Step Siblings Ch. 05


Tears flowed quickly from her eyes. "YES OH GOD YES!" They kissed while the whole team cheered and when their parents moved over to find out why they told them.

"That means I have to pay for the bride's part and the groom's part," Jim said holding his head in his hands. Sarah lightly smacked him. Jim hugged her and then his to be son-in-law.

As they walked to the rental car Jim cracked, "Hey that's one less Christmas present I'll have to buy."

Jake and Sarah had stopped to kiss again. "What did he say?" Jake asked.

"Never mind," she giggled. Her lips lightly brushed his. "I love ice cream."


Epilog: Jake was named first team All American his senior year and was picked in the first round of the draft by the Giants. He made the New Jersey fans forget all about Lawrence Taylor as the Giants won the super bowl three straight years. Ronnie Smith was the starting quarterback.

Sarah hung up her pom-poms to become a professor of sociology at Princeton. They had three kids of which the one boy played soccer for the Rutgers National Champions. They adopted a young boy when the children were young and guess what? Yes he fell in love with one of his sisters. But that is a different story.


Ending note: Less wild sex and a nice ending which was what you all wanted. I hope you enjoyed the story and don't forget to vote. Love ya...Slick

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