tagSci-Fi & FantasySteampunk Harlots Ch. 35

Steampunk Harlots Ch. 35


Hannah didn't pay much attention to the man trying to be subtle about his hand working up her thigh. She was focused on the sky where she watched Ving weave her racer through checkpoints and around her competition. Now that Ving had gotten back into racing, it was like a whole side of her came to life.

Hannah was annoyed the man was taking so long and pulled his hand right between her legs where she wanted it and kept watching the race. As long as he didn't try talking to her, he was doing what she wanted. Not that she expected him to satisfy her with his clueless fumblings, but it would put her in a frustrated mood she could greet Ving with after the race. Something Ving always enjoyed dealing with. Afterwards, they could go find Liddy on the new ship.


Liddy watched the clockwork minions clatter about, cleaning up their own packaging, thankful that they weren't so loud that they would disrupt the high-class clients they would be helping serve. Their spinning gears and motors encased in something more durable than glass muffled their sound. They were obviously the high-end models. Although she doubted they would entirely replace intelligent people, they certainly would take the strain off her girls, who were better off doing more important things.

The delivery crew who had dropped them off were relieved that she decided to test them with the cleanup and saving them the trouble. Though that relief may have had more to do with the seed they were pumping inside Emma. The little elf was giggling in delight as her partner was replaced with another as she sat on one of the crates. Liddy felt herself receive the seed of her own partner who was holding her against the wall. The long slobbery tongue of the hound Emberborn covered her breasts in saliva as he waited to be released.

Liddy couldn't really tell what kind of hound he was, as his fur was blue and white. It could have been artificial for all she knew. The next Emberborn, very clearly, was a rather large mouse with a boyish face behind his whiskers. Liddy got on her knees, happy that the clockwork servants did their thing without issue, and opened wide to accept the new man down her throat. She loved the feeling of the flesh sliding over her tongue and trapping the breath in her lungs. The grip on the back of her head forcing it deeper. Lasting until she was desperate to breathe again, she pulled it out and caught her breath while holding him in her hands and licking its length with her tongue. The mouse was inexperienced and couldn't stop himself from covering the delicate fair skin on Liddy's face and the fine blonde hair. Some drops reached her breasts after it was over and she knelt there, smiling.

Emma loved seeing Liddy with Emberborn. It was a perverse pleasure in seeing a noble human woman satisfying lowly Emberborn men. She, on the other hand, loved the feeling of human men giving up their seed for her. Of course, she knew Liddy was never really degraded, nor should she, but the social stigma did make it more interesting. Same with the men inside her then. One holding her legs, working inside her tiny womb already full of seed, and the other down her throat as she laid on her back. She swallowed greedily the moment she felt it flow through the member on her tongue. Her own climax caused the flow of seed from the man between her legs and her feet to tingle. Another man, unable to wait, put his seed all over her chest and the sweat-covered breasts that had been bouncing with the thrusts.

A whistle blew in the distance and the men suddenly started collecting their clothing. They were reluctant to go, but they had all been satisfied at least once. Liddy waved them off as she wandered over to Emma and started climbing on top of the crate to mount her. She smiled as seed dripped down from her breasts to land on the elf's breasts before Liddy pressed her body against her.

"Orders complete!" came from the clockwork who had removed all of their packaging from the cargo bay.

"Standby," Liddy commanded.

"We do have things to do," Emma mentioned, licking along Liddy's cheek.


"What's your name?" Inky asked, trying to hide her surprise and confusion.

"Harriot, Ma'am!" came the reply.

"You have family?"

"Yes, Ma'am! Parents and two brothers, Ma'am!"

"Any chance you were adopted? Family in other cities? An older sister?"

"No Ma'am," Harriot replied, with confusion on her face.

Inky looked back at Juno, who nodded in agreement. She then looked back at the young soldier who, except for some faint freckles on her nose and a slightly smaller set of breasts, looked almost identical to Hannah. Although, Inky admitted as she looked at them, they were ample enough by most standards.

"Why do you want to sign on for work guarding women engaged with harlotry that you may get involved with yourself?"

