We strolled over the cobble stoned streets of Florence on the fifth day of our two week's in Italy. Rested and relaxed, my wife Lana looked like a new woman as we browsed the shops and stopped at cafe's for espresso and gelato. We'd been waiting months for this getaway, and the first few days in Rome had not disappointed. We dropped off our bags at the hotel and headed out for a dinner only Italy could offer.

Heading back to our room after, I was anxious to see what the night would hold for us. Our intimacy had picked up considerably, gradually increasing daily with our rest renewing Lana's hunger and energy to that of years past. I had been thinking about her all day and couldn't wait to get back to the room to see what the night would hold.

I poured us both some wine, after which Lana went to change while I turned on the television hoping to find some music channels to set the mood. The channel names were all in Italian, so I had to flip channel to channel to see what was on each. Browsing through, it was clear much of what the hotel had to offer was adult-oriented.

"So that's what you want to do tonight..." said Lana, walking up behind me in her robe and gently rubbing my shoulders."I'm not usually that interested in adult films, but given this week I think I'm game for anything".

While I hadn't intended anything like this, I stopped and thought for a minute before replying. Lana and I really haven't been into watching adult movies throughout our relationship. Maybe this would be an interesting new experience to try out while we had the chance.

We selected a channel and started watching, getting comfortable on the bed. The movie had two executives, a man and woman, speaking in Italian. The scene progressed and they started making out and eventually undressed each other. As the man went down on the woman, another man walked into the office unexpectedly and stopped, startled. He watched for a while and then undressed and walked up beside the woman who grabbed him and started kissing and licking his cock. The first man stopped licking the woman, moved up, and started fucking her.

During the movie I had been continually stroking Lana over her robe and gently kissing her neck. Eventually I worked my hands under the robe to caress and fondle her breasts. Her skin was hot, moist, and electric. I was a little surprised at how excitable she was, and slowly worked my hands down until I reached her neatly trimmed pussy, only to find it sopping wet.

"Wow... this movie's really having an effect on you" I said.

Lana responded "I wasn't expecting to see a woman with two men. I've never really seen anything like this before. Do people do this? Wouldn't you think the guys would be too jealous to share?"

I knew things like this happened, but never thought much about them myself. Had I known this was going to be the theme of the movie, I might have picked another. But now that we were watching it, it was unexpectedly erotic and sensual. "Some men don't mind" I said. "They find it exciting to share a woman between them. Some men even fantasize about it." With this, I went from rubbing Lana's pussy to slowly inserting a finger into her. She was hotter, looser and wetter than I'd felt her in a long time. As I slowly rubbed inside, Lana closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Clearly the combination of the relaxing trip, the wine, the movie and my manipulations were getting to her in all the right ways.

After a few moments Lana opened her eyes, but had a quizzical look on her face as she peered up at me. "Have you ever fantasized about it?" she asked.

"No" I admitted. "It's never even occurred to me." A look of relief came over Lana as she realized I wasn't harboring any such fantasies. "This movie is pretty hot though" I concluded with a grin.

She nodded as she turned back to the movie. The men had the woman on her knees, licking one man while being fucked from behind by the other. All this time I had continued rubbing Lana's body, pinching her nipples and stroking my finger in and out of her. Her state was noticeably heightening.

"Do you have any fantasies you haven't told me about?" she asked, eyes still following the movie.

"No sweetheart, you've already fulfilled just about all of my fantasies" I responded in truth.

Her head turned toward me. "Just about?"

"Well... over the years I've sometimes fantasized about having you in a steam room" I relented. "Just thinking about some slow, hot, steamy love with you is a definite turn on".

"Really?" she asked, "why didn't you ever tell me this before?"

"The situation just never really presented itself" I replied.

"You know... they do have steam rooms down in the gym" she said with a sexy sideways glance.

The hotel had a large and beautifully appointed gym. There was a pool, hot tubs, sauna's and steam rooms, but the two steam rooms were in each of the two changing rooms. I relayed this back to Lana.

"We could sneak into one together" she teased. "At this hour I doubt anybody is down there."

"I don't know" I said, "it was only a fantasy. We don't really have to do it if you're not up for it."

Lana is passionate enough in bed, but fairly conservative sexually. This would be a stretch for her, and she certainly was only offering because she wanted to make me happy.

