tagIncest/TabooStep Sis Ch. 08

Step Sis Ch. 08


Peering through the curtains, I saw my dad and my step mom slip outside. Naked.

It was a bit of a shock, despite the fact that I had just had the most intense sexual experience of my life! But still, it takes a second for the shock of seeing your parents' bodies naked like that.

"Nice dick!" I heard a voice say from near me. It was Debbie, and her hand went down to caress my worn cock as she checked out my dad. "I can see where you get the huge cock from," she said smiling.

Warm breasts pressed against my back, and warm lips kissed the side of my neck, as Trace hugged me from behind. I squeezed her in return.

"And I see where Traci gets her hot bod from," I said.

My cock, under Debbie's touch and the heat of Traci's body, began to stir. Debbie slowed her stroking, wrapping her hand more firmly around me, as we watched our parents slip into the pool.

Debbie said, "It's so cool your folks are still like this with each other!"

Traci added her hand to Deb's, and caressed my ass as well. "Yeah," she said.

With an odd glance at me, Traci nodded for Debbie to open the curtain wider. "Have you ever - you know... thought about mom the way you think about me?" she asked.

I swallowed. It would be a lie to say I had never looked at my step mom as anything but a dutiful son. "Well, yeah..." I wheedled.

Traci smirked and squeezed my ass. "Perv!" she said.

Mom and dad were making out in the pool, and were hard to see. But [Nancy], our mom, climbed out and was silhouetted by the house lights. In profile, her figure was incredible. Nancy turned and, laughing, dove into the pool. My dad chased her, and they wrestled playfully in the water.

My dad then climbed out, and came closer to the pool house.

Shit! I thought. We're busted!

And while I might be able to explain being naked and sweaty with Debbie Prichard, having Traci there as well was problematic at best.

Fortunately, dad stopped shy of the pool house, tripping over the hose I had left uncoiled from the day before.

"Damn kid!" I heard him say.

He kicked the hose closer to where it should be coiled, and mom called to him. She had slipped out of the pool, and was waving for him to join her as she readied to go back inside.

The two of them stood kissing like young teens, and it became obvious that dad was aroused - his hard on was visible from the pool house. Mom took him by the woody, and guided him inside.

"That was close," I sighed.

Debbie began to jerk me harder, and I backed away from the window to lie face up so she could do with me what she wished. Whatever they both wished!

Traci straddled my face, facing Debbie, who swiftly climbed on me and slid onto my cock. Smelling Traci's sweet pussy, recently filled by my jizz, and feeling Debbie's warm pussy engulfing my manhood at the same time was heavenly! The two girls began to kiss, playing with each other's nipples, while I did my best to lap at Traci's pussy.

Traci pulled back a bit, and reached down to twist my nipples as Debbie focused on fucking me.

"So," Traci said with her odd grin. "You've thought about fucking mom?" She pulled on my nipples almost painfully. Almost, but not quite.

"N-no," I muttered, trying to concentrate. I had to move my head slightly to speak. Traci moved her pussy onto my lips, shutting me up. I didn't really mind.

"Sure," she said. "I bet you have - just like the time I caught you masturbating. I did, didn't I tell you, Deb? How I caught him looking at porn and made him get off for me - all over me. Didn't I tell you?"

Debbie moaned, "Mm-hmm... You told me. It was hot!" She drove herself deep onto my cock and rotated her hips, grinding me slowly, deliciously, inside her pussy.

Traci reached down and spread her lips with her fingers, putting more of her weight on her knees so her pussy was exposed to my tongue. "Oh, shit, yeah, Jase... that's it! You're so good at this!"

I was pleased I was pleasing her. Debbie was relentless, and my hard on felt like it would last forever. I guess I'd shot almost all my goo, and had no idea what would happen next now that I was unlikely to cum.

Debbie's face dropped forward, and she joined me in licking Traci's pussy for a few moments. Traci grabbed Debbie's head and pulled her closer.

"Oh, fuck, yeah you two! That's it! Just a little more..."

Finally, Traci came, her juices dropping onto my face and chin. Traci then sucked on Debbie's tits until Debbie began to writhe and shudder on my cock. Soon, she came as well, arching back and thrusting her hips down, trying to take my cock as deep as it could go.

"Fuck, girlfriend," Debbie said. "He's still hard! Let's switch!"

I lay there, gasping, as the two girls swapped places. Debbie straddled my face with her drenched, warm, sweet pussy while Traci slipped her hot snatch onto my cock. The differences were amazing. Traci's pussy just felt - well, more like a fit. I don't know how else to describe it.

Debbie was sopping, and I guess still sensitive from her orgasm, so I was able to more languidly enjoy her as I ate her. She wasn't looking to get off, not right away. No, she seemed to want to just savor the sensations.

