tagGroup SexSteamboat Willy Ch. 06

Steamboat Willy Ch. 06

byGrey Eagle 286©

Sally and I arranged to have Tom and Doris over for dinner the following evening. After dinner we sat around the dinner table. I told them that we wanted an open discussion about the ideas and possibilities of a theme park type of attraction involving the steamboats. I said that naturally a historical theme came to mind first. I mentioned that the Seminole Indian Wars were the first event involving steamers and then the next being the Civil War. I explained that there was little gunboat action on the Ocklawaha River during the Civil War but that there were several events on the St. Johns River. None of the Union gunboats were capable of operating on the Ocklawaha because it was so shallow. The Yankees did control the St. John and captured a number of Confederate vessels on that river and in Lake George.

Tom suggested that rather than constructing a new theme park we might try a return to the early uses of the steamers. They were primarily used to transport tourists to Silver Springs from Palatka. He said that as early as the 1850s Silver Springs was a tourist attraction. After the Civil War it became a very popular trip to come by ocean going steamers from New York and Boston to Charleston and Savanna then to Palatka and from there to Silver Springs.

The possibility existed that the attraction there could bring the steamboats back.

I mentioned that in order to use the Ocklawaha River from Eureka south to Silver Springs would need to be cleared and opened. It would still be cheaper than building a new attraction. We would probably have to build docks and other facilities.

Doris said, "Tom and I discussed this after yesterday on the PRINCESS. We would be very interested in becoming involved in this project both financially and operationally if it were possible."

I looked at Sally. She smiled and nodded. "That would be an attractive possibility for us. Let's barnstorm this some more." We talked until late that night. In the morning Sally and I made a conference call to my people in Miami. We gave them all our ideas and told them they had a week to research everything and get back with us.

We called Tom And Doris and invited them on a short cruise to the Bahamas. We told them to bring the kids and a nanny if they had one. Tom's parents were invited too. The parents declined but Tom and Doris were excited and happy to accept the offer. We had the chopper take us to the yacht then pick up Tom's party at the heliport at the club.

When they arrived Doris was laughing at something and Tom was grinning too. Sally asked what was so funny. Doris said, "It's really more cute than funny, the name on this boat."

"What name, I don't even think it has a name." She looked at me. I smiled. She walked over and pressed her chest into mine looking up in my eyes. "When did this happen?"

"The day we got married."

"What's the name?"

"I picked up a paper napkin from the coffee table and handed it to her. The napkin had a Vargas Girl picture of a sexy beautiful woman in a pin-up type pose wearing a sheer negligee. She was smiling. The name was MEAN'SALLY. Home Port- Orange Springs, Florida. She looked at me puzzled, "Mean?"

"No, that is pronounced ME an' Sally!"

"Oh! Rich, I love it." Thank you so much!" She cried a little and kissed me. "I can't believe I didn't notice it. I never saw any name on it anywhere."

"I must confess that it wasn't put on until we returned from the Bahamas."

Doris said, "Well I don't know about that but I think it is very sweet."

The two children enchanted Sally. They were adorable. The three-year-old boy was Tom III, and they called him Tommy3 or Trey. The tiny one-year-old girl was named Hilda.

Sally held Hilda and cuddled her by the hour whenever she got the chance. She got down on the floor and played with Tommy3 by the hour too.

I went on the bridge with Tom when we were underway. He was very interested in all the high tech gadgets and equipment we had aboard. He asked the captain what our cruising speed was. He told us that we were pretty much limited to a no wake speed because of the damage we could do to the boats and docks along the riverbanks until we passed Jacksonville. After that it would depend on the seas.

We went below and Doris greeted us with a finger to her lips. Sally was on the couch; sound asleep, with a child in each arm sleeping too. Doris pulled us off to the side. She whispered I my ear. "Rich, she wants a baby so badly she can taste it. She may be telling you she wants to wait but she really wants one very soon."

"Honey, I want one too. It is her body though. She is the boss in this case."

She reached up and kissed my cheek. "Who are you kidding, when isn't she the boss?"

"You know damned well I can't say no to her."

"Bull, you know she will never go against what you want. She told me you wanted to wait a few years before you try. Watch her with the kids and look me in the eye and tell me what she wants."

