tagTransgender & CrossdressersSteam Room Surprise Ch. 02

Steam Room Surprise Ch. 02


Bitter. That's the first thing Steven tasted. Bitter and salty. He wouldn't say the cum tasted bad on her, just something he'd never experienced before. Apparently it really turned Jessy on to have his tongue swirling around her mouth as they shared his recent passion between their lips. Her hands kept running up and down his body, making his entire being tingle as he kept massaging her perfect tits, not able to get enough of her bosom. Suddenly she broke their kiss as she sat back, breathing heavily.

"You're really getting into this, aren't ya kid?" she asked.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" he responded.

She continued to lean back, staring at Steven with hungry eyes. She cupped one of her breasts in one handed and started groping it in front of him as she started jerking herself off with her other free hand. Steven couldn't decide on which body part to stare at more, and just swallowed her entire whole with his eyes.

"So kid, whatcha wanna do next to me?" asked the sultry with dark hair. Steven was still in a state of disbelief as he watched her body squirm in pleasure. Breaking his stare, Jessy moved closer to him on the sweat covered bench and touched the tip of his flaccid cock with her raging hard on. She rubbed her wet cock head all over the tip of his dick, sending new waves of tingles up Steven's back. He thought he should be screaming, telling her to stop. But honestly, he didn't want her to stop, he wanted more.

Steven reached down with a shaky hand and pushed Jessy's own pumping fist off of her meat. He replaced her hand with his own and slowly started stroking her the same way he enjoyed being jerked. She sighed heavily against his touch and closed her eyes, still massaging her one tit as he worked her tool. Unconsciously, Jessy spread her legs wide, giving Steven better access to her groin and he leaned down to get a better look at her.

Jessy naturally leaned back more and lifted her ass off the bench and for the first time Steven could see her rose bud asshole. It looked just as beautiful as she did, just begging to be played with. Without even thinking Steven leaned his head down further and stretched out his tongue, gently pressing it against the edge of her rim. Jessy inhaled sharply, not expecting the sudden sensation and she looked down at Steven with lusty eyes.

Steven started tracing slow circles around her asshole, teasing her entrance with his sloppy tongue. He could feel a soft hand running through his hair and more sounds escaped Jessy's lips. Becoming bold, Steven pressed his tongue hard against her pinkness and felt it slide into her just a little. Unsure of his progress, he looked up at her while still stroking her womanhood.

"Am I doing okay?" he asked in a quivering tone.

"Hon, you're doing great." she assured him.

"How does that feel?" Steven had seen this done in porn before, but he never knew exactly what a rim job felt like.

"Wanna find out sugah?" Jessy responded with a smirk on her face. Shock ran up Steven's body, it didn't even occur to him that she could do the same thing to him. But he had a hole too, and her tongue looked wet and wanting. Without waiting for an answer Jessy leaned up and gently pushed Steven onto his back, lifting his legs up. She spread his thighs and got between them. At first she lovingly kissed his sack and flaccid cock, making sure he knew what her intentions were. Her kisses started moving further south and Steven could feel her soft hands spread his ass cheeks. He was breathing heavily now, scared but also excited.

Suddenly, he felt it. A warm wetness brushing against his asshole. Instinctively he clenched up, but after a few more gently kisses and licks he relaxed and let her work him. Her tongue expertly circled the rim of Steven's hole and soon he was making the same sounds she had just been making, only deeper and heavier. Jessy lapped at Steven's hole, eager to help the boy realize just how much pleasure can be found there.

Once again Steven had become lost in a sea of pleasure, his cock rising slowly in response to the new found stimuli. He idly played with himself as Jessy worked between his legs. Suddenly she stopped teasing his asshole with her tongue and was sitting above him, her body pressed between his legs. Steven felt an odd pressure against his butt cheeks and realized Jessy was rubbing her cock up and down his crack, pausing at his hole and pressing it into him slowly.

