tagRomanceSteamboat Willy Ch. 07

Steamboat Willy Ch. 07

byGrey Eagle 286©

Hi! My name is Sally Murphy; my husband Richmond Murphy has been relating this story up to now. He says he doesn't really understand a lot of what happened to us and thinks I can tell the story more clearly.

First I need to explain the relationship between myself and Rich, and our lover Doris. I met Rich by accident over a year ago. I instantly fell in love with the man. He was a bit older but in super condition. He was everything I ever dreamed of in a mate. He is strong, handsome, and gentle but tough as nails. I soon learned he was also a truly caring and sweet guy. It wasn't long before I knew he was the only man I would ever love.

He helped me bring my father's dream to life. We dated a few times and I was completely and totally in love with him. He was kind and considerate, a true gentleman. I also learned he was capable of protecting me with violence if the need arose.

I was worried to death about how he would feel about me when he learned that I had been a very high priced escort for many years. I had planned to quit for quite a while and was almost completely out when he found out about it. He didn't handle it well at first then he told me he loved me and that the past would stay in the past. After we were married I learned he was super wealthy and owned and ran the second largest construction company in the country.

We were at the club one night and I ran into Tom Bernhard, a young man I had dated about ten years ago. He is the son of one of my long time clients. I danced with him and caught up on old times with him. I was afraid to tell Rich about him so I said nothing. That was wrong.

I had invited him to go on a test run on the PRINCESS the next day. Rich saw him and didn't say a word, he just had the other boat that was with us pick him up and he went home. I figured out he was pissed. I really couldn't blame him. I got him on the cell phone and told him I loved only him and that I would be home soon. I took Tom with me and we told Rich the whole story. He was OK with it because he had figured it was something like what it was.

We met Tom's wife the next day. It turned out she was an old schoolmate of mine who I had liked a lot. Doris and I had even experimented with sex for a while as teens, now she was married with two kids. We quickly became fast friends again. The four of us became very close. I had sensed that all was not right in Dori's marriage and they soon got divorced. In the mean time she fell heard over heels in love with Rich, my husband. She made no secret about it from me, but she never told Rich or made any move on him. We both loved and admired him and worked things out so she came to live with us.

Dori became our lover. Rich and I both love her very much and she and her two kids are now part of our family. We all know there is no way she can marry us so we just pledged ourselves to each other.

Dori and I go shopping together a lot. We each try to find things for the other. One day we were heading home from Ocala and decided to stop for a quick beer for Dori at a tavern along the way. Being pregnant I just had lemonade. Dori is absolutely gorgeous and I am ok; I wasn't showing yet. Naturally some guys started to hit on us. We talked with two really big guys. We told them upfront we were married. They flirted with us outrageously and Dori and I laughed at them. We told them we were very, very happily married.

Somehow it came out that we both had the same husband. They insisted that it was not fair that one guy should have two of the most beautiful girls in the world. I said, "Hey! Who said life was fair?"

Rich was in Washington on business that day so I looked at Dori and said it was time for us to go. The guys said they wanted us to stay. I looked at both of them, "Listen, you are probably both very nice guys but we are both in love with our man and will never cheat on him. You really don't want him mad at you so please back off."

The biggest on laughed and said, "Shit, there are only about two or three guys in the whole world I am scared of. Moondog there is the same way. He doesn't frighten us one bit."

"Then you don't know Richmond Murphy."

"Rich Murphy?" They looked at each other. Moondog said, "The Boss, oh shit."

The big guy grinned at us. "You found the one guy we won't mess with. We apologize if we embarrassed you ladies. We meant no harm. When you see Rich tell him Moondog and Targon said 'Hello!' We will be in and out of here for a few days if he wants us."

I reached in my purse and found my phone. I pressed 1. Rich answered right away. I asked if he could talk. He said he could. I handed the phone to Targon.

"Boss, this is Targon and Moondog is with me. We was lookin' ta see if we could work for you. We are both out of the Navy now. Well, sir, we were in a bar and saw two beautiful girls and tried to hit on them. Yes Sir, that is the two." He grinned and listened. "Yes Sir." He handed the phone back to me.

