tagMatureStep Mom Steps In

Step Mom Steps In


"Hello Jeff" my step-mother said as I got back from football training.

"Hi Sharon, gee, I sure could do with a shower?"

"Go ahead, you're dinner will be ready by the time your out" Sharon said.

Sharon is my step-mother, and we get on well. I lost my mother at an early age, and my father has been seeing Sharon since I was in my mid-teens. Now I'm 20 and go to college. Sharon is in her mid-40's, and has been very kind to me all these years. In recent years I've felt like I could talk to her about all kinds of things.

I needed a shower so desperately after training that I quickly got to the bathroom, closed the door and stripped down. I only lived a street away from the park, so I didn't bother showering at the training grounds. I'd forgotten to get a clean pair of underwear, or clothes, or even towel, that I yelled from the "Sharon, could you-"

"I'm one step ahead of you honey" Sharon replied as she opened the bathroom door with a towel and clean pair of underwear.

"Oh Thanks Sharon" I said as I was rubbing soap up and down my body.

As my head was under the flowing water, my eyes were closed, Sharon gazed at my body casually. She admired my body as it reminded me of my father. She thought to herself, that Jeff certainly inherited the right features from his father. Furthermore she made sure she had an eyeful of the young man's penis, as it dangled downwards pointing to the ground under the flowing water. She dashed out of the bathroom before I began to notice.

I dried up and put my jocks on, and headed to the kitchen. As most guys would know, underwear is always a great device to show off you attributes. Although I didn't have any intention of this (yeah right), as I walked casually in the kitchen, where Sharon handed me the shorts I was after. She stood in front of me and watched me put my shorts on, as I mounded it over by bulge. Sharon was getting awfully hot at the sight.

Anyway, dinner went on, and Sharon explained that my father was away for the weekend. We chatted for a bit and I helped wash the dishes. After that I went to couch and flicked the telly on. "Sharon" I yelled. "Are You coming to sit down?"

"Sure honey, I'll be right there, I've got some desert" she said.

I waited around and she came to the room, with a bowl of ice cream. We sat around and ate up and talked some more.

I don't know what happened, but as she got up to get the bowl from the table, she bent in front of me and I was given front row seats to her cleavage. I froze there with my mouth open and my tongue almost sticking out. Her boobs were so big and heavy. "Hey" Sharon said as I snapped out it.

"Ohh sorry Sharon, I just couldn't help notice..."I stuttered

"How big they are?" Sharon said as she finished my sentence.

"Well yeah, how big they are?" I replied embarrassingly

"40 DD" to be precise, she said which we both laughed. "It's okey honey" she said as she sat down next to me on the couch. I was still looking at them.

"Sorry, I didn't realise they were so big" I replied

"I can't help the way I'm made" Sharon replied as a joke

"I didn't mean that, I mean they're beautiful" I said.

"You're starting to sound like your father" Sharon said. For that we both laughed. Sharon was taking it all as a funny incident. I was glad she didn't take offense.

Meanwhile I gawked at her breasts. She was wearing a red dress, with very thin straps. It was remarkable how they held her breasts considering she didn't have a bra. Sharon was not a very tall lady, although she a nice round backside, and large breasts. Her nipples began to harden, as I looked on at them. Her nipples were large, and started poking out.

"Now, you're embarrassing me" she said as she noticed her nipples had hardened. Sharon thought to herself, after getting a full view of Jeff in the shower, it wasn't such a big deal that he was getting his share of view in return.

"So I guess you like them?" Sharon said as she bent forward, pushed her tits against her knees, and making a very large cleavage visable. You could see a little wrinkle at the top of her cleavage, which added a healthy feature.

"Yeah, you got that right" I said as a bulge in my shorts could easily be seen. By this point my tongue was half hanging out, and I was ready for a feed.

Sharon noticed the bulge in my shorts, and suggested "Maybe it's time for bed, I'm a bit tired."

"Yeah me too" I said before our little incident became into a situation.

That night, I layed on my bed naked, as it was a hot night. I couldn't help but stroke my aching cock. Little did I know that Sharon was peeping through the door and watching every move and sound I made. She thought to herself, poor thing, he needs to relieve the strain on his enormous instrument. That was the second time she'd caught him naked. This was becoming too much for her to handle.

