tagRomanceSteamboat Willy Ch. 03

Steamboat Willy Ch. 03

byGrey Eagle 286©

Sally and I were still sound asleep in the morning when the phone rang. I reached over and picked it up. I answered, "Hello!"

"It's me, Jeb, Mr. Murphy. Are we gonna work today?"

"Good morning Jeb. No we are not working this morning. Are you at home if I need you for something?"

"Yes Sir, I'm not plannin' on goin' anywhere."

"Good, stay home until four and we will count it as a paid day even if we don't call you, OK?"

"Yes Sir. I'll be here if ya need me."

I looked over at Sally, she was smiling at me. She jumped out of bed and ran for the bathroom. She was nude. I walked in the bathroom after her. "Hey!" She yelled, "I'm already in here." She was sitting on the toilet.

"Sorry girl I have to pee too, real bad." I stepped in the shower and pissed down the drain. I heard her giggling. I ran some water from the shower and rinsed everything down the drain. I stepped out of the shower and stepped to the basin and brushed my teeth.

"Don't I get any privacy here at all?"

"No! I have seen and kissed and loved every inch of you. You have done the same to me. There is nothing left to hide, unless bodily functions that everyone has, embarrass you. If they do I will leave you to pee all alone and never embarrass you again."

"Rich, please don't get up set, it really doesn't bother me that much, but no one ever did that before. I'm just not used to it."

I looked at her, "Hey girl, I have to confess I have never done that to any other person. I just want no secrets at all from you. Not that I didn't have a pretty good idea that you do pee on a regular basis, but there is nothing you can't see me do, ever. If I haven't embarrassed the hell out of you; and you aren't wondering what kind of pervert you have promised to marry, I have something I didn't get to finish last night in our bed."

I ran and jumped in bed. Sally was not far behind me. "Alright pervert, show me what you mean, please." I flipped her onto her back and kissed her sweet lips. "Hush, my sweet! Lay back and relax. I am going to make love to you." I crawled down and picked up her feet I kissed each of her toes and them massaged each foot and ankle. I worked each calf between my hands kneading the muscles and then gently caressing them. I moved up to her thighs, lifting one leg and rolling the long muscles between my hands and then caressing softly all the way up them. I then lifted both legs straight in the air. I put my hands inside each knee and pressed legs wide apart. I plunged my face between her legs and she squealed with glee. I pulled my hands up under her fanny and used my thumbs to spread her labia wide open.

I licked every place I could reach with my tongue wide and flat. I gently sucked her inner lips into my mouth and pulsed then in and out between my lips. I pulled back as I sucked and stretched the thin lips as far as I could without causing discomfort.

I used the thumb and forefinger of one hand to pull back the little hood over her clit and ran my tongue around and around it. Next I pressed my pursed lips over the small nubbin and sucked on it hard in and out while rubbing the tip with my tongue.

I inserted three fingers in her vagina. It was hot and wet with her juices. I fucked rapidly in and out as fast as I could while watching her face. Her eyes were closed and her head flipped from side to side as she mewed and moaned. She said, "YES, Unhuhhhhhhhh." The last syllable stretched out to a long purr deep in her throat.

She grabbed my head and pulled me away and up over her. "Now, I need you NOW! Fuck me NOW!" Her head fell to one side as my cock plunged inside her, Her eyes rolled back in her head and her lips mumbled something incoherent.

I was beyond the point of gentleness or tenderness. I pounded deep inside her, thrusting the full length of my rock hard cock in her grasping pussy. I heard the squishing sound of the liquid surrounding my shaft on each stroke and the slap of my pelvis and thighs hitting her little ass.

I knew she was trembling and shaking and could feel her humming vibrate into my cock. I could resist no longer and stiffened as my pulsating cock drenched the walls of her pussy with my seed.

My arms were shaking as they held me above her body. I was weakening and moved to drop beside her and I pulled her in my arms and kissed her forehead. Her eyes fluttered open. She gently kissed my cheek. "WOW! I mean WOOOOWIE! No one ever fucked me before. They were just teasing me. Rich, I know is not right to compare lovers, But, damn man there IS no comparison. I mean, I'm not exactly a virgin and I feel I have just now found out what sex can be like."