Rich said, "Damn! Can't I leave the two of you alone for a day with out you hanging out in raunchy bars? Please go home, I love you with all my heart, I miss you Sally, and I'll be home in a few hours. Let me say 'hello' to Dori, I love you." I grinned and gave the phone to Dori. She smiled as he talked to her. She closed her eyes and grinned. "Yes, Dear, I love you too. Good bye."

Dori and I hugged and kissed each other. We each shed a tear or two and looked in each other's eyes. I said, "Honey I know just how you feel, I tingle at the sound of his voice too. Damn! I love that man." Targon looked at us, "Your man is one hell of a guy, we served with him in the Navy. His word is gold. If he told me the Battleship Missouri was coming up the creek outside I would grab my camera and run like hell to see it. I KNOW it would be there. He knows everybody. They tell a story about him in Rome Italy a few years ago. It seems an Italian tour guide was pointing out things on the Vatican when two men stepped out on a balcony and waved to the crowd. One of the tourists asked the guide who they were. The guide replied, "The guy on the right is Rich Murphy, I don't know who the guy in the funny hat is." Dori and I laughed. We waved at the guys and walked out of the bar. We laughed again and giggled all the way home. Dori giggled, "The guide knew Rich but didn't know the Pope? That is some story. Do you think it's true?"

We had just finished feeding Tommy3 and Hilda when we heard the helicopter land. Rich was in the door a minute later. Rich picked me up and kissed me for a long time, and then he kissed Dori the same way. Then he kissed and hugged the kids. They both loved him very much.

Rich went in and changed then came out in a T-shirt and shorts. He fixed drinks and we sat and talked for a while. He wanted to know what we were doing in a bar in the middle of the day.

Dori said, "Our hubby was away so we went out to play. Nobody would play with us though. We do want to know if you were ever in Rome and met the Pope?"

Rich laughed, "Yeah! I met the Pope when we were doing some remodeling there at the Vatican. If Moondog and Targon were the best you could do; you guys must be really desperately horny and must not be getting enough at home."

Then he got a serious look on his face. "Is that right? Am I able to keep both of you satisfied and happy?"

Both of us yelled, "Yes, you keep us happy as can be."

He looked at each of us, "Sally are you content with the amount of loving you are getting? How about you, Dori? Are you getting enough?"

Dori stood and walked to him, she kissed him on the lips, "Sweetheart, I have never in my life been so happy and content with the loving I get from you, Rich. It is more than I ever got before, and probably more than I need to be happy, but I will never turn any of your loving down." I hurried to kiss him too, "Hey, I love our sex life, I couldn't be happier or more content. I think our sex has gotten better since Dori moved in with us. We promise to tell you if we need more, OK?"

"Do you realize that Tom and I averaged about twice a week at the most after a year or two? With you Rich, it is more like eight or ten times a week. Right Sally?"

"Yes, I have never had this much before. But I am not complaining. I love it."

"OH! I am not complaining either, I love it too!" We looked at each other and grinned, and then we looked at Rich. "Let's go to bed right now."

That is how things went in our life; most of it was spent with Rich loving us. And with us loving Rich. It was the best.

The next evening Dori walked in before dinner crying. She said Tom had called and wanted to get back with her. He wanted to be a family again with the children. Rich held her in his arms and petted her head. "Please don't cry Dori. Tell us what happened." She lifted her head and looked at him. "Tom and Frank had a fuss and Tom wants to come home and start over again. He says it will be the best thing for the kids." I want to stay where I am, the children are very happy, Maria loves it here, she has her vegetable garden out back and loves the house." She looked at me and then at Rich, "Please don't make me go. I love it here. I am so happy here."

Rich pulled Dori into his lap and held her. He said, "First, Tom and Frank may have just had a lover's quarrel they may patch things up and get back together. Second, let some time pass, tell him you have a lot to think about. How do you know he won't find another guy he wants to be with? Third, Were they cheating on each other? That opens up a big health problem for both you and the kids. Fourth, what about your feelings, what do you want to do? Do you want to go back with him? We want you to do what is best for you. I think Sally will agree that your happiness is the key to how happy your kids will be. If you are miserable living with their father they will sense it and be frightened. Dori, you know that Sally and I love you very, very much, and it will break our hearts if you leave us. But we can live with that if you will be happy. We just want you to be happy."

