tagIncest/TabooStep Sis Ch. 06-07

Step Sis Ch. 06-07


It felt so good to just lay there, with my sister caressing my cock, just talking like it was totally natural. Forget the incest thing - this was like the best relationship I'd ever imagined.

I yawned, finally feeling relaxed.

"Keeping you up?" Traci joked.

I smiled, embarrassed. "Actually, yeah. I mean, you have been... well, I mean... shit."

She grinned impishly, squeezing my dick playfully. "Got you hooked, now, huh?"

"Shit, yeah!"

"Good!" she said and pulled on my cock, wiggling it in her hand. "But now, I need to take another shower. Somebody made quite a mess all over me..." She bat her eyes, smiling, acting innocent.

"Sorry," I said. I wasn't sure if it was natural to cum that much or not.

Traci shook her head and sat up. She bent down and kissed the head of my cock gently. Then, like the brat she is, she suddenly slipped just the head into her mouth and scraped it with her teeth as she backed off of it.

"You're so cute!" she said and stood up from the bed. "It's a wonder I never seduced you before..."

"Well, there is the 'brother, sister' thing..." I said.

Traci made a face, waving it off. "Fuck that. I was an only child for fifteen years before you came along. And who knew my geeky brother would turn out to be such a hottie!"

I blushed, pleased at the compliment.

"Now let me take a shower, bro. I've got things to do."

Reluctantly, but still feeling warm and glowy from my intense orgasm, I staggered off to my room and lay on my bed. I stared at the ceiling wondering if I was dreaming. Is this just some perverse fantasy of mine, and I've lost my mind?

I heard the shower go on and I knew it was all very real.

Traci took off about a half-hour later. I had the house all to myself. I went to the kitchen to make some lunch and saw the "To Do" list and went "Shit!" as I remembered the chores I had to do before we left next week for our family vacation. My dad wanted me to super-chlorinate the pool, but that was a few days before I had to do that; mow the lawn; all that kind of stuff - plus pull down the camping gear and make sure the mattresses inflated and didn't have holes, stuff like that. It would take me half-a-day to get all the shit out of the garage.

Oh well - I'll pull it down and then take a nap.

During my nap, I dreamed - of Traci and her beautiful mouth catching a load of my hot cum as it shot out of my dick...

My step mom came home late in the afternoon, and knocked on my door. I quickly rolled onto my side to hide my hard on from her.

"You okay?" she asked. "You've been a little quiet, lately."

I grunted. "Just work."

She looked at me, worried, but smiled. "Well, okay. You know I'm here if you ever need to talk about anything."

You mean like: I'm having sex with my sister, and is that okay? Right, mom.

"Okay," I said and waited for her to close the door.

Traci didn't get back until after the rest of us had had dinner. We watched cable while she had to do the dishes, and my dad and step mom sat on the sofa, mom laying against my dad like they were teens. I envied the way they still were in-love with each other, wondering if I'd ever have that kind of relationship with anyone.

Traci came and sat in the recliner, opposite me. I was on the floor, resting against a bean bag chair. From where I sat, I could see up Traci's skirt if she - ...

Traci glanced at our folks, seeing they weren't looking, and flashed me!

Bitch! I thought with a grin.

Traci closed her thighs and grinned right back.

We all watched for a while, but I was beat, so I said "good night" and went to my room.

I stripped and got under my sheet. It was warm, so I kept it only on the lower half of my body, leaving my chest exposed. I propped the window open to get a little night air and let myself drift off to sleep.

I woke up, thinking I was still dreaming, because there, in my bed, sucking my cock deliciously, was Traci - topless and illuminated by the streetlight that came in my window.

"Mmmmm... - What the fuck?!" I jerked a little as I woke up fully. Traci stopped what she was doing and put a finger over my lips.

"I was hungry. Just popped in for a little late night snack!"

Oh, her evil smile!

I lay back, and Traci resumed.

Oh my god, she gave such good head!

I felt my orgasm building, and Traci's lips tightened as she picked up the tempo of her bobbing. I came, and she took it all in her mouth, controlling my release with her lips and hand. Her tongue made me gasp as she slipped it into the hole in my cock, licking up every nasty drop of jizz.

"Shit!" I gasped. Traci giggled softly. She gave me a quick kiss, leaving a trace of my cum on my lips, as she whispered: "Thanks, bro! That should hold me until tomorrow." With another quick kiss, she slipped out of my room, closing the door behind her as she went.

