tagRomanceSteamboat Willy Ch. 08

Steamboat Willy Ch. 08

byGrey Eagle 286©

When we got home I was amazed at how much Tommy3 and Hilda had grown. Tommy3 was very happy to see and tore my heart apart when he begged me not to leave again. I really didn't realize how much my extended family depended on me. I couldn't believe I had been such a selfish self-centered moron. I had let everyone including myself down with my selfish and stupid behavior. I resolved that it would never happen again.

I called Marge and checked in with her. She said that everything in Miami and throughout the company was doing very well. She told me flat out that Sally had saved the company from disaster on several occasions when I wasn't available to make final decisions. She said Sally had come to Miami and listened to the presentation from the staff. She had gone in my office and come back out in a few minutes with a decision that was not always what everyone expected but turned out to be correct.

I told Marge I was very proud of my wife. She said, "You damned well should be you big jerk, she is wonderful."

I agreed with her and asked her to put her best resources to work finding Georgie for us. I had unfinished business with that little witch.

That evening after taking a long bath and removing the hair from my face I sat and talked with my ladies. They were very happy to have me home. I was happy to be home.

Sally said she was very tired and that she was going to bed in the guest bedroom and for Dori and I to sleep in the master bedroom.

Dori and I both said "NO!" I held up my hand to Dori, "Let me say my piece first Dori. Sally you are my soul mate. All three of us will sleep in the master bedroom or I will sleep out in the woods. I looked at Sally, "Wife, are you still allowed to have sex?"

"Yes, if we take it easy."

"Good, I need both of you very badly and I will not make love with out all of us present."

Dori grinned at me, "I wouldn't have it any other way. I happen to know that Sally is horny as she can be, right girl."

Sally blushed and then giggled; "I just thought it would be better for Rich alone with a beautiful woman."

"Sally, you are a beautiful woman too. Damn girl, you have me drooling over the way my beautiful wife looks carrying our children. You just seem to glow, sweetheart. I want to taste all of you. I think you are as sexy as hell."

"Oh! Rich, do you really feel that way? Aren't you just saying that to make me feel better?"

I grinned at her. I stood up and quickly pulled my shorts down to my knees. My cock was as hard as it has ever been as it pointed straight at her mouth. "Now, please tell me you don't turn me on. OK?"

"My God, look at that thing Sally. He is even bigger than I remember." Dori leaned forward and looked at my cock at very close range. "Come on Sally, we need to get this guy in bed. Look at the precum run out of him. He is really about to bust his balls."

"Dori you and Rich go on, I'll be there in a second."

"No Sally", I said, "We will wait for you. Come on with us." We followed her into our bedroom. She awkwardly climbed on the bed and moved to the middle. She looked at me; a tear ran from her eye. She sniffed, "Rich, I don't want you to see me like this. If you had been with me all along and watched me slowly get bigger and bigger it would be different but to have you suddenly see me like this is very embarrassing. I love you and I don't want you to be disgusted with the way I look."

I moved on the bed beside her. I motioned Dori to climb on the other side of her. I reached to the table lamp and turned it off, plunging the room into darkness. I leaned to Sally and moved my lips to hers. Her lips opened beneath mine and she welcomed my tongue with hers. We kissed for a long time. My hands started caressing her cheeks, her hair, and her face. They moved to her shoulders and upper chest. She was wearing an old T-shirt of mine and I lifted the bottom of it up over her breasts. She weakly said, "No, please." That didn't deter me in the least. My hands gently touched her breasts, softly caressing the lower slope. Then my fingers moved slowly around and upward. I felt a slight stickiness as I neared the nipple. I knew it had to be her milk, actually I later learned it was a clear discharge from the breasts. I know it had little flavor. I gently sucked on her nipple and she held my head in her hands and softly moaned. She whispered, "I missed you doing that to me. I missed it very much." I ran my hand over her swollen belly it felt tight as a drum. I softly caressed her belly and she told me it felt good. I felt a kick and jumped at the feel of it. Sally laughed, "He got you a good one didn't he." I pressed my lips to her belly. I turned my head and listened to the heartbeats. I said, "Dori, put your ear to her tummy and listen, you can hear the little hearts."

