tagIncest/TabooStep-Mom gives Son HJ while Injured

Step-Mom gives Son HJ while Injured


Hi all! Usually I write much longer stories but, I decided to just grind out a short quick one. Instead of the teasing and long build up this is more simple and straight to the point. Enjoy!


"Okay David I have good news and bad news." The doctor said as he walked into the room.

"Bad news first I guess." I responded.

"It looks like a large amount of muscle in your wrist has indeed been damaged as a result of the accident. This means you are going to have to keep in mind a few prohibitions that I must tell you to refrain from doing. This list includes: physical or strenuous activity, writing, typing, throwing, lifting, and also masturbation." The doctor explained.

My stomach sank.

"Masturbation?" I repeated for reassurance.

"Yes, but, here is where the good news comes in. If you do listen to me and not participate in any of those activities, your wrist should be healed in only a short month." The doctor said with a hint of sympathy.

"A month??? Oh boy. Alright then. Thanks doc. I'll make an appointment for next month to see how the healing process has come along." I said as I put on my jacket and left the room.

'A month without jerking off?' I wrestled with the harsh reality of that sentence in my head as I got into the elevator. Considering the fact that I didn't just have girls on speed dial that could come over and get me off, along with my current residence at my Dad and Step-Mom's house (which was far away from my home town where all my friends live), it was looking like a hard, drag of a month for me.

My sister and I alternated who we stayed with each month of the Summer ever since my parents split. Staying at Dad's was always the shorter end of the stick, due to the frequent boredom as a result of there being nothing to do in the small town where his house was. It didn't take my Dad long to find another woman and he eventually re-married this much younger (34 in comparison to his age of 50) partner. Although I would never admit it to anyone aloud, ever since my Dad started dating my now Step-Mom I've always had a slight crush on her, which ultimately led to a wide array of incestuous and taboo fantasies. With me being 18, it was definitely weird having a mom less than 20 years apart in age from me, especially when I grew up with old parents. Whenever my friends met my Step-Mom they would always go on about how hot she was and how they wanted to do sexual things with her. While I had no choice but to make grossed out faces and tell them they're fucked up, I secretly had the same exact obsessions.

The first week was pure torture. I had been accidentally aroused several times and having an incurable case of the blue balls almost every day was not enjoyable to say the least.

With today marking the start of week 2, I have become fed up past my limit. I was determined to get off in one way or another tonight but, I also knew the repercussions of going against the doctor's orders and using my hand. If I messed up my wrist even more, I would be looking at even more time without jacking off. Somehow, someway, I was going to find a solution.

It was a rainy afternoon and I was sitting in my room watching TV, since of course there was nothing better to do. My wrist was in a brace, which was removable but, only allowed to be taken off for showers and other infrequent exceptions. Being at my Dad's house during this whole injury was the worst thing ever. Not only was I forced to do absolutely nothing all day but, catching glimpses of my Step-Mom always sparked arousal in me since she believed in being comfortable and wearing very little clothing around the house. As much as I tried to avoid her, she just kept showing up wherever I went. The blue balls I had been dealing with for the past week was only building up in pain and getting worse. I desperately needed to have success in my plans for the night.

Night came and the sky faded into an empty black, creating a gloomy and eerie tone around the house. My Dad had also been out of the country for business, so that made my attempts to avoid my Step-Mom fruitless. As soon as 11:30 hit, the usual time my Dad and Step-Mom go to sleep, I instantly started brainstorming ideas. Then it came to me, like it was floating around all this time but, I was too focused on other things to see it. I was going to hump a pillow. Yup, as stupid as it may sound, it was simple, easy, and I was hopeful. I climbed into my bed and pulled up some porn. I tended to watch incest a lot because of my Step-Mom but, I decided that wasn't a very good idea in case this plan didn't follow through. I was already hard, as a result of the horrible blue balls I had been dealing with. While making sure to use my hands carefully in fear of hurting them more just slightly, I removed my shorts and boxers. My uncontrollably throbbing dick popped out of my boxers like a rocket ship, bouncing back and forth like a metal spring. I took a deep breath in, brought myself to the edge of my bed and began to hump the pillow, closing my eyes the entire time and using my imagination to the best of my ability. It wasn't working. It didn't feel good at all. I just wanted to rip of the stupid brace and jerk myself off. I became frustrated as I struggled to please my aching dick. It was hopeless but, I continued to try and find a decent position. All of a sudden I heard a noise. I opened my eyes.

