tagSci-Fi & FantasySteamy Romance Novel: Human

Steamy Romance Novel: Human


It's an expansion on a warcraft dirty joke. Not really all that great. Figured I'd give it a go anyway.

Chapter 1 What's the Reward

The sun over Westfall was setting as Nahni glided up the path to the stone tower. Her thin cloth armor, soaked to the thread, clung to every facet on her voluptuous figure. The grizzled warrior gave her a hard stare as he watched her leisurely approach. Motioning down the hill, he stopped just short of a breath of her, "I suppose you're here to collect the reward for killing those murlocs?" He fought to keep his hazel eyes on her freckled face.

Her piercing green eyes wandered down to the glowing broadsword at his side. "Well, that depends on what the reward is, Shane." A sultry grin slid onto her face as she twirled her blonde curls playfully. She pretended not to notice how he shifted uncomfortably in her presence, rubbing the scar on his lip.

Shane stood up straight, bristling with a mixture of fear, anger, and pride. "The reward is not negotiable!" He paused for a moment while gathering his nerve, and pressed himself against her diminutive form. Their lips met hotly, melting what was left of her frost armor spell and evaporating the moisture in a torrent of

sweltering vapor.

"Well, if there's another step to this quest, I think I may need to upgrade my armor," she teased, her eyes glittering with excitement.

A touch of frost left his lips as he spoke, "I think we can arrange a suitable reward if you can do a bit of an escort quest." Walking up the path to the stone tower, Nahni followed with anticipation to where this quest would lead.

Rounding the back of the tower, he guided her to a wardrobe adorned in a newly fashioned robe. "I think this suitable for you. It's a nice upgrade from what you have now."

Slipping off her old wrappings, exposing her lightly sun kissed bronze skin, she examined its quality. Draping it over herself, she walked up to Shane, "Don't you think it's a bit revealing?"

He tried to hide the subtle grin that worked its way on his face, "I hear the less armor is seen, the less likely you'll be attacked."

"I suppose so," she said pressing herself against his armor. "Though I suppose we should check its durability." Nimble fingers slid over his armor as she cast a spell teleporting it to the wardrobe. "Wouldn't want it tearing in the middle of action."

Feeling her bony fingers pressing against his robust chest, he put his hand towards his weapon of choice. "Oh, what did you have in mind? A duel?"

Grabbing a hold of it before he could, she smirked, "You could say that." She licked her lips as she repeatedly sheathed and unsheathed his broadsword.

"Ah... I hope you're not a frost mage," he said as he fought for control of his weapon.

"For you, I think I can bring the fire," she said playfully. Grabbing her, he pinned her against the wall. The air around them sizzled as she cast her molten armor spell as their lips met. Taking his sword and stabbed at her repeatedly. The battle went back and forth until she cried out and her molten spell was broken.

His hand planted firmly against the wall, he rested his forehead against hers, "I-I guess... I win this one..."

Her green eyes locked firmly against his, she smiled, still sizzling, "I want a rematch..."

Chapter 2 Rough Seas and the Motion of the Ocean

Night enfolded the harbor town, paired with a mist which reduced visibility to only a mere few meters. The murky grey of the fog was broken by the torches lining the docks.

A figure stood among the stakes, as a haven from the shadows that threatened to envelop her. A light wind flowed from the sea, stirring the hem of her robe around her feet, causing the finely fashioned azure material to waver around her form in the breeze. The robe was made practically – formed of frostweave and reinforced with leather for warmth, and fitted loosely – and still failed to hide her subtle hourglass figure beneath. The cloth flowed smoothly around the curve of her breasts, and her cloth belt only served to accentuate the desired curvature from her toned waist down over her hips – hinting teasingly at the body it concealed. Long flame red streaks entwined with darkened blond hair fell loosely down her back. The movement of her hair coupled with the flickering light of the torches made it appear to burn as it cascaded in coiled waves down to the small of her back.

A burst of bright light from an incoming ship cut through the darkness, highlighting the features of her face. The emerald green of her eyes glowed brightly and her full red lips pursed as she turned away from the wash of warmth that accompanied.

