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Step Brother


I have always had a crush on my stepsis Vanessa; since our parents got married ten years ago, she has matured into a lovely woman. The way she taunts me at the dinner table, I suspect she is into me. I don't want to do or say anything that might destroy this hidden sexual tension. She is only one-year younger than me, and she has always been rebellious. When we were growing up, she would call me to pick her up or rescue her from drama she caused. What can I say, I was in love with her without even knowing it.

We are both in our mid-twenties, I am a very successful man, and she well; she is trying to be someone in life, just don't know what. Our mother always calls me to try to put some sense into her head, yet all I want is to make love to her. Lately, our mother has found out about her other job. The job that pays more but; you have to stay laying in bed for it. Mother worries that she might get hurt, and well here come step bro to the rescue.

I decided to spend a few days visiting family; it been almost two months since I came to visit. The job keeps me far away. Mom's stress called; made me take some days off to see how bad the situation with sis was. I arrive wearing a suit, my hair neatly combed, face neatly shaved, always with roses for mother. My sister, on the other hand, has highlighted hair. Purple strands, a pink semi-long summer dress with fishnet stockings. God, I want to rip those stocking and know how sweet she tastes. Smiling at her, as she hugs me, her lavender perfume always made me hard, and its still making me hard.

I am stuck babysitting. Vanessa leaps out of her bed when mother leaves even though is almost one, and the diner; her old job opened at 8 am. I can hear her running from bathroom to her room, and I decided to investigate as I slowly go up the stairs. Standing at a corner, I see her wearing a lovely red dress, black stalkings and some overly priced boots, that go up past her knees. She keeps staring at me and ignoring me as she puts on her makeup.

Standing in front of the bathroom door, I ask her where she is going; she ignores me and keeps shoving me to get the rest of her stuff. She seems angry at me for budding into her personal life yet at the same time she likes the attention. Entering the bathroom again; I notice a condom hidden in her boots and a hint of guard belt that only a man can discern.

"Where are you going?" I ask a bit more demanding;

"What's it to you!" she screams.

"Well, you're not going to the diner, it's too late for that," I state.

Trying to control my impulse not to hold her and kiss her; grab those hips and push her to my hard semi-swollen cock. Closing the door, standing in front of her, she shoves me to move; I don't move, I smile and ask.

"Where are you going, Vanessa?"

"None of your business, let me go I'm going to be late, I have a client!"

She stops midway, knowing that she has told me enough and it contributes to what mother said. Holding her, I try not to be too demanding, yet I keep holding her. Kissing her forehead;

"Cancel that client Vanessa, stay with me?"

"I need to make money, and this is easy and fast. I'm not a big-time success like you bro. Now let me go!" she screams.

She shoves me and slightly punches me, yet I hold her or at least try to keep her. I can see she is teary-eyed; I give her my handkerchief, as she wipes off her mascara.

"Don't go!" I ask her.

I wipe the tear from her eyes and give her a gentle kiss. Stepping back is she is bewildered but kisses me in return. She shoves me, escaping through my fingers as she grabs her stuff and runs out the door. I see her leave, as she waves, I smile.

I drive back to my house; I live just 45 minutes away, no one knows I moved closer to the area. I wanted it to be a surprise for mom, for mothers day. If arrived, 30 minutes later the doorbell rings. I am nervous, yet determine to make a move if any of my new possible business arrangement. The door opens and there stand Vanessa.

"Bro, what are you doing here?" she asked shocked.

"I am your 2 pm client, Vanessa! What, are you kidding me?" she demands. Then she checks her text, the address is correct, then calls the number I put my phone up so she can see its ringing.

Wrapping my arms around her, I kiss her forehead. Then gently kissing her lips; it's me. Tony; the man that has always been in love with you, and still am. "Oh gross!" she says as she pushes me away, yet I can tell a slight smile as I look at her reflection in the hallway mirror. I smile and watch her, as she finally accepts me as a client.

"Well it's going to be 1600 dollars, do you have that step bro?"

She taunts thinking I don't even have that amount. Handing her the money; she takes the cash and counts it in front of me, a very unprofessional move on her part. She notices that it is more than 1600, she says nothing throws it in her bag. She goes in the bathroom, stays there for a few minutes then comes out. Walking towards me, standing in front of me, hand on her hips.

"Ok, Tony what would you like?"