"Oh-um-oh my god-i'm-so-sor-I'm so sorry David I didn't mean t-" I was greeted with my wide-eyed and shocked Step-Mom standing in my doorway while my dick was out, humping a pillow.

"Oh-sh-shit. Sorry. I was jus-" I tried to get out the right words but, they just wouldn't comprehend into a complete sentence. I was speechless.

I used the pillow to cover my bare and exposed hard penis, while my Step-Mom remained in the doorway, speechless as I was.

"Is this because of your injury?" She finally said, breaking the most awkward silence I had ever been a part of.

"Uh-ummm yeah. I can't really use my hand so... uh-I uhh.." I was still having trouble talking.

"Awww David. Trust me it is nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone does it and has their needs. I can't imagine how frustrated you must be..." She said.

"Yeah... I uhh... I was just trying to umm..." I was surprised at how understanding she was being.

"Look, I know having a new mom when you've already grown up all your life with another is a weird experience. Since I'm that extra mother to you though, I wan't our relationship to be different. We were all 18 year olds once and the younger the adult, the more they can sympathize with you." She explained to me.

In response I forced whatever I could of a smile and let out a nervous laugh.

"Oh I'm sorry David, I can leave. You must be thinking 'why is she still here' to yourself. Look, all I'm trying to say here is I understand your age better than your real mother or father and I know how important masturbation can be in adolescent teens." She continued, in what seemed like the start of a proposal of something.

"I just hate to see you struggle and be tortured by that frustration. When I leave this room this is all I'm going to be thinking about and beating myself up over for not making your rough situation which was caused by a stupid little sports accident better for you. If I have that power then I want to use it." She said to me, seemingly very sympathetic unlike others about my temporary disabilities.

"Your one of the only few people who actually understand how hard it is." I managed to get out.

"I know. Oh, I know and that's exactly why I would regret not doing something about it later on. Look, although at first you may be taken aback by this, trust me. If you'd like... I could possibly help you?" She suggested, a look of sheer sympathy clearly present in her face.

I was frozen. If she meant what I thought she meant...

"Ummm, I mean... I guess." I said without thinking before answering.

"Well alright. Just know, this isn't weird even if it seems like it. I married your father. You are not my own blood. I'm merely trying to help out someone I care about since I'm your only hope." She said in an attempt to justify her opinions.

"I appreciate that. I really do. It's just... well.. what would you exactly do to help me out?" I asked with a slight quiver in my voice, my heart now beating rapidly and my face probably turning tomato red.

"I don't want you to worry. Look, I'm going to help you out to releive the unnecessary pain you're experiencing from this accident, ok? Just don't worry about anything. Just relax and trust me." She said as she now began to come into the room.

"Well... ok. Should I just... uh.." I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do.

"Just relax. Find a comfortable position on your bed that works the best for you and let all your worries drift away. I'll do the rest. Just trust me." She said as she continued to walk towards me.

She was in her satin baby blue nightgown, which she wore every night to bed. I guess to my usual misfortune (or luck?) she decided to check up on me before hitting the sheets. As she fully got into the room and began to walk towards me, I noticed she was not wearing anything other than that paper thin gown. Her nipple were defined through the material and her classic MILF busty tits were complimented by the color well. In the middle of my hesitation, I decided to just go with the flow so, I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes, still holding the pillow over my erection.

"Like I said, the relationship we're going to have is much different than your real mother's. More open. But, one of the most important if not the most important aspects of this relationship is trust. Relax, lose control of your body, and just go with the flow." She said as she found her own spot on the other side of my bed and moved in close to me.

I was now very aroused, possibly the most I had ever been in my life as my recent fantasies about my Step-Mom were becoming realities. I finally took her advice about trust and removed my hands from the pillow, allowing my body to fall into a deep state of relaxation. The anticipation was killing me, especially with the addition of my blue balls. I was nervous but excited at the same time for whatever was about to happen.

