tagSci-Fi & FantasySteampunk Harlots Ch. 38

Steampunk Harlots Ch. 38


Everyone who had a uniform was wearing one. Those who didn't were wearing a salacious approximation of what someone might wear if they were an adventurer or pirate in order to look dangerous. Thankfully they hadn't needed to visit any of the closed shops to find their costumes; Ving had enough leather pants of her own. Everyone was armed with at least a pistol, aside from Vile and Tonna - who were already far more dangerous than any gun.

The ship had set down close to the country manner, but the long path leading to the house took its toll on their patron. He handed a key to Hannah, who took it, trying not to judge the man. It seemed odd to her that he had endured their fun when they met but was weak and covered in sweat after a short walk. Had they not brought the ship with them, she could have understood, the hike would have taken an hour or so.

"Will you be joining us inside at all?" Hannah asked.

"Oh no," he replied, a bit quickly. "I'm sure you will have your hands quite full. I don't need you to worry about me. I'm sure I will be fine back on the ship."

Hannah grinned. Mari had drawn the short straw and stayed behind on the ship. The way the man had reacted to seeing her when he arrived gave a clear indication that she wouldn't be missing out on all the fun. Though she wondered how his stamina would hold out if he was winded yet again from the walk back. Deciding it wasn't her problem, Hannah approached the house, where they could start to hear the sounds of music and voices. The whole manner seemed a bit run down and overgrown on the outside - at odds with the lively noise inside.

Foxy watched Hannah opening the heavy lock on the front door, remembering the last time she had gone to a country mansion that looked like someone was trying to restore. Of course, once the doors were open, she could see and hear a lively party going on where the inside looked immaculate. The only thing that seemed out of place was the sound of their client trying to make his way back to the ship in a hurry. She concluded that he seemed to think sex was only proper if there was privacy.

The girls marched in with parade step and formality until they all stood at rest in front of those in the lobby, who seemed to be approving of their arrival. There seemed to be a collection of men and women, something that was greatly appreciated by Juno and the others.

"Welcome!" a man in a fine suit greeted with open arms before clasping them around Hannah's arms. "You are most magnificent! Please, enjoy your stay! Guests are everywhere so feel free to explore and enjoy yourselves."

Hannah was relieved, she had hoped the formalities would be limited. "Thank you, I assure you that we will."

As the group broke formation to go mingle, Inky turned to Vile and Tonna, who had hung back on the front steps. She was going to nod them inside when she saw their attention on the pair of groundskeepers who were trying to unobtrusively sneak out the front door. The strapping men who carried their tools to do some yard work smiled at the demon and naga on their way out. It wasn't until they passed around the corner of the house that Vile looked back to see Inky.

Vile cocked her eyebrow, and Inky laughed and nodded to let her have fun. The other hired help weren't clients per say, but it also wouldn't take long for Vile to have her fun either.

Tonna slithered after Vile to catch up with the men.


Oda and Ela found themselves a bit lost in the house. Not really sure what they should do, they opened the first door that they could hear voices through, and came across a pair of men working their game on a lady who had lost her dress and had only a corset and her garters with stockings remaning. Normally, one would slowly back out on a private moment, but Oda had hoped to find guests already past the point of conversation.

Ela could taste the air but only smelled the interested scents from Oda that had been building since they were getting ready on the ship. Once they were close enough though, the lustful scents filled her tongue and she could feel her body quiver with anticipation. The woman looked over her with desire, the body of an upright walking cobra not stopping her from laying hands on her breasts. She hissed in pleasure at being able to forget about the shame she normally felt over her appearance. For a while at least.

The men looked at Oda. She smiled, seeing one of their trousers already unfastened, she slid her hand inside to find he wasn't too big for what she wanted. Bending at the waist, she leaned forward and pulled him out of his pants to take him into her mouth. She worked her tongue over the shaft to make it hard. The feeling of it reaching far back into her throat was almost soothing to her. The muscles flexing around it, and trying to swallow it. She held him as long as she could before letting him go so she could get some air. She took a moment to unsling her rifle and put it against the wall; her hips were grabbed by the other man, who bent her back over to attend to his friend while he lifted her skirt to find her uncovered wetness.

