tagNonHumanStealing My Heart Ch. 02

Stealing My Heart Ch. 02


A/N: Thank you so much for all of your comments. You have no idea how much they meant to me. I'm sorry this next chapter took so long. I didn't like me first draft and then my computer died. I hope you enjoy this and leave me more comment, good or bad. Happy Holidays!


The four Alphas sat around the mahogany conference table, their betas standing arms crossed behind their respective Alphas. Xavier was quickly losing patience with Alpha Dean Terrence. They had been in this meeting for hours because of his bogus accusations. All Xavier could think about was finding his mate. He never thought he would have a mate and now, when she was so close, Terrence was keeping them needlessly occupied. Xavier's wolf had enough.

Springing out of his chair, claws extending, Xavier exploded. "I will not have you making false accusations about my pack Terrence."

"I will not have your packs encroaching on my territory. You get your members to stay on your land or I will deal with them,"

"Don't you dare threaten my pack. They know our territory lines and obey my law." The glow of his emerald eyes indicated Xavier's imminent change.

"Calm down son," Alpha Isaiah Carson placed a soothing hand on Xavier's arm. Carson was known for his jovial and relaxed approach to leadership. As the oldest and most experienced Alpha in the room he had dealt with many inter-pack disputes. He knew he just needed to keep everyone calm. When Xavier became Alpha, Carson had become a wise mentor. Overtime they had developed a close friendship. So when Carson spoke Xavier gave Terrence one last menacing glance and sat down.

"Now, Alpha Terrence, are you sure these trespassers aren't new rogue wolves? Do you have any evidence, proof, or specific names we could look into which point to one of our packs?" Carson asked coolly.

Red faced, Terrance hesitated. "Well no. But that doesn't mean it's not happening. I know –"

"In that case" Alpha Stephen Michaels interrupted "I will be leaving. I have many other matters to take care of today. Call me when you have proof Terrence." Alpha Michaels had been silent most of the meeting. He often took a neutral stance on inter-pack issues and only attended to determine if there was any threat to his pack. Standing and motioning to his betas, he walked to the door. Before exiting Alpha Michaels turned and nodded to the other Alphas. "By the goddess of our sacred moon I bid you all good day." Alpha Michaels and his beta strolled out, the door closing softly behind them.

"I will not be ignored," Terrence raged. "Be warned I will have no mercy on any of your pack members who wonder onto my territory." He stormed out the door his betas on his heels.

"So, my boy," Carson turned smiling at Xavier, "when do I meet the girl?" Xavier's betas began to chuckle while Carson's looked at the group confused.

"Girl, my friend? I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," Xavier denied staring daggers at his betas.

"Son, you have been absentmindedly glancing out that window this entire meeting. You are never absentminded even in your youth you were dreadfully focused. Not to mention you've never lost control of your wolf before. Now there is only one thing that could disrupt a man of your bizarre attention and control; a beautiful woman! Am I right Derek?"

"Actually yes!" Derek said laughing "He just ran into her in the street where she managed to steal his wallet. His face was priceless. I. . ." Derek swallowed the rest of his words and fought a smile at the irritated look he received from his Alpha and best friend.

"Yes, well. I must find her now. If you don't mind my friend, her trail is getting cold with every second we waste." Exasperated Xavier stood up from the table.

"Of course son. Go on then. Find your dear mate with my blessing and don't forget to invite me to the celebration."

"I'd never forget you dear friend." With that Xavier waved to his friend, and exited the building his nose in the air searching for the scent of warmed honey and roses.


Quickly Xavier headed to the last place he had seen his elusive mate. His betas followed close behind him through the thinning crowd. Night was approaching causing the vendors to close their stalls and people to head home clearing the streets. Finding the place he was looking for Xavier closed his eyes and brought his wolf to the foreground of his mind. Thanks to the gifts that came with being a werewolf his scenes were enhanced. He was able to pick out distinct scents even in the streets of the city. Taking a deep breath Xavier searched the air for the lingering scent of honey and roses among the odor of a well populated, prosperous city. A growl rumbled through his chest as his wolf picked up the faint scent. Derek grabbed his shoulder right before Xavier could take off.

"X, hold on. Tell us what you are thinking." Xavier had completely forgotten about his betas the moment he stepped out of the conference.