"My parents just married me to the putz I've been beating up since childhood. He would never leave me alone, so now I want to get away from him and live on a ship where he won't be welcome. And if I happen to write letters about the things I do with total strangers, it's a bonus." She answered with a smirk. "Ma'am!"

Inky stared at the young woman, still having a hard time not believing it was a younger Hannah. "You're in. Grab a shower and pack your kit."

Harriot saluted and moved quickly, despite having been put through the paces all day.

Inky gave another look to Juno, who shrugged, before turning to the rest of the girls who were now throwing each other into the dirt of the training yard. She had a few more to pick out.


Easy was upset and nervous. The black blisters on her mother's back had spread downwards. None of the medicine that had been tried did anything to stop their growth, and now she watched from a window above the surgery theatre as the doctors began operating.

"We are going to cut each blister lengthwise to relieve some pressure prior to removing the growths," the doctor stated before proceeding.

Mari held Easy by the hand tightly as they watched the doctor start to cut. The nurse sat on the floor in front of Easy's mother, checking to see if she felt any pain and getting a slight shake of the head in return.

"With those cuts complete, it seems there is still some tissue containing-"

The whole surgical team and everyone in attendance started as the black flesh burst in an explosion of glitter and the fluttering of wings.

"Holy fucking ow!" howled the fairy on the table. "Fuck that hurt! What the hell was that shit?!"

The stupefied stares from everyone remained until Mari spoke to Easy. "She and Leira are going to get along fantastically."


Juno was due for a shower when the final selections had been made. When she arrived, she stripped down and got under the water to cool off. Despite not being one of the girls trying to impress Inky, it was still a day in the sun and running about. Of the hundred or so applicants from the capital, most from outside the regular army, only five had been suitable. Many were fine soldiers, but not all would have been right for the harlotry that came with it. Like her own squad, Inky only wanted girls who were confident enough in their sexuality to embrace it like the rest. The first test, of course, was to trot Vile out and send anyone who had issues with her home with a personal reprimand.

Lost in the relaxing shower, Juno almost failed to notice two of the recruits walking into the showers. They had been chatting, or rather griping about the rough day. They froze when they saw Juno and saluted.

"Girls, relax. Shower time is no place for saluting or formalities of any kind. Even if I was an officer."

"Yes, ma'am," replied a cute little blonde who had taken Inky down in hand to hand so quickly it startled everyone. "Will we be getting uniforms like yours?"

"Not entirely certain, but probably. Or something similar." Juno replied, turning around while keeping her body under the water stream. "Will probably find out once we get all sorted on the ship."

Juno watched as the two women, who had already stripped out of their sweaty fatigues, get under their own showers and turn the water on. The petite blonde, only a bit taller than Emma, had an ink pattern on her skin that didn't seem to be anything specific other than a curvy black design. It reached between her legs and framed her womanhood as well as looking a bit like an ink corset, curving below each breast without touching them. As she turned under the water, Juno could see the ink running along her spine in an intricate pattern that would have hurt like hell to have done.

The other woman had a much stronger frame, much like Inky, but more humble breasts. Her shockingly blue hair brightened instead of darkened when the water hit it. It was a lovely sky blue as it clung to her body.

"Oda, right?" Juno asked, hoping she had remembered correctly.

"Yes, ma'am," the tall woman replied.

"And Paje?" Juno turned to the tiny blonde, not much smaller than she was herself.

"Correct, ma'am."

"You two have any idea what you are getting yourselves into?"

"Probably not," Oda joked. "But we can work our way up. I'd better start with something small." She moved to stand over Juno, under her water stream. "Something easy to get into before I worry about bigger things."

Juno looked up at the woman looking down at her and decided to make a power play. "Then you had better get started." She stated flatly in the way officers usually did when trying to sound superior while giving orders.

Oda took the hint and got on her knees to kiss Juno on her feet, slowly working her tongue up her foot and over her legs.

Juno didn't even need to look to know what the footsteps behind her signalled. She felt a pair of breasts pressing into her back as her own were taken into the ink covered hands of Paje. It felt glorious to be on the little power trip with the new recruits as they touched her body. Oda had reached her thighs and bit at them gently while holding Paje by the bum.

"This sort of thing likely to happen often?" Paje asked, pinching Juno by the nipples as she did so.

