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My mother married my dad when she was only 18. My Dad worked at the Church and he maintained all conservative values in our home. My mother loved painting and she wanted to have a future in that profession but my father didn't allow her to work. She had to work a lot at home and did the entire house hold chores after which there was no time left for anything else. She was not happy with my father, he used to abuse her too and soon they had started fighting. When I turned 14, she finally tried to portray her painting talent in an art gallery. It was there that she met Richard Jackson for the first time. Four years later my Dad discovered that my mother was cheating on him and to my relief they went for a divorce. I moved out with my mom. Even I didn't want to stay with my Dad and follow his conservative rules. There were too many restrictions in that house. Once he slapped me because I had kissed a guy in school and another time when I came home drunk. I hated him so much. Even my mom was sick of him. So when Richard came into our lives he was like a warm sunrise on a chilly day. That warmth I felt was heavenly. I already had a crush on him when my mom married him after a year. We relocated to New York with him. My mother started working which had always been her dream and I joined my new university and made new friends who were funny and cheerful but nothing made my heart go crazy like the sight of Richard.

Unlike ours, Richard's life had been quite adventurous. He had run away from his abusive parent's home when he was only 17. He had worked as an escort for 12 years and then he left the job and married a wealthy woman. He was married for 5 years but then he was divorced after which he remarried a widow. My mother is his third wife and he was 36 years old when he met her. Now, even at 42, he is the most handsome man I have ever seen. He has a perfectly chiseled body and his muscles could make anyone drool. He spoke to me very gently but we spoke very rarely. He was mostly reserved and busy and that mysterious way of his living attracted me more towards him. I figured out soon that my mom was very satisfied with him. I had no idea whether she loved him or not but at least her professional dream was getting fulfilled now. Whenever they kissed each other I tried to look away because it made me want to kiss Richard too. I tried to resist my feelings but everyday it was getting harder.

It had been only two months of the marriage. We had a Fresher's party in our university and so I was searching for my Pink Satin dress. My mom had packed most of the things and so I went to their bedroom to ask her where it was. The door was unlocked so I entered without knocking and the sight left me speechless. Richard was completely naked. His back was facing towards me. His organ was inside my mother's mouth and she was tightly holding his shaking hips I felt jealous and at the same time it aroused me. Suddenly my mom noticed me and gave out a shriek. She covered herself with the bed sheet while Richard just hid his cock with his hands.

"I am sorry... mom" I said nervously trying to slow down my heart " I just came to ask about a dress. I am really sorry!"

"It's alright, Lauren. You don't have to feel awkward about it" Richard laughed at me as if he could read my mind.

My mom told me where it was and I came out of the room blushing. I masturbated that night as my desire to sleep with Richard grew more and I had fallen deep in love with him.

I only wished to let him know this somehow and hoped that it won't create havoc at my home. And that opportunity came very soon. After six months my mother had to go to Paris for two weeks. She said it was a great opportunity for her but had no idea what a great opportunity it was for me. I resolved to confess about my feelings to Richard. But still I had no idea how he felt. He had been an escort once. Surely he understood women and their wants but still I was uncertain of the consequences. So I started with simple friendship.

On the first morning I woke up early and took a coffee for him in his room. He was already awake and had just showered. Water was dripping from his black hairs all over his neck and chest. He looked at me and grinned.

"You woke up early!" he said

"I got coffee for you" I said. I handed him the cup and our fingers touched.

"Thank you Lauren!" he said and sipped it. He made a weird face and looked into the coffee, "You forgot sugar?" he asked

"No I didn't. Is it very bad?" I asked biting my lips.

"Come on! No! I was just kidding!" He laughed "It's perfect". He took another sip and smiled at me. It made my heart dance. I wanted to kiss him all over and I kept thinking about him the whole day. I made coffee for him every day for a week. My mother called us frequently telling us how much she was enjoying. Even I was spending a memorable time with a gentleman. The problem was I didn't wanted him to be as decent as he behaved with me. I wanted him to sleep with him, and touch me everywhere. I wanted him so badly that all his reactions- his chuckles, smiles, smirk and even his frown was intoxicating. So I was very happy when he planned to take me out on Sunday. He said that we needed to bond well and know each other and I was happy that he cared for me. We went to the museum and then for a movie. Nothing was as romantic as I had fantasized about it but still a day out with him was worth it. Our shoulders had brushed against each other many times. I was wearing a knee length pink colored sun dress which had a neckline which revealed most of my firm breasts. In the subway Richard even seemed uncomfortable when he noticed a man staring at my boobs. Finally he took me to his favourite restaurant and while we ate he asked me about my college and friends.