Holy shit! I thought.

Morning came, and I woke up from the sunlight hitting me in the face.

"About time! Somebody sure slept late," my step mom said as she poured me a glass of orange juice. "Remember - you're taking your sister to the mall to go shopping today," she said.

Shit! I totally forgot.

"Yeah, bro" Traci said and gave me a knowing smile. "I know how much you love shopping."

I hated it.

"Maybe we can get you a few things so you look half-way decent," she teased.

Now, this was the Traci I'd known for three years! The one that teased me mercilessly, making me feel even more a nerd than I really was.

"Traci," our mom warned. "Be nice to your brother."

"Oh, I will," Traci said mysteriously. "I will."

I swallowed. What am I in for?

I drove. Traci sat next to me in my VW Beetle, her legs and feet driving me crazy. She was dressed in her usual "slutty" fashion - mini skirt, tight top, sunglasses, platform sandals that made her ass stand out, just begging to have you sneak a peek up her skirt.

"I'm surprised you want me to go with you," I said as we drove to the mall. "Normally, you'd be afraid to be seen out in public with me. One of your popular friends might see."

Traci frowned. "That was the old me. I'm a graduate, now. I'm above all that." Her hand snuck out and touched my thigh.

"Hey!" I reacted with a surprised flinch.

Traci smiled. She liked being able to fuck with me, keeping me on my toes. Literally, now that I think about it...

We did the mundane stuff first. General department store, socks and underwear for me. She picked up some beach towels and sunscreen. But Traci wasn't going anywhere near the department store swimwear.

"So, where do we have to go for you to get a bathing suit?" I asked. I was getting cranky.

Traci smirked. She had something in mind. "Victoria's Secret," she said and headed up the escalator. She leaned forward a bit after I stepped up behind her. Her ass was at my face level. As she leaned forward, her skirt lifted, and I could see the edge of her pussy and her thong panties.

"Shit, sis! I can see right up your skirt!"

Traci glanced back, smiling. "I know. That's the idea."

I swallowed as I blushed. Could everybody see how red my face was? Did they know I had just peeped my sis?

Shopping in women's sections of stores always made me uncomfortable. I'm not sure why. I mean, just the sight of women's bras and panties didn't do anything for me. I didn't get all hot and bothered by it. But seeing a woman in just her lingerie, that was something different.

"What do you think of this?" Traci asked me, holding up a two-piece in front of her.

"Yeah - nice... Whatever," I said. I hardly looked. I just wanted to get out of there.

Traci put on a pretend pout and stomped her foot petulantly. "You're not even looking!" she said.

I looked. I couldn't tell. It was small. It was a two-piece. She'd probably look great in it.

"Yeah - great!" I said.

Traci shook her head and pulled off two other swim suits from the rack.

"I need to try them on, dummy. Then you can tell me."

She grabbed my hand and dragged me deeper into the store.

"Huh? W-wait! Can't I just wait outside?"

"No. I need you to tell me if I look fat in any of these," she insisted.

As she got her check in from the dressing room attendant, I blushed. The girl working that section was young, probably early twenties, and cute.

I clammed up, feeling like a total idiot. Cute girls always made me freeze. I never knew what to say to any of them. Plus, why would a cute girl want to talk to me? Unless it was a hot, sexy one who happened to live in the same house and would sneak into my bedroom to give me head...

I had to stop. I could feel my dick begin to harden. That's all I need! For some cute chick to see me with a hard on standing around in a lingerie store! That will really help my reputation...

"Ta daa!" Traci said as she stepped out of her dressing room so I could see.

"Wow! You look great in that," the dressing room girl said.

I agreed, standing dumb and speechless.

Traci had put on a blue two-piece that was small in all the right places. With her build - shit! She was incredible!

"What do you think, Jase?"

I glanced at the attendant, blushing, before answering. "You look great, Trace."

"Hmm... Hot?" Traci was being a brat, embarrassing me.

"Yeah. Hot," I said and felt my mouth go dry.

The dressing room girl glanced at me, kind of looking me over strangely.

Great! She thinks I'm a total perv!

"Well, let me try another..." Traci disappeared before I could say anything.

I looked at the dressing room girl, who smiled. I glanced away nervously and looked at the floor.

No sexy thoughts... no sexy thoughts... no sexy thoughts... I repeated to myself, doing everything I could to slow my pulse and not get a hard on here. Funny, but even embarrassment doesn't seem to prevent erections.

"Okay - what about this?" Traci asked as she came out again.