Taking the hands off my pockets, standing in front of her removing the purple strand from her hair, smiling, gently I kiss her. Pressing myself against her; wrapping my arms around her sweet tiny waist, my tongue parts her lips; making her slightly moan. Our kiss deepened, I feel her fighting; and surrendering.

"Vanessa, you're in my arms; I always wanted this." whispering in her ear, kissing it, nibbling on it.

Raising one leg over my waist, my hand goes up against her ass; she feels me hard, yet we don't stop kissing. Her hands on my face, those black nails; god I always loved her rebellious nature. Picking her up slamming her against the wall, my lips kiss her neck, licking, sucking, smelling her lovely lavender scent.

Her legs part as I rub hard against her; she moans. My thumb in her mouth, as she sucks it while my tongue is kissing her cleavage, removing the straps the dress falls. Picking her up my mouth invades her perfect breast, massaging one as I inspect the other; looking up to kiss her, she wraps her arms around my neck, holding me tightly; passionately kissing.

Grabbing her ass, ripping the stocking from her waist; feeling her bare; she giggles.

"Dirty girl, you never had panties on."

Can't help myself as my fingers gently slide in between the damp of her thighs, my mouth salivates, at the thought of eating her and hearing her scream. She moans, scratching my suit; nibbling on my neck, while resting her hand on my crotch rubbing; god she can seduce. She pushes me as she stands a foot away from me, wide hips, thick thigh. Hard nipples, perfect breast; looking at her. She twirls around, showing off as the greedy seductress she is.

"Like what you see Tony?"

Pressing towards her, she walks backward a few feet; she sits on the couch. Looking up at me, I remove my tie, the jacket, unbuckle my pants. She sees me wearing boxers

"Still wearing boxers, Tony" she giggles.

I smirk as I always did after a smart mouth comment. Kneeing in front of her, pulling her toward the edge of the couch; opening her wide; locking my arms over her hips.

"You shave now Vanessa?"

Before she responded my tongue parts open her lips, licking the soft juice that invaded my senses.

Tasting her, sucking that clit, as my tongue flattens into her pink hole eagerly wanting more of her juices. She screams; my head being tugged deep between her legs; arching her back, she moans, she squirts. Swallowing; licking wanting more finger her deeply, she squirts hard. Drinking her; I don't stop till she begs. So I repeat this for process one more time. Coming up to her, she kisses my lips, licking her juices off my face as my cock slowly enter her. Fucking her, she feels so wet and thick inside.

Pushing me to the floor she commence to riding me; grabbing her breast as those hips glide up and down. Looking up at her, smiling; giggling. She is enjoying herself, and I want her to, I want her to start wanting only me. To leave this new job, and to make me her new career. Bouncing her pussy, fucking her harder she squirts on me as she leaps up, then drilling her harder; screams my name and starts telling me that she too has always loved me.

Getting herself off me, she picks me up, sitting on the couch she sits on my throbbing cock, straddling me. Grabbing her hips, gyrating her deeper towards me. We look at each other as we kiss sweetly.

"Vanessa, stay with me?" I ask, demanding; wanting.

"You can't afford me, Tony?" she giggles.

"Vanessa, look where I live, I am a self-made man, I can get anything I am rich!" Vanessa looks around as she realizes I am not kidding. "What about mom," she asks very concern. "Well, mom always hinted, that she is happy we are not related."

We fuck harder, screaming we cum at the same time. Resting on my neck. My hand plays with your hair.

"What about my job?" she asks sadly.

"Quit!" I suggest.

"You left me tony; I have been lost without you; we were always a team."

"I know, I am sorry; I am here now, and I won't let you go." Kissing her forehead, holding her tightly, I can tell she is seriously thinking about it.

"Alright." She leans to kiss me as we giggle.

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by Anonymous

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Good story but....

I liked the story and hope there will be more to it but....it needs some serious editing. It was a little hard to follow at times. With editing it could be a really great story!! Please write more butmore...

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by sabra1602304/10/18

Like it

Enjoyed reading the story. Hope it is continued. Thanks

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by Anonymous04/10/18


Your writing is very poor. You change narrative voice within a sentence. You have no ability to write two consecutive coherent sentences. Don't waste a reader's time! Get beta readers and an editor tomore...

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by RanDog02504/10/18



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by Lone_Wanderer04/09/18

I think this would be a great start to a series. Please, don't stop! :)

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