"Derek I'm going to find my mate. I can smell her I just –"

"Do you have plan? What can we do?" For once Xavier didn't have a plan. His wolf was getting more agitated with every second that passed. Xavier had to contain his wolf while he thought.

"You guys head back to the compound. I'll return once I've found her."

"Alpha, we can't just leave you out here alone. We'll stay, help you out." Zach said.

"Yeah, man" Derek said with a straight face. "What if she tries to steal your shoes this time. We need to protect you." Zach and Tomas hid their wide smiles behind their hands. The death glare they received from their Alpha couldn't stop the laughter from bubbling over.

"I will call when I get a chance," Xavier clenched his jaw and ignored his betas.

"Are you sure you don't need to us? We can stay," Derek said seeing the distress and tension in his Alpha and tried to reassure him.

"No, I need to do this alone. Now get back to the compound. I will talk to you later." He waited just a moment to make sure his orders were followed then Xavier caught the scent and followed it up the street.

"Okay guys, let's go," Derek said sparing his Alpha one last glance. The three men turned as one and headed back to the car.


It was well after nightfall when Xavier found himself outside a sordid motel. He had followed his mate's fading scent down dark alleys, up and down barely lit streets, and astonishingly across roofs. He had traveled all over the city until he came to the end of his search. The motel was dingy beige with sickly green trim. Only one of the street lights still flickered outside and the parking lot was littered with trash. Suspicious looking people lingered outside and all Xavier could think about was finding his mate and getting her out of the repulsive place. She was not safe here. His wolf howled in sorrow at the conditions he found his mate living in. He couldn't imagine what she had been through that would land her in this position but he was determined to liberate her. He vowed to himself he would give her the world and more.

Walking towards the building Xavier's dark, massive figure scared off most of the unsavory characters congregating outside the motel. He could still catch a trace of his mate's scent in the air but he wasn't sure exactly where it led. Entering the motel he approached the counter.

"What do you want?" The dirty man behind the glass sneered at Xavier. His stringy blond hair was thinning and plastered to his rat like face. Xavier could smell his awful stench through the glass that separated them. He wore large-framed glasses that he pushed up his sharp nose, a filthy yellow bowling shirt, and a name tag that identified him as Walter.

"I'm looking for a girl –"

"You have to find your own girls. But I'm sure there are still some out on the corner," Walter smirked. Xavier wrinkled his nose, unable to keep the intense disgust of his face.

"No, I'm looking for a specific girl" he growled. "She's petite, hazel eyes" his eyes began to glaze over as he thought about her. "She has long chocolate brown hair, smooth skin, and she's just perfect."

"Wow, yeah I know her. She checked in earlier tonight. But I can't just be given out her room number . . . without a processing fee of course," Walter said suggestively. Xavier was torn. On one hand he needed her room number and on the other he was furious that the slimy bastard would be willing to give up his mate's safety and privacy for a little cash. The mere thought of someone comprising her safety caused Xavier's control to slip. Slamming his fist into the glass he glared at the startled man "You will tell me where she is and if I ever hear of you giving out customer information again I will kill you!"

The smirk vanished from Walter face as a sense of doom took hold of him. The glass separating the customer and the clerk was installed because of the unsavory characters that often threatened the employees so Walter was used to threats. But the vicious snarl and glowing eyes of the man before him coupled with the spider fractures branching out from where his enormous fist had struck the glass terrified him. Walter was shaking as he hurried to give him the information he requested.

"Sh. . . sh . . . she requested room 201" he stammered anxiously.

"Where is that?"

"Next to the stairs and overlooking the back parking lot." Walter huddled behind the counter as far away from the glass as he could his long nose quivering in fear. After giving the trembling lowlife another menacing stare, Xavier turned, fists clenched, and stalked out of the building.

He was so close. In a few moments he would finally come to the end of his quest. His mate would be in his arms. Xavier was so intent on reaching her room he was slightly startled by his phone ringing loudly in his pocket. Exasperated, he pulled out his phone. Seeing Derek's name on the screen he picked up the phone.

"Derek, I am about to get to her room. Is this important?"