"Yes," Juno moaned. "Pretty much everyone is fair game, though Inky likes to keep away from those under her command. But aside from her, every woman is almost always willing. Play it cool until you figure them out."

"So no walking up to someone and getting inside them without a word. Got it," Oda commented.

"Meh, that would probably be fine in most cases, but be aware in case it isn't," Juno replied, aching for her to stop talking.

When Oda finally put her tongue to the folds of flesh, warm despite the cool water, Juno went weak in the knees. She caught Juno when she slipped and laid her down on the tile. "Yeah, my tongue can do that. Let's see what yours can do."

Juno didn't care about the power reversal as Oda straddled her, putting her womanhood right on her face where she could use her tongue to taste her while looking up at the woman. Water dripped from her breasts as it ran down from her back. Then she felt another tongue between her legs.

Paje had pushed a pair of fingers inside Juno as she licked, and noticed the ease that they penetrated. While watching Oda work her hips, she put another finger inside and another until she was ready to try it all. She felt Juno spasm and scream into Oda's flesh once her whole hand was inside the woman. Paje clenched her fist and relaxed it over and over as she moved it around. She ground herself hard against the leg between hers as she got more aggressive with her fist. It wasn't until she felt a rapid tapping on her head that she let off and slid her hand out.

"I think I need some of that," Oda commented, standing up and letting Juno breathe.

Still on her knees, Paje pushed her whole hand right inside Oda and watched as she moaned at the intrusion. Juno knelt in front of Paje and kissed deeply as she put a merciful two fingers inside her, and worked them far more softly than she had received. Paje, in return, stroked the abused womanhood on Juno and massaged it gently with her free hand as their breasts pressed together. Her other hand continued to pleasure Oda. Juno reached her free hand up to feel the fist penetrating the woman over them, and to tease the little spot the fist wasn't touching.

When Oda couldn't hold back anymore, she moaned hard and fell to the tile. Juno pulled Paje and put her on top to make Oda satisfy her while she nibbled at her neck before moving to the petite girls' breasts. When the two of them finally forced a climax from Paje's body, they rested a moment under the running water.

"I can't imagine fucking a man will feel better than that," Paje commented.

"It's usually not," Juno and Oda replied at the same time.

The three girls laughed hard before deciding they had time to keep showering.


Liddy and Emma waited on the dock the ship was birthed in, waiting for everyone to arrive. Dressed as fine examples of class and dignity, in stark contrast to their earlier state. As the others gathered, Ving brought her racer down to land next to the group. She and Hannah exited the airship while Inky brought over the new recruits.

"Alright, everyone! Now that we are all here, we can start the tour of the new ship together," Liddy announced.

"We seem to be missing some people," Mari commented.

"Well, you know where Easy is. Leira is busy filling her tub with water."

"The new girl?" Cat asked, not needing to look about for the naga in case she missed her.

"She's already here. Rather she never really left. Now, we have some other new faces, so let's all look at them for a bit."

Everyone turned to face the five new girls in various uniforms standing at attention. Two of them, certain they would be stared at the most, were surprised to find themselves ignored.

Ving let out a high pitched gasp. "Oh my god! Another Hannah!" she shouted, rushing over to examine Harriot.

"I'm pretty certain we aren't related," Hannah commented as she walked over.

"Hush Hannah Two. I'm busy," Ving replied, looking at the young redhead.

Hannah gave Ving an amused side-eye glance.

Harriot was surprised herself, no longer confused about why she was asked about family. "My name is Harriot, ma'am."

"You pronounce Hannah One a little oddly, but I will allow it. Now, I have a particular fantasy in mind so you will need to study the script." Ving grinned in delight.

Hannah saw Harriot look at her for help or an explanation. "Sorry kid, I like this Assertive Ving. I'm riding this out."

"Look, if you want to make a show play out of this then, fine," Emma interrupted. "But let's do it on the ship and maybe entertain some clients with it."

Another gasp sounded, this time from the new recruits.

"I'm not the shortest on the ship!?" Paje exclaimed.

Emma stared blankly before giving out a sigh. "Apparently not."

"And I thought I'd be getting most of the attention." Muttered the woman, covered in snake scales.