"I am feeling a bit wilder than usual this week" she said, looking into my eyes. "You should take advantage, because you may never get this opportunity again."

I took stock of the situation. My wife was on fire watching a threesome in which a woman was being taken by two men, and offering to sneak down to the steam room to fulfill my own fantasy. Why say no to such a good thing? A devilish look crossed my face as I nodded to my wife. I changed into a robe as well and we headed towards the elevators.

The gym was open twenty-four hours a day, but the attendant had gone for the evening. As expected at one in the morning, the gym was deserted. We headed for the men's changing room and Lana waited outside as I went in to ensure all was clear. I opened the door, grabbed Lana's wrist, and pulled her in.

The changing room was carpeted and well decorated with several aisles of benches and lockers. At one end was the steam room door with a small, but mostly steamed out, window. We headed towards it and entered. The steam room itself was a bit larger than would have been expected, with tiled floor, walls and ceiling, and two levels of benches on three sides. We sat together on the lower bench facing the door and started kissing.

As our passion increased, I gently pulled the robe off Lana's shoulders, exposing her upper body and breasts. I bent down to kiss each breast and then moved up to slowly lick and kiss her neck as my hands gently tugged at her nipples. I could feel the electricity coursing through Lana as she both moaned and shook in nervous excitement. She was clearly a bit worried about being exposed in a public place, but that was only adding to her sexual arousal. I continued removing her robe until she was bare. I could see a fine sheen of sweat slowly form over her body due to the combination of steam and arousal.

Lana handles the heat of sauna's and steam rooms better than I do. Despite my extreme excitement, I was in need of some cold water. I also started thinking about an ice machine I had seen in the changing room, and how hot it would be to bring a cup of ice back to the steam room and gently slide some over Lana's body.

"I'll be back in one moment" I said. "You're leaving me?" she cooed. "I want to grab some water... and some ice" I said with the wink of an eye. Her eyes opened wide and she flashed a wicked grin. As I made for the door, a sudden thought occurred to me and I turned and snatched up Lana's robe. "What are you doing?" she asked. " I don't want you to get second thoughts and chicken out" I replied. "But... what if somebody else comes?" she retorted. I just shrugged, flashed a grin, and left. The thought of being alone and naked in a steam room that anybody could walk into at any point would keep Lana's state-of-mind right where I wanted it.

Heading to the far end of the changing room, I drank down a cup of cool water and then refilled it with ice, turning to start back. A sudden noise and voices startled me, and I hid back behind the lockers. Slowly and carefully I worked my way back towards the steam room, quietly so as to avoid being heard. Two men had entered the changing room and were in the aisle right in front of the steam room door. I could see them via a reflection in one of the mirrors. From their voices they were clearly Italian, and while I'm not fluent, I could make out that they'd been drinking and intended to work it off. I didn't want to go back into the steam room, as they'd surely see Lana when I opened the door. I figured I'd just wait until they changed and headed back out to the gym, and then grab Lana and find a way out ourselves.

Both men fully undressed and, to my horror, turned towards the steam room, opened the door, and started inside. They both stopped suddenly in the doorway. The steam was thick, but clearly they could see the naked woman sitting there. As Lana heard the door open she looked up, and tensed as she saw the two naked Italian men enter. Her arm flew up across her chest and her legs crossed and tightened. A few moments passed as they stared at each other.

Finally, the men entered the room and preceded to sit down on the benches. They sat on the upper bench on one of the sides, facing Lana from her right. I expected Lana to come bolting out of the room the moment they were inside. When she didn't, I walked up to the door and peered in the window. Lana was sitting rigid and frozen in fear and humiliation staring forward. The men were surveying her from the side, only a few feet away, and speaking quietly to each other in Italian. Clearly Lana was waiting for me to come back with her robe and rescue her.

With a straight view of the door and window, Lana looked up and saw me through the steam. "Help me" she mouthed. I was about to come to her aide when I thought about the alternative. If I didn't come in, Lana would have to try and find some graceful exit, which almost certainly would be awkward and provide us both with laughs for years to come. I smiled and slowly shook my head no. She would have to make her own way out. Lana's eyes opened wider and she again mouthed... more slowly this time... "Help me". Again I shook my head and smiled.

