tagIncest/TabooStep Sis Ch. 04-05

Step Sis Ch. 04-05


I was in trouble, and I knew it.

I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. I had difficulty focusing on day-to-day bullshit, like my stupid job. All I could think about was Traci.

I couldn't deny that my every fantasy now had Traci in it. Traci giving me head. Traci jerking me off. Traci letting me cum on her tits, on her face, in her mouth... Traci letting me watch her make out with one, two, three girls - more! Fucking every bisexual/lesbian fantasy I'd ever seen or imagined all now starred my sexy sister.

And I couldn't seem to ease the longing that gave me a hard on every time I even began to think of her. No amount of jerking off seemed to help. It only made me want her more - imagine her more - long for, lust over, want to fucking fuck, all that much more.

And I thought about what Traci had said just the week before, when she caught me masturbating in my room and started this whole thing: ".. all you had to do was sneak across the hall and into my room..."

Shit. I shook my head, trying to get myself straight.

But my cock wanted more.

"Hey, bro!" Traci called to me from the lounger by the pool. She was out sunbathing - topless, of course. (the bitch!) She was wearing sunglasses and had a drink of lemonade and a magazine.

Why did she have to be so fucking sexy?

"Hey," I grunted and went to go inside.

I'd just gotten off of work, and smelled of the fucking grease from the hamburgers and french fries and shit. I wanted to take a shower, maybe watch a little TV. Relax. Try to take my mind off of...

"Everything alright?" she asked, shielding her eyes from the sun as she looked at me.

"Yeah," I answered. I was beat. I hadn't slept well since the night Traci and her friends ambushed me out by the pool. There was something - something that happened inside me - when Traci bent down and kissed me like that. Like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Like we were - lovers...

" 'K," she said and lay back down, soaking up the sun. Her breasts were tanned, and so fucking ripe. I tore my eyes away, and cursed at myself as I felt my dick begin to harden.

"Cold shower. Cold shower. Cold - shower," I said over and over like a mantra.

In the shower, the cold water felt good. It was hot already for So Cal this early in June. And the cold water did help me feel more refreshed and vitalized. Until the heat sapped me again. But anyway, I stood there in the shower, letting the cold water wash over me, as I tried to think.

I want to fuck my sister. I want to fucking fuck my sister! So bad! I want to see her bent over, and take her from behind, and just ram my hard cock into her -

"Can I join you?"

Traci's voice startled me as I became aware she had come into the bathroom - the bathroom we shared for the past three years, with all the fights that had started. And as I looked at her, all perfect and naked and so damn sexy, my dick sprang to life and waved and bobbed, pointing at her, despite the chill water.

"I'll take that as a yes!" she giggled and opened the shower door.

"OOoo, Jason! That's cold!" she said and shivered as she got all covered in goose bumps. She immediately turned on the hot water and we stood there in the shower together, brother and sister, naked, under the stream. "That's better," she said and smiled.

She was standing so close, my dick kept brushing against her, sending waves of lust through me like meteors of desire. I wanted to push her against the wall and fuck her!

Traci's hands slid around my cock, and she looked at my dick as she began to stroke it slowly. I looked at her, unable to speak, doing my best to control my desire.

"You look like you could use a hand," she said and laughed. She looked up at me and said, "Or a mouth?"

My pulse picked up, hammering the lust through my veins. I grabbed her by the shoulders, and held her for a second as the lust and the guilt warred inside me. But Traci's hands never left my cock. That gentle but firm grip decided things in favor of my desire.

"Yes," I said, my voice almost a growl. "I need a set of lips - your lips - on my cock. Right now!"

I grabbed her hair and guided her down to my cock.

Traci seemed a little surprised by my sudden roughness, but not displeased, which only made me want her all the more. With her mischievous grin, she opened her mouth and slid it over my cock. She took me half-way into her mouth before pulling her head back up again, keeping her lips tight but no teeth or press from her gums - just lips sliding on my cock.

I moaned like a fucking animal, and my head tipped back as the sensation washed through me like a low bass vibration.

Traci shivered with pleasure that she could cause such a reaction in me. Her hands cupped my balls, and gently pulled them down as she slid me deeper into her mouth. She began to fuck me, giving me head, and oh my god - it was the sweetest head I'd ever known!

I wanted it to go on forever, but I felt the pressure building, and Traci did, too. She knew how to read me, and she knew how to play me like an instrument. She built up gradually, but without mercy, until I was gripping the top of the shower to hold myself up as I felt the explosive orgasm ready itself like a volcano set to blow.

