tagLoving WivesStella Helps Out Sean

Stella Helps Out Sean


A few weeks after Stella had invited Sean for a meal and had introduced me finally as her husband, Sean approached Stella once again to ask a favour.

His boss had invited him and Kerry to dine with him and his wife on the following Saturday evening, but Kerry had previously booked tickets for a concert with Bruce, her lover, and as tickets were like gold she was reluctant to have to miss the occasion. Unfortunately his boss knew Kerry slightly, and so he (Sean) would be unable to pass Stella off as his wife. However, he was willing to ask his boss if Stella (a good friend of his) might be his companion instead. That is, if Stella was willing.

Of course she was!

The attraction of another night out with Sean appealed to her, as was the probability of 'nookie' (or more, she hoped) on the way home again.

So, when Sean appeared the next day for his private dancing lesson he was thrilled to be able to tell her that his boss fully understood that Kerry was previously engaged (although he did not know the full story, as Sean had told him that Kerry was going to the concert with "a friend"). He sent the message, too, that he and his wife were looking forward to meeting Stella, whom Sean had told him was his cousin.

At the dance lesson, though, Stella told me that there was little opportunity for hank-panky with Sean, as first and foremost he had to have the lesson, and that was seriously so, but that when the lesson finished and they were having a quick kiss and fumble, the next client arrived and they hurriedly had to appear natural.

She did, though (she told me) grab a swift kiss and fondle of his cock whilst the next client was changing his shoes in the cloakroom.

Anyway, Saturday arrived. As usual I had given Stella her usual shave, and had watched her dress for the occasion.

Knowing that she was going out with Sean, though, I was not surprised when she decided that all she would be wearing would be her black designer dinner-dress, a pair of black nylon fishnet self-supporting stockings, and her tallest stilettos. No bra (she dare not have worn one under that dress – it was backless to the waist at the rear and plunged to the waist in front, held up by just a halter at the neck and an eighteen inch zip from the waist down behind.), and likewise no knickers. But she was going to be with Sean, wasn't she?

She did condescend to put on a fur wrap to walk to his car with, but otherwise those five items were her entire outfit.

Sean arrived right on the time he had given us, and I noticed that he was dressed in a dinner jacket and black tie. So it really was an occasion as he had said.

He was quite blasé about the way he kissed her as she went to meet him, unconcerned that I, whom he now knew to be her husband, could see how their lips met and his hand immediately cupped one breast meeting no sign of resistance or even reluctance from Stella as he did so.

She then swung herself into the car, the length of her dress meaning that she had to raise it somewhat to do so, but not enough to reveal even the tops of these sexy stockings.

I waved them goodbye, and then went indoors to pass the time until her home-coming by watching TV and playing on the computer.

It was actually in the early hours that they returned, but it may be better, now, if Stella herself took up the story:-

Stella's story

Apart from the kiss which Nigel had already seen Sean was respectability itself all the way to our destination.

He did give me another kiss as we left the car close to the house at the end of the long drive and we were waiting for the door to be answered.

A man opened the door and I vaguely recognised him from when I had been Sean's partner at his Company Ball, and he seemed to recognise me.

"We have me before, have we not?" he asked me, whereupon I replied that it was at the Company Ball, to which his face showed that he had remembered. "Of course," he said. "I ought to have remembered – I always try to remember pretty faces, and I watched you a number of times, especially by the way you were dancing."

I stopped myself just in time from saying that I was Sean's dancing teacher, remembering that I was supposed to be his cousin!

Sean introduced me to his boss, although he used the words "My Company Chairman" instead. It was his boss, though, in fact, who said, "Call me Richard, please. And maybe after tonight you will be able to call me that in the office, as well. I'll explain later."

With that he led us inside where he introduced his wife, Helen, a striking woman who, although no exactly pretty, was attractive in a more mature sort of way. Like me, she was dressed in an evening gown, and Richard, too, was in dinner jacket.

Her gown, though, had never seen a store. It was obvious that it was designed by a couturier or similar. It covered most of her in front, but when she turned I could see that, like mine, it was completely backless and could not have been worn with a bra.

For a few minutes we all four stood, sipping sherry, as Richard explained that this was a special occasion inasmuch as Helen, his wife, was also a director of the company, and he needed her second opinion due to the fact that he had Sean in mind for promotion.

"If Helen is in agreement, she will say so at the end of the evening, and that is a promise – she never flinches from being forthright whatever the outcome," said Richard.

"So, Sean my lad, best behaviour tonight, what?" he continued with a chuckle, but to which Helen added, "But that depends on what I call best behaviour, and that does not mean sucking up to Richard or me. It means being your normal self, and should I suspect that you are trying to impress me then I tell you now – you will fail! Remember, then, both of you – your normal selves!"