The next day, after I hanged a leak, I went back to bed and shut the door. I was still tired. Sharon yelled "Honey, you better get up, it's almost 9:00am". She opened my door and saw my face down against the pillow, with my ass facing up. My cock was laying to the side, so she could see the head.

She was wearing her silky silvery pajamas still. She had lovely high heeled slippers, which revealed her beautiful red painted toe-nails. You could see the back of the heel sit firmly on the shoe. She had a cute matching nightdress on. She had these cute little shorts that finished extremely high. It made her legs look longer, and gave good display of her curves. On top she had a matching button shirt, with nothing underneath. She had the two bottom buttons done up, with the top two left open to offer a great view of her cleavage. Her breasts jiggled underneath this top. It fit her well, and her nipples gently poked through.

She sat on the bed, and started stroking my hair, with her eyes gazing at my firm backside.

"It's time to get up honey" she said in my ear.

I turned around and my cock pointed upwards.

"By the looks of thinks honey, you're already up", as she gawked at my large cock pointing to the ceiling.

I put my hand on her thigh as she put her hand on my backside, sliding her hand all around, gently flicking my cock, now and again. My head was inches away from her breasts. I was staring into her cleavage as she sat next to me. She giggled as she saw my interest. She took her hands away from my body and undid the buttons of her top. Her tits fell out and into my face. "I guess you can have breakfast in bed this morning Jeff".

"Have you eaten?" I jokingly asked.

She turned her eyes to my stiff cock and asked "Doesn't look like it?"

I put one hand on her breast. I felt them gently and made sure I had a good go. My mouth was already opened, and my tongue was hanging out. I put my mouth over one of her erect nipples, and softly sucked. Slowly my mouth went over them in circles, and my hand massaged her right breast. They were smooth, and beautiful. They were as large as I dreamed. My hand would gently rub her stomach and backside, but would soon be drawn back to massaging her enormous breasts.

Meanwhile, Sharon had her hand on my cock, massaging it up and down. She couldn't believe how lucky she was, to have such a young cock in her hands. Every now and then Jeff or Sharon would moan. I was at her breasts for at least 10 minutes, just sucking. Sharon withdrew and stood up as I lay there stroking my hard cock. "Let me suck that big cock" Sharon said as she got on the bed, placed her ass on my chest and started sucking. We were in a 69 position. Her pussy was right at my face and her tits which I could no longer reach, were rested against my stomach. She put her whole mouth over my cock, and sucking it real well. Licking every part and stroking it. I had my tongue out and had a taste of her pussy. She giggled, and the more I licked the harder she sucked my cock.

"Why don't you get on top?" I asked as Sharon stopped sucking and kneeled on the bed still stroking my cock, with every chance she had. She held my cock, and slowly placed her cunt over it. She started bouncing on me, with her ass clapping against my legs. I held her waist tight, and she bent forward. With one arm holding herself up she had the other arm holding her left breast and directing it towards my mouth. My mouth was wide open as I began to suck. I made these loud sucking noises, especially when the nipple slipped from my mouth, and I would go to the other nipple. They were big nipples. As this was going on, Sharon was still bouncing on me, and I couldn't take it any longer and came inside her. Her breasts bounced all over the place. "Oh..." and "Ahh" she moaned.

"Ohh baby, that felt so good" Sharon said, as she got off me and stood on the floor. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. I held her waist, and her breasts were in line with my face. She put her arms around my back and hugged me. My face lay between her tits. My hands just circled her ass.

She let go of me and stood back, looking at my hard cock. She kneeled in front of me, and held her tits. She massaged her tits by pushing then up and down and getting them fluffed up. My cock was right in front of her stiff and pointing her way. "Are you ready baby?" Sharon said as she put each breast around my cock. She stroked my cock with her tits gently, up and down. My cock was caught between her tits.

"Tit fuck Sharon" was all I could say. "Ohh...keep going." I bent forward and kissed her lips, as she looked up at me. I couldn't hold it any longer, she was masturbating me with her tits, and so I started cumming all over her them. She pulled back, and showed me her tits. I bent forward and kissed her again.

"That was wonderful" she said as she stood up. I put my head against her chest and she gave me a little hug.

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