"Ooooooh fuuuuuuuucckkkkk!!!" I bellowed as I came. And I mean came! Traci choked a bit as my load shot partly down her throat unprepared. But she quickly gripped my shaft with her mouth and her hands, and the pulses eased off slowly. My cock kept throbbing, even after all my jizz was shot, and Traci sucked down every last drop. With a final, torturous slurp, she slipped her mouth off the end of my cock with a "pop" and gasped.

"Whoa, bro! That was intense! I guess I did good, eh?" she smiled and slowly stood up, looking at me with her eyes shiny and pleased.

I could barely stand. My hard on didn't flag, but continued to bob between us. It ached, like it was hollow. But hungry for more.

"Trace..." I started.

She stepped closer to me, her eyes on my lips. Before I knew it, she placed her lips against mine. I could smell my jizz on her breath, and taste some from her lips, but I kissed her back anyway.

Traci stepped into me, hugging me, and letting my dick slide between her thighs. It rested right against her pussy, which felt warm and wet on the top of my shaft. I wanted her so bad!

"Shhh..." she sighed, stopping me from speaking. "Just - enjoy it, Jase," she said. She leaned forward, her lips slightly parted, and kissed me again.

I kissed her back. I felt her tongue testing my lips, which were slightly open. I greeted it with my own, and we began to French kiss passionately.

"Oh, Traci..." I sighed. I wanted to tell her more, but I wasn't sure what. That I loved her? Was I in-love with my own sister?

After what felt like an eternity, we came up for air. Traci broke away slightly.

"You're a very good kisser, bro," she said. "I mean this as a compliment - you kiss like a girl."

"Thanks," I said, not sure if it was such a good thing.

But the suggestion brought up images of Stacy and Traci and Debbie from the other night...

"You've kissed a lot of girls?" I asked.

Traci smiled, and began to rinse the chlorine pool water out of her hair. It hung slightly below her shoulders, and framed her face perfectly.

I admired the shape of Traci's back - the curve of her waist, her back, her shoulders; the sight of her breasts caught from under her arms - the way they swayed as she tipped from side to side under the shower head.

"A few," she laughed and looked at me, gauging my reaction as she read my eyes. "That really turns you on, doesn't it? Girl-girl stuff?" She stood facing me now, my cock still slightly hard, pointing at her belly.

"Yeah," I admitted with a blush. Why I should blush now, I don't know, but I did.

Traci smiled and stepped closer to me again, straddling my cock like she had before so it was resting against her pussy, sliding along the length of the shaft. It felt good! She kind of wriggled forward and back, and my cock got harder. She giggled.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Nothing," she said and looked up at me. "Just - you're so... cute!"

I blushed again.

"No, really, Jase! You are - just so... sweet and bashful, but so sexy, too, when you get turned on."

"You really think I'm sexy?" I had a hard time accepting that.

"No, stupid. I want to suck off my brother because he's a geek! What do you think?"

Ok - duh! Obviously my sister could get anybody she wanted. So why did she want me?

Traci tightened her thighs, creating more pressure on my cock, and pressing it more firmly against her vagina.

"Mmmmm..." she sighed as she kept rocking back and forth.

Yeah - MMMMMMM! It felt so good. Is this what fucking feels like? I wondered. I suspected that Traci knew I was still a virgin when it came to "going all the way".

She had her eyes closed and her arms held onto my shoulders as she continued rubbing along my shaft. My cock wanted more, and I tried to shift to a position where it could go in and out rather than back and forth across her pussy.

"No, Jase - no," Traci said, stopping me. "This feels nice. This is - good," she said.

I complied, not knowing what to do. Was this foreplay?

Traci kept slowly rocking back and forth, her eyes closed and her face relaxed and dreamy. This could go on forever.

Neither one of us was going to get off this way, but it felt too good to break, so I held her and enjoyed the sensation.

What did I really know about her, anyway? This girl I'd lived with, fought with, played with for the past three years. I thought of her as a slut, but I was also jealous of her. Of her looks and her popularity, and how everyone just seemed to give her whatever she wanted. Especially my dad. Because, shit - he was my dad, her step dad. Just like her mom was my step mom. I had to face the fact that really, I didn't know Traci like a brother should, I guess. Because I was jealous of her.

Traci rested her head against my chest and began to rock a little faster, her thighs a little tighter.