Dori said, "Yes, I hear them, I have heard them before. Do you know that when they are very active I can press my lips to Sally's belly and hum a little tune they will be very still and we think they go to sleep. We think they are very large now. We are going to the doctor again tomorrow. She is afraid they will get too large and make it difficult for Sally to have a natural birth. The doctor says if they get too big she will either have to induce labor early or Sally will have to have a caesarian section."

Sally said, "Hey, you guys are talking about me like I am not even here."

I felt tears run from my eyes. Sally's hand touched my face and felt the tears. "Rich, Honey, why are you crying?"

"Sally, Please bear with me. I have never been through anything like this before. I am scared. Really scared."

"Silly boy, I have never been through it before either. Dori has been my strength and has helped tremendously. I was scared I would have to go through it alone. I am so glad you will be with me. You will be with me won't you, I know a lot of men won't go in the delivery room but I want you there with me. OK?"

"I will do what ever you want. I have a lot to learn in a short time, I will do it though."

"Rich, I don't want you to do it if you don't want to do it. I have heard of men passing out. Dori told me about a guy who saw his wife go through a very hard delivery. His wife was in a lot of pain for a long time. She had a beautiful little girl and when a year had gone by she wanted another baby. He wouldn't hear of it. He made her stay on the pill for four more years before he gave in and they had a little boy and his wife had an easy time."

"Rich, baby, would you please do something for me?"

"Anything in my power."

"I want you so bad I can taste it. Will you let me give you a blowjob? I am afraid for you to fuck me. Then I want to watch you make love to Dori. She needs you real badly."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Move up here and let me find you. Oh! Yes, God he is huge! Mmmmm!" I felt her sweet lips enclose the head. Her tongue swirled around the helmet. She held me by the base of my cock and cupped my balls with the other hand. God, she felt so damned good. I knew I wouldn't last long. Her lips slid down the length of my shaft. Shivers ran down my spine. Sally was softly humming as moved her mouth up and down. The vibrations were a new sensation for me and I asked her to slow down or I was going to cum. She sucked harder and hummed louder. I felt her tongue go wild on my cock. She pulled her mouth off of my penis and said, "Cum in my mouth, I love your cum." I couldn't have stopped if my life depended on it. My cock erupted sending spurt after spurt of my seed down her throat. She was softly crying as I moved down to kiss her. I tasted myself in her mouth. I held her tightly and cried a little myself. I asked if she was all right and she assured me she was.

I got up and went to the bath and washed off and brought a damp washcloth and towel to Sally. She asked me to leave the light on in the bathroom. She asked me to bring a chair close to the bed, she said she would be more comfortable watching Dori and I from there.

Dori helped Sally get in the chair then she moved beside me on the bed. Dori just kissed me gently and my cock sprang back to life. Sally giggled, "Boy, Dori sure turned you on in a hurry." I knew she was jealous. I felt bad but couldn't think of anything but the hot sexy little body pressing against me. My hands were caressing her. She sat up and looked at Sally. She said, "Sally is hurting, she is jealous. I can't do this to her."

Sally said, "Oh yes you can. I want the two of you to have this. You both need it. Rich, I love both of you and I am so happy we have Dori here to satisfy you when I can't do it anymore. And sweet, sweet Dori I love you so much I need to watch Rich make sweet love to you. And I am jealous, I wish it could be me but if it can't be me for a while I want it to be you, Dori."

Dori ran her little hands over my body. She said, "Rich, you are just skin and bones. Yes, I like this bone and I think it is OK. We need to put some meat on the rest of you." She slipped up over my body. She rained kisses over my face and upper body. I reached down and grasped her hips and pulled her forward and then pushed her back until the head of my cock felt the wet entrance to her pussy. I felt her little hand guide me in to her vagina. She was very tight. I brought my legs up between her legs and lifted her with my hands. I started slowly thrusting into her sweet pussy. Slippery warm velvet was grasping my cock. She got slipperier and wetter. It was absolutely delightful.

Sally softly asked, "Does it feel as good as it looks, girl?"

"Oh! It is heavenly, sweetheart. I wish you could feel him. I really wish it was you instead of me, I really do. I love you so much, Sally.

"Honey, you just love him for me, please. You both need this too."

"Sally, I am cumming all the time nowwww! Shitttt! God what a lover we have. Ahhhh! Mmmmmmmmm! Yes, Yes just do that Rich, just like that."