I grinned at this sweet lady. "Tell me what to do."

"What, how to make a baby?" Tom laughed, "I think he already has an idea of how to do that."

"We have been practicing every now and then."

"Ha! That is a big fib, Sally says several times a day."

I laughed, "No it isn't a fib, Several times a day IS now and then, it is not ALL the time."

Sally said, "Hey! You guys hold the noise down. You will wake my babies up."

Doris took one child and told Tom to take the other. They put them in their beds and the Nanny, Maria, watched them.

We went out on the upper stern deck and watched the sights along the river. Sally and Doris went inside and came out wearing skimpy little Bikinis. They watched the sights while Tom and I watched our wives. They were both similar in build. Other than Sally having a little larger bust they were the same size. There was no way I could believe Doris was the mother of two kids. There was not a stretch mark or any other trace of motherhood. After awhile they stretched out on some recliners and tanned. I put some lotion all over Sally's back and legs. Doris said, "Do me too."

I looked at Tom and he nodded and smiled. I rubbed the sun tan cream over her back and legs too. As I was finishing, Doris reached back and untied her top. "Get where the strap was too." She asked. I laughed and saw Sally watching me, I said, "Under the panties too?"

Mmmmm! "Maybe later." She lifted her head and looked at Sally, the two of them giggled. Sally picked up the tube of cream and handed it to Tom and said, "Get mine too." as she unfastened the back. Tom made very sure her whole back and the outsides of her breasts were covered.

Sally looked at Doris and said, "Over?"

Doris said, "Yep!" and they turned over holding the cups of the tops in place. Doris handed me the lotion and closed her eyes. I saw Sally watching me so I handed the tube to Tom. He started putting the lotion on Sally. Sally looked at me and smiled, then she looked at Tom, "Please let Rich do me."

I moved over and took the lotion from Tom. I applied it to Sally's legs and thighs and then moved to her flat little belly, she moved her hands out of my way and the little scraps of cloth that made up her top fell off her breasts. I saw a tiny smile on her lips and applied the lotion carefully over the globes of her breasts and rubbed it in to her skin gently.

I made sure I got good coverage on the areolas and nipples. The nipples were standing up proudly now. I moved my hands up over her shoulders and upper chest. I very carefully spread some across her forehead and cheeks. I gently kissed her lips and each nipple and heard her softly moan. I sat up and handed the tube to Tom and leaned back to watch.

Tom moved right to Doris's top and pulled it away. I saw Sally slowly turn her head to watch too. He spread the lotion on his hands and rubbed them across her lovely breasts. They were smaller than Sally's but were more cone shaped and pointed upward with her perky little nipples. Her nipples appeared to be hard and erect.

He would rub across them and press them over. They would snap right back up. I noticed he was smiling at me as he did it. He quickly covered the rest of her body. He did her chest and upper body and then went to her legs and thighs. Her legs parted slightly and he paid a lot of attention to the inner portion of her thighs. He rubbed the side of his hands hard against the crotch of her Bikini bottom many times, evoking a groan and a twitch from her each time. She smiled and looked up at him, "You are a naughty boy, now you have me all hot and bothered."

We were startled by an announcement over a speaker saying we were going to increase our speed for a few minutes while we could. After a moment the boat begin accelerating smoothly. Tom looked at me wide eyed.

"Wow! This baby has power to burn." The boat was running nicely now without any fuss and not much of a rooster tail. I smiled and said we were at less than half power.

"You are kidding me, right?"

I pulled out my shipboard communicator and pressed a button. The captain answered. I asked our present speed, he replied, "Twenty-two knots. There is about a five mile stretch where we can open it up if you desire."

"Go ahead and let her rip for as long as it is safe."

"Aye Aye Sir." The boat surged ahead.

"Holy Shit! We are flying, look at the rooster tail, it must be fifty feet high."

In a few minutes we slowed down. I pressed the com button again and asked what we had topped out at. I grinned and clicked off. "Our top speed was fifty two knots."

Tom just grinned and shook his head, "I've been faster on the water before but not on anything this big. What do you have 3000 horses?"

"Yep! On each side."