Ela had never expected the woman to dive between her legs. Her mouth hung open as the woman ran her human tongue over her clit and started pushing her whole hand inside her body. She wrapped her tail around the woman's leg and used the tip to penetrate her under her garments. None of the girls on the ship had made a move on her yet, and she had so desperately wanted a woman. Now, her fantasy was real as she held onto a table to brace herself against the efforts of the woman. She saw Oda, bent over between the two men who assaulted her body with their vigorous penetrations, and wasn't surprised her heavily built figure was able to take it.

Oda wasn't sure how her body could manage the side of the man inside her womb. He seemed impossibly big, yet not so much that any pain was discomforting. An ideal size, she wondered if she could keep him on the - ship or at least measure so she knew what her perfect size was so as to recognize it in the future. She felt the hot burst of fluid flow down her throat and climaxed hard herself. Despite the chance to catch her breath afterwards, he seemed to have no intentions of slowing down and pushed right back down her throat, as if breathing was an inconvenience to be avoided.

When Ela climaxed, her arms and legs gave out and she fell onto the table.

The woman climbed on top of Ela and kissed her, holding the tail inside her with her hands, using it like a toy. Then she switched to straddle Ela and let her taste her wetness, while she herself enjoyed the taste of the tail that had been inside her.

Ela wasn't sure how to have asked for it since the clients' pleasure is what mattered, but the fact they had both wanted the same thing made it easy for the cobra woman to simply enjoy the moment.

Oda didn't notice any slowdown in the thrusts between her legs when she felt him burst inside her. He groaned like an animal - the way she liked men to sound when they seeded her. While a lot of men had disappointed her during sex, neither of the men inside her at the moment came close to letting her down.


Laurel and Astra were both bent over the baseboard of a bed while they each had a man behind them thrusting hard into their bodies. They moaned in pleasure while they watched Conna riding a man. Conna's naked back facing them as they watched her hips work, the whole view sensual in the rhythm that it worked. They could have been satisfied just with the view alone. Laurel screamed in climax, getting rammed extra hard by her partner. She finally went quiet and started gasping again at each of the thrusts that had never stopped. Astra smiled at her. They were having fun!


Blaze had wanted to be with Liddy again but of course, knew they couldn't if they were to be entertaining clients. It had surprised her when the man that found her had an artificial leg. It was exactly what she had hoped to find to avoid any judgement, though she knew plenty who judged for flaws that they had themselves. While his position on top of her wasn't particularly adventurous, the thrusts of his manhood reminded her why it was the go-to position for most sexual encounters. At least the ones between men and women. She wasn't sure if his leg was giving him an edge, but when he put both of hers on his shoulders, she couldn't think straight enough to care. The sound of Liddy in the next room screaming was enough to push her over the edge.


Liddy hadn't expected an Emberborn mastiff hound man to be at the party, but she certainly didn't decline the invitation to present her bum in the air for him to mount. She was in tears of pleasure as the hound rapidly worked himself in and out of her body.

The stallion laying in front of her held her by the head and worked it over himself, like he was using her mouth to clean off his horse cock. When he shoved it down her throat, she choked and panicked until she turned blue and he let her breath long enough for her to beg for more. Her screams from the thrusting inside her womanhood made it difficult to lick the long shaft before its next violation of her mouth.

Then she suddenly felt the thrusts stop. The bulbous knot of the hound pressed harder against her womanhood until suddenly it pushed inside, locking it inside her while his seed filled her body. The horse suddenly covered her face with seed before it was shoved into her mouth. Her own climax made her pass out for several minutes. Neither of her partners withdrew from her body, the horse barely letting her breathe. When Liddy became aware of her senses again, she was happy to find them still where she wanted them.


Mari wasn't sure what to do, the man didn't quite seem interested. As if he had other concerns with the party going on because he often glanced towards the house instead of her.

