Step By Step


"We...we must obey and give pleasure to those we serve and those we serve with," Sasha and Lois chorused. Bryan and Luke had their mouths full, but Brenda could feel him mumble the words into her flesh as he licked. Lois crawled over to join them, grabbing Brenda's free hand and pressing it into Lois' pussy. Brenda pumped into Lois with the same urgent rhythm that she fingered herself, watching Lois' eyes and imagining the same blank, distant look on her own.

"Yes," Heidi moaned out, her juices smearing Bryan's chin as she rocked back and forth on his face. "Serve, obey, giving pleasure gives you pleasure, ohhh..."

"When we sexually pleasure those we serve and those we serve with, we feel that pleasure directly in our own minds," Lois moaned out. She was the only one still capable of speech--Sasha had buried her face in Heidi's tits, her mouth roaming over the sensitive flesh.

"Yes, oh, yes, you feel feel it all, oh fuck..." Heidi gasped out the words, her body quivering with desire; but as incoherent as they were, the suggestions worked perfectly on Brenda's deeply hypnotized mind. She felt every hot surge of pleasure that she gave to Lois, and she shifted position, laying on her back to allow Luke's cock to slide effortlessly into her slick and needy cunny. It felt unbelievable as her hypnotized mind felt both the pleasure of the fucking and the pleasure she knew his cock must be receiving from her.

"We continue to program ourselves," Luke took up the chorus as he fucked, "and when we find free will we promptly remove it." Heidi lay next to Brenda, and Sasha got off of Bryan and headed over to Lois, who was still shuddering and moaning as her juices dripped onto Brenda's fingers.

"Yes, you never...oh, yes, that's nice..." Heidi spread her legs wide as Bryan slid into her, pounding his cock into her cunt again and again with the same expression of thoughtless bliss on his face that Luke wore, that Sasha wore, that Lois wore as Sasha pulled her head down to lick at Sasha's slick and dripping pussy. Brenda knew that her own face must look the same, and she reveled in it. "You never want to have free will," Heidi said, "you never want to escape my control..."

"We," the others could barely get the words out now as they shook with pleasure, each of them near to their own perfect orgasm, "we seek through pleasure and obedience to improve our service to Heidi and cum for her." Brenda felt it too, all the echoes of pleasure from so many sources overfilling her still and empty mind, and she turned her head to lock eyes with Heidi and feel the perfect joy of obedience filling her soul as she submitted completely.

"Yes, that's right," Heidi husked out, and Brenda felt like she was talking to her directly, "cum, cum now and obey, mind so empty, sunk so deep, thoughtless and mindless and submissive and entranced and deeply hypnotized, always obeying, born to obey, need to serve, born to serve, must give yourself completely to mmeeeeeunnnnnnh!" Brenda felt it too, she let the pleasure take her over completely and let her mind shut down totally as she came and came and came, feeling Lois' cunt clench around her fingers and Luke's cock spasm inside her pussy and it was all just a blur of pleasure and obedience as even her awareness of her mind slipped away.


"Well," Heidi said, "that was another productive meeting, I think! Thank you all for coming--especially you, Brenda, for having the courage to decide to join us for the first time. I hope we'll see you again next week."

Brenda looked down at her watch. Had it really been an hour? she thought. The time just seemed to fly. It felt like the meeting had just gone by in a blur. Really useful, though. She couldn't remember the details, but that didn't matter. It felt definitely...unburdening, and that was the important thing. "I'll be back," she said, a silly grin spreading across her face.

"I'm sure you all will," Heidi said. "And what's our last step before we go back out into the world, group?" she asked.

Brenda didn't even know how she knew, but she joined in with the others as they said, "Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we try to carry this message to others." As she left, Brenda started to make a mental list of other people who could benefit from meeting with Heidi.


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