tagErotic CouplingsStella's Situation Ch. 02

Stella's Situation Ch. 02


"Hey, our firm has never had any complaints. Not one. Besides, I think there's a lot you could, ah, learn...from an experience like that. And you, Stella, would never just be one of the endless 'pussy parade,' as you put it." His voice was mild, but his so-serious face told a different story. After a warning cough from Jeff, Kevin's face lightened, the laughter returning to it. "Oh, come on, Jeff. She's got to learn about the birds and the bees sometime. It's no secret that when a young woman joins the workforce, she's going to get a lot of attention. Especially a woman as pretty as our Stella. Surely at college, she's gotten enough attention as it is. But just because some girls fuck and run doesn't mean she has to. Unless she wants to, of course," he said, again teasing, again her parents' friend and not a potential sex partner.

"Now, I'm really not sure this is appropriate dinnertime conversation," Sharon began.

"Come off it, Mom. I'm an adult," Stella said. "And, I can do whatever I want, including - what did you say, Kevin? Fuck and run?"

"Really, Stella, your language," protested Jeff.

"You thought it was funny when I said pussy last night," she said flatly.

"That's different."

"Is not."

"Is too."

"Isn't," she said with a grin. Jeff smiled despite himself, and shook his head. Tension abated, Stella hopped up from the table. "Well, if no one has an objection, I'm going to head to my room and hit the books."

She studied halfheartedly for a couple of hours, her mind still mostly on the previous night. She finally dimmed the overhead light and glanced at the clock. Midnight. She got up from her desk, and hear a very soft tapping on her door. At first, she thought she was hearing things, but then it came again. She opened the door a crack, and saw Kevin.

"Can I come in for a few minutes? I think we should talk," he said under his breath. She opened the door and let him in. Shutting the door behind him, she motioned to her room.

"Sit...anywhere you want, I guess." He sat on the edge of her narrow bed, and patted the bed beside him.

"Don't want your parents to overhear," he said, still in a low voice. Stella nodded, and gingerly lowered onto the bed beside him, careful not to touch him.

"Look, I just want to apologize for last night," he began.

"Oh no, did you know I was there? I thought maybe I left before you saw me."

"No, I knew. And really, I'm sorry, I didn't think you would come out of your room. But I should have gone into the bathroom or something."

"It's okay."

"I just want you to know, well, I'm a guy. Listening to people screw turns us on."

Stella felt herself blushing at his bluntness. "Geez," she said.

"Oh, now you're embarrassed, little miss adult?" he asked, teasingly.

"Maybe a little. So... were you thinking about my mom and dad last night?"

"What would you say if I told you that I was? Honestly."

"I would say that it's too bad," she said slowly. Then, swallowing her nerves, she added, "because I kind of got the impression that you were maybe interested in someone else."

"Mmm, and what would you said if I told you that you were right?"

Stella suddenly felt very underdressed in her tiny cotton shorts and tank top. She took a moment to think about her response. Kevin's arm was tremblingly close to her own. Just shifting her body would bring them into contact. She couldn't honestly say that she was in love with Kevin, but it would be her first chance to have sex with someone that she did love. Maybe it should have felt weird, since she had known him almost her whole life, like an uncle. But she only felt the warm, soft throbbing of her heart, and in that moment she knew what she wanted. Her dad might hate it, but they would have to deal with that later.

"Then I would say that if that someone else was sitting as close to you as I am, I bet she would want you to make the first move."

Kevin's eyebrows lifted a bit at that, but he shifted, moving his lips a breath away from hers.

"I think you already did that, sweetheart," he said, and pressed his lips into hers. Though Stella kissed him back, hungry already for whatever they might do, Kevin pulled back a moment.

"I know I probably don't need to ask, but I'd feel like a dirty old man taking advantage of my best friends' daughter if I didn't: are you sure you want to do this?"

"Absolutely. Actually," she began, pausing a bit, "I've always kind of had a crush on you."


"Yeah. When I found out you were coming to stay the weekend, I was really...excited."

"Oh you were? Excited in what way?" he asked, his face studying hers.

"Like I'm going to tell you that," she replied, pulling a face.