"Damn she is incredibly smooth, no vibration at all. How does she handle seas?"

"Pretty good. We can do thirty-five knots in eight to ten foot seas about as smooth as that was. When it gets rougher than that we have to slow down more. Twenty footers are as rough as I have ever been out in her. She is till comfortable with no pounding at ten to twelve knots. She has three types of stabilizers, all automated of course. She has Hamilton Jet Drives. They claim to have sucked in a telephone pole at high speed and she just burped a little. When they went back all they found was a huge area of shredded wood. There was no vibration but when they were able to examine the impellers they couldn't find a thing wrong."

"I love it. The weather looks good too!"

"Yeah! They are forecasting two feet or less off shore all-day and smoother tonight. The skipper is a bit stogy and doesn't like to run fast at night. Me too!"

"Fifty knots in the dark when you don't have to is crazy."

"Well, Sally and I love to troll along weed lines off shore for dolphin. Sally simply loves to catch them. Is Dori an angler?"

"She loves to fish for bass. I don't know about deep-sea fishing. She is shaking her head, she has never been."

Sally hugged Doris, "I know she will love it, I'll teach her." They looked at each other and gently touched their lips together. Hmmmm? What was that? They looked into each other's eyes, oblivious to everything around them.

I saw Tom watching them. A small smile was on his face. I touched his arm and motioned him to follow me. I told Sally we were going to the bridge for a few minutes. I saw her nod. When we were out of their sight I said, "What is with the two of them?"

"Is Sally bi-sexual?"

"I don't really know, is Doris?"

"She has had some experience in the distant past, she liked it. But they sure look like they are hot for each other. How do you feel about it?"

I thought for a minute, "I played around with it as a kid some and enjoyed it. I haven't thought about it for a long time."

"I meant about Sally and Doris, how do you feel about them getting together."

"Tom, I really don't think it would bother me if they were up front about it. How about you?"

"I'm the same way, I've tried it but it was a while ago."

"I meant about the girls."

"I'll go with what ever makes them happy if we know up front or are there with them."

"I agree."

We went back down to find them sitting back in the lounge chairs. I suggested we needed to get out of the sun; we had a whole week of sun ahead of us. We went to the master salon and the girls went to shower off the lotion and get in something comfortable. We had a very good view out the large windows and we saw the city of Jacksonville in the distance. Tom and I shared a cold beer. Either of us were very big drinkers. I told him I had a drinking problem. I told him it only happened if I were alone and deeply depressed. I told him I wasn't a violent drunk; I just drank until I passed out.

He looked at me and grabbed my shoulder, "Rich if I ever see that coming on I'll take care of you. I really mean that. I'll try and prevent it first though."

I looked in his eyes and saw that he was sincere about what he had said. It made me feel good. I said we needed to look after each other. He looked at me very seriously, his lower lip trembled. "Damned right Brother, we look out for each other." We shook hands. I looked up to see Sally watching us looking at each other, our right hands were joined and we each had our left hand on the other's shoulder.

Sally softly said, "Have you guys bonded?"

We both nodded. She walked to us and put her arms around both of us, gently kissing each of us on the lips. "I'm so happy." she said, ""Dori and I are the same way and we have been praying it would happen for you too. She is going to be thrilled. Tears ran from her eyes, "I love both of you. But Rich is my soul and my life, we are one."

I felt my eyes tear up and I hugged her tightly whispering that I loved her. I reached over and pulled Tom in with us.

"Oh! My! What do we have here?"

Sally smiled at Doris, "We were missing you Dear Girl, join us in our love for each other. I was just telling the two guys that I love the two of them and I love you, but Rich is my one and only soul mate."

"Wonderful, I want to cry I am so happy. I love all of you too. I do love Tom more, I can't help it."

I smiled and said, "Great can I get you girls something to drink before lunch?"

Sally grinned, "I would like a small white wine."

Dori said, "Me too!"

I rang for the steward and placed our order also getting a beer split again between Tom and I. We talked and were brought a menu for lunch. It was simple fare, which was what we had requested for lunches. Sally ordered a turkey club sandwich and Doris thought that sounded good too. I ordered a Taco salad and Tom went with the turkey club also. We watched the ships at the Port of Jacksonville and at the Naval Base slip by and we were soon past the sprawling city. MEAN'SALLY took a turn to the east soon afterward and increased the speed. It was not too long before we were going out through the jetties that protected the entrance to the St. Johns River and were at sea. Now the speed really increased. You could feel the speed and see it but it was not at all uncomfortable.