"Just... relax..." And with that my Step-Mom removed the pillow that was once covering my penis.

I felt it spring with the removal of the pillow and opened my eyes slightly to catch a glimpse of her reaction. Through my squinted vision I could faintly see her bite her lip and stare with a jaw-dropped face at my about 8 inch erection. I then felt a sudden rush throughout my entire body as her hand made contact with my aching dick. I couldn't stand to do this with my eyes closed. I opened them up and saw my Step-Mom admiring every detail of my dick, from top to bottom, only using the tips of her fingers to move it. She then made use of her free hand and placed them around my balls, gently fondling and massaging them between her long red finger nails. She then took full grasp of my shaft and began to stroke it, rhythmically moving her hand up and down as it throbbed like crazy and remained rock solid. She began to start pleasuring me, twisting her hand and using different methods no girl had ever done to me before. I let my head fall back in pleasure as I stared at the ceiling. Shortly after I felt a moistness. She had spit on my dick and was not using it as lube. She began to get more into the hand job, letting out very subtle and faint moans as she admired her own handiwork. I was floating on a cloud. I watched my hot Step-Mom stroke my hard-on with her freshly manicured red fingernails while only wearing a thin, loose gown that embraced all her classic MILF curves. I then did something bold and ballsy. My ass muscles flexed, my balls began to tense up, and just before I had no choice but to release my long trapped load she stopped stroking, almost ruining the orgasm.

"Would it be okay if I take off this nightgown? Might speed up the process a bit for you and it feels more natural. It's up to you though." She asked, her hands already placed on the sides of the gown, ready to pull it off as if she knew there was 0% chance I was going to refuse.

"Ye-Yeah that's fine." I said as I kept my gaze on her, awaiting the reveal.

She smiled at my reply and proceeded to remove her gown, not only confirming that she was indeed not wearing anything under it but, also being the most gorgeous tits I had ever seen in my life. She resumed her expert level hand job, now staring directly into my eyes, which was uncomfortable at first but, proved to be super hot the more the time passed. She would alternate from looking into my eyes to focusing on her hand job but, all I could focus on was her astonishing tits. If there were any boundaries, I didn't care if I was crossing them. I reached out and groped her left tit, causing her to move her chest closer to me so I didn't have to reach. As she leaned in closer, she placed her face only an inch away from mine, her hand still jerking away like a pro. She enjoyed seeing my reactions as she switched up her routine and caused me immense pleasure. As time went on her face slowly drooped, until there was no choice for either of us but to kiss.

We kissed passionately, her still doing her thing while I groped her amazing tits, being careful not to grab in the wrong way or too hard so that my wrist gets worse. After a while of that she let off, shifting her attention back to the main attraction. I was already on the verge of ejaculating, it would only take one more small thing. She seemed to have read my mind, as she started something entirely new, bringing her glossed lips down towards my cock. All she did was gently place her lips on the tip of my cock, making an extremely faint kissing noise and connecting strings of my pre-cum to her lips as she pulled away. She continued to use her lips and then tongue, kissing and licking all over my shaft until I could handle it no more. As her head rested on my thigh as she did her licking and kissing, the familiar feeling came once again and her continuous stimulation brought me to the point of no return. As she kissed the side of my shaft sideways, my load that had been eagerly waiting to burst for more than a week was finally released, spurting streams and streams of hot gooey cum all over my Step-Mom's hair and face as I let out hard grunts and moans. She pulled her head up and smiled at me, my baby batter dripping all over her face. I lay my head back, panting, as I recovered from that out of body experience.

"This is what I'm talking about." She said as she wiped off my cum with her fingers. "Having a relationship like this would just be something refreshing for a change. But, like I said, trust is key. You can't tell anyone a peep about this and I'll do the same. Trust goes both ways, always remember that." She said as she put back on her nightgown and tied the waist belt.

"I won't tell anyone. This is just between us." I said in response.

"Good, that means we can do it more often. Not only that but, we can do even more than what we just did." She said with a wink right before leaving my room and shutting the door, strings of my white goo still hanging in her hair.

I stared at the ceiling, my still hard and lip gloss covered cock pointing straight into the air, taking in what had just gone down. I felt like I was in a dream. The best part was that it wasn't.

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