Stepping back as the boat came upon the port, Nahni watched all manner of man and beast disembark from the vessel before she herself boarded. The frost on her breath reminded her of how arduous the journey from the dwarven city to here was. Unfortunately, the opportunity to receive tutelage from one of Lady Proudmoore's mages was an offer never to be passed up.

Nahni leaned against the gunwale of the ship as it swayed back and forth. She watched the surf crash against the haul as the ship sailed through the night. She would look up every now and then to find a group of sailors behind her jabbering on and laughing with each other. A smile came to her lips when she saw out of the corner of her eye one of them point at her and thrust his hips suggestively. Every once in a while, Nahni would look their way, and wink or blow one of them a kiss which caused that one to smirk as he'd continue talking to his mates.

The boat lurched and Nahni lost what little balance was granted to her and fell forward. Closing her eyes and raising her arms to brace her fall, she was caught in the muscular human arms. Instinctually grabbing on to the arms, she opened her eyes, finding the deck further away than she'd thought she'd be from it.

"By the Light, Thank you," she said as she repositioned herself and regaining her balance. She looked back to find a rather tall man, wrapped in a cloak, wearing a cowl as silver and blue plate mail poked from out. Making sure she was stabile on her feet, he let her go and seemed to lift his hand to scratch his face.

"It was my pleasure," the man said pulling the cowl from over his face. Jet black hair was parted to the sides of his face, revealing under the torch lights, his deep hazel gaze to go along side his growing grin.

"My god, Shane," she exclaimed throwing her arms around his neck and hanging from him as she pulled herself up and kissing him passionately. Returning her kiss and wrapping his arms about her hips, he gracefully returned her to the floor before she pulled away. "What are you doing here? I thought they sent you to Duskwood to keep the Scourge at bay?"

"They initially did," he said letting her go and standing back to full height. "But Lady Proudmoore requested aid in Theramore. So here I am, though it is quite the shock to find you here too. Did you answer her call as well?"

"No, not exactly anyway. Her fellow mages in the city are offering their teachings to those that would come to learn. So I'm returning to finish my studies," she said returning to the gunwale and starring out at the sea.

Shane walked up beside her and wrapped a warm arm around her waist and snuggled in close to her side. "Well, we'll be in Theramore soon enough, my fair young sea-maiden. I'm sure we can find a nice stable place to sleep. If you don't mind sharing a room with an old dog like myself, that is," smiling sweetly.

Nahni said nothing at first, only looked at Shane's face as she watched his lips move adorably over his words. Her hand fell to his inside his cloak onto his strong thigh and glided slowly up his plate to rest at the quoin where both his strength and weakness for her laid. "We'll see," she said as she giggled as his face turned notably red.

The unloading at Theramore went quickly, and the two walked into the city. The innkeeper stepped out and threw her arms open, "Nahni, long time, no see. Come in. You'll never guess who's here", she pulled Nahni's ear to her and whispered. Shane saw a slow smile spread across Shane's lips, and a wicked glint in her eye as she turned and walked on, leaving him to carry his bags and some of hers.

Picking up their belongings and moving them off to the side, Shane caught sight of Nahni practically leaping up and running over to into the arms of a nearby high elf. His pinkish skin covered in scars from battling the endless waves of trolls in the Hinterlands. "Arotar," she practically shouted into his ear, throwing her arms around his neck. "It's so good to see you. It's been years, haven't heard a word from you since you left for home. You haven't gone all Horde on me now, have you?"

The elf simply smiled to her, "No, I'm still on your side, Nahni. How could I ever fight against you? Doing so would kill me inside."

Nahni grinned, "And so you couldn't write, you sly hawk?"

Arotar grimaced, "Yes well, life has been rather hectic of late. Especially for an elf like myself."

The two chatted on for what seemed hours as Shane selected a room with a single bed in a corner with a vacant bunk next to it for Nahni. He figured that she may not use it, especially with the company she had found and how he was apparently forgotten. He then proceeded to changed into more casual clothing, eat dinner and then retire.