Holy shit! Was there nothing she wouldn't do to me? Was that even a bathing suit?

Even the dressing room girl's eyes widened when Traci stepped out.

No sexy thoughts! No sexy thoughts... no sexy... Who was I kidding? Of course, some part of my mind was already seeing Traci and the dressing room girl making out while I watched. I turned, trying to position some clothes between me and the attendant to hide my hard on.

"Great! Yeah - nice..." I stammered.

The dressing room girl, all professional, complimented Traci. She stepped away from her table, adjusting the straps on Traci's string bikini. It was pearl white, and almost non-existent. Seeing her hands near my sister's hot bod, I felt my dick throb.

No sexy thoughts... no sexy thoughts, I repeated as I totally imagined a scene right out of my favorite girl-girl porn.

"I think you need a slightly smaller size..." the girl was saying.

Smaller? Shit!

"Yeah? Thanks. I'm glad to know that," Traci said. She smiled at the girl appreciatively.

Was it just me, or does Traci affect everybody like that? Is that girl attracted to her?

Traci went back to the dressing room. The attendant helped a few other customers, all women who gave me odd looks as I stood there, shielding my lower body from view by standing behind a rack of see-thru robes. I just knew they all could tell I had a huge hard on!

"She's a cute girl," the attendant said to me, making conversation. "Your girlfriend?"

"Yeah," I said. D-oh! "I - I mean, no! No, not my girlfriend." Brilliant! You're such a smooth-talker. Where's the adorable cuteness Traci keeps talking about now?

Traci came out in her third pick. A tiger-print two-piece. She looked hot, but slutty in it. Shit - she'd look hot in anything here! But I didn't think it suited her.

"You don't like it," Traci said, reading my mind. Was I that obvious?

"No, no... well, I mean, if you like it..."

The dressing room girl shook her head.

"What do you think, Teri? It is Teri, right?" Traci asked the girl.

I finally noticed the name tag with "Teri" on the girl's blouse. I hadn't even bothered to look, I was too busy trying to look elsewhere and not think sexy thoughts.

"Well, it may not suit you as well as the other two. You look great in the white string bikini. But tiger print just doesn't look right with your skin and hair coloring. Maybe, once you get a deeper tan..."

Traci touched the girl's arm lightly as she said, "Thank you, Teri. Yeah - I agree. It just looked - fun - you know? But, I think I'll take the blue one. Jason? You agree? The blue one?"

I nodded, too embarrassed to speak.

"You have such good taste, Jase!" Traci said and smiled. "I totally agree. The blue one. You thought I looked good in that one, right? Hot, right?"

I nodded again.

Traci giggled and disappeared.

"You're right," Teri said as she took a few more items from women leaving. "The blue one did look great on her."

I looked at her and smiled. I just got complimented on my great taste by a cute girl!

Teri smiled back.

"Here you go. But I'll think about what you said, Teri, about the white one. Do you work the floor often?" Traci made conversation as she came out and turned in the other suits.

"Oh, yeah. We all take turns working this. But we all work the floor, helping customers."

"Is your manager in?" Traci asked. "I'd like to let her know how helpful your comments were." Traci smiled sweetly.

Man! Is she good or what?

"No - but the Assistant Manager is. Her name's Debby, and she's right over there," Teri pointed at an attractive woman in her thirties behind the register.

"Well, thank you, Teri" Traci said and grabbed my hand. "I'm sure we'll be back!"

Teri smiled. "You're very welcome. Come back anytime!"

Traci leaned close to me as we walked to the register. "I think that girl was checking you out!" she whispered.

"No way," I said back. "If anything, she was checking you out."

Traci glanced back. Teri looked up and smiled.

"Really? Hmmm - maybe. But I definitely think she was checking you out. Especially with your hard on."

I blushed and glanced around. Traci laughed.

"I knew it! Don't worry, bro. I didn't see it. But you were standing a little funny back there."

I felt my face go red as we reached the register.

Traci paid, and made sure to tell Debby about the "excellent service" she got from Teri.

Then, thankfully, we were out of there.

Traci giggled as we walked. "I'm sorry, bro. You're just so cute!"

"I'm glad I entertain you," I replied. I went to head for the exit and the car, but Traci yanked me back toward the stores.

"Oh, no. We need to get you some trunks. Those old things won't do any more. Ever wear a thong?"

I blushed again. "No."

"Well, a Speedo. You know - like professional swimmers. All the men in Europe wear them."