He only chuckled, and kissed her again. The kiss deepened, their tongues swirling around each other's mouths. Then she swung her leg over his lap, sitting on his thighs and pressing the damp crotch of her shorts right up against his now-hard cock. Kevin groaned into her mouth, but pushed her back gently by the shoulders.

"Wait, wait. I have to know first, are you really a virgin?"

"No. I mean, I've sucked dick and lost my virginity, but never had an orgasm before."

"No orgasm at all? Not even by yourself?"

"Well, I mean, I don't know. I guess maybe I have, but it wasn't a really big deal, so I'm not sure."

"Let me put it this way. When you have one, you'll know. I'm going to eat your pussy, and I estimate that in about three minutes, you'll know."

"Think a lot of yourself, don't you?"

"Hey, I told you earlier we hadn't had a single complaint at my law firm, didn't I?" He wiggled his eyebrows at her.

"Yeah, so?"

"Well-fucked women don't complain." At that, Kevin, lifted her off his lap and laid her back gently on her bed. He peeled her shorts down her legs, revealing her neatly trimmed and very wet pussy. He tucked his hands up under her knees, and spread her legs wide, pressing her knees into the bed. "Mmm, very pretty."

Stella blushed and looked away, any other place than between her legs, where Kevin was even now running his fingertip up her inner thigh. He followed with a line of soft kisses until he reached her pussy, but instead of touching it, he kissed up to her hipbone. He kissed a line across her tummy and down the inside of her other leg. She squirmed slightly. He returned to her pussy and flattened his tongue against the bottom of it, collecting the moisture that had leaked out. He licked up and down several times, slowly, then inserted his tongue into her pussy. He tongued her gently for a few seconds, then ran his tongue up the center to her clit, swirling wide around it.

She felt her pussy start to tingle, and she pushed her hips up toward Kevin. When his tongue finally circled directly onto her clit, she moaned long and low. He slipped one finger into her, wiggling it around, gratified to feel her pussy clamp down on it as it entered. He finger fucked her gently, flicking his tongue faster and faster on her clit. Stella realized she must have been doing something wrong, because this felt better than anything she had ever felt before. She felt goosebumps prickle up all over her body, felt her nipples harden almost painfully.

Kevin heard her breathing quicken, and inserted another finger into her. He fucked them into her a little faster. Stella started moaning softly, over and over. The pleasure was threatening to overtake her. She felt her body rising up, up... Kevin slid his hand up to her breasts, and pinched down on one of her nipples. Immediately, she felt her entire body contract and she was totally lost to this pleasure. When Kevin's hand clamped down over her mouth, she jolted and felt her pussy squeezing down on his fingers so hard, she was sure it had to hurt.

Her body was still twitching when he moved his mouth away from her pussy. She was dimly aware of him fumbling around, but with his hand on her mouth still, she couldn't see what he was doing.

He whispered, "I'm sorry," and then thrust his cock fully into her. Her yelp of surprise was muffled, as was the groan of pleasure she let out as he moved in and out of her. He moved the fingers of his other hand slickly over her clit and was rewarded by the intense spasms of her pussy as she came again. This time the orgasm was almost painful in its intensity, and she felt her abdomen cramp slightly. Kevin pumped quicker, in an almost ragged tempo, and then she felt him cum, too, heard his soft grunt above her.

When he withdrew from her pussy, she shivered. She drew her knees together, feeling a slight ache in her hips. She brought her lips close to his ear, and whispered, "Why are you sorry?"

"I should have asked if you were ready for that. I kind of lost control. I just had to fuck you that minute."

"I don't think I minded," she said with a smile. He nodded and kissed her forehead.

"It's probably a good thing I'm going home tomorrow, though."

"Why's that?" Stella asked, a little dismayed as she realized it was already Sunday.

"I'm pretty sure if I stuck around I would be wanting to bang you day and night, and we both know your dad would kill me."

"Hmmph. I don't care what he thinks."

"You should, since you live with him. I get to go home tomorrow, and you have to stay here."

"Don't worry, I won't tell him. Oh and, um, thank you."

"No, sweetheart, thank you. It was my great pleasure." Kevin left her room, and Stella got ready for bed again. She fell asleep with thoughts of law school in her head.

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