tagLoving WivesSteamy Nights Ch. 01

Steamy Nights Ch. 01


My oh my, it may take a long time to get over the weekend. Whew, it couldn't have been hotter if we'd met them in hell!

To begin with, they'd rented this suite of rooms with a jacuzzi, and she had placed candles all over the place. Only minutes after we got there, she (I'll call her Zoe) stood up, started putting water into the jacuzzi, along with lots of bubbles and some bath oil.

Zoe had body lotion to match, and began to rub it along my arm, filling my nostrils with a sexy, musky scent while the room filled with steam, slowly getting me used to the soft, smooth hand of another woman running along my skin.

I felt a little awkward, but my insides started to melt, until I was sure I'd end up in a puddle on the floor; knowing what I know now about Zoe, she's have probably lapped me back up like a cat on cream!

When the tub had filled, she stood up and said it was time to soak. She designated the guys as our cabana boys, and told them that the task of fetching things for us while we soak was theirs.

In the meantime, they sat in chairs across the room, desperately looking at the half wall that hid the tub from view, knowing that they'd have to depend on sound to know what was going on.

She took me by the hand and walked me over to the tub. She has medium length blond hair, blue, blue eyes that I could've drowned in, and a honey gold body with a few, tasteful tattoos on her chest and thighs.

We're both about 5 foot 4, but she's a little slimmer than I am, and I have reddish-brown hair with dark green eyes. She started to take off her shirt, when her boyfriend (we'll call him Marc) interjected that we should undress each other.

A wicked gleam lit her eyes as she looked at me, and began to peel off my shirt. I heard Pierre and Marc catch their breaths from across the room. Then she turned me around to undo my lacy black bra, pinched my nipple lightly...and I began to burn inside, hot flames of lust licking at my belly.

She peeled off my jeans, and I stood there in nothing more than my black lacy brazillian underwear. She eyed me up and down, telling me how sexy I looked, and oh so slowly slid the undies down my thighs, stopping only to give my pussy a light spank! Oh, how did she know that would drive me wild?

Now it was my turn to undress her. I started by peeling off her lime green tank top, then her white lacy bra. She stood before me like a tanned goddess, beautiful breasts jutting proudly from her slim body, her nipples already hard.

My mouth was suddenly devoid of all wetness as I gazed on her beautiful form. I slid off her shorts, leaving her standing in a tiny lime green thong. She winked at me, telling me how she liked to match, and flashed her lime green tongue ring at me.

On anyone else this may have seemed over the top, but not on Zoe; on her it was cute, and very, very sexy. Suddenly all the things I've heard about tongue rings and oral sex flashed through my mind, and I thought, "Oh my God!"

I slid the thong down her shapely legs, revealing a freshly shaved pussy; I almost moaned aloud.

She took my hand and led me into the hot, bubbly water. It felt like silk against my feverish skin. I didn't turn to look, but I knew that my husband and Marc were eyeing us eagerly. I could almost feel their hot gazed burning into my back.

I slid into the tub, and watched Zoe do the same. She began to slide her leg slowly up mine, causing a shiver to rub up my spine. I began to do the same, hesitantly, shyly. We sat like this for a while, slowly turning the heat up inside each other.

Finally I heard Marc call out from the other end of the room that he and Pierre couldn't see anything, and that they'd really enjoy seeing our breast rub together.

Zoe knelt in the tub, and pulled me up with her. Her fingers ran slowly down my wet back as she pulled me toward her and kissed me softly, gently, her tongue running lightly over my lips.

I met her tongue with mine, delighting in the softness of my first kiss from another woman, and felt our breasts, both a nice, big C cup, rub wetly against each other, our hard nipples almost flicking each other. Talk about heaven.

She ran one hand up my torso to my nipple, toying with it, while the other ran up my thigh, teasingly, finally making contact with my nether lips, still flicking my tongue with hers.

It must have been really hot, because the smoke detector went off. I guess it could have been the steam from the bath, but I am absolutely sure that the heat we were generating was enough to set off the least sensitive of detectors!

We jumped out of the tub, not entirely sure that the hotel management wouldn't come in to check what had set off the alarm. We wrapped each other up in the fluffy white towels that the hotel provided, and sat together on the couch while Marc called up the front desk to let them know what had happened. "Drat," I thought, " and it was getting so interesting too!"

The towels just skimmed the top of our thighs, and our men's eyes gleamed at the sight of the two of us. I sat there with my legs demurely crossed at the ankle, so unfamiliar with being half-naked with an audience.

Zoe was sitting with her legs wide open, allowing Matt (my husband) and Marc and I tantalizing glimpses of her smooth pussy as she talked animatedly. She told me to lie back, and let the boys catch a glimpse of my neatly trimmed pussy as well. As soon as I had leaned back and uncrossed my legs, her hand travelled up my thigh, gave my pussy a gently slap, then moved up to pinch my nipple a little harder than what she'd given me so far.