"Right, then," said Richard. "Shall we eat?"

He led the way into the Dining Room, taking my arm to do so, and Sean followed with Helen. As we sat down a waitress appeared and served the soup, but as soon as she had left us Richard explained that actually he had hired a firm of caterers for this meal so as to be able to leave Helen free of any chores.

"Quite sensibly, too," said Sean, and I agreed.

"It does mean, though, that after the meal we will be entirely alone," said Richard. "They will see that the dirty dishes are stacked in the dishwasher, and all we will have to do is to take them out when they have been washed."

"Now, my dear," he continued, turning towards me. "We all know what Sean does for a lining, but what do you do?"

I was obliged to do some quick thinking, but then I decided that the truth would be easier than a lie, as it would not make any difference to Sean's promotion chances, whereas a lie might be harder to fabricate.

"I teach dancing," I said. "I have my own Dancing School, and teach all types of dancing – Stage, Ballet, Tap and Ballroom."

"So that is why you and Sean seemed such good dancers at the Company Dance," said Helen, a little admiringly. I realised, then, that I had probably said the right thing. After all, I was supposed to be his cousin, and there was no way my confession had compromised that situation. I could see, too, that Sean agreed that I had said the right thing.

"I can see that you will have to teach me!" laughed Richard. "I have two left feet when it comes to dancing, although I am fairly athletic in other ways, aren't I Helen?"

Helen grinned, then said, "You certainly are, but demonstrating that will wait until another time, Richard."

And so, the conversation continued, light-heartedly, until we had finished the meal and two complete bottles of wine!

The waitress appeared once more and cleared the table, then retired to the kitchen as we four made towards the lounge.

Here we were served coffees and liqueurs, after which the waitress told Helen that they had finished and that everything was all right, as she had paid them in advance.

"Right, then. Down to business," said Richard. "Helen, will you show Stella where the toilet and bathroom are so that she can freshen up?"

Helen led me out, explaining softly that this was Richard's way of wanting to be left alone with Sean for a few minutes.

When we were in the bathroom together she told me that she had also wanted an opportunity to speak to me alone. "I did so want to meet Kerry tonight," she told me. "Not that I have anything against you, of course," she hastened to add.

"But if Sean is promoted, and it is almost certain that he will be, then his wife would have a big role to play whenever we entertain certain visitors. I don't know how to explain this properly, but you are obviously a woman of the world judging from the way you were so at ease during dinner. Shall I say that there are occasions when I have been what may be described as not being completely faithful to Richard, yet it was because I was actually being faithful. I am trying to think of words to explain, but it is so difficult."

"You mean," I said bluntly, "that there are times when sexual favours are a means to an end?"

She looked me squarely in the face as she said, "Exactly! I myself have secured contracts for Richard by allowing myself to be used by a client. And I must confess, too, that I enjoyed it!"

"Richard knew, of course?" I asked her.

"Naturally," she replied. "It was with his full knowledge, and sometimes at his suggestion!"

"And you are wondering if Kerry would be willing to do the same?" I asked.

"Yes," came her answer.

"Well, although I cannot commit Kerry in any way, I would be almost certain that she would not let you down in any way," I told her, "but in any case, should Kerry be unable to accommodate a client for any reason you could always reply on me to take her place, with full knowledge of Sean."

Helen flung her arms round me and kissed me full on the lips as we hugged, then told me that perhaps we should join the men.

On our way, there, though, she did add a forewarning.

"Richard is fond of cards, and will almost certainly suggest a game afterwards. Do you play cards?"

"To a certain degree," I told her.

"Well, I'm not suggesting that you try to lose, or anything like that, but I must warn you that sometimes he does make some outrageous suggestions. But I'll leave you to see whether or not you fully back Sean for this promotion."

And with that she swept into the lounge, where Richard and Sean were sipping what looked like whiskies.

Looking straight at Richard, Helen said, "I'm more than satisfied, Richard. I think you'll find one hundred and fifty per cent as far as my vote is concerned."

So, looking deliberately at me Richard now said, "In that case, just to consolidate my own feelings I suggest we relax by having a game of cards. Stella, what say you to a game of Strip Poker?"

If he had though for one minute that this was going to unnerve me he was certainly wrong.

"Strip Poker is my favourite game!" I retaliated, looking him fully in the face as I said so. "And that is especially so when I am with new friends."

Inwardly I vowed to lose whenever possible, although there was always the possibility that Lady Luck would play a part and manipulate the cards in spite of my vow.

And so, after Richard had dealt the first hand and I saw that I was actually holding three aces I discarded two of them immediately, but received a three of clubs to match the three of hearts which I already held. But that just gave me a low-ranking pair, and in fact all three of us lost to Sean who was holding three sevens.

Immediately I kicked off a shoe, as did Helen and also Richard.