Lana glared at me with a defiant look, clearly furious that I was putting her in such an awkward position. Several seconds went by when a half-smile formed on her lips. She slowly but deliberately lowered the arm covering her breasts, exposing them to the two men. They looked on with wonderment and delight from where they were sitting.

I was shocked. Certainly Lana had never done anything even remotely this daring before, and I hadn't thought it in her. The wine, atmosphere, petting and steam had loosened her up. Oh... and the movie. I had forgotten about the movie we had been watching just an hour earlier, complete with a woman being ravaged by two men. Not that I thought anything even close to that was going to happen here, or that she wanted that to happen, but clearly the concept was on her mind and she was using it to get back at me.

She smiled at me, knowing she had stoked my jealousy, and again mouthed "Help me". This presented an interesting situation: what could she possibly do next? She was already exposed, and now seemingly out of options. Why should I relent? Plus her defiant stance and the eroticism of the moment made me want to challenge her. I smiled back and shook my head no.

Her smile dissolved and she glared up at me. A few more moments passed and then, slowly and carefully, she leaned back a bit and uncrossed her legs. She placed them in front of her and slightly spread them... not too much, but just enough to incite. The two men were openly glaring at her fully revealed body.

Looking back up, she smiled again. Ever so slowly, and pausing in between words, she again mouthed "Help me".

I hadn't considered her uncrossed legs as a possible next move. Surely now she was out of options though. Outside of spreading her legs wider, there wasn't much more she could do. In addition to this little game of challenge, I was as aroused as I'd ever been watching my precious wife sitting naked, in a steam room, with two naked Italian men just feet away. I shook my head and mouthed "no".

Lana's smile dissolved again and her glare almost melted the door. She sat and thought for a good minute before taking her next action. Her next action went well beyond spreading her legs wider.

Looking up at the two men for the first time, Lana pointed at her shoulders and gave them a flirty smile. The men sat dumbstruck for a few moments until one of them finally caught on and quickly rose up and moved behind Lana, sitting on the upper bench, then reached out and began to message her shoulders. Lana closed her eyes and let her head roll back and forth before opening them again. The other man looked enviously from the side, clearly upset that he'd missed his opportunity. Lana looked straight up at me but, instead of mouthing the words again, just gave me a questioning look as if to ask "And now?".

This completely confounded me. To watch my wife sitting naked with two men, and then see her actively ask one of them to touch her bare skin... this was beyond my comprehension. I continued watching as the man continued rubbing her bare, moist shoulders in the steam room.

Lana gave me the questioning look again. My heart beat wildly in my chest. Was I too scared to continue, or too excited to cease? What would her next move be? How far would she take this? Lana could not see me rubbing myself through my robe below the window. My mind reeled as I peered back, slowly shaking my head.

Lana was incredulous that I would watch another man touch her in this situation and still not run in to rescue her. I could sense fury, disbelief, defiance, and extreme arousal coming out of her all at once. The steam seemed to thicken and I was certain it as coming from her directly.

Lana looked up at the second man and, smiling again, pointed down at her feet. This time the man jumped to attention to ensure he didn't yet again miss his chance. He sat on the lower bench and Lana delicately raised her legs together and placed them with her calves and feet across his lap, close to but not touching his cock. The man immediately took one of her feet into his hand and started rubbing This man was now just a foot away from, and openly starring at, her pussy.

Again Lana looked up at me, but this time I sensed her mood change. She seemed to be relaxing a bit, getting lost in the sensation of these two naked men rubbing her shoulders and feet. She mouthed "Help me", but she seemed a bit less certain this time. A cloud was slowly forming across her face.

Peering in through the steam, I just kept watching without shaking my head or mouthing anything back. Minutes went by with Lana looking up at me, her eyes farther and farther away. Her body weakening, relinquishing control and becoming pliant to these two strangers. She pointed at her calves and the man rubbing her feet eagerly took one in his hands. The man behind her was massaging an increasingly wide area now including her arms, neck and upper back.

Minutes rolled by. The man rubbing Lana's calves was now at her knees, tempting her will as he worked towards the top of them. The man behind her was now massaging over her shoulders to her upper chest. Both men now had hard cocks and were completely focused on moving Lana further into her state of bliss. Her sheen turned to droplets on her skin, and her head rolled back and forth as the two men continued to handle her.