I kissed her tenderly, "Sugar, the difference is because of a little thing called love. When the most important thing in your life at that moment is to please your lover everything changes, you reap the rewards as much as they do."

"But I didn't get a chance to even try and please you. I just moved with you a little, I was so enchanted by what you were doing to me I couldn't move much at all. I just loved every thing you did."

"I'm not through yet."


"Yeah! I didn't clean you up yet."

"Oh My God!"

We had a late breakfast and went into town. We stopped at Bernhard's Jewelry Store and looked at ring sets. I insisted she pick out two sets, one set for everyday and one good set that showed how much I valued her. We were looking at rings when Tommy Bernhard walked out. He greeted us enthusiastically and told the salesman to go get the case on the top shelf of the safe. He got out a ring gauge and found that Sally took a size 7 ring.

He took the case from the salesperson and put it in front of Sally. He started to open it and I put my hand on top of his and stopped him. "Are these your very best sets?"

"Why yes they are. Our top merchandise."

"Are the prices visible in the case?"

"No they are not."

"Fine, I do not want price influencing her choice."

He looked at me and grinned, "Well done young man."

He opened the case and Sally took a deep breath. "They are all so beautiful."

"Sweetheart, which one do you like best. Which one catches your eye."?

"This one!" I picked up the engagement ring and slipped it on her finger. It was too large. Tommy assured us it could be sized.

He looked at me and shook his head slightly. I raised my eyebrows. He took Sally's hand, "Here try this one on. What do you think?"

"Oh, it is gorgeous, it seems smaller but prettier."

Tommy said, "Sally I think the other one was too massive for your small hand, you would tire of wearing it very quickly. I believe this ring with just the one main stone of superb quality is of far better value and will fit you better. It has one other advantage; it comes with a second identical set only in the new artificial man made diamonds. The second set is for every day wear and costs a fraction of the cost of the real diamond. It is almost impossible to tell the difference even by a trained gemologist. We mark our rings clearly inside showing it is artificial. Still one this size is not cheap the sitting alone being several thousand dollars but we have a setting that uses a less expensive quality of gold which is actually stronger and wears better. Both the real diamond and the more inexpensive set are included in this price. He wrote a figure on a piece of paper and gave it to me. Sally was holding the two rings side by side. She looked at me, "I can't tell any difference." She held them out so I could see.

"Do you like them, my love? Will they make you happy?"

"Oh yes. I love them."

Tommy smiled at me. "A wise choice." He looked at Sally, "Which one do you want him to put on your finger to wear home?"

"The phony one of course, Tommy."

I smiled and told Tommy I wanted the original engraved inside with the inscription 'To Sally from Rich 2004'."

"It will be ready tomorrow and by the way I showed you the retail price, this is what you will pay."

I gave him a debit card. He smiled, "You have this much in a debit account?"

"Yes but I had to activate the account with a private code and counter sign earlier this morning and you will be required to give an answer to a question when the bank calls you. The answer is the inscription I gave you to put inside the ring."

"Very good. I like that, I'll have to get an account like that."

"Well, you will get you money almost instantly."

"Have you deposited your gifts as yet Sally?"

"Not yet Tommy, We are going to the bank to open several accounts when we leave here."

"Splendid, Rich, here is the ring and the wedding band if you want to put it on her finger now."

I took the box and opened it and removed the engagement ring, "Sally will you marry me?"

"Yes I will." I slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her.

We went to the bank and deposited the checks. We opened several accounts. Two were trusts that we needed legal guidance in setting them up. We opened a joint account with some of my money and some of hers. It carried a substantial balance but not excessive. It was fed by other accounts and trusts that were in turn fed by investments.

Sally was assured of a very substantial income for the remainder of her life.

From the bank we went to City Hall and after taking care of a bunch of paper work we were married by a Justice of the Peace. We would have a more formal wedding with a reception later, or maybe just the reception.

That afternoon Sally sat near me as I made a couple of long distance calls.

My father answered on the first ring, I said, "Hi! Pop, how are you doing today? Good, do you remember me telling you about Sally? Lots of times, right, that is the girl. Well, I married her this afternoon. Thanks Dad. We want to see you soon. How is uncle Fred? He is, great.