Next hand was nothing, so I made a show by discarding one and finished with King high but nothing else. Again I had lost, and so had Helen. And Richard had won. Off came the other shoe.

Helen looked across at me, but her eyes spoke volumes as I could read into them that she, too, was anxious to lose as soon as possible. Then she said to me, "Stella, my dear, I am wearing tights. If you are wearing stockings that would give you two articles to my one, so if you are would you consider counting both stockings as one pair? That is, one article?"

With a grin which Helen seemed to understand I told her that I was, in fact, wearing stockings, but that I thought her suggestion was perfectly reasonable and agreed that I would count the two items as one.

The men were obviously not going to argue, and I could tell that both of them were as eager as I was (and I was sure that Helen was, too) to see us both undressed as soon as possible, and even if they had suspected that Helen and I were cheating by throwing away good cards they chose to ignore the fact.

So – guess what? Next hand I lost again, and so did Helen.

"I'll go first," said Helen to me, as she stood up, raised her long skirt to almost the tops of her legs, and then reached up under it to slip her tights down her legs, but in such a way that she had revealed nothing other than practically the whole length of her now bare legs.

My turn was next, as Richard had already removed his bow tie.

I stood up off my chair, and then carefully lay backwards on the floor, raising both legs together but ensuring that my dress was strategically hanging between my open thighs so as to hide what lay above.

Both Richard and Sean openly stared as they watched my every movement, but showed no signs of disappointment as they knew full well tat eventually all would be revealed. I would have made a bet, though, that they were both also wondering what style, size and colour of knickers I was wearing. I knew that they were in for a surprise. At least, I was sure that Richard was!

But much to my disappointment Lady Luck DID step in. Although I had discarded what I thought would be my best cards I drew out three aces! I had won!

Off came Richard's shirt, Sean opted for both his socks, and Helen calmly shrugged off her dress, leaving her clad only in a very tiny lace g-string to cover her modesty, although she showed no signs of being modest. She actually seemed to be revelling in the fact that she was now showing more than I was!

But our next hand made up for that, because the tables were fairly and squarely turned! Helen actually won with a pair of fives!

Firstly, then, Richard coolly removed his trousers, his boxer shorts beginning to tent up at the front; Sean lost his shirt, and then I crossed to where Richard was unconcernedly displaying his proud bulge in the front of his shorts, and turning my back on him I directed him to my halter neck fastening. As soon as he had unclipped it the front fell away and Sean and Helen were treated to the sight of my well-formed breasts. Richard seemed to sigh as if he were complaining that he was not able to see what the others could see, but, grinning like mad, I half-turned towards him and reminded him that there was still the zip going down from my waist.

"Of course, my dear," he said in a husky voice, as I felt him take hold of the zip and begin to slowly, and teasingly, slide it downwards. But this action obviously caused the whole of the dress to tumble to the floor and to the other two I was revealed in all my glory. Sean had, as you know, seen all I had to offer on previous occasions, but even Helen was eagerly eyeing up my charms. Then, slowly, I turned to face Richard to allow him to see what his wife had just been admiring. His eyes drank in my figure from my pert breasts to my shaven but now glistening cunt as my juices began to seep out from my stimulated pussy.

I leaned forwards to kiss him fully on the lips, and as his hands encircled me I gently coaxed one of his hands to where I wanted it most – right between my thighs which were now parting in anticipation and invitation.

My own hand sought out his bulge and freed his eager cock from his shorts and started to guide it to where my impatient pussy was waiting to be penetrated.

Slowly he guided me as we both sank to the ground, and next minute he was pounding frenziedly as he savoured this new conquest.

From the corner of my eye I saw that Sean and Helen were now similarly occupied, and knew that this final act would absolutely ensure Sean's promotion.

In fact, I felt even more assured when a few minutes later. Richard and I having reached our climax and now relaxing side by side on the floor, I was interrupted by Helen who, with no more ado, came and squatted right over my face to allow Sean's cum, dripping from her own cunt, to dribble right onto my face, where my mouth opened to receive this mixture of his and her juices.

Eventually we all recovered sufficiently to have another drink or two, but all the while I was continually being fondled by all three of them in turn, finishing with a final but more controlled fuck by Richard, who told Sean in no uncertain terms that he would have to bring his 'cousin' again on another occasion.

I did put on my wrap again in order to come home, Helen loaning me a dress-case to put my dress in to carry it home, as my wet condition would have ruined the material.

As you can guess, though, Sean was quite happy with my mode of undress, and fingered me most of the way home. That's why I am so completely undressed now, Nigel, as I want you to fuck me before we go to bed.

Nigel's Story:

I did fuck her. I told her that I loved her. And I told her that I wanted to meet Kerry in person – not just on the telephone. She told me that she would certainly try to arrange it.

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