Returning to the room, he came to find Nahni laid out on his bed sleep in rather provocative attire. Her short bed robes flowed off of her, only covering just the top of her voluptuous breast and revealing her pale skin to the air of the room. Sitting on the side of the bed, the idea of taking her there crossed his mind but he resigned it. Folding the covers over her, he leaned in to kiss her, only to be surprised by thin arms wrapping about his neck and pulling him down and pressing his lips against hers.

For a moment, all thought escaped him mind as instinct took control, but then the memory of her with the elf ran through his mind. Taking her arms from around his neck and pulling away, he rose from the bed, leaving her on her hands and knees with pursed lips.

"Something is the matter I take it," she said crawling to the edge of the bed and laying down watching him pace about.

He rubbed his lips with his finger as the sensation of her kiss lingered. He sighed, "I don't think we should do this, Nahni."

"Well, the room is rather cold,' she said playfully. "But I'm sure me and you can do something to warm it right up."

"That's not what I meant," he said running his hand through his hair. "I don't think me and you are right."

"What," she exclaimed pulling herself to her feet and approaching him. "Why?!"

"You- You just seem very popular with the guys," he started backing away from her. "I wasn't really looking for a fling."

"Popular? You're talking about earlier, aren't you? God, Shane, is that really who you see me," she exclaimed as she went back and sat on the side of the bed.

"Well, what do you except me to think? Tonight alone, I watched you jump into the arms of another man right in front of me."

"Did you ever think that's because he was family," she retorted, crossing her arms.


"The elf you saw, Arotar. He's half blood. He is my aunt's son with a quel'dorei." She watched his face freeze in embarrassment.

"So you mean, when you jumped in his arms..."

"I was jumping into my cousin's arms that I hadn't seen in seven long years."

Walking over and sitting beside her on the bed, he buried his face in his hands and rubbed them roughly against the skin. "Ah, I'm a moron."

"Yes you really are," she said leaning against him. "And for the record, you are the 'only' man that I have ever been with."

He leaned his head on her shoulder and sighed, "I'm sorry. I really must be the world's largest idiot."

She ran her hand along his cheek, gently turning his face to hers, "That maybe true, but you're my idiot. And I won't have any other." She inclined her head and kissed him sensually before parting after a moment and smiling, "Besides, I find the fact you were jealous kind of sexy."

Shane leaned into her and tasting her once again, only stopping to whisper, "I would have it no other way." Nahni grinned like the fabled Cheshire, and slipped a hand into Shane's slacks, pushing them down a bit.

Slipping the rest of the way out of his pants and tearing out of his tunic, he started at her feet and kissed his way up her body. Nahni reached up as he reached her lips and caught his strong arms. She slowly wriggled against him as he ended with a kiss, full of love and lust, and naughty optimism against her lips.

A warm object pressed against her roost. A surge of pleasure radiated from that soft touch, and as Shane pressed forward slowly as he progressed into her sanctuary.

A few long moments later he was seated inside of her, his confidence resting against her barrier gently, and as she was now well ready for him, he began to slowly push and pull at her.

He continued to administer slowly to her; taking the peaks of her breast into his hands and twisted gently, pulling occasionally, and fondling, and kneading her breasts. His tongue slipped fluidly around hers and carefully explored every nook and cranny of her mouth. Nahni was overwhelmed by the full sensation she experienced as well as by the expert manner in which she was being treated by her lover. She moaned loudly against Shane's mouth as she arched her back, and writhed beneath her. Shane gripped her close as she contracted around him. Nahni went through several vicious gut wrenching zeniths, only allow Shane the ability to move during brief periods of serenity.

Falling to the bed, the two still united as one, Nahni purred contentedly, not entirely there, partially still riding her high. Shane pulled his head to his own, pressing his forehead to her. She lifted her chin and kissed his forehead before touching his nose to his. "See... Only you, you're the only one I need. No one else will do."

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