"So you don't have any boyfriend?" he asked

"Not yet! A boy asked me out but I am still not sure. They are funny and reckless but I like sophisticated people. Sensibility and maturity is what my heart desires and what these boys lack" I said trying to tell him everything my heart held for him.

"Give them a chance. May be they are not as simple as you think. May be they are more sophisticated than you think" he replied

"You have been with a lot of women. You seem to know a lot about everything." I said

"Believe me, I do!" he smiled and swallowed his wine.

When we reached home I was exhausted, yet I was happy. It was one of the best days of my life and I didn't want to let it go in vain. So late, that night I changed into my night dress and walked into his room. He had just slept but I was determined to wake him up. I knocked the door and he turned to look at me.

"Lauren? " He asked.

"Yes" I said as I walked to his bed and sat beside him. He looked at me. The light of the night lamp was getting reflected from his honey brown eyes as he looked at me with a frown. I leaned over him and kissed him softly. My body shivered when our lips touched and soon it became wet when I started kissing him more passionately. He pulled away suddenly and said, "What are you doing Lauren? This is wrong!" It broke my heart and then his face turned strict.

"Go back to your room. Just go!" he ordered loudly which reminded me of my father. I ran back to my room and started crying. I wondered what would happen next. Would he never talk to me again? Would he tell my mom? My head was so confused but soon my answers were right in front of me. It was only midnight when he walked into my room. I thought he would make me understand that how wrong this all was and he did that. He sat beside me and looked at me face. We stared at each other for some seconds and then he started running his thumb over my lips.

"I want you to know that this is wrong. And also that you won't regret it" he said and bent down to kiss me. His right hand slipped down my neck and he held my breast and put his other hand behind my neck. He started kissing me passionately and pressed my soft breast. He rubbed his thumbs over my nipples and they stiffened. He tore away my clothes and left me naked beneath him. He started kissing me all over, pressing my breast and sucking my nipples. Then his face moved down my navel and soon his tongue was exploring me. I had shaved my pussy and his rugged unshaven face rubbed and brushed against it. He did amazing things with his fingers and tongue and I gave out my material. The bed had turned moist and then he repositioned himself and soon we were in the 69 position. I realised it was time for me to show some action. I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth and started sucking it. I wanted to swallow it as our body's worked together like a generator. Then I turned him and rose up to sit over his cock. It pressed inside my cunt and rocked my insides as I kept moving myself up and down. Our bodies were vibrating and then he turned and lay over me and started fucking me with his magic wand. The pleasure was exhilarating. By the middle of the night we were already exhausted but then he took me by my hand to our living room and made me sprawl down on the marble floor. He brought a tray of chocolate pastries from our kitchen and lathered it all over my bosom and waist. He lathered some over his body and then we started eating each other. I felt his tongue and teeth moving around my boobs and waist and he also ate my pussy after every minute. I also sucked his nipples and kissed him all over. I kissed him hard on his lips and he looked at me. " I had not expected you would be this amazing" he said with sparkling eyes. He kissed me back and the next morning when I opened my eyes his legs were around my hips and his hand was on my tits. I pressed myself tightly towards him as the sun rays clustered around us. I still feared it was going to be our last time. But I was wrong; we did it every day that whole week and exhausted each other. Even after my mother came back things didn't change much. My mother wanted me to love my Step dad and spend time with him and I was more than happy to obey her. She mostly remained busy and out of New York, and whenever she was away, I and Richard would upturn the house and spoil each other. My mother thought he would leave us because she couldn't give him time anymore but she had no idea how happy he made me. He is my Step Dad but he makes me forgets that when I touch his cock and he forgets that too when he travels into me. It's a mysterious and thrilling pleasure we never regret and we cannot live without anymore.

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