tagSci-Fi & FantasyStein's Girl Ch. 01

Stein's Girl Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Awakening

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was the bright light above her head. The first thing she felt was the cool feel of table's leather mat upon her naked back and legs. There were shelves and counters, all painted white, and bright stainless steel instruments. The walls were pale blue and the tiles of the dropped ceiling were white foam.

She ran her hands over her large naked breast and the feeling that gave her made her breath sharpen. Her left hand moved slowly down her flat belly and she slid the tip of her finger into the top of her shaved cunt. That feeling brought a little moan from her lips.

"You're awake. Good."

She moved here head to look at the man who was standing just above her right shoulder. He wore a white lab coat and the blue name tag on the coat read "DR. STEIN." He looked at his watch and made a little tic on the clipboard he was holding. He was bald, thin and probably about fifty years old

As she watched him she slid her finger further into her wet vagina and moved it slowly back and forth. She moaned again from the pleasure.

"Just awake and already the little slut aren't you." He sounded quite pleased and he moved to where he could watch her masturbate a little better. She looked speculatively at his crotch and saw that his cock was beginning to push against the fabric of his khaki pants.

"You're name is Angelique," said the man, leaning his head to the side as he watcher her finger move. Her chest heaved as she breathed deeply. "There are certain chemicals in your body and one of the side affects of them is that they are very likely to make you feel almost constantly horny. You are going to need sex probably once an hour or so in order to keep yourself in control. Do you understand?"

Angelique nodded her head. She squeezed her right nipple while her other hand continued its movement in her pussy.

"The benefit of these chemicals is that they should make you quite physically appealing to others, most especially other women." His voice as he spoke was clinical, a calm statement of facts and a strange juxtaposition to her wanton display of sexual energy. "They are a mixture of potent sex pheremones and other select chemicals, a real hodgepodge of this and that but a potent mixture nonetheless. Men will find you intriguing, but women will find you downright irresistible. These chemicals are to be found in your bodily fluids. Sweat and saliva will both contain them but the highest concentration is to be found in your vaginal fluids. Kissing you will turn women on. When they eat your pussy they will find themselves in heaven. The affect should be quite interesting."

Her fingers felt good to her but she wanted more.

"Fuck me." She breathed hard from desire as she looked at the bulge in his pants.

His eyes traveled from the activity being displayed in her cunt, up and over her smooth flat stomach to her well shaped breasts, finally settling on her pretty face. Her brown hair was long and fell in waves around her. He looked carefully at the space above her right ear and his long fingers reached out and brushed aside the hair there. The scar was almost invisible.

"Please fuck me." She repeated her request with more urgency.

"Not me sweetheart," he said without animosity, "I know where you've been." He let her hair fall back onto the table and let his fingers trace a line down her throat and up her breast. Her back arched from the touch.

"But I don't want you to suffer. And watching you is making me horny as hell. I have a little proposition for you and if it works out like I think it will, you will be free to leave on your own and we take this experiment to the next level."


Missy looked at the clock on the wall above her desk and sighed as she realized she had another two hours before she could leave. She hated whenever the agency sent her to work with Dr. Stein and she would be glad when she left for home. Hank had promised to hire a babysitter and take her out to dinner and a movie and she was looking forward to the date.

At least twice a week, the agency sent out one of it's girls to work as a receptionist in Dr. Stein's clinic and about half the time it seemed like that girl was Missy. The pay was good but it had to be good if Missy was going to put up with the good doctor and his roving eyes. Not that Stein had ever made a direct pass at her. She had made it clear almost from the first that she was very happily married and the Doctor had never done anything but leer when he thought she wasn't looking. Still she could almost always feel his eyes on her ass or tits whenever he was in the same room as her. She tried to make sure she wore her most conservative outfits whenever she worked the clinic but it was impossible to completely conceal her curves for nature had seen fit to bless her with large breasts and a well rounded butt.

A buzzer sounded on the desk and Missy flipped the switch on the intercom.

"Do we have anyone out there?" The Doctor's voice sounded a little different than normal. Almost like he was enjoying some joke or another.

Missy scanned the waiting room on the other side of the desk and scowled. They hadn't had any patients all day, not that the Stein's practice was ever very busy.

"No Doctor Stein," said Missy into the intercom.

"Good, then will you please see to the young lady in Room 5. She just woke up and I don't want her left alone very long. Her name is Angelique."

Missy frowned, puzzled. She had been there since the clinic had opened and she knew that no-one had entered all day. So why, she wondered, was there a woman in Room 5. She had to have been there all night. That sometimes happened but it was strange the Doctor had failed to mention this before. But then he had been awful busy all day on one of his projects.

"Missy?" The Doctor's voice was impatient now.

"Yes sir. I'll check on her."