"They will be a while, so why not enjoy yourself here?" Mari

asked, trying to drop a hint with her non-subtly uncrossed legs.

"I keep expecting there to be some shooting going on," he replied.

"There usually isn't," Mari responded. Even she knew the girls were too professional to be showing off with actual gunshots to impress nobility.

"Ah well, that makes sense I suppose." He laughed like it was a silly thought.

Mari looked down at her breasts, contained only by fishnet, wondering if they were perhaps too big. She knew Hannah had had her fun with him so she knew he liked ladies.

"It's just that the last group I hired didn't do any shooting either," he continued.

"Alright..." Mari was confused at just what he was expecting harlots to do at parties.


Easy found herself in an empty bedroom. She had thought she heard a noise, but without anyone there, it struck her as odd until she heard movement in the closet. Opening the door, she found a young woman suddenly very happy to see her.

"Finally!" she shouted as she laughed. "Some people take jokes too far!"

Easy was relieved; she had hoped the fact that a woman was locked in a closet was a joke rather than something more sinister. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, quite. Though I'd like to throttle whoever coined the phrase 'In the closet' for hiding one's interest in the fairer sex."

Easy laughed. It had been the punchline she had been thinking of when trying to puzzle out why the woman had been in there. "Well, you are safe now."

The young woman twirled about in her gown, taking time to lean forward and show off her bust afterwards. "Is there anything you have a fondness for that I can offer in thanks?"

Easy fluttered her wings in excitement as she plunged her long tongue down between the soft breasts pressed tightly together. The woman gasped and kissed Easy, using her own tongue to lick the long one reaching her chest.

A few moments of furious disrobement later and Easy was on top of the young woman, her blonde locks spread out over the pillow of the bed. She smiled while Easy held herself over her, the long tongue stretching down to tease the woman's nipples while she giggled and pinched the ones hanging over her. Easy moaned, surprised to feel her touch was as talented as Mari, pulling and twisting in just the right ways. Slowly, Easy lowered herself to press her breasts against those of the woman below her. Easy kissed her deeply. Their legs tangled together as they started to press their womanhoods against each other.


Vile and Tonna had been watching the men work for a while, their shirts off while they did the sweaty work on the hedges at the rear entrance. They had glanced over at them a few times, and Vile could see the bulges in their pants. Tonna slithered beside Vile as they finally decided they were done watching.

The two men, realising their torture was over, put down their tools and met them on the grass boulevard where they dropped the rest of their coveralls.

The two women marvelled at the large, muscular men shining with sweat.

Tonna couldn't keep the scales that covered her womanhood closed if she wanted to, they slid open as hard as they could. The man closest to her took the hint and jumped to straddle her snake body and bury himself inside her. Tonna moaned hard as he pushed deeper into her than most normal men could. The thrusts hit hard and his hands shoved away the silk covering her breasts to handle them as roughly. Her own four hands held the two strong arms that used her breasts as braces to thrust deeper and harder into her. It took real effort not to wrap him with her tail because she knew it would crush him.

Vile didn't usually get taken from behind, but as she braced against the stone railing around the rear steps, she felt him pushing into her with vigour. Her hooves were spread wide and her tails wrapped around him. Beneath her, her massive breasts swung back and forth. She considered asking him to switch to her bum and satisfying some of her curiosity when he suddenly pulled out and plunged into her bowls on his own. Vile gasped and climaxed immediately at the sudden violation and fulfilled desire. Her tails pushed inside her newly vacant womanhood, and she started pushing herself against his thrusts to make them stronger and deeper. She fell back to sit over him and put her whole weight into the penetration.

Another groundskeeper who came around the corner saw them suddenly rushed over, stripping out of his clothing as he ran. Vile took out her tails to invite him into her, happy to have another man show up just when she wanted. As he pushed inside her, she could feel both men pressing against each other inside her, separated by only a few layers of flesh, and both of them hitting the best spot inside her from both sides.