Listen I have a proposition for the two of you. Would the two of you come down and help with the building of a large stern-wheel steamboat for us? .. Ninety feet long by twenty-five feet wide. All the frames are to be hand hewn naturally bent oak. There are only about twenty frames left to do. Can you still swing a broad ax or an adze? Not since last week. Well you guys aren't too rusty then. Right, I'll call you tomorrow with the details. Goodbye."

I called another number that one of my people had found for me. I talked with a Mr. Don Mitchell. He is a very well known nautical historian and has specialized in river steamboats and has worked on restoring a number of them. I asked him if he was familiar with the Ocklawaha Riverboats. He said he knew them well but the acknowledged expert on them was a Mr. William Thompson of Orange Springs Florida. I explained that Mr. Thompson had died sometime ago and that we, his daughter and I, were finishing two boats he had started. Would he be interested in supervising the completion of one of them?

I told him I would send a round trip ticket for he and any assistant he might need. I said we could negotiate his fee for finishing the job and would pay him $1000.00 dollars for his time in looking at the job. He agreed and was very interested in seeing what we had. I E-mailed him some pictures we had taken of WILLY and the frame of the big boat. After he saw what we had done he was very excited. He said he would call within a day or two.

The next call was to Jeb. I asked him if he could get a ride to my house. He said he could. When he arrived I handed him the keys to my old Jeep, I told him he could buy it for just what I had in it if he wanted it. I would finance it for him. He was very happy; he had long admired my old Jeep. I told him to take it and be at work in the morning. We would take care of the paperwork later.

Sally looked at me with a sweet little smile on her face.

"What?" I said.

"Lover, you have made a lot of people happy this day."

"I have?"

"Yes dear, you gave me a wonderful present this morning, and probably the best one of the day, with your loving. You made me happy again with my beautiful rings, Tommy made a nice sale, Jeb got a Jeep, the bankers got tons of money for their banks, the steamboat guy gets a free trip to Florida and a chance to make some money later. You made me the happiest girl in the world when we were married. Oh yes, my baby has been a busy guy spreading joy all over the place."

"I'm not finished yet Hun. I have another little idea you might like in bed tonight."

"Oh! I just know I will LOVE it. Yes I do."

"Good, watching basketball on TV in bed is one of my favorites."

"What? I'll bet you don't even turn it on."

"No bet. You would win that one easy."

"I'll give you two points every time you put your round thing in my basket."

"Hummm, sounds like my kinda game. Do you think I can score tonight?"

"I have no doubt about that."

"You know just kidding about it has me excited again. Let's go to bed. I'll lock the doors and shut off the ringers on the phones."

"I'll be waiting for you my love."

I was only minute or two behind her. She was flat on her back grinning when I got there. She was stark naked and her arms and legs were spread wide. I walked slowly around the bed looking at the magnificent feast that lay before me. Her breasts stood proud and only sagged a little with their weight. Her nipples were dark pink with the influx of blood making them stand erect like pointing fingers begging to be tasted.

Her legs were spread displaying the delicious throbbing clit that also stood erect and ready for my attentions. The labia were fully engorged and held the inner lips slightly open where the fleshy hood over her clit was open enough to reveal the luscious morsel awaiting my tongue. Her vagina was also slightly open and shined with the moisture seeping from inside. Her eyes followed as I slowly surveyed the gifts she offered. I had to be the luckiest man alive. I eased onto the bed beside her and tenderly pressed my lips to hers. Every fiber in my body was screaming, "ravish her", "take her", and "fuck her." But I knew in my heart that she did not want that at this moment. Her eyes were fill with a softer desire and that was what I had to give her as long as I could. I knew that eventually my lust would overpower the gentle side of me. I recalled what seemed to have set her off earlier and I stopped at the foot of the bed and crawled up between her legs. They opened wider for me. I softly licked every place within the confines of the oval of her inner lips. It was not a large area and I moved very slowly from place to place being sure to not miss any spot.

I licked as far inside her hole as I could reach and then pressed my face harder into her pussy holding my breath while I reached in another inch with my tongue. She was having trouble staying still. She didn't want me to stop and her natural reaction was to roll her hips up harder against my mouth and my tongue. She was trembling now and I moved to my next target.

