded by three bare-chested men who didn't try particularly hard to hide their appreciation of her body. She felt their gazes travel all over her.

"Do you still get tense back and neck muscles?" Alex asked.

"Uhm, not so much anymore. But sometimes."

"Let me check," he said, and without giving her time to protest, he moved in behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. His strong hands felt soothing as he massaged her, yet at the same time strangely thrilling.

"Would you prefer to stay on the boat, Amanda?" Veronica shouted. The sun made her red locks shimmer as she paddled towards them. "Looks like you're enjoying yourself."

Amanda stuttered as she excused herself and gathered her things. "Uhm, no, I... I'm coming."

"Is that all it takes?" Veronica teased.

Amanda poked her tongue out at her. Why did Veronica have to make stupid remarks like that? But at least she didn't seem upset about Alex giving her some hands-on attention. And it was just a massage. He used to be her PT, so surely his touch wasn't overly inappropriate.

But her own reaction to the men's attention surprised her. She had found their ogling oddly rewarding. She had spent so much of her life trying not to draw attention to her body. From a young age, her height made her stand out in any crowd. And once she developed a figure, her chest became the focus of people's attention, whether intentional or not. Her hourglass figure just emphasized them further, along with her big round ass. To some extent she appreciated that body image standards had changed and a big, juicy behind was considered sexy these days. But it made her even more careful about her wardrobe, always making an effort to hide her curves. She was a professional career woman and demanded that others put their focus on her words and nothing else.

But she felt different now. Their gazes made her recall the sight she had shown them the night before. Were they remembering her ass in all its naked glory? Her thoughts gave her goose bumps.

She climbed down the ladder on the side of the boat and into the dinghy. As Veronica paddled them ashore, Amanda thought that it was about time she left the men on board behind. Her mind seemed to go haywire around them for some reason.

Sabina and Mali had set up recliner chairs on the beach, and they all enjoyed the sun, making small talk. Mali had prepared sandwiches for everyone and as they ate, Amanda felt that this day was turning into what she had imagined this trip would be like—a relaxing time with her friends. But it didn't take long before Sabina started putting pressure on her.

"Why don't you take your top off?"

Amanda gave her topless friend a skeptical look.

"Come on, it's just us girls now," Sabina continued.

"Why do you keep hassling me?" Amanda asked. "I don't see you pestering Mali or Veronica."

Just as she said it, Veronica reached behind her back and unclasped her top. It was obvious that the redhead rarely went topless, her breasts an even paler shade than the rest of her freckled skin. Veronica quickly covered them with sun screen and Amanda found the sight oddly enticing.

And to Amanda's surprise, Mali soon proceeded to remove her top too. Amanda suddenly stood out as the only one not topless.

They resumed their chatting but Amanda found herself distracted. They had been friends for a long time but apart from Sabina she hadn't seen them topless before. She couldn't help sneaking peeks at her friends' breasts, perky and far smaller than her own. Mali's were particularly petite, mere buds topped with delicate brown nipples. She felt curious, wondering how it would feel to have such small breasts. They looked very appealing, and she found herself envious on some level.

Yet, her friends probably felt the same about her. How many times had she heard that she was blessed with big breasts? It didn't always feel like a blessing, constantly attracting attention. But now she felt different. The idea of sitting topless on a tropical island seemed so liberating. If her friends could do it, why couldn't she? With a deep breath, she untied the bikini top. The conversation stopped as her massive breasts swung free.

"Damn girl!" Sabina said. "You could hurt someone with those."

Amanda felt her self-consciousness grow. "Don't taunt me or I'll put it back on!" she warned.

"I don't think she's taunting you," Veronica said. "I think she's just a bit dazzled."

"We won't stare if it makes you uncomfortable," Mali added.

"No, it's fine," Amanda said and leaned back in her recliner.

She realized how surreal the conversation was. Did she just tell her girlfriends she was OK with them admiring her breasts? But it also felt redeeming; she didn't need to hide her figure. She tucked away her top in her bag and focused on the emancipating sensation of sitting there, carelessly exposed in this tropical paradise. The thrill made her nipples poke out, welcoming further attention.

"Time for a swim," Sabina said eventually. "Anyone else?"

"Last one in is a rotten egg!" Veronica exclaimed and leaped out of her chair.