"Yeah? Like you've been to Europe," I said.

"I have! When I was like ten or eleven. Tan, gorgeous European men everywhere with their dicks all packed into those tight little trunks..."

I didn't know she'd been to Europe. But, I didn't know that much about my step sister. Like, how did she learn to give such great head? No sexy thoughts... no sexy thoughts...

Traci took me to one of the men's stores, and picked out a couple of tight Speedo-style trunks.

"Go try these on!" she whispered and pushed me toward the dressing rooms.

"Okay - okay!" I submitted.

Men's stores tend to be a little more casual than women's. Maybe guys are less comfortable with the idea that other guys are checking them out, or paying much attention to what they are wearing. So, there was no one to check on what I was taking back with me to the dressing rooms. In fact, just as I got to the rooms, I was pushed into the stall from behind, and the door closed.

I spun around, and there was Traci, latching the little hook on the dressing room door.

"What are you doing in here? Do you want us to get in trouble? You can't be back here with me!" I whispered.

Traci put her hands over my mouth and hushed me. She sat down on the stool and lifted her skirt, showing me her thong. It had slid up into her pussy slightly making a nice "camel toe", and she ran her hands down the edges, caressing her outer lips.

"I just want to see you try them on is all," she whispered, grinning wickedly. "Come on, Jase - just do it. We won't get caught if you don't take so much time!"

I peeked out the slats in the door. Not seeing anyone, I reached down and slid off my shorts and underwear.

Traci reached out and pinched my ass. "Nice!" she said, hushed, laughing.

I rolled my eyes. My dick had gotten hard, and she took my hands, pulling me closer to her. The stool put her head at a very convenient height for my cock...

Without another word, Traci slid her mouth over my dick. I swallowed a moan, and leaned against the wall as she fucked me with her mouth. The risk of getting caught heightened the need, the desire, and the sensation.

Traci fumbled with her skirt, slipping it off.

"Trace! What the fuck…!"

She sucked me harder, causing me to groan. (And shutting me up.)

Slipping her mouth off my cock, Traci got on the stool, her sweet ass and pussy facing me.

"Fuck me, Jase! Now! Just shut up and fuck me." She had her eyes closed, anticipating the pleasure.

I was too fucking horny to think. I slid my cock into my sister's hot, wet pussy. My first pussy! I nearly came right there.

Traci looked back over her shoulder, her lips curled, the look in her eyes pure lust. She licked her lips slowly. "C'mon, baby… give it to me. I want it. I want your cock. I want your cum. I want you to fuck me! I want you to fucking fill me up with your hot spunk!" she whispered to me hungrily.

Shit! My own sister. I knew she was something of a slut. But, fuck! This was sweet.

I slammed my cock harder into her, and she braced herself against the wall. I was so turned on, after everything that had happened, and the thrill of where we were, and her being my first fuck - I came. I shoved my cock deep inside Traci's pussy and unloaded.

Traci sighed and I felt her pussy begin to contract around my cock. Oh my god, it felt delicious!

"Oh, yeah, Jase…" she moaned softly. I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy, and my cum oozed out, dribbling down her pussy and falling on the stool seat. Traci looked dreamy, and her hand went down to my cum, touching it like she couldn't believe it was there. She looked up at me. "Well, it's official now," she said. "You're no longer a virgin, bro."

I swallowed and drank her in. Her beautiful eyes. Her amazing body. The way she gazed at me, so seductive, her hands rubbing my cum into her pussy.

The sound of a dressing room door nearby clicking startled me back to reality.

Hushed, I said, "Shit, Trace! You've got to get out of here!"

Standing, Traci stepped close top me, hugging me, her body pressed close to mine. Like a lover. My heart was beating so hard, I was sure she could hear it.

Tipping her face up, I saw her gazing at my lips. I knew what she wanted. I felt the same thing. I bent forward and kissed her. It was a sweet kiss. Passionate, yes, but far more tender than anything we'd shared so far.

"That was good, bro," she whispered.

Traci paused a moment, resting her head on my chest. Then she swiftly bent down and grabbed her skirt and panties and quietly slipped them back on.

Traci snuck to the door, and peeked outside. Looking back at me, she said "The navy blue ones. If they fit." Then she snuck out of the dressing room.

Fuck. Like I cared at all after that!

End Part 6

The drive home was murder. Traci kept shifting in her seat, her mini skirt riding up exposing more of her thigh. I was so tempted to slip my hand over and slide it up...

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