Dori looked at Rich with tears running from her eyes. "I want to be with Sally and you. That's all I want."

I said, "Doris, Girl, listen to me, your divorce is final, you have custody of the children. You are in the driver's seat, now drive, girl. Go where you want to go."

She looked at me, "You are right! I really need to think about this very hard."

Rich kissed her gently, "Sweetie this is nothing that has to be rushed, take your time and think this through. Tom may very well solve this for you before you have to make a decision."

At the last meeting of the Murphy and Thompson Steamboat Lines we all agreed to start construction on two more boats. One launch like WILLY and one the size of the PRINCESS. Rich was busy getting the projects started. Lots of groundwork had to be done. We had never started from scratch before. My father had everything laid out for us. Now we had to figure it all out. Rich worked it all out pretty fast and he had the layout for the launch completed. He helped erect the stem and the sternpost while his dad and his uncle got the keel timbers ready. Rich and I got busy with our axes and adzes and were making the wood chips fly. We could each do two or three ribs in a day.

Dori was a big help in that she took over running both the houses. She hired Jeb's girlfriend, Helga to help on a full time basis. With two large mobile homes and four adults and two kids just laundry was a chore. Dori also found our Helga's mother was a retired professional cook. She came to work for us too and cooked the evening meal for us during the week. It got to where we would much rather eat at home than go out. She was a very good cook.

Then one day Rich was in town getting materials and looking at an old steam engine someone had for sale. Dori and I were walking to our house from hers after putting the children down for their nap. We saw a pick up truck pull in our drive. Moondog and Targon got out and waved to us. The walked to them and told them Rich wouldn't be home until that afternoon. They said they really wanted to see the steamboats. We told Maria that we were going down to the dock. They followed us in our Jeep to the dock. WILLY had just come in from a short run helping the crew clearing the river. The steam was still up so we asked if they would like to take short ride. Every thing went well until we were turning around to go back. There was a terrible noise from the stern and the wheel stopped turning. I ran back from the helm and looked around the paddle shroud and saw a piece of driftwood jammed in the wheel. It looked as if the wheel had jumped and broken out of its bearings.

I got the men to put out an anchor. We sat and looked at each other. "I said this is not good, our cell phones don't work here. I looked at my phone; it said 'No Service'. No one would be looking for us until Rich got home.

I wasn't feeling well. I had had a bad bout with morning sickness that day. Usually I got off very light and just had a little nausea in the morning, that day I had vomited a lot. I was feeling queasy gain. The guys handed me a beer and I washed my mouth out with it. They had a cooler full of beer with them. I got sick on my stomach again. I think it was because I was frightened about how Rich would react to us being in the boat alone with the two guys.

It was late afternoon when we saw a boat coming. When it got closer I recognized it as my pontoon boat. Rich and Jeb were aboard. I was crying for joy to see them. Rich's face looked very grim. He pulled in astern of the WILLY and walked to the bow to look at the paddle wheel. He climbed down on the wheel and kicked the driftwood away. He kicked at it for a while before it fell away.

He climbed back aboard the pontoon boat and dug around in a toolbox. He came up with a wrench and a crowbar. He disappeared back into the wheel. Because of the shroud covering the front half of the paddles we could not see him. He came out and asked Jeb to get him all the polypropylene rope he could find. Rich took the rope and disappeared again. It was nearly dark when he came up again.

Rich yelled at Moondog to get a tow role ready. They rigged a towrope between the two boats and Rich yelled for the guys to get the anchor in. Rich yelled that he wanted the towrope short so we could make the turns. He still had not said a word to Dori or I. I looked at Dori, she was sniffling and tears ran down her cheeks. I was getting more upset as time went on.

It was almost dark before we saw the dock. Rich had Jeb drop off the towline. He circled the pontoon boat around and came up along side us. He and Jeb rigged lines to lash the pontoon along side WILLY. He then eased us in along side the dock. Moondog and Targon jumped on the dock and secured WILLY. Rich and Jeb cast off the lines joining the two boats and they moved the pontoon boat ahead and secured it. Rich climbed up on the dock and walked to help Dori and I from the boat. I was not feeling well and just sat in my seat. Moondog said, "Miss Sally ain't feelin' well, she been sick all afternoon." Rich jumped down and picked me up. He carried me up the steps to the dock. He gently kissed my lips and I started balling. When I finally stopped crying he kissed me again. "Are you feeling better now?" he asked. I nodded. He looked at Dori, "Are you OK?"