Everyone had, of course, seen the woman - obviously an Emberborn cobra with her painted scales. It simply hadn't dawned on them to remark about it.

The woman beside her spoke up. "I was thinking the same thing," The woman looked at her artificial arm.

"Yes, let's meet the rest of our new people," Liddy stated. "Name, and the reason for being here - other than the pay."

Harriot, first in their formation, spoke first. "Harriot. Here for revenge against a forced marriage."

"Paje. Here because I mentioned being curious about sex with men to my all female gang. They didn't appreciate that."

"Oda. I honestly just saw the posting and thought it would be fun."

"Ela. When people started having to pay for Emberborn, I was let go from my owner in the lower city. Kept getting stiffed because of what I am for the work posted on the job board, until I saw the fox posting the paper announcing this gig."

"I go by Blaze now. I swatted a grenade away from my client and lost the arm a moment later. That's how I found out I'm resistant to magic, so no healing. The reason my whole right side is covered in flame-styled ink is to cover the scars. The noble was so shocked that he paid to have my arm replaced." She pulled off her jacket to show her whole arm was metal as she moved it.

"Yikes," Hannah commented. "I got a shrapnel shave a while back. Worst case for me was having to let my hair cover it. It's durable?" she asked, examining the arm.

"A pain to clean with it detached and only having the one arm. But this is definitely a combat model."

"That won't do," Liddy stated, before realising how her words might be misunderstood. "I mean, you should have another. How about we get you fitted for something more elegant to entertain with and use to help maintain the other. Can it be switched easily?"

Blaze was stunned. "Yes, very easily. But they are really expensive."

"I won't have a woman on my ship trying to make do with anything less than everything she needs."

Mari raised her hand.

Liddy snapped, "Fucking in my bed does not constitute a need!"

Everyone grinned at the faux argument. Blaze was still stunned.

"Moving on," Liddy announced, calling them to order. "Tour now, team meeting, then prep work to get things spiffy for clients."

Liddy mustered everyone in through the left side door of the forward cargo bay where the clockwork servants were sitting still against the wall.

"Alright, you may have noticed the cogs and clockwork people. They were donated by someone eager to capitalize on the slavery ban. So yeah. It would be nice if people just hired people, but it's a better option than slavery so let's make them look good." Liddy gestured to the staircase close by. "Those stairs lead to the bridge. Don't go up them now. The overall layout is very similar to our previous ship. It's just longer and wider with a third floor and greater tonnage."

"Anyone got an idea of how to work that third floor into the innuendo Liddy set up?" Hannah asked.

Liddy sighed. "Through that door, where we used to keep the laundry, food, and bathroom? It's now just the kitchen and the safe. No more unhygienic locations due to using the normal spaces for workrooms."

Everyone used to the old ship were pleased with the change.

"If we turn to face the rear, we see a long hall like before. Four rooms on each side. Four cabins will bunk soldiers, three to a room. Leira is in one with her tub. I've had a drain and pumping system all set up for her. Emma, you are across the hall from her. Hope is down here as well. Then one room for guests, since that seems to happen often enough."

They all slowly made their way through the narrow hall, the new recruits dropping their kit bags in the cargo bay.

"Now in the rear cargo bay, you will notice the two rooms in the rear corners. Those are the lavatories. Yes, private and away from anything else. Again, two doors outside on either side like before. Past this room is just the engine room. The girls from before wanted to stay with the ship once I give it to Harlotown since it's far safer than what we are going to be doing. Now, let's go up the stairs to the private bedrooms."

Taking the stairs in the docking bay upwards, Emma spoke up. "Leira wasn't in her room."

"We will find her soon, the hose on the stairs is probably filling the workroom with a bath. Now. Behind these double doors at the rear is my room. It is not for sex unless I am present."

Foxy went to raise her hand before stopping herself but Liddy noticed. They all paused and could start to make out the noise.

Liddy swung the doors of her room wide open and saw a mermaid with her arm inside the womanhood of the naga. In return, Leira had a hand from the Naga on each of her inflated breasts with the Naga's remaining two hands working between her legs while a long snake tongue penetrated deeply. They both stared at Liddy as if she was out of place.

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