"X, do you know what time it is? You can't go to her room at two in the morning." Xavier halted in his climb up the stairs. He didn't realize it was so late and now he was faced with the fact that he also didn't have a plan. Xavier had never been so nervous in his life. Even his first year as Alpha had not been as nerve racking as the prospect of meeting his elusive mate. His thoughts were frantically running through his head. How would he introduce himself, what did he say to her, would she feel the mating pull as strongly as he did, would she accept him for what he was. He was so distracted that it took awhile for him hear his second calling his name.

"Xavier . . . Xavier, tell me where you are. You need to get back to the compound." The stress in his friend's voice caught the attention of the Alpha within Xavier.

"What's wrong Derek? Is the pack ok?"

"Alpha Terrence might have been on to something. The wolves on patrol tonight detected the presence of unfamiliar wolves on our territory."

Suddenly, Xavier realized that he had completely disregarded his pack in the search for his mate. He had responsibilities and work he had neglected by spending the night finding his mate. He had never been so conflicted. He yearned to reach his mate and finally complete his soul yet his pack depended on him as well. With great pain and effort Xavier descended the stairs outside his mate's room. His wolf howled in protest but he argued that there was nothing he could do at the moment. He couldn't bring his mate back to an unsafe compound. His wolf reluctantly conceded. Giving Derek directions to his location and orders for Zach, head of the trackers, to gather their best hunters and search the forest, he hung up the phone and returned to the reception area of the motel.

Walter looked up as the door opened and began to cower at the sight of the man before him. Somehow he seemed even more dangerous than before. Grabbing a piece of paper and a pen off the counter he wrote down his phone number.

"Now you listen to me," Xavier whispered threateningly. "You will call me immediately if the girl checks out before I return. You will call me immediately if you sense she is in any danger. You will do this or I will return and tear you apart." Walter vigorously nodded his head clutching the phone number deeply affected by the powerful feelings of danger rolling of the man. Disobeying this man's request never crossed Walter's mind. He didn't doubt the threats of the hulking figure. Xavier's wolf reveled in the lowlife's submission.

With one foot out the door Xavier stopped and turned. Noticing his hesitation Walter's quivering increased. "By the way, the girl in room 201, what is her name?"

Walter rushed to retrieve the information, "She signed in as Jordan,"

"Any last name?"

"N . . . No sir. Just Jordan,"

Xavier gave a small smile. "Jordan," he whispered the name to himself. He liked the way it sounded. It fit the small girl so well. He walked out into the inky darkness and waited for Derek to pick him up in the pack SUV.

Walter heaved a sigh of relief at his departure.


The black SUV had pulled up outside the motel and Xavier signaled for Derek to let him take the wheel. Xavier gripped the steering so hard his knuckles turned white. "Tell me what's going on at the compound," he growled.

"Like I told you on the phone, X. The team on patrol sensed unknown wolves. Zach is currently taking the trackers out into the forest. He should be able to report by the time we return. There is nothing we can do until we return." Xavier nodded his head his thoughts flitting from the threat to his pack and the mate he was leaving behind. He had never felt so powerless before. Wisely, Derek fell silent he could feel the tension coming off his Alpha in waves. He had not wanted to call is Alpha about the situation at the compound while he was searching for his mate but he knew Xavier would have been furious if he had not been notified.

Driving through the dark forest calmed Xavier and his wolf. He needed to be composed when dealing with the potential threat. Nearing the compound Xavier got a twinge of pain in his chest. He knew one of his pack members was injured. Slamming on the breaks, Xavier jumped out of the car with a roar. Confused Derek hurried to follow his Alpha. Xavier shifted into his wolf. The massive midnight black wolf raced through the trees with a sandy blond wolf on his heels.

Xavier snarled as he caught a whiff of an intruder in his territory and the blood of Tyler, one of his trackers. Picking up his speed and howling his rage he neared the site of the fight. Two brown wolves were fighting fiercely. Tyler was a lithe wolf with healthy, glossy, fur but a large gash across his shoulder was bleeding profusely. The other wolf looked slightly rabid; it's fur dirty and unkempt. They rolled through the mud and fallen leaves. Both wolves' teeth snapped dangerously when they separated. Tyler, sensing the presence of his Alpha took his eyes off the rabid wolf for just a second. Seeing the opening the rabid wolf pounced, his claws digging into Tyler's ribs. Tyler howled in agony. Xavier bowled into the unfamiliar wolf, sinking his teeth into his neck and shaking his head viciously. The other wolf whimpered in pain then fell still, dead under the cruel jaws of the angry Alpha.

