tagGroup SexStella Takes a Vacation

Stella Takes a Vacation

byRod Walloper©

Stella Johnson was going on vacation! For the first time since her marriage had broken up two years ago Stella and her 18-year-old daughter Susie were going to have a real vacation.

At 38 Stella was still a fine looking woman. As she stood admiring her nude reflection in the full-length mirror of her bedroom, she saw a tall blonde with blue eyes looking back at her. She looked at her full breasts, still with no hint of sag that stood up proudly on her chest. Below were a slim waist and full hips and long slim legs with their tuft of blonde fur at the apex.

Running her hands up her sides from her hips Stella cupped her breasts in her hands and ran her thumbs over her pink nipples. Soon both nipples were standing at attention as she pinched the tips. Stella felt a tingle in her loins as she continued to pinch her tits and soon one hand had left her breasts to slide down over her stomach and tease the hair at the juncture of her legs. Stella knew she should stop now, but her hand seemed to have a mind of it's own, and she began to rub back and forth as her hand stroked the thinly hair-lined lips of her open cunt.

Soon her fingers found her little clit and started a gentle stroking motion back and forth, her fingers lustfully caressing the nerve-filled node until she could stand the sweet torment no longer. She bent her knees slightly and moved her fingers back further between her legs until she came to the entrance to her cunt. Then she quickly slipped two fingers inside her moist slit, already wet with her secretions, and began sliding them quickly in and out. She finger-fucked herself faster and faster until she felt the beginnings of her orgasm, and as her fingers continued to push in and out her body shuddered as her juices flooded her hand.

Disgusted with her weakness, Stella quickly washed her hands and body and dressed. She continued packing in preparation for their departure the next morning.

Up until two years Stella had been happily married to Ron. They had started going steady in high school and had married when Stella found out she was pregnant with Susie. Then one day Ron had come home from work and announced he was leaving her. He was going to live with his secretary Marie, who he had been fucking for the last three months. When Stella asked him why he replied "There is more to sex than the missionary position under the covers with the lights out. I've had more good sex with Marie in three months than I had in 20 years with you". Since then Stella had not dated. She refused to give any man the chance to hurt her again. But now she was going on vacation to the Bahamas for a week with her daughter.

The next morning Stella and Susie hopped in a cab and headed for the airport. At 18 Susie was a smaller version of her mother. Same blonde hair and blue eyes, same big tits and long legs. Same cute little ass. After a two hour flight the plane touched down in Nassau and the two women boarded a bus to take them to their hotel. They both looked with pleasure at the beautiful white beaches and blue water they could see from the bus as they went along. When they arrived at the hotel they were shown to a lovely beachfront unit with it's own private patio. The two girls wasted no time in changing into bikinis and then spent most of the day on the beach.

When they returned to the unit about 5 o'clock they found a notice of activities had been slipped under the door. Susie quickly read the notice and found that today there was a luau scheduled. It was being held at the activities center and was to begin at 7 o'clock. They both quickly showered and prepared to leave for the luau. Stella decided to wear her bikini with a sarong tied around her waist. Susie opted for a T-top and white shorts.

They arrived at the activities center, which turned out to be a large open-sided building. At one end a steel band was playing Calypso tunes, while to one side a whole pig was turning on a spit. Opposite a large bar was doing a good business. The two women paused at the entrance while they took all this in. They were immediately noticed by Jake Carns and his son Brett.

Jake, 43 and his son Brett, 21 often hunted for women together. They had been a team ever since the day Jake had returned home unexpectedly from work and found Brett fucking his stepmother. Brett's mother had died when he was 13 and his father had married Caroline 2 years later. Jake knew that Caroline was a woman who needed more than one man to keep her happy, so when he came home in the middle of the afternoon to retrieve some papers he had forgotten, he was not surprised to hear the sounds of love-making coming from their bedroom. What did surprise him, when he peered round the bedroom door, was to see his son Brett, who had just turned 18, fucking heavily between his stepmothers thighs.

He watched for a few minutes, admiring the good work his son was doing as Brett's big cock pounded rapidly in and out of Caroline's cunt. As he watched he could see that Caroline was about to cum, her breathing was getting short and she was thrusting her hips up to meet Brett's long strokes into her gushing cunt. Then Brett buried his cock deep in Caroline's cunt and held motionless and Jake knew his son was shooting his load deep into Caroline's welcoming depths.