Lana looked up at me with her eyes... pleading. I was as lost in her arousal as she was, and carefully shook my head "no". Lana's finger slowly pointed at her thighs.

The man rubbing Lana's knees immediately moved his hands up, one on each leg, and started rubbing her mid-thigh. He would rub up as high as he dared, and then take long strokes down back towards her knees. His upward strokes moved higher inch-by-inch. With a small moan, Lana spread her legs further apart and her right leg pressed up against the man's hard cock. The man behind Lana had meanwhile moved his hands further down and was openly running them across the tops of Lana's breasts. He moved down to the lower bench and straddled Lana from behind, putting one leg on each side of her as she laid back into his chest. The man started to lightly kiss and lick at the back of Lana's neck.

With one last ounce of strength, Lana looked up into my eyes and mouthed "Help me". We both knew this was my last chance out of this situation, and my stomach turned as I slowly shook my head one last time. Lana's eyes closed and didn't reopen.

Lana slowly spread her legs farther apart as an invitation to the man rubbing her thighs. His right hand moved up and started openly running up and down her pussy lips. Seeing this, the man behind her ran his hands down and began cupping and caressing her full breasts while licking up her neck and taking her ear into his mouth. Lana was lost.

After a minute of rubbing her visibly moist pussy, the man in front of Lana inserted first one, and then two fingers into her. He steadily moved them in and out while his thumb rolled around her clitoris. The man behind Lana was now pinching and pulling on her nipples. Lana's chest was heaving air in and out as her body started undulating with pleasure.

The man fingering her removed his hand from her and put his hands behind each of her knees, pushing them fully apart. He lowered his head and slowly began licking from the very bottom of her pussy to the very top, making small circles around her clit as he did. Lana immediately increased the tempo of her breathing and her body became restless as her intensity built.

Sensing that things were progressing, the man behind her moved back and gently laid Lana down flat on the bench. Crawling up next to her head, he took his cock and ran it across her lips. Lana's tongue came out and began licking up and down it's length, occasionally taking him into her warm wet mouth while her pussy was being devoured.

The man licking her decided he was ready and, lifting his head up, he moved his body into position. Keeping a leg in each hand to keep her fully spread, he began pushing his cock up and down on the outside of her pussy, covering it in her juices. After several passes, the man aligned himself with Lana and started slowly inserting the head.

Feeling this, Lana's body tensed. She stopped licking the man above her and began shaking at the feeling of the long, thick cock pushing into her. Stroke after stroke the man moved farther inside until, finally, he was completely in. At this point, the man slowly pulled his cock completely out, and then pushed it all the way back in. I could see Lana's wetness covering him as he did. He then started rhythmically stroking back and forth, all the way out and all the way in again, over and over. Lana started licking and kissing the cock above her again. I peered in the window, through the thick steam, at my gorgeous wife spread out, a stranger's cock pressed up into her womb and another in her mouth.

The man fucking Lana picked up the pace as he continued stroking his cock all the way in and out of her. Lana began licking and sucking on the cock above her with fervor, and all three were breathing and moaning heavily. The man in Lana's mouth began tensing up and suddenly went rigid as he erupted. Lana kept him in her mouth as he did.

Feeling and tasting the eruption of the strange cock in her mouth must have been too much for Lana, as the situation clearly triggered the beginning of her own orgasm. It was then that it happened: Lana began shaking and moaning with abandon. Feeling this onset, the man stroking in and out of her started pushing harder at the end of each stroke in, ramming the end of his cock into her cervix with every thrust. Lana's legs spread further apart and back on their own as her hips pushed wildly against the man. Lana let the cock out of her mouth and started crying out in unbridled passion "ah... ah... ah... ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... AH... AH... AH... AH...". She began to spasm from head to toe, her mouth wide open but with no sound escaping. Her hips bucked at the strange invading cock, trying to draw it further in. The man stroking in and out of her tensed up himself and cried out as he pushed hard all the way in and went rigid, holding it there. Lana continued to spasm as she felt his warm seed splash against her cervix and fill her womb, her pussy contracting around his cock. She continued her unrestrained movements for another minute as the man patiently held his cock pushed completely into her. Gradually Lana's breathing slowed and her muscles loosened, her body going limp. Lana's eyes were still closed.

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