Sally said, "Oh Dori, I can see your juices squirt out around his cock when he presses forward into your pussy. Damn girl you are shaking like a leaf. Cum baby cum! Oh! I am soaking wet from watching you guys. It is so beautiful and sexy. Are you close too Rich?"

I told her I was right on the verge of cumming. She said do it, do it. I did.

Dori and I held each other and wound down a bit. She softly whispered in my ear. "I love you. Please eat Sally's pussy. I know it would please her." I looked at Sally. She sat in the chair with her head leaning forward. Tears dropped from her eyes. I jumped from the bed and hurried and gota large fluffy towel and put it on the wet place on the bed. I pulled Sally to her feet then I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I kissed the tears from her eyes. I kissed her lips. "Sally I love you so damned much. I have been so selfish. While you are the opposite, you are selfless. You love with all your heart and give without thought for your self. I don't deserve your love, I really don't. I promise I will try harder my love. I swear to you and Dori both I will do better from now on."

"Sugar, neither Dori or I are complaining. Just keep loving us."

Dori said, "Amen Sister, Amen!"

I moved down between Sally's legs. Her eyes were wide as she watched me. I lifted the hem of the shirt she wore. I buried my face in her pussy. It was very wet but it was exactly as I remembered it. Sweet, oh so sweet. My tongue revisited all it's old favorite spots. Sally's hands were on my head guiding me to the places she wanted loved. She was moaning and mewing. And I was as hard as a rock; I lifted and moved forward and slipped my cock gently in her pussy. She gasped and grabbed my hips and pulled on me. I just moved slowly into her and then back out. I kept my thrusts very gentle and soft. It felt wonderful to me and Dori was gently touching Sally's clit. I was never penetrating her to my full depth. Sally seemed to be really enjoying our attentions so we continued. I was very careful and was extra gentle and kept up a slow pace. Finally she screamed, "I'm cumming again, please stop! I love it but I am too sensitive now. It is just a sensory overload. I can't stop cumming. Oh! That was wonderful, the best I ever had, and I am just now coming down from a super orgasm. Wowie! What did you do to me? Rich please cuddle me for a minute then you can finish with Dori". I held her in my arms until she relaxed and fell asleep. I got up and took Dori by the hand and we went into our den, we sat on the couch and cuddled for a while. Then her little hand moved into my crotch and found my cock.

She moved over my crotch and put her knees on either side of my hips. She rubbed her nipples across my lips until I just sucked them in. She wiggled around until my cock slipped into her pussy. She slipped down and took all of me inside her. She felt damned good too! She lifted so my cock was just ready to fall out of her and then she dropped down hard. She repeated that movement over and over. She started wiggling her little bottom around and back and forth as she pressed into my lap. I held her down against me and stood up holding her tightly to me. I walked to the desk and put her little ass on the edge of the desk. It was just about the right height. I pulled out some and then thrust back in hard. She yelped and put her hands on my ass and pulled me to her very hard. I was soon pounding into her on each thrust. My pelvis and my balls were slapping loudly against her little bottom. She was loving it. Soon she was shivering and shaking and her eyes rolled up as she fell back on the desktop. About two more thrusts brought me over the top and I pumped her full of my cum. As I caught my breath she sat up and smiled at me. He took my hand and pulled me to the shower. We washed and dried each other.

Dori whispered that she was going to check on her children and would be right back. I turned and entered the bedroom. Sally was gone. Then I saw her sitting in the chair across from the bed. She said, "Was she good?"

"Yes, she was delightful, as were you, dear. We thought you were asleep and didn't want to awaken you."

"Right, why didn't you just sleep with her like I asked you to earlier?"

Sally, I want to sleep with my wife, I love her and need to cuddle with her all night. You of all people know exactly how I feel about Dori. You know the rules we established when Dori came to live with us. I have to sleep with you. That is where I want to be."

"I thought one of the rules was that I would always be there when you made love to Dori."

"Sally, Honey, listen to me, the only reason we went into the den was so that we would not disturb you. I thought about just going to sleep but I knew Dori had to be hot as a firecracker. You know she was. After that long with out sex and then watching you and I make love. She started cumming as soon as I touched her."

Dori entered the bedroom; she was startled to see Sally awake. "I thought I heard someone talking. She hugged Sally and asked why she wasn't asleep.