My breath caught in my chest at the double stimlulation. Her hand then travelled back to my thighs, lower belly, and again to my dampening pussy, as she chatted casually about past experiences her and Marc have had in The Lifestyle.

She made the "cabana boys" strip, stating that it wasn't fair that we were exposed and they weren't. I've never seen guys fly out of their clothes that fast in my life!

Suddenly she looked over at Marc and told him how wet I was getting, and that she just couldn't wait to get a taste. My legs tried to close reflexively, as my shyness parted through the haze of lust that was nearly blinding me. She slid off the couch, and knelt at my feet. One hand continued to rub my soaked pussy while the other massaged my outer lips and mound. "HMMM, heaven," I though, but I was still too shy to say it out loud.

She leaned over and slid her tongue down my swollen cleft, working her way adeptly towards the wetness that lay beneath. Finally, her tongue flicked my clit and I moaned out loud, forgetting my shyness. I leaned back and just enjoyed, while she continue her soft, tender ministrations to my now aching cunt.

Shivers electrified every nerve ending in my body, while my befuddled brain tried puzzling out the fact that while the movements, the actions were so very similar to what Matt has done on so many a sexy, pleasurable occasion, the tongue and lips of this woman felt so different stroking me.

I heard Marc say from the corner that the guys should come over and help Zoe out, seeing as they had two mouths, and I happened to have two sexy, very lonely breasts just begging for attention. I felt rather than saw them kneel on either side of zoe, and I almost jerked right off the couch as both mouth started simultaneously began to suck on my nipples. It was too much, by hazy brain couldn't process everything, and I just lost myself in the sensations.

Marc grabbed my hand, and brought it to his hard cock...it was a strange feeling, since the only cock I've played with in a long time is Matt's...he was bigger round, but not as long as Matt. I then moved my other hand to grab Matt, and started working them both over, faster and faster as I got closer and closer to cumming.

I exploded, rearing up, but all three of their mouths stayed right with me, never leaving my fevered body, then slowing down as I recovered, smoothing kisses over my hot body.

Zoe leaned over and kissed Marc, and he moaned as he licked her lips free of my copious pussy juices. Matt leaned over and kissed me, whispering to me what a good girl I'd been, and how sexy watching all of this had been.

I told Zoe to switch places with me, and that it was her turn, but she said she had to run to the bathroom. For some reason, when she got back, we got to talking about other things, and the moment passed.

Zoe made some remark about how sad the men looked, soft and depressed looking, and made them sit side by side on the couch, while I knelt in front of her lover, and she knelt in front of mine. I wasn't sure where to begin; I knew what it was that Matt enjoyed, but it had been a while since I had pleasured anyone else!

I ran my hands over his inner thigh, then teased his balls with the very tips of my fingers with feather like strokes. My tongue followed lightly, and I took him into my mouth, sucking and licking gently to start, getting bolder as I went on.

I glanced over, and saw Zoe's head bobbing up and down over Matt's very erect dick; he had his head thrown back and really appeared to be enjoying what she was doing.

Her method is different than mine....I like to vary speeds and strokes, using my hands a lot to tease, but she's very direct, very fast...and Pierre was very much into the differences. Then again, so was Marc; I glanced up and saw him smile at me, such a sexy smile...he's a very handsome man; my age, with black hair and blue eyes...very striking. I felt my face change to an expression of sheer naughtiness.

All of this felt so deliciously naughty, and in that moment I felt so very sexy. I must have showed, because Marc and I kept looking at each other with matching naughty, sexy looks. Without warning, Marc threw his head back and came, deep in my throat; there was so much cum I couldn't catch it all, and I started to lick it off my fingers, while he watched, smiling.

Zoe called me over to help her, as Matt was close to cumming, and his fantasy came true; while Zoe sucked faster and faster on his extremely hard dick, I licked and sucked at this balls. I felt Marc come up behind me and start to play with my pussy, tickling my clit, and stroking my inner walls gently. He had a perfect view from there of my ass, with the tattoo of the phoenix spreading down from my lower back to my tailbone.

My hand came up, and I began to play with Zoe's pussy, feeling for the first time what another woman feels like from the inside. I could see Matt's's hand come up to play with her nipple.

The pace became frenzied, all three of us were moaning, and we all came at once, while Zoe and I lapped up all the cum that flew out of Matt. We kissed then, both of our tongues tasting of Matt.

I was a little upset, as I didn't get to fulfill my wish of licking her clean...but just as I was thinking exactly that, Zoe leaned over and whispered in my ear, "We'll call that a 68; I ate you, and you owe me one!"

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