She had a fantastic body. Traci was a cheerleader, and very athletic. Her legs were strong, but so fucking smooth and shapely. I loved the feeling of her breasts against my skin, too. I'd always snuck peeks at Traci's tits whenever I could when she first moved in. I was afraid she knew, and hated me for being a perv, lusting after his new step sister. Loser.

Traci shocked me as her lips suddenly kissed my nipple, her tongue flicking it quickly before her lips closed around it.

I gasped!

Traci smiled, but began to suck on my nipple harder, then biting it slightly with her teeth. Ouch! But, mmmm, too!

"What the -? What are you doing?"

Traci slid off my cock, letting it stand between us, then stepped close so it was trapped between our stomachs. She straddled my thigh with hers, pressing her pussy against me.

"Just like a girl, bro," she said and giggled. Her right hand played with my left nipple, causing it to harden, and she smiled as she humped my leg.

"I guess," I said, confused, lost, and turned on.

Traci rubbed harder and harder against my thigh until she suddenly shuddered. Was she cumming? How did she do that? Do girls like that?

"Oooooh yeah...." she sighed and then relaxed against me. Traci looked up at me, her wicked smile back on her face.

"Have you ever gone down on a girl?" she asked.

I swallowed. Was Traci going to let me? "No," I admitted.

Traci seemed surprised, and a little disappointed. "Hmmm... shame..." she said.

I stood there, waiting, hoping.

"Jase?" she took my hands and stepped back, looking at the ground for some reason. She seemed to decide something, then looked at me. "I need to get off. Bad! But, I don't want... I can't... I'm not ready to let you fuck me." She looked at me like she was afraid she was hurting my feelings telling me that.

I was disappointed, yeah - but shit! I was happy to get anything I could from her; to do anything for her.

"It's okay, Trace," I said. "I mean shit! We shouldn't even be doing what we're doing, let alone..."

Traci shook her head, stopping me. "No, no - don't... Just - come with me..." she said and turned off the water. Traci took my hands and slid open the shower. I followed her.

Traci lead me, both of us dripping, naked, down the hall to her room. She paused at the door.

"Jase?" she said. "Do you really think I'm a - a slut?" Her eyes searched mine, waiting for an answer.

"No," I told her. "I was just jealous of you, I guess. It was - stupid. Childish."

Traci took it in and smiled. "Good," she said and opened her door. "Because sometimes I think I am..."

She lead me into her room and closed the door.

End Part Four

Traci let go of my hand, letting me shut the door behind us. She crawled onto her bed, her ass pointing at me delightfully, as she opened the drawer of her night stand and began to pull out a few objects. One of them was the golden bullet she'd used before. The others I didn't recognize. One was a small cylinder, a little bigger than a penlight battery; the other was a polished rock about the size and shape of an egg. It was like brown marble with gold veins through it, but highly polished and smooth.

I stood in front of the door, curious, horny, scared, and excited.

Traci glanced at me as she closed the drawer and turned around, laying out on her bed like she was showing me her favorite toys. Which, I guess, in a way she was.

She held the egg in one hand, smiling mysteriously at me while the other reached under the mattress and pulled out a bottle of lube.

"Know what this is?" she asked, her eyes shining like a cat's.

"N-no," I managed to say. But the grin on her face told me it was something special, something sexual, and my dick began to straighten again.

"Horn dog," Traci laughed and slid to the edge of her bed. She sat with her legs apart, feet on the floor. She squirt some lube on her fingers, then began to massage it into her pussy.

"Mmm - always nice to begin..." she said. Then she took the egg-shaped rock and placed the narrow end against her pussy. She rubbed it, getting it coated with the lube and her juices that were starting to flow. She looked up at me, and smiled wickedly as I watched in dumbfound fascination.

"You can't cum until I tell you, okay?" she said. "You've had your fun - now I get to have mine!"

I nodded "okay".

Traci began to push the egg into her pussy until it finally slipped in and disappeared. She kind of shuddered as it slipped in, then looked up at me. "You can stroke yourself if you want. Just don't get off until I say."

"O - okay, Trace," I said softly. My hand went down and held my shaft, easing the ache to be touched, but fueling the desire for more.

"Now, watch," Traci said and looked down at her pussy. She spread her legs wider apart, and I saw her stomach kind of contracting. Then, amazingly, the egg began to pop out of my sister's pussy. She was forcing it out using just her pussy muscles!