As Brett rolled to the side, Jake entered the bedroom and said in mock anger "And what's going on here?"

Caroline looked up at Jake and said "Brett's just given me a lovely fuck. Would you like to join us?" Brett looked at his father with fear, but Jake just said "It's OK Brett. I'd rather have her get the extra fucking she needs from someone in the family than a stranger."

So now Jake drew Brett's attention to the mother and daughter just arriving at the party. Then he quickly went over to the bar and said to the bartender "Carlos, you see the two women who just arrived. Here's $50.00. I want you to make all the older woman's drinks with double shots of 150 OP rum. There's another fifty in it for you at the end of the night."

"OK" said Carlos. The two women made their way to the bar and Stella asked for a club soda and Susie a coke. "Ladies" said Carlos, "This is the islands. No one drinks that stuff at a luau. Let me make you a tropical cocktail. The first one's on the house." Not wanting to seem like hicks Stella and Susie agreed. Susie's Pina Colada was just a regular mix but Stella's drink contained the double shot of over proof rum. Jake and Brett made their way to the side of the two women and ordered a drink. "Are you new arrivals?" Jake asked Stella. "Yes," replied Stella "we just got here today."

"You need to get here early on luau night if you want a table" said Jake. "Why don't the two of you join us while you eat? We have a table right near the dance floor."

"My wife couldn't join us tonight. She isn't feeling well, but I'm sure she'll be OK in the morning". In fact, Caroline had agreed to stay away from the party so Jake and Brett could try their luck. Her only stipulation was that they had to share any pussy they scored with her.

While the four were eating dinner, Jake signaled Carlos for another round of drinks. Stella found the tropical mix to be delicious and soon finished off her second. Jake quickly signaled for a third round. Just then the M.C. announced the start of the limbo contest and Brett invited Susie to join him in the competition. By now Stella was feeling the effects of the drinks, and she said to Susie "Go ahead dear. I'll sit here with Jake and watch." By the time Stella had finished the third drink, she was feeling woozy. She said to Jake "I don't feel well. Perhaps Susie and I should go." Jake quickly said "Look at your daughter and my son having a good time on the dance floor. It would be a shame to spoil their evening. Why don't I walk you back to your room and Brett will make sure Susie gets home safely." Stella called Susie over and told her she was going back to the room. "Don't be late Susie," said Stella. "I won't mum," answered Susie.

Jake helped Stella to her feet and put an arm around her waist and helped her to walk back to her room. At the door Stella said "Thank you for helping me home. Good night."

"Good night" said Jake as he turned and pretended to leave. Stella took out the room key and tried to open the door. She fumbled with the key, dropping it twice, before Jake said "Let me help you with that. I'll just see you inside the door." Quickly sliding the key in the lock Jake opened the door and helped Stella inside. "Which is your bedroom?" he asked and Stella pointed to the door ahead on the left. Jake half carried Stella into the bedroom and sat her on the side of the bed. Then he sat down beside her with his arm around her shoulders. "Since it's your first day, you may have got a touch of the sun," said Jake. "I took a paramedic course a few months ago and they taught us how to treat sunstroke. Let me just help you get comfortable." As he spoke Jake reached around Stella's back and deftly unhooked her bikini top. Then, as he eased her down on the bed, he slipped the top down over her arms, so that by the time she was lying down, Stella was naked from the waist up. This had been done so skillfully that in her present condition Stella did not even realize that her top was gone.

"Now," said Jake, "the first thing we have to do is check your reflexes to make sure there is no damage to your nerves. Just tell me if you can feel this". Jake then stroked his fingertips lightly along her neckline. "Ummm" said Stella, "I can feel your fingers stroking my neck."

"Good" said Jake, "now how about this?" and he moved his fingers lightly down the front of her chest until his hand was cupping her breast. "Yes," said Stella "I can feel your hand stroking my breast."

"How about now" asked Jake as he took her nipple between his thumb and finger and began rolling it back and forth. "Oh yes" Stella answered, "I can feel that." Jake then dropped his head to her breast and began lightly biting and sucking the nipple, at the same time his hand made it's way to Stella's waist and he unfastened the knot of her sarong. Soon the garment was pushed out of the way and now Stella was wearing only her bikini bottoms. Jake continued to suck on her nipple for a while, feeling the bud stiffening until it was fully hard. With his other hand he squeezed Stella's other tit, pinching and pulling on the nipple.