She smiled a little smile and nodded. "I'm fine now that we are home with you."

Moondog and Targon were standing watching Rich very carefully. He glared at them and then looked At Dori. He looked down at me. "Shit! What the hell am I going to do with you two girls? You two just keep chasing Moondog and Targon all over the place. Lucky for you they are gentlemen. I guess both of you will have to be punished. That means spankings for both of you, with panties off too!"

I said, "Oh! No! Not that. Please not that!" I looked at Dori and giggled. "I told you how mean he is when he punishes you."

"Yes you did, I guess begging won't help will it?"

I laughed, "No, begging won't work, he won't punish you unless you are a very bad little girl."

Targon looked puzzled. "Sir, Boss, it wasn't their fault we broke down and they wasn't chasing us. We was.. .. .. Ah, no body chased anybody. Sir!"

"Well, you guys used to guard Ambassadors and other big wheels, do you think you could keep these girls out of trouble?"

"Yes Sir, we could do that."

"Fine, call me in the morning."

Rich carried me to the Jeep and Dori opened the door so he could slip me in the seat. Rich got in to drive and Dori got in back but leaned forward and put her hand on my brow. "Oh! You are hot, you have a fever." Rich reached over and felt me too.

Rich looked at Dori, "I'm heading for the hospital emergency room. We can't mess around with her being pregnant. Wait!"

He pulled over and pulled out his satellite phone. He hit a speed dial number. "Is the Skipper aboard? Fine get him on the line. Hey, I have an emergency is the pilot aboard? Where is he? Great divert him to our house. Miss Sally is running a high fever and I am worried sick. Tell the pilot we will be heading for the hospital as soon as he gets here." Rich handed Dori the phone. "Get information and get the number for the hospital E-room, tell them we will be arriving by chopper. We will call them with an ETA when we have one, give them a briefing on Sally's condition. Thanks Darling! If you have a chance call Maria and tell her what is going on."

I fell asleep and woke up in the hospital. I looked and saw Dori crying in a chair. "Dori, please don't cry. Where is Rich?"

"Rich is talking with the doctor. He should be back soon, how do you feel?"

"I feel a little better. What is wrong with me?"

"Honey, we don't know yet. Rich is finding out now. He was just out in the hallway, I'll go look."

I heard her say, "Sally is awake now. She is asking for you."

Rich was there in a hurry, he kissed me hungrily. "Baby, I love you. How do you feel?"

"I feel better. I don't have a chill anymore. What is wrong with me?"

I saw tears run down Rich's cheeks, "Sweetheart, you had a miscarriage, we lost the baby."

I felt a hammer blow to my heart. I heard myself scream, "NO! OH NO! NOOOOOO! It's my fault, I am a bad person, and God wouldn't let a bad person like me have a baby. Oh! Rich! I am so sorry, it is all my fault."

"NO SALLY! That is not true. You are a good person, you have never hurt anyone, and you have never hurt a fly. I am the bad person; I have killed other men. If is the fault of one of us it is all my fault. God might punish me but he would never punish you. Never! The doctor said they could find nothing wrong with you to cause this. We can try again later. He said we could have good strong healthy babies. I have never been a religious man but I prayed with all my heart for you to be well. I didn't pray for our baby, I was wrong, I guess it needed my prayers. I didn't know. I couldn't believe our baby needed my prayers. I told God I would give anything if you could be healthy. I guess our child was what he took. Forgive me Sally, I didn't know; I would have gladly given my own life. I just didn't know!"

"I love you Rich, don't blame yourself. It was God's will and we cannot change that. We will keep trying. I believe we will make beautiful babies."

Dori kissed me and hugged me. She said, "I know it doesn't help but I had a miscarriage before I had Tommy3. My mother always said I was her fifth miscarriage. She called my little brother her first natural born child."

I told Dori I didn't know she had a brother that I thought she had a sister. She smiled, "I love Georgie with all my heart. He was born a boy but he now lives entirely as a female, and a damned beautiful one too!"

Rich said, "Wow! Is he a pre-op or a post –op Transsexual?"

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