She took off running, and Sabina and Mali rushed after her. Amanda watched her friends, their slender bodies glistening with sweat as they sprinted towards the water.

"Come on, Amanda!" Veronica yelled.

Amanda didn't feel like rushing and walked slowly towards the water. She realized that every step she took was one step away from her bikini top. What if someone came? Maybe they'd see her before she could make it back and cover up. Her heart rate intensified at the thought but it didn't stop her.

Her friends had stopped in thigh deep water, watching in silence as she approached. Freed from her top, Amanda's breasts swayed with her steps. Yet, she felt no need to hide them from her friends' inspecting gazes.

"I guess I'm a rotten egg," she said.

"Pretty hot egg, if you ask me," Sabina said and grinned.

"Mhm," Veronica agreed. "Maybe best to cool you down a bit."

With that she started splashing Amanda and Sabina and Mali joined in. They surrounded her, giggling as they drenched her body from all directions.

"You bitches," she laughed, surprised by her own language.

The water was refreshing and felt more like a treat than a taunt. But she retaliated, focusing mostly on Veronica, who had initiated the attack. She waded closer and closer to her grinning friend and when she got close enough, she leaped forward and threw her arms around Veronica's shoulders. She caught Veronica by surprise, pushing her off balance. Using her body, she pushed the redhead under the water. She might not have Veronica's athletic body but her size came with its own advantages.

Caught up in their wrestling, Amanda didn't realize at first that she was pressing her naked breasts against Veronica's. How inappropriate was that for a woman of her stature, engaging in a topless catfight? It seemed she was embracing the careless holiday spirit.

Veronica frowned when Amanda helped her up. She never liked losing, even playful fights.

"I'll race you around the island!" she challenged.

Amanda gave her a dirty look. Of course, Veronica would win that.

"Oh, go on, humor her," Mali said. "You know she'll be in a bad mood all day unless she gets to win."

"All right then," Amanda said and took off through the water at a fast front crawl. The element of surprise gave her a head start. She would at least give Veronica a challenge!

But it didn't take long for Veronica to catch up and overtake her. Her red curls soon disappeared around the rocks. Amanda was tempted to turn back, knowing she had no chance of winning. But she felt that thrill inside her again. Every stroke she took was one more away from her bikini top. She had no means to cover up if someone approached. How shamefully exciting would that be?!

The island turned out to be bigger than she anticipated and halfway around it, she decided to climb up on a rock and rest for a while. She didn't actually feel exhausted, but the idea of sitting there topless felt oddly exhilarating. What a sight she must be, like a voluptuous water nymph. She realized that at least part of her wanted to be caught. Exposing herself around her girlfriends had excited her. How thrilling would it be to do it for a bunch of guys instead?

That fantasy was soon put to the test. When she eventually made it back to her girlfriends, she discovered to her horror that the yacht had already returned. She saw Veronica paddling their things over, along with Sabina. Only Mali waited on the shore.

"Oh, there you are," the Asian girl said, sounding relieved. "I was getting worried."

"Uhm, where are my things?" Amanda asked, covering herself with her arms as she waded out of the water. "I put my bikini top in my bag."

"Oh, we just loaded everything into the dinghy. They're just dropping things off on board the boat. They'll be back for us soon."

She noted that Mali had put her top back on. And Veronica had covered up too, her bright red bikini reflecting the sunlight as she paddled back to shore. But apparently no one had thought that Amanda might want to cover up now that the guys were back.

"You didn't by chance bring my bag back with you?" she anxiously asked.

"We loaded everything up on the boat. Come on, get on board!"

Amanda complied. Much like the day before, when she was coaxed to go outside without panties, she felt that her lack of clothing put her in an inferior state, unable to object. Holding a breast in each hand, she wobbled into the dinghy, finding it challenging with both hands busy.

Her heart rate intensified the closer Veronica paddled them towards the yacht. The guys all watched them approach. Were they hoping she'd drop her hands? Did they lust for her exposure? She felt the thrill inside her. But she couldn't. Her girlfriends had all covered up, so how could she be the only one going topless? It just wasn't her.

But her decision to remain modest soon ran into an obstacle. Approaching the ladder on the side of the yacht, she realized that she had to hold on to the railing to climb up. With panic in her eyes, she turned to her friends.