"Whoa!" I gasped. I had to grip my cock to keep from jerking off like I wanted to. That was fucking hot!

Traci seemed pleased by my reaction. She let the egg pop out into her hand, then she slid it back in again. She forced it back out, slowly, while I watched, fascinated and incredibly turned on.

"Kegel exercises," Traci said.

"Wha- what?" I was entranced by the whole thing.

"Kegel exercises. They're good for getting ready for fucking," she said and laughed, but I could tell she was turned on and getting hornier, too.

She began to play with the egg, letting it slide half-way out before pulling it right back in. She began to play with her clit as she worked the egg in and out of her vagina. If it popped all the way out, she'd push it right back in. I was going nuts!

Traci began to breathe faster, and little gasps and moans escaped her mouth: "mmm - mmm - mmm - oooh" Her hand was rubbing her clit faster and harder. Finally, Traci let the egg stay inside as she focused on masturbating in front of me. As she came, she gasped and shuddered, and then - wham! - she shot the egg out of her pussy at just the right point, and it made her totally roll her eyes up and moan. She wasn't even breathing as she let her orgasm wash over her.

"Fuck," I sighed. I made sure to slow down stroking myself. Watching Traci get off just about made me cum - but I was going to keep my promise to my sister.

"Whew..." Traci sighed and lay back. She lay there, her pussy facing me, eyes closed, as she caught her breath and settled down. When she sat up, she had her mysterious, sexy look again.

"Good, bro - you didn't cum. I may have to reward you for that."

I went to step forward, but Traci held up a hand, stopping me. "Whoa - whoa - whoa! Not yet! Not now... I got off, yeah. But I - I want to show you more. I want you to see - what you've done to me these past few years."

Me? What did I do? I guess Traci could see the question, and she just smiled and laughed seductively.

"No idea, eh, bro? Well, good. I can keep a secret, too," she said. She picked up the egg and wiped it off carefully before putting it on the bed sheet. Then she picked up the gold bullet.

"You know what this is, for sure."

"Uh-huh. A vibrator."

Traci grinned like a cat. "Yeah - but, you've seen this one used before, right? By me? The other night?"

I blushed. "How did you know?"

Traci laughed. "I didn't, until just now! But I suspected. I thought I saw a shadow outside. Then, when we went to go swimming, and you were out there by the pool with your dick all slick, I figured you probably watched at least part of what we did the other night."

My dick pulsed at the memory, and I gripped it. Traci smiled at the way that made the head darken and bulge.

"I'm gonna use this to fuck myself," she said. "But not like the other night. And I'm gonna use this, too." Traci picked up the other small cylinder - a pink plastic thing. I thought it was a key chain penlight, but it was a mini vibrator!

"It's called a 'pocket rocket'," Traci told me. "It's not for going in - just for using on my clit." She smiled wickedly.

I grinned back, waiting for her to begin.

"No cumming!" she warned. "Not yet. Not until I say. Okay?"


Traci put some lube on the gold bullet. Instead of turning it on, she just wiped the lube over it, good and plenty. Then she did what I didn't expect. Turning to all fours, keeping her ass in my direction, Traci reached back and dripped some lube on the crack of her ass! She let the liquid slide down until it ran over her puckered little brown anus, and finally ran over her pussy.

"No way..." I said quietly.

With a mischievous grin, Traci took the gold bullet and began to toy around her ass. I began to jerk off harder, but she shook her head. "Uh - uh - uh!" she warned. "No show if you blow!"

I took my hand off my cock. But it went right back to slow, gentle strokes as Traci began to edge the bullet into her ass. I couldn't believe my eyes! She went in slow and gentle, and maybe only a quarter of the vibe's length. But once her ass was lubed up, she turned the vibrator on low and began to fuck her ass slowly with it, going deeper. She turned on the pocket rocket with her teeth while she held it with her other hand. Then, sticking her ass higher in the air, which gave me a better view of her fucking it, she began to run the mini vibe over her clit.

Traci whimpered and moaned. I could tell she was totally getting off. I liked to think it was because I was there watching, adding something to it. But maybe she always reacted like this to her toys?

I stroked myself harder as Traci began to writhe. "Mmm - fuck! OOoo - oh yeah!" Traci began to mutter, just like the sexy bitch I always suspected her to be. But instead of it being a judgment of her, now it was a compliment. I wanted to hear her like this! I wanted my sister to be a slut - a sexy little bitch.

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