tagIncest/TabooStep Sis Ch. 02

Step Sis Ch. 02


A few nights went by, and I couldn't stop thinking about Traci and what we did. And I found that, rather than feel guilty (which lasted like two days), I kept getting hornier and hornier thinking about my step sis!

So, I used the Internet to seek relief. Except that now jerking off just didn't feel as good. I wanted Traci there, at least watching me, if not helping me. Or better yet, sucking me off - giving me head, for real, not just the taste I'd gotten the other day!

Frustrated and unable to sleep, I decided to go watch some cable.

Nothing much was on, so I watched some of the soft porn these stations have, but it didn't help.

I heard Traci's car pull up, and some giggling voices coming around the back, so I slipped into the shadows of the living room as Traci and her two best friends crept in the sliding door from the patio. She motioned for them to be quiet, and they sneaked down the hall to her room.

Stacy Goldman and Debbie Prichard were part of what I used to call "the unholy threesome" - meaning my sister and her two friends who teased me mercilessly through high school. Debbie, as it turned out, was the one who thought I was "cute" and got Traci to notice it, too.

I snuck outside and crept around to peek through Traci's window. Traci was slipping out of her clothes and into her sleep stuff, just a small T and panties. Stacy and Deb were already in theirs, Debbie in a bikini top and panties while Stacy matched my sister.

I was wondering what they were up to as they sat in a small triangle, and Traci pulled something out from her drawers and put it on the floor. It was a vibrator! Gold, with a black base. The girls giggled, and Traci motioned for them to keep the noise down. She got up, checked the hall, then closed and locked her door before sitting down again.

I felt myself begin to get hard. I slipped a hand down my shorts and pulled on my cock, just to kind of feel good but not intending to get off. Not unless things went the way I began to hope they would!

Stacy put her hand out, and spun the vibrator like they were playing "spin the bottle". It stopped with the tip pointing at Traci. So Traci stood up, and as the other two giggled, she wriggled out of her panties seductively, like she was a stripper. My pulse began to quicken, and I stroked myself a little harder, but was disappointed when Traci sat back down again. Then she was the one who spun, and it pointed at her again. The other two pointed, but Traci waved "No, no" and spun again. This time it pointed at Stacy.

Stacy decided to slip off her top, but she did it like she was stripping, too! Stacy has a nice, slender body. Not as big up top as Traci, but nice. And Debbie has them both beat! She was easily a D cup, and I could hardly wait until it was her turn.

Stacy spun, and it was Debbie's turn. But Deb seemed to debate whether to take off her top or her panties, when Traci reached over and began to slide Deb's panties down. Damn! But that was sexy!

I spat in my hand and slid it into my shorts to wet my cock as I began to jerk off in earnest.

Debbie teased Traci as she stood there, almost daring Traci whose face was inches from Deb's pussy. Traci smiled, and did a quick lick of Deb's thigh, and I just about died!

Debbie sat down, and when she spun, it pointed at Stacy, who slipped off her panties and was now totally nude. Stacy spun, and it pointed at herself. She waved like Traci had, but Traci and Debbie both pointed and said something I couldn't hear. I didn't need to - Stacy stood up with the vibe and kind of played with it like a cock, putting it between her breasts and sucking it like a dick. Then Traci took it from her and did something to the end and handed it back. Stacy paused, but the other two (and myself!) watched with rapt attention.

Stacy spread her legs and ran the vibe over her belly and down, down until it was over her pussy. She was shaved smooth, no hair at all. She ran the vibe between her legs, and I saw Deb kind of absently put a hand on her own breasts. Traci had one hand down between her legs, and she spread her legs with them straight out so she could play with herself more easily while Stacy used the vibe.

After like five minutes, Stacy turned the vibe off and sat down, placing it on the floor again.

Not caring, I kicked my shorts off and added more spit to my cock as I watched.

Stacy spun, and it was Debbie's turn again. Debbie slipped off her top. But, instead of spinning like I thought she would, she picked up the vibe, turned it on, and ran it over her nipples until they grew hard. I was dying!

Stacy was fingering her pussy as she watched, and Traci had one hand under her top, and the other between her legs, diddling.

After a few minutes, with Deb getting obviously worked up (I made a mental note that Deb likes her nipples played with), she spun and it pointed at Traci.

Traci, not to be outdone, slipped off her top. Her beautiful 34 B's were hanging out like ripe fruits just waiting to be picked. I longed to suck on them! She smiled and giggled as she sat on the edge of her bed, facing the other two girls, her pussy fully visible to me, and she began to toy with the vibe around her pussy. Deb and Stacy watched, entranced. Finally, finally, Traci slid the vibe into her pussy. Oh my god! I was jerking myself like crazy as I watched my sister fuck herself with the golden bullet!

I don't know if she was supposed to go that far, but Traci kept going until she orgasmed. The other two girls had watched breathlessly, and they kind of sighed together when Traci came.

I wanted her to go on, to do more. Traci sat up, and I swear she knew I was out there because she got that wicked grin on her face as she licked her juices off the vibrator. She let one hand continue to play with her pussy lightly as she did so, keeping her opened snatch where I could see it in all its sexy glory.

Stacy got up and crawled between Traci's thighs. Traci looked down at her, and placed the vibe where Stacy could suck on it like a cock. She was tasting my sister's juices from the golden bullet! I almost pressed myself against the glass, but realized I didn't want to give myself away. I didn't want to stop what was going on. This was a dream come true!

Traci pulled the vibe from Stacy's mouth, then leaned forward, her long brown hair hiding their faces as they kissed. Debbie had her legs wide apart and was fingering herself furiously! I matched her with my hungry strokes, getting ready to cum.

I swear Traci glanced at the window before sitting up and tossing the vibrator to Debbie, who kissed it before using it on her own pussy. Traci had one hand on Stacy's shoulder, and then slid it to her hair to guide Stacy's face to her moist, wet snatch.

I came. Oh my god, I couldn't take it anymore. I fucking jizzed on the bushes as Stacy began to lap at my sister's pussy. Debbie was in heaven, laying back to watch as she slid the vibe in and out if her beautiful snatch. She (unlike the other two) was not shaven, except for a bikini wax. Her mound was still hairy, but with a wonderful, sexy, golden down.

But my eyes, my whole attention, was on watching Stacy eat Traci's snatch. Traci kept one hand on Stacy's head, pulling her in. I almost cried because Stacy's head was blocking my view of Traci's slit. Traci must have known, or suspected, because she shifted so that I could see kind of from the side as Stacy was using her tongue to lick Traci's pussy slowly from bottom to top. Long, languorous strokes of her tongue.

Traci began to shake, and couldn't take it any more. She lay back, and pulled Stacy's face tight into her crotch. Stacy ate sis like the best I'd ever seen in any vid. I watched, not even able to jerk off, as she made Traci cum.

Just my luck, after that is when I got hard again!

I looked around, and was happy when I spotted some suntan oil out by the pool. I snuck over and put a big dollop on my cock and stroked it in. Lubrication is the best!

I snuck back, hoping to see the girls doing more, but I was out of luck. Traci was laying back on her bed, and Stacy was curled up next to her. Debbie was at the foot of the bed, kind of caressing Traci's feet. But it looked like the "lesbian action" was done for the moment.

Oh, well! Still, it beat what I was able to find earlier hands down!

Plus, it helped to get off. At least for a while.

I sat out by the pool, under the moonlight, and played with my cock, dreaming.

End Part Two

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