Turning to Derek he bellowed into his second's mind, "Take Tyler to the medical building and get the rest of the betas to search the forest!" Derek and Tyler shifted and supporting Tyler they hobbled as quickly as possible back to the compound to raise the betas.

Xavier raced off into the forest calling out to Zach and his other trackers. "Zach, Tyler has been attacked. Have you found any other unknown wolves?"

"Alpha, we have scented at least three unknown male wolves near the compound but haven't caught any yet. Is Tyler okay?"

"He will be fine. Derek is with him. Stay in pairs I don't want anyone else on their own," Xavier broadcasted to his betas and trackers. "Search the territory in a tight grid. I don't want any of them sliping by. If there are any more unknowns you subdue them and bring them back to the compound immediately."

The wolves searched the forest and the clearing of the compound. The sun had barely begun to rise when every inch of the territory was finally covered. The wolves made their way back to the main house shifting back to their human form as they arrived in the clearing. "Zach, Derek, Eva meet me in the kitchen in ten minutes," Xavier called.


Xavier pulled on a pair of sweats from the supply closet in the medical building as he went to check on Tyler. Tyler's wounds had been cleaned and patched by Jackson, the pack doctor, who assured him that Tyler just needed rest and time to heal. Tyler was sitting on the hospital bed grinning broadly while his mate stroked his chest lovingly. Xavier felt a twinge of jealousy when he saw the couple reminding him of the mate he left behind in the crappy motel.

"I see your feeling better,"

"Alpha," Tyler looked up half dazed "Yeah, Stephanie made it all better," he smiled at her with adoration. "And you saved my life. Thank you Alpha."

"I'm just glad you're okay," resting his hand on Tyler's shoulder comfortingly he nodded to the two wolves that bowed their heads in deference and made his way to the main house.

The morning sun filtered through the large windows of the kitchen shining on a woman placing muffins in the oven. At a glance the woman looked middle aged but those that knew her knew she was one of the oldest members of the pack. Her hair that was escaping the carefully constructed bun was turning gray at her temples and frequent laughing and smiling had created the soft wrinkles on her warm face. She wore a batter stained apron over her clothes and moved about the kitchen with ease.

"Good morning Mina," Xavier said grabbing a loaf of bread.

"Good morning. I am making breakfast now Xavier so put the bread down," Mina said smiling and waving a wooden spoon at her Alpha.

"I'm just going to make some toast –"

"Not in my kitchen!" Mina exclaimed grabbing the bread out of his hands.

"It's just toast Mina"

"No, Xavier. I love you like my own but l have told you time and again I don't want to see you in the kitchen, especially when I am cooking. So turn yourself around wait till breakfast."

"Mina, I just. . ."

"Fire! You set my kitchen on fire! The only fire we have ever had on these pack lands and it happened in my kitchen because you couldn't keep your paws out of trouble," Mina was waving the spoon around frantically. Though she was quite serious she had a small on her lips. Mina had been working in the main house long before Xavier was born. She had watched Xavier grow and helped rear him. It was generally accepted that while the main house was the Alpha's home Mina made the household run smoothly.

"Mina I was 6. It has been over 2 centuries when will you forgive me?" Xavier exclaimed trying to sneak around her while the omegas working in ear shot giggled. This was a common exchange between the two and a rare time when the normally gruff Alpha seemed fairly warm. Mina refused to let the Alpha anywhere near her kitchen.

"I haven't decided yet. Now out until breakfast is ready," Mina herded the Alpha out the door and into his betas.

"Kicked out of the kitchen again, X? I thought you would have learned by now," Eva smirked. She was tall and blonde with warm brown eyes and was known for her remarkable fighting skills and sincere kindness. She could kick your ass and make you feel good about it. Eva had earned her role as beta earlier than most with her rigid work ethic. She and Xavier had been friends for a long time and when he became Alpha she became one of his most trusted betas and the Alpha Female. Xavier rolled his eyes at his friend and led them to his office.

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