Tonna had to admit she loved the sight of the demon supporting herself backwards on all fours, taking the two men inside her. She slithered over, keeping the man thrusting into her, and kissed Vile. She felt the tails wrap around her arms as she used two of them to fondle the massive red breasts. Seed burst into her as the man savaged her snake body, and she watched, the man pulled out of Vile to cover her belly with his white seed before pushing his manhood back inside her. Tonna watched the wonderful contrast in the flesh as the fair skin slid in and out of the red while her tongue ran over the red belly to clean up the seed. Afterwards, she kissed Vile to share the taste of the seed with her.


Hannah had been keeping her distance from the clients. She had caught the attention of Foxy, who seemed to be having the same thoughts.

"I think if it was a trap they would have sprung it by now." Foxy grinned.

"Yeah, isolated properties are good spots for illegal or whatever, but it's not always a mass kidnapping." Hannah laughed. "It's easy to forget that this sort of thing isn't normal for most people. Plus, you saw how dead the city got. It was like a ghost town when we left. Nobody even manned the docking control radio tower."

"The one day that people wouldn't be noticed as missing since everyone else is in their homes. Except for maybe family. One white lie later and they are in the country engaged in debauchery."

"Someday people will learn that oppressing a lifestyle only forces it to the extreme. If they really wanted to stop seeing it, they should just ignore it and let people be."

Foxy smiled. "I'll add that to the list, alongside treating Emberborn as people because they are, and that feeding poor people doesn't encourage them to stay poor."

"If I ever start writing laws as Queen, I will go through that whole list and shove it down everyone's throat."

"Give me a few weeks. It's a long list to write it all down."

"Start once we are done. Until then, go have some fun."

Foxy saluted with a smile and went off to find someone to yank her tail.

Hannah kept walking around the ballroom and observing to make sure everything went alright. So far, everything was perfect. She watched Ving scream happily between two men on the dance floor as they held her up between them.


Hope had found the shrine in a bit of a dusty state when she had walked in. She hadn't been surprised that a house full of people using her crew would have let their oppressive religion fall by the wayside.

After setting her mace down, she had cleaned the shrine out of habit more than respect.

She would be relieved to have gotten rid of the dust when her face was pressed against it and her body mounted moments later as each thrust from behind her slammed her body into it. She had only worn the more decorative pieces of her armour rather than the full bulk and they clinked against each other and the shrine as her body moved.

The man had spotted her in the shrine, and it was obvious he wanted the fantasy of defiling a holy girl. He commented and questioned her about how it all felt - as if it really were her first time.

Hope loved the thrill of her virginity being taken over and over with each new man assumed her holy cloth was white for that reason. It amused her how everyone saw her as pure before they put themselves inside her, yet she had been with more men than they would ever believe. The same people who would judge a girl harshly for being with any man out of wedlock and condemn her for being impure because of it. Yet they could never tell how supposedly impure she was simply because she wore holy robes. Not that Hope was against virginity or the commitment to it, but it seemed a foolish standard for someone to set for someone else.

Hope pushed away and wriggled free of the impaling member inside her, only to kneel before the man, opening her mouth wide to accept his seed on her face and breasts as she pulled them free of her robes. Pushing herself up higher on her knees, she let him rub his member across and between her breasts while she pressed them together for him. Thankfully for Hope, he remained stiff, and she took him in her mouth to enjoy her taste on him and drain the last few drops of seed from him before standing up. She lifted one leg and opened herself to his reentry as she put the leg around the man to keep him inside. Then, holding on tight, she did the same with the other leg so she hung off him as he bounced her body on his manhood. Hope was happy he could maintain himself, even after letting loose another load of seed inside her body. They kissed deeply as the seed remained on her face.


Juno walked into a room on the hunt for a woman only to find Inky riding on top of a man. She watched as he gripped her by the hips, grunting loudly. Juno watched as Inky teased her breasts as the man filled her with his seed before suddenly going limp. A hard snore came from the man as Juno stifled a laugh that he had gone out so quickly. She watched as Inky got off the man, his long manhood slipping out of her. Juno was relieved to be alone with Inky, her naked body on display, so she could admire Inky without a client distracting them.

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