Then Jake said "There's another test I need to run to make sure you're alright." And he quickly pulled his face away from Stella's tits and reached for the top of her bikini bottoms and skimmed them down over her hips. Soon the panties had been completely removed and joined her other clothes on the floor. Jake quickly pushed Stella's thighs apart and as he dropped his head to her crotch he said, "Let me know if you can feel this." as he began to suck on her pussy. He quickly flicked his tongue over Stella's clit and then ran his tongue further down along the pink strip of flesh until he reached the entrance to her cunt. He then pushed his tongue in as deep as he could and began wriggling it back and forth. "Oh God," cried Stella "what are you doing. Please stop." Jake ignored her cries and continued sucking her cunt, paying particular attention to her clit, which was soon standing up proudly as his tongue beat on it. "Please stop," Stella cried again, while at the same time her hands moved down over her body and she tangled her fingers in Jake's hair, pulling his mouth tighter against her cunt, which was now dripping with her juices. Jake continued to suck and lick her cunt until he felt Stella's hips thrusting up at his face as she tried to get more and more of Jake's tongue inside her.

"Now," said Jake, "There's one more test we need to run." And with that he quickly tore off his clothes and inserted his body between Stella's widespread thighs. "Just let me know if you can feel this," he said as he pushed the head of his thick cock into the entrance to Stella's cunt. "Oh Jesus'" cried Stella, "That feels so good" as Jake continued pushing his eight inches deeper and deeper inside her, until finally he felt his balls smack against her asscheeks and his cock was buried to the hilt inside her welcoming cunt. He then began a slow rocking of his hips, drawing his cock half way out of her cunt and then pushing back inside. Gradually Jake lengthened his stroke until the full length of his cock was pounding in and out. He felt Stella's legs wrap around his waist as she crossed her ankles over his hips and tried to pull him deeper inside her.


Meanwhile Brett and Susie were enjoying the dance. The band played a string of calypso tunes and everyone was rocking along to the island beat. After about 45 minutes Susie said, "I'd better go. Mum wasn't feeling well and I'm worried about her." Brett checked his watch and saw that almost an hour had passed since his dad and Stella had left. "Dad should be well along with his plans by now," thought Brett. Then he turned to Susie and said "I promised your mother I'd see you safely home. Let's go." With Susie leading the way they quickly made their way to the unit and Susie said "Thanks for seeing me home. I had a wonderful time" and gave Brett a quick kiss on the lips. "I'll just come inside and make sure your mum's OK," said Brett as Susie opened the door. "Which one is your mum's bedroom?"

"The one on the left," answered Susie as she led the way.

As they approached the bedroom Brett could hear faint moans coming from the room. He immediately realized what was happening and moved closer to Susie as she reached the doorway. As she entered the bedroom Susie stopped in shock. No lights were on, but there was a full moon and moonlight was streaming in the room. She could clearly see Brett's father's big cock fucking into her mother. She watched as Jake pulled his cock almost all the way out of Stella's cunt and then fucked heavily back up into her. Jake's cock was glistening with Stella's secretions as he slid smoothly in and out of her tight pussy. As Susie started to cry out Brett quickly put his hand over her mouth and whispered in her ear "Don't make a noise. Think how embarrassed your mother will be if she knows we're watching. Just keep perfectly quiet and we'll leave as soon as we can."

Susie continued to watch Jake fucking her mother. As she watched the pounding of the big cock and the pleasure it was giving her mother she started to feel a tingling between her own thighs. Susie had only ever had sex twice and both times it had been an unpleasant experience. At 16 she had decided to see what all the fuss was about and had accepted a date with the captain of the high-school football team. He had taken her to a party and plied her with liquor and then parked on the way home. With no foreplay he had pulled Susie's panties down and forced his cock into her unused cunt. After a few strokes he had shot his load and quickly dressed. Susie had felt no pleasure, only pain. She was sure there must be more to it than that, so she had gone out once more with the jock. The same thing had happened again. After that, Susie had refused any offers of dates. She had no desire to repeat the experience.