I dropped my mouth a little lower and rimmed her little pink ass hole. I smelled the muskiness of it and tried to penetrate her rectum with my pointed tongue. I spread her cheeks farther and watched as it tightened up a little. I lubricated my index finger in her pussy juices and pressed it against her rosebud. It tightened again. I tapped gently with the pad of my fingertip and saw thee sphincter relax a little bit more.

I got more juices and tried again. This time, after the tapping, I pressed a little harder and my finger slipped in to the first knuckle. I licked all around my finger imbedded I her ass. When it was very juicy I pressed in again another inch. I slowly moved my finger in and out.

I twisted it a little against the strong pressure of her anal sphincter muscle. Meanwhile I was lavishing her pussy with long flat-tongued licks ending with a gentle suck on her clit. I held my intruding finger completely still for several moments then slowly removed it all the way out. I lifted my body and moved up beside her, licking as I went.

I kissed her gently on the lips and said, "Sally, I love you. Tell me how you want me to love you."

"Darling man, I have loved every single thing you have done to me. I would like to explore you some too. I want to do some of the things you did to me. I need you to tell me what pleases you the most." She rolled up over me and kissed my lips. Then started licking her way down my chest to my nipples. My nipples are not very sensitive but she brought them to life with the way she licked, sucked, and nibbled gently on them with her teeth. She pinched, twisted and squeezed the other nipple. Then she traded nipples. No one had ever played with my nipples that much, I liked it. She worked her way down over my belly button and cleaned it out with her tongue. She lifted her head and looked at me, "I think he would look cute with a piercing, maybe a gold ring. Perhaps a little gold tag saying I belong to 'Mistress Sally'." She giggled, "Would you like that my slave?"

"I am yours to command Mistress Sally."

"Really? Would you really do that for me?"

"I think you know I would."

"Don't worry, I hate piercings on anyone. I have never seen one that I thought improved on what God gave us. An ugly girl or guy is just as ugly or uglier with ten gold rings as they were with none. So, no my Darling, no matter how you beg you can't have one."

"Aw shucks, I was hoping for a 'Prince Albert'."

"Oh God No! What if I got a bar bell in my tongue and we got hung up." I had to chuckle at the thought of that. She moved down and I felt her breath on my cock. Her lips pressed softly against the crown. Her lips opened and slipped over the head. She held just the head in her mouth with the tip of her tongue tracing all over it. Then she slipped further down until I felt it hit the back of her throat. I felt her throat swallow and he moved further in, She swallowed twice more then pulled off of him gasping for air.

I held her head, "Sweet girl, please don't make yourself uncomfortable to please me. I know that has to hurt some."

"Just a little. I don't mind if it pleases you."

"No Dear, I don't need that to know you love me. I liked what you were doing just before better. You scare me when you take too much." She smiled and slurped my cock back in her mouth. She stopped and licked all over him making him very slippery with her saliva. Her hands stroked the length of him and swirled around the head and back down the shaft as her mouth kept him slippery. "Hmmmm, I like that!" I whispered, "That is heavenly."

She said, "I want you to cum in my mouth, I need to taste you."

"You don't have far to go girl, I'm almost there." She increased the speed of her strokes. She was licking the crown, and then sucking on it. I felt it coming, "Oh God! I'mmmm cummming nowwww!"

I felt her lips close tightly around him. I didn't feel a drop escape.

She crawled up beside me and kissed me passing my cum into my mouth. "Do you want to snowball, I've heard about it but never tried it." I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders; I didn't know what she had in mind.

She said, "Pass the cum through your teeth, back and forth a couple of times then pass it to me, I'll do the same and pass it back. We do that until it get too big for our mouths then we split it and both swallow." We did it and I loved watching her and the fun she seemed to get from it. It was sort of arousing if you thought about what we were doing. I was amazed at how quickly it grew. When I felt I couldn't hold any more I bit it in half as I passed half to Sally. She opened her mouth and showed hers to me. I did the same and we both swallowed.

I told her I had liked that and asked if she did. "OH yes, I loved having your cum I my mouth, I really like how it tastes and I love knowing it is your precious gift to me."

"You can't eat all of it if we are going t make a baby."

"I want you babies more than anything in the world, but not quite yet. I want to go places and do things with you first. I'm 33 and we still have plenty of time. But right now my tummy is empty, I'm hungry."

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