"Go on," Sabina said, showing no sympathy. "Climb up."

Mali smiled at her. "We can't sit here all day, hon'."

The panic inside her seemed to overshadow reason. It would have been easy to ask someone on the yacht to throw down her bag with her things, allowing her to cover up. But her mind blocked out any other option than to drop her hands and grab the railing.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she climbed up the ladder. Looking up, she saw the guys looking back at her, their gazes transfixed on her breasts as they swayed with each step. Was that really appropriate, openly admiring her exposure, right before their wives? Shouldn't they avert their eyes? A rush of excitement came over her as she thought that perhaps they couldn't help themselves.

She tried to act nonchalant as she stumbled onto the deck.

"Did anyone see my bag?" she asked, covering her breasts with her hands.

Her nipples pressed firmly against her palms. She felt abashed. Had her admirers picked up this telltale sign of her arousal? Her nipples had always been another issue for her when it came to hiding her body. Their size was in good proportion to her ample breasts and quick to respond to the slightest stir inside her.

"Here you go," Sabina said, holding out Amanda's bag for her.

Awkwardly shifting her arms, she tried to cover up with one arm as she accepted the bag. Her attempt was far from successful, mostly just drawing more attention to her overflowing chest. She turned around, keeping her back towards prying eyes as she searched through her bag. Inside lay her sunglasses, sun screen and a book she had brought. But her bikini top was nowhere to be found.

"Hey, Sabina," she whispered, attempting not to draw further attention to herself. "Where's my top?"

"How would I know?" the blonde replied, making no effort to keep quiet.

"I put it in my bag but it's not in there. And neither is the tunic I brought."

"Maybe they fell out," Veronica chimed in.

Amanda gave her a questioning stare. How could her things just fall out?

"I'm sure they'll turn up eventually," Mali added.

"But I need them now!" she exclaimed. Couldn't they tell that she was anxious to conceal herself?

"You know, you don't have to cover up, hon'," Sabina said. "No one minds."

"I mind!"

"We'll go look for them," Mali reassured her. "Why don't you sit in the bow in the meantime? You can keep your back to everyone if you're feeling shy."

Shy? Just because she didn't consider it proper to walk around topless with a bunch of guys around? Sure, the guys had just seen her tits in all their glory, but it was accidental.

Yet as she sat in the front of the boat, her heartbeat undeniably intensified every time she thought about it. And somewhere inside her she felt an urge to just turn around and indulge in the thrill of having their eyes focused on her body. What was happening to her? Was she actually glad that her top and tunic had somehow disappeared?

It seemed very odd that they had just somehow fallen out of her bag. All her other things were still in there. Was someone playing a prank on her? Who would do such a thing? Sabina had seemed very eager to get her topless. Was this an extreme measure of persuasion? Or maybe it was Veronica—she was always up for a prank. But surely hiding Amanda's clothes was taking it too far.

"We couldn't find them," Mali said as she sat down next to Amanda.

Amanda instinctively covered her chest, realizing that she was being irrational. She had hung around topless with Mali on the island but somehow it felt different now that the guys were around. But in many ways, it just emphasized the notion that her breasts were not meant to be on display, not even to female eyes.

"I'm sure they'll turn up eventually," Mali continued. "But Sabina is right you know—no one minds if you go without your top. Why don't you just come back and hang out with the rest of us?"

Amanda shook her head. It just wasn't fitting for a professional woman like herself. Mali's smile held a mixture of compassion and disappointment.

"I brought you this to sit on," she said, handing Amanda a cushion.

"Oh, thanks. But I'm not sure I need it. I'm pretty well-padded myself."

She giggled nervously at her own remark. It wasn't like her to draw attention to her body in conversation.

Sabina grinned. "That you are," she said, and dropped her gaze to Amanda's chest. "In all the right places."

Before Amanda could reply to the odd remark, the Asian girl jumped to her feet and headed back to the others. Her comment left Amanda confused. It seemed more like something Sabina would say, or even Veronica. Could it be that Mali had something to do with her disappearing clothes? It dawned on her that her considerate friend hadn't brought her anything to cover up with. Sure, she couldn't fit into any of her girlfriend's clothes, but Mali could have brought a towel for her, or even one of the guy's t-shirts. Why had no one suggested that?

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