"Good, good. I'll be there shortly."

Missy flipped off the intercom and stood up. She stretched her back, sore from sitting so long and looked once more at the clock.

"Two hours and I am so gone." With a deep breath of wearieness she walked through door out of the reception area. Her shoes clicked on the hard tiled floor and the sound echoed loudly in the narrow hallway. She turned a corner and stopped before the door on her right. Room 5.

Knocking lightly to announce her presence, she turned the stainless steel handle and gently opened the door.

"Hello. Angelique. I'm Missy. Doctor Stein's receptionist. He asked me to look in on you."

There was no reply and Missy looked gingerly into the room. Seated on the examination bed, legs dangling over the edge of the leather mat was a fair skinned brunette, utterly nude. The woman looked back at Missy curiously, head tilted to the side. Missy swallowed hard, unsure.

"Are you alright?"

The woman smiled and nodded. She was very lovely, with long brown hair and soft features. Her breast were well rounded and firm, likely not completely natural, and small nipples were hard from the cold air.

Missy stepped into the room. She was suddenly nervous and her words came fast. "You must be cold dear. Let me get you a blanket while you wait for the Doctor. The Doctor said that you just woke up. Are you feeling alright?"

The woman said nothing. She simply smiled sweetly. Her left hand traced a line absentmindedly from her knee up her thigh. Missy hurried to one of the cabinets on the floor across from the examination table and bending her knees she opened the door and pulled out one of the blankets within. It was a soft antique white cotton blanket and it smelled of detergent.

Missy stood and opened up the blanket. And then she noticed what Angelique was doing. While Missy had been getting the blanket out of the cupboard the other woman had begun slowly masturbating. Her legs were open, her right hand resting on the inside of her thigh, her left hand rubbing her pussy. What was most disconcerting to Missy was the way that Angelique was looking at her.

"Do you want to fuck me?" asked Angelique.

Missy laughed nervously. "Honey, I'm as straight as they come. A one man woman, if you know what I mean. And this isn't the time or place for that sort of behavior."

Angelique said nothing but her breathing deepened as her left hand rubbed a little faster. Missy swallowed nervously. She wanted to get out of the room but there was something else happening. For some reason she felt excited. She remembered the blanket in her hand and decided she needed to finish what she had started and then excuse herself and find the doctor. Let him deal with this strange woman.

Missy held out the blanket and moved to wrap it around Angelique's shoulders. The other woman had a pleasant smell, like chocolate and strawberries. Missy loved chocolate covered strawberries. They reminded her of the first time she had made love to her husband. He had given them to her as a present and she had eaten them as he had eaten her. Missy felt a small stirring of desire and her mind went unbidden to thoughts of her husbands tongue on her pussy. Missy pulled the blanket tight around Angelique's shoulders and almost without conscious thought moved her face closer to the other woman's hair. She almost didn't notice when Angelique stroked her face.

"Is that better," asked Missy. Her hands were rested atop Angelique's shoulders and she was standing between Anqelique's legs. Her breath was coming much faster, but it was from excitement now, not nerves. For some reason Missy did not feel nervous any longer.

Angelique did not answer. She instead stroked a finger across Missy's lips. It was the finger that just a few moment's earlier had been rubbing her own wet cunt. Missy moaned softly and she thought of her husband's hard dick in her mouth. With a flick of her tongue Missy licked Angelique's finger. Angelique let Missy suck her finger and with her right hand she began rubbing Missy's large soft tits. Missy was wearing a silky blue blouse and Angelique could feel the lace of her bra through the fabric.

Moving her finger out of Missy's mouth, Angelique reached behind the other woman's head and pulled her forward for a kiss, continuing to rub her left breast as she did so. Missy's mind was already strongly aroused and she offered no resistance. Angelique's tongue pushed between Missy's lips and Missy pushed her own tongue forward to lick the tip of the other woman's tongue. Pictures of sex filled Missy's head and feelings of pleasure shot through her body. It was no longer Angelique holding the back of Missy's head. Instead Missy had one hand behind the other woman's head and the other behind her back, pulling her forward in a tight embrace as they kissed. Angelique was meanwhile unbuttoning Missy's blouse with one hand and stroking Missy's groin with the other.

In moment's Missy's shirt was open and Angelique was reaching behind Missy's back to unclasp her bra. The hooks were easily unsnapped and Angelique lifted the cups up and off the other's breasts. The large globular mounds of flesh swung free and Angelique pinched Missy's right nipple as her right hand moved up and grasped Missy's left wrist. Missy groaned from the feeling of pleasure in her tit and kissed Angelique's cheeks and neck. There was a thin film of sweat on both women now and the more Missy kissed the other woman, the more aroused she became. Angelique moved Missy's hand from behind her back and put it between her legs, on top of her wet cunt. With only a little urging Missy's fingers slid into Angelique's pussy and then it was Angelique's turn to groan from the pleasure. Missy rubbed the walls of Angelique's cunt even as Angelique slid her own fingers into Missy's cunt. Missy's pussy was unshaven and felt so very different from her own smooth pussy. There was a small lump, a mole possibly on the right side of Missy's cunt and Angelique rubbed that a moment. Before moving herself so that she could slide her finger deeper into the other's wet vagina opening. Almost simultaneously both women began to grind their hips against the hand and fingers of the other woman.