I picked the remote control for the TV and turned it on. I clicked on the 'MEAN'SALLY' Channel. I then had a choice of watching the radar, the chart plotter showing our exact position and our planned course and estimated time of arrival, or the Telltale, which displayed our speed, course, and a myriad of other information data. Our cruising speed was forty knots. When the plates were cleared we sat and looked at each other. I decided to take the bull by the horns. We were all curious as to where we stood with each other. I was a bit uncomfortable and looked at my dear friends around the table.

"Guys I think we need to clarify what transpired here earlier. It was an earth shaking experience for me. I have never in my whole life had such an upwelling of pure love for three other people in my whole life. I felt that feeling returned to me threefold. Is that what anyone else felt?"

We all looked at each other. The all looked at me and smiled nodding their heads.

"Great. I love all of you guys. I also feel I received a positive feeling that Doris and Sally would like to have sex with each other. I don't believe it will be the first time. Am I correct?" The girls smiled at each other. They looked at me. Sally looked a little frightened. "I got the feeling that Sally and Tom wanted to have sex too, not for the first time there too. I assume Sally still wants to make love to me. The only way I can see this can possibly work is for us to make a few unbreakable rules"

"This is just my idea, we must all agree 100 percent for this to work. These rules are open for negotiation and discussion.

Rule one. No person may be forced to do anything they do

not want to do or do not feel comfortable


Rule two. No spouse may have sex with another persons

spouse without direct permission from that

spouse just prior to the act.

Rule three. Any person having sex with another person

must have sex with their spouse before having

sex with any other person.

Rule four. Every person must have sex with their own mate

last at every session.

The meeting is open for discussion, but first I must confess that if anyone here would have suggested that I would agree to this idea before today I would have truthfully said it was impossible. That is all have to say." I sat down.

They all looked at each other. Tom said, "Guys, I like the rules, I can live with them. I just want to get one thing straight, must all sex be done in the presence of all the others?"

They all looked at me. "That had not occurred to me but it is a very good question. My answer is that we may pair off with the explicit agreement of the other two people."

Tom nodded. "You mean that if one wants to watch and the other doesn't it can't happen."

"Correct. Any other questions? I do have one other rule; any display of jealousy and all activity must cease until the jealous person agrees the party may continue. STOP is the magic word for everyone. OK?"

Doris stood and looked at Tom and Sally, " May I have permission from both of you to kiss Rich?"

"No." Said Sally, "the rules say I have to kiss him first. Right?"

Every one chorused, "Yes." Sally jumped up and stood in front of me. She took my face in both her hands and searched my eyes with hers. Tears dropped from her eyes.

"Rich Darling, Are you all right with this? I don't want to do this unless you are positive. Please don't do it for just for me. I don't want this to change how you feel about me. I can't risk that. This is just sex for fun and enjoyment. It will never be making love."

"Sally, you know how much I love you, nothing can ever change that. I believe I am OK with this if I look at it as being to give both of us pleasure. I love to make you happy. I got a charge out of the enjoyment you got when Tom rubbed the oil on you earlier. I felt no jealousy, just happiness for you. When it comes to watching him penetrate you I don't know how I will react. It will be something entirely new for me. In the heat passion I should be OK. If I just sit and watch it might be hard the first time. I just don't know. I do know how to yell STOP."

"Rich, I want you to know that I will be perfectly happy to never touch another person sexually as long as I live as long as I have you."

"Listen to me girl, you are my life now, I know that before me you enjoyed many different men on a regular basis. From what you say you enjoyed the sex but you never fell in love with any of them. Is that about right? As long as you never go behind my back, or meet someone alone I will be fine with this. IF you become to attached to someone else I will make you chose or fight for you every way I can. I don't have any choice. Self-preservation is a very strong thing."

She gently pressed her lips to mine. She smiled up at me, "Now go kiss Doris while I kiss Tom."

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