Now as she watched her mother being fucked, she felt Brett's body pressing against her from behind and she knew she should pull away. She could feel his erection rubbing against her ass cheeks through her shorts and feared what might happen. Sensing she was about to move, Brett whispered in her ear "Don't move. They'll hear us. As soon as they're finished we can sneak out." The more Susie watched the fucking in front of her, the more she felt her own arousal building. Just then her mother cried out "Oh Jake. Fuck me hard. Fuck me hard and deep with your big cock. I love it. Don't stop." These words had the effect of arousing Susie even more, and she felt Brett's hands, which had been resting on her shoulders, start to slide down the front of her chest. Soon his fingers were stroking the tops of her breasts, and as she continued to watch her mother and Jake.

Brett's hands moved lower until he was cupping her breasts through her shirt and bra. Brett started a gentle squeezing of her tits through the covering material and Susie quickly moved her hands over his and tried to pull them away from her breasts. Brett ignored her feeble efforts to pull his hands away and as he continued to massage her he felt the nipples stiffening beneath his fingers. Susie's hands were no longer trying to pull his away. Instead she was now squeezing his hands with hers, encouraging him to feel her tits. At the same time, her buttocks were starting to rub back against his hips as he continued to push himself against her.

After a couple of minutes Brett switched his hands so that now Susie's hands were covering her breasts with Brett's hands on top of hers. Brett gently squeezed her hands, encouraging her to feel her own tits and soon Susie was kneading her tits under Brett's guiding hands. Brett slowly removed his hands as Susie continued to caress her tits and reached down and quietly pulled her T-top loose from her shorts. Then he gradually eased the top up along her body until it was stopped by Susie's hands on her breasts. He gently moved her hands as he pulled the shirt higher and over her head and then quickly moved the hands back. Susie continued to knead her tits as Brett slid his hands down her back and unclasped her bra. Then he quickly pulled the garment out of the way. Susie could now feel her bare breasts and her fingers flew to her nipples as she pulled the little nubbins between her fingers and started rolling them back and forth. By now her nipples were fully erect and Brett admired the way they stood out from her full breasts. He ached to get his hands on the full mounds, but for now there were more important objectives.

Brett slowly stroked his hands down over Susie's belly until he came to the top of her shorts. Working carefully he managed to unfasten the button at the waistband and slowly draw down the zipper. Now Susie's shorts were hanging loosely from her hips and Brett hooked his fingers inside the waistband and start to ease shorts and panties down. Susie was so mesmerized by the sex taking place in front of her as well as the massaging of her own tits that she was barely aware of what was happening. She knew she should protest, but somehow she just couldn't break the spell she was under. Brett sensed her lack of resistance and slowly continued to ease her shorts down over her thighs. Finally he had the garments around her ankles and he knelt down and lifted first one foot and then the other until the pants were completely removed and Susie was now naked. As he gazed lustfully at her beautiful 18-year-old body he quickly tore off his own shirt and shorts and finally his huge cock was free!

Although not as thick around as his father's, Brett's cock was fully nine inches long and he could barely restrain himself from throwing Susie on her back and lunging into her. But he realized that if he did this properly, there could be many return engagements, so he resisted the temptation. Instead he moved back against Susie and started rubbing his erect cock against her buttocks. Then he reached down between their bodies and bent his cock down so that it could slip between her thighs. Now he could move his hips and slide his cock back and forth as it rubbed against the length of her pussy. Susie felt the sensation of friction as Brett's cock moved against her pussy and she removed one hand from her tits and reached down to push the hardness away. But when her hand reached down between her legs she seemed to forget her purpose and instead of forcing the invader away she instead pushed the palm of her hand against the length of Brett's cock.

This had the effect of forcing Brett's cock harder against her pussy while at the same time increasing the friction. As Brett felt her little hand pushing his cock hard against her body he increased the speed and length of his thrusts and now the head of his cock was rubbing against her clit at the end of each stroke. The combination of the sensations Brett was causing plus the sight of her mother continuing to fuck Jake soon had Susie in some kind of dream world. She no longer could think of anything except the wonderful sensation taking place between her thighs and she found herself wanting more as her hand continued to caress Brett's cock, now squeezing him with her fingers as he continued to thrust back and forth.

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