Missy's thoughts were a blur. Images of her husband's dick and thoughts of it inside her filled her head. She was so aroused she was almost beyond coherent thought. Erotic fragrances filled her nose and mouth and she wanted more. Angelique's fingers felt like heaven and her skin tasted even better. She was so turned on that she scarcely noticed when Dr. Stein entered the room and began watching the two women finger fucking each other. Missy's huge flopping breasts were everything he knew they would be and she looked so sexy with her pants down around her knees and her white cotton panties. Her hips moved like a woman who knew what she wanted and was determined to get it.

Angelique looked up, her eyes glassy from pleasure and she saw Stein watching her and Missy.

"Eat my pussy," Angelique commanded breathily to Missy who had her face between Angelique's breasts. Missy moaned and moved her head lower as ordered. Her tongue darted over Angelique's wet pussy and as it did so her body shivered from pleasure. Never had she tasted anything so sweet, so wonderful. It was like chocolate and strawberries and cream and sugar. It was intoxicating and mind-numbing. Her tongue licked faster.

"Dr. Stein wants to fuck you like a dog," said Missy, her eyes rolling from the pleasure of being eaten out so vigorously. "Would you like a hard cock in your pussy."

Missy mumbled something but she did not stop what she was doing. The doctor smiled and took that for his cue. He moved behind Missy and pulled her white cotton panties down off her hips. He stroked her round ass cheeks and then reached forward and cupped her massive tits in his hands as he rubbed his groin against Missy's ass. She wiggled her hips appreciatively.

Angelique moaned and lay back on the table. She slid her left hand down to the top of her pussy and rubbed her clit. Missy continued to eat out Angelique's pussy and the Doctor unbuttoned his pants and pulled them and his underwear alike off. His thin dick was already at full attention and clear pre-cum dripped from the end of it. He spread Missy's legs apart and then bending his knees a little he pushed straight up and into her cunt. Missy moaned from the feeling of the Doctor's cock and began to bounce her hips up and down. Her head bounced to the same rhythm and Angelique's muscles clenched as a small orgasm rushed through her body.

Missy too was having orgasm's one after another and her body clenched and unclenched from their massive power. Her vaginal walls contracted with each new orgasm and the Doctor moaned as he too began to come. He could feel the semen shoot out into Missy's hot wet pussy and still her cunt was grabbing his cock.

"Aaoooh!" cried Angelique as she had her second orgasm. This one was not small though and her whole body trembled as her back arched and her legs tightened. "Ohh yes," she purred.

Missy was still coming and her breath came in small whimpers as her pelvis shook back and forth, up and down, frantic for more pleasure.

The Doctor pulled his cock out of Missy and stepped back. Almost detachedly he reached over and grabbed a paper towel from the bottom of the dispenser on the wall and used it to wipe the wet juices off of his now flaccid member. His look was clinical as he watched Missy who was now busy rubbing her own dripping cunt as she continued to orgasm.

Angelique was sated for the moment but she did not stop Missy from continuing the oral pleasuring of her wet cunt. Like the Doctor she too chose to watch Missy who was oblivious to all but her own sensations. The fingers of her right hand rubbed her own pussy harder and harder and still the orgasms came.

Finally Missy cried "eeeeeeaaaah," lifting her mouth up and off Angelique's glistening pussy. Her eyes were rolled back and her hand stopped its movement. Her breath stopped as the ultimate orgasm filled every nerve of her body. It continued and continued and then, suddenly, it was over. Missy breathed once more and then collapsed slowly to the ground.

The sight of her on the floor was enough to stir the Doctor's dick again. He relished the look of her clothing, her unbuttoned shirt and loose bra, her pants and panties down around her knees. Her pale untanned skin and her large floppy breasts were both all that he had ever dreamed about. Let other men chase after tanned wafer thin model want to be's. He had always liked his women to be well padded. For a moment he thought about fucking her again while she was unconscious but then he thought better of it.

"Is she alright?" Angelique looked down at Missy's prone form. Stein could not decide of she was concerned or merely curious.

"Don't worry about her," said Stein, bending down and grabbing his pant. And then he grinned broadly as he looked at his naked creation. "Sweet success. You my dear are everything I knew you would be."

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