"Dori, Sally is upset because we made love without her being there."

"What? You know we both love you Sally and we would never do anything to hurt you. We didn't want to wake you up. You were in the middle of the bed, it would be hard to make love without disturbing you."

Sally looked at me, "I trusted Rich and look what he did."

I looked at her and slowly turned and left the room. My first inclination was to go back to the quiet of the woods. Then I knew that would be wrong. She was having a lot of mixed up emotions right at this time. I couldn't leave her. I turned around and went back in the room. I walked to her and said, "Sally; I love you with all my heart and soul. I made a terrible mistake. I was totally wrong. I will sleep in another room. If that is not far enough away from you just tell me and I will sleep outside."

She stared at me. I went in the closet and started dressing. She screamed, "NO! Don't leave us. I didn't mean what I said. Don't goooo." She started sobbing. I went to her and held her. "I will never leave you again. I would only have been just outside your window."

"No, I need you in bed with us, that is where you belong." Things quieted down and we all climbed in bed, kissed and held each other and fell asleep.

It was the first sound sleep I had had in many months. I awoke at first light and looked at my two girls sleeping. I was filled with love for both of them.

After everything settled down after breakfast I called Marge in the Miami headquarters. She filled me in on how things were going. She asked me to hold, she had a call on her "hot line." She was back in a couple of minutes. She said the call was to report that Georgie had been located. She was about twenty miles away in Ocala. I wrote down the information and thanked her.

I got together with the girls and told them what I had in mind. They agreed with my plan. I put into action. Just before noon there was a knock on the front door. I opened the door. Georgie stood looking up at me. Moondog and Targon were behind her. I said, "Thanks guys." I smiled at Georgie and said, "Come on in." She brushed by me and ran to Dori and hugged her. Georgie looked at Sally and started crying. Sally held out her arms and Georgie tried to hug her but couldn't get very close because of Sally's belly. Georgie stepped back and stared at Sally.

She said, "I can't believe you are that big. Wow!"

Sally looked at Georgie, "Girl, I forgive you this time. Next time I will kill you. Do you understand?"

"Yes. It won't happen. I haven't had a nights sleep since it happened. I love all three of you and I betrayed all of you. I don't know what I was thinking. The only good thing that came of it is that it changed my whole life. I know what I want from life now."

I said, "Georgie, we all forgive you. We all love you too. I was as much to blame as you were and these two wonderful women have forgiven me. I haven't completely forgiven myself yet."

She looked at me and said, "Can you forgive me?"

I nodded and said I forgave her.

Sally said, "You poor dummy, you didn't stand a chance once she decided she wanted you."

I looked at Georgie again; she looked different. She wore jeans and sneakers with a blouse that fit her loosely. Her jeans were not tight either. She had very light makeup on too. She was still very beautiful. I said, "I like your new look sis. You look better than I have ever seen you."

"Thank you. I had to change. I read a story on the net and one of the characters had a sluttish dressing friend who complained she never met any nice guys. She was told that when you fish with shark bait you are going to catch sharks. Guys looking for a mate don't go for sluts. I don't think I was one but I dressed like one. This is what I learned from the three of you. I want a mate too. I always thought all men were the same; Rich taught me that they are definitely not all the same. I know now that I really want to be a complete woman. I have a job and I am saving up for the big operation. I am scared but I know that is the only way I'll ever be happy."

I took her hand, "We invited you to be one of our family, that invitation still stands. Do you want to be our sister?"

She burst out crying, "Sob, yes I do, more than anything in the world. I didn't think you would want me anymore."

"Sweetie, you don't get kicked out of a family because you make one mistake. If you do it over and over we will have a family meeting and decide what to do." I got up and walked to my desk in the den. I returned and gave Georgie a phone. It was a complete set with case, charger and instructions. I explained, "This is your membership card. This is phone number four. If you press #1, I will answer, two is Sally, three Doris, and you are four. If you are ever in any kind of trouble you press #100. That is my company headquarters. They will help you. Don't hesitate to use it for any reason at all if you can't get me. Here is a credit card for your use only. Use it for anything you want. Any transaction over fifty thousand will have to be approved by me. A phone call will do that. Use it for your operation. I would like to have it researched for you before you make any decision."

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