Steven was about to object, but Jessy just massaged her tits in front of him as she so often did and whispered "You'll like it."

He had learned to trust his newfound friend, and he bit his lower lip, preparing for her assault. Jessy slowly slide her slick cock into Steven's tight asshole. She felt her dick become enclosed in his warmness, meeting a little resistance at first. But she just rocked her hips back and forth, letting him adjust to her size. After a few teasing moments, Jessy could feel Steven's hole relax and she pressed deeper into him. Steven never knew he could feel such pleasure from within and he reached up to Jessy's tits, massaging them roughly as he rode him. Soon, without realizing it, Steven was rocking his hips in turn with Jessy's, helping her plunge deeper into his crevice. She would pull out of him slowly, so that the tip almost popped out, then she would thrust hard into him, burying her beautiful cock deep inside his warmness. Steven started moaning heavily, realizing now how great it felt to get fucked as he kept playing with those sweet boobs.

Suddenly, he felt those fleshy mounds press against his chest as Jessy's tongue invaded his mouth just like her cock was in his asshole. She swirled her tongue around his as their sweaty bodies rubbed up against each other. Steven reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her into him as he thrust his hips up, forcing her cock even deeper into his crack. Her hot breath poured heavily onto his lips as her breathing became rapid and erratic.

"I'm gonna cum in you now...I'm gonna fill you up" whispered the woman in a heavy breath. Just as her sultry voice cut off Steven could feel her entire body tense up and a loud groan floated into his ear. Suddenly, Steven felt her warm juices spray into him and he could feel her cock pulse over and over again as her sex poured into his hole. He moaned loudly and started sucking on a nipple to keep himself quiet, increasing the intensity of Jessy's orgasm. After a few minutes the two stopped rubbing their bodies against each other and Jessy pulled her cock out of Steven with a slurping pop sound.

They were both breathing heavily as they lay together in the steam room, covered in each other's juices. It took several moments before Jessy even realized that Steven was still hard and was idly grinding his cock against her smooth skin. Jessy looked deep into Steven's eyes for a moment.

"I'm surprised you let me do that. Did you have fun kid?" Jessy asked.

"Oh yeah! I was a little afraid at first, I mean I don't think I'm gay. But letting a hot chick do me instead of some ugly dude seemed okay. I can't explain why." Steven replied.

"It's okay, you don't have to. I completely understand kid." Jessy reassured him.

Even though the kid wasn't aware of it since he was still lost in sexual ectasy, Jessy was aware they had come to the awkward part. What now? Sure, they could probably fuck one, maybe two more times since the kid was still young and seemed VERY energetic, but what happened then. In Jessy's experience they would part ways and probably never see each other again. She was okay with that, but the kid was really cute and made her feel special and very wanted. She'd hate to lose that feeling. Suddenly, her worries were lifted.

"What are you doing Friday night?" Steven asked.

"I don't know, had something in mind." Jessy replied, trying hard not to sound overly excited.

"Well, I mean...I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really enjoyed today, but I'd like to take you out properly. Maybe dinner and a movie?"

He really was the genuine article. It had been so long since Jessy had a traditional dinner and a movie date. Most of the times guys just wanted to meet at a bar then fuck in a hotel room later.

In reply to Steven's question Jessy stood up and straddled Steven's waist. Slowly, she lowered herself onto Steven's lap, he cock pressing between her cheeks. Steven inhaled sharply as he felt his cock slide into her twitching asshole and Jessy started to slowly hump herself up and down on his raging hard on. Once again, Steven reached up for those magnificent breasts and held onto them as she bounced up and down on him.

"Instead of Friday, why don't we go out tonight?" Jessy suggested with a gleam in her eye as Steven leaned his head back, exploding prematurely into her asshole. She just giggled and told him she had hoped that would happen they embraced each other, cuddling passionately in the steam room with Steven's cock still buried in Jessy's ass.

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