tagBDSMSteel and Lace

Steel and Lace


You stepped out of the shower, drying your hair. You had a towel wrapped around you and a smile on your face. I was waiting for you in the bedroom. I kissed you deeply, enjoying the way your body felt against mine.

You dropped the towel in your hands and the towel wrapped around you soon followed, leaving you naked and excited. You recognized the look in his eyes. I had something planned, but you had no idea what. Instead of worrying you, your ignorance of my plans excited you. I always strived to surprise you, to excite and satisfy you.

I led you to the bed and laid you down, kissing you again. You bit your lip in excitement, the suspense thrilling you. As you lay down, I slowly blindfolded you, blocking out all light, locking you into darkness. You felt a shiver of fear as the world disappeared, but you trusted me and knew I would never hurt you.

Then you felt me take your hands and slowly raise them over your head. You felt cold metal press against your hot skin. Then a soft clicking sound told you what was happening. I had handcuffed you to the headboard, your arms trapped above your head. You struggled, lightly to free yourself but you were getting excited at the same time.

Then you felt my mouth on your neck, kissing you softly down its length until I reached that point where your shoulder and neck met. There was a point there that I enjoyed teasing you with, a point where the nerves between the two met. This is where I bit you, not so hard as to leave marks, but not too gently either. You moaned in desire as my mouth continued down.

I reached your breasts, kissing the soft flesh, trailing my tongue along your skin. Your breath caught in anticipation, wanting me to wrap your aroused nipples in my lips, flick them with my tongue. Even to bite down oh so gently. But I didn't. Not right away. I waited until the anticipation built, waited until you were on the verge of begging me to do so. And when I finally did so, finally flicked my tongue across your swollen nipples, finally kissed them with my lips, finally embraced them softly with my teeth, you almost came.

Eventually, even this heavenly feeling had to come to an end. My lips continued their journey down the soft contours of your body. I licked, kissed and nibbled my way down until I reached your most tender of places. And, much as I had done with your nipples, I chose not to indulge right away. I chose to tease, to torment, you until, once again, you were on the very verge of begging. And this time, when my lips and tongue finally found the treasure we had both so long hoped they would find, you did explode. You struggled against your bonds, wanting nothing more than to wrap your hands through my long hair, to pull my face in even closer.

I continued my actions, licking you, flicking my tongue along your lips and engorged clit. I slid my fingers into you, feeling you squirm in pleasure and loving every moment. You came, again and again, screaming my name. Finally, you had had enough. You needed more than my fingers and tongue. You needed something harder. You tried to push me away, tried to tell me without words, what you wanted. You failed. I laughed, lovingly, and told you what it would take.

You rebelled at first. That wasn't you. You wouldn't do that. But I continued and the orgasms washed over you, driving you to the brink. Finally, you relented. You begged me. Begged me to slide myself into you. To make love to you. To fuck you. So long as I penetrated you with my hard cock, you didn't care. You wanted me inside you and right now.

Having gotten what I wished, I complied. I slid up to you, kissing you. Then I gently slid my turgid member into you. You came again, an unexpected orgasm, as I slid down until we were fully joined. I withdrew myself, teasingly, until merely the tip was left inside you. You whimpered, begging me for more.

Having no desire to leave you wanting, I pushed in, perhaps with more force than I had originally planned, but you had left me wanting as well. I plunged in, seeking to delve to the depths of your desire. You screamed, not in orgasm yet, but in sheer pleasure as I pistoned in and out. You kept begging me for more, to go harder and so I complied.

Finally, you screamed once more as you came, this orgasm the strongest of them all. You wrapped your legs around me, grinding against me in time with my thrusts. You writhed around me and I exploded, filling you with my heat.

I collapsed beside you and fumbled for the key to the handcuffs. Unshackling you from the bed, I slowly, tantalizingly, removed the blindfold from you. You quickly grabbed me and kissed me with a passion that had only been temporarily sated, showing me in that one kiss how much you enjoyed the surprise I had given you.

We curled up against each other, your head upon my chest and our arms wrapped around each other. With sighs of contentment, we both drifted off to sleep.

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