Traci, though, was beginning to ride me more earnestly. I felt like her pussy was pulling on me, taking me tighter and deeper with every stroke. Her body wanted mine, wanted my seed, anything of me it could take, and my body responded. I began to thrust to meet hers, and that wonderful sound of moist flesh sliding into and over each other picked up in tempo. It became a blur - Debbie's scent and juices; Traci's moans and trembling body; my own quivering flesh, thighs shaking, ass clenching - until I felt this wonderful tickle in my balls, deep down inside my body. I knew I was going to cum, again, and I wanted it, needed it. And Traci seemed to sense it. Her pussy "sucked" on my cock until I orgasmed.

I didn't shoot much - I simply didn't have enough jizz left to do so - but it was sweet. Satisfying. I came, and Traci came with me, and Debbie rode along with both of us. And when it was done, I just felt exhausted and comfortably numb.

Debbie slipped off of me at some point, or I passed out momentarily. Or both. But I woke up to having both girls snuggled up against me, lying on the floor. I drifted off again.

I woke up alone. And stiff. The floor was not a good place to sleep all night.

I don't know when the two girls slipped back into the house, but they left me sleeping in the pool house. And they had taken my clothes!

"Traci!" I cursed. This was her perverse sense of humor to do something like this.

The sun was coming up. Chances are one or both of our parents were up and about. And for me to sneak back to my room, I was going to have to risk getting caught bare assed getting in the house!

Just my luck, it was Nancy who caught me as I snuck down the hall toward my room.

"Jason!" she exclaimed as she stood staring at me.

I felt like a deer in headlights.

I dropped my hands to hide my cock. Mom's eyes flickered down and widened momentarily, then crinkled in amusement. But she was still acting shocked when she said, "Just what do you think you're doing, young man?"

"I - uh... I..." I stuttered.

Suddenly, Traci's bedroom door popped open and she and Debbie "innocently" discovered me standing naked in the hall.

"Oh my God - Jason!" Traci feigned surprise. Debbie leered, but joined in the "shocked innocent" act.

"I - sorry! I was just, uh... getting back from a quick dip in the pool." It was lame, but might pass.

Mom looked at me oddly. She waved the girls back into Traci's room, then turned to me and looked at me hard. The humor was still in her eyes, though. "Jason, you know better than to walk around naked with three mature women in the house. What's gotten into you?"

I looked down at the floor. Shame is a good antidote to lust.

"I know, mom. I'm sorry. Just - working too much, you know? Wasn't thinking. A swim sounded good."

"Well, no harm done. I'm sure your sister has seen her share of penises. And that Debbie Prichard, too. And it's not like I haven't seen you naked before..."

I wasn't sure what she meant. I mean, she hadn't been around when I was that small to have seen me in the bath or anything.

Mom suddenly looked a little embarrassed. "Well, just be careful when we have guests, that's all. Not everyone is as liberal as I am, okay?"

I looked up. Mom was smiling oddly. I smiled back. "Sure, mom. No problem."

Mom turned to continue doing whatever she was getting ready to do before she "caught" me. She stopped and looked back. "And about working too hard? Thank God we're going on vacation together as a family, right?"

I nodded. "Right, mom."

She smiled and went into the kitchen.

I just closed my bedroom door when it was pressed open by Traci and Debbie, who closed it behind me. They were smothering their giggles.

"Brat!" I whispered.

Traci flashed me her tits. "Maybe - but you love me, don't you, bro?"

I did. "Yeah. I do." I smiled.

Debbie stomped in mock petulance. "And who's going to love me?" she asked.

"Awww," Traci said and went and hugged her. Then she kissed her, sexually. I got aroused right away. (No surprise.) "We better leave Jason here before we get carried away. Can't have so much fun with the old folks at home," she joked.

The girls left, and I lay down, my head spinning. Things were getting wild - fast.

A few nights later, Traci lay in bed with me, curled up after our quiet lovemaking. (Though we could hear our parents, so we figured we were safe as long as we made less noise than they did.) She asked me softly, "So, tell me the truth - have you fantasized about fucking my mom?"

I kissed her. "No."

"Liar," she said and bit my lip as we kissed.

"Really, Trace - I haven't thought about fucking your mom. Just - well, like my porn - I mean, she has a great body! And it naturally appeals to my maleness, and I have thought about - watching her. Seeing her naked. You know?"

"Masturbating?" Traci asked wickedly, teasing me with her lips. My cock hardened and she knew the answer. Traci looked at me, measuring something, maybe my arousal.

"Jason? What would you think of me if I said I've though about... well, your dad - that way?"

A sudden twinge of jealousy surged through me. Brief, but undeniable. I think Traci sensed it.

"Not - well, emotionally. Not - well, not like what we share," she said, soothing me. She climbed on top of me, pressing her body against mine, slipping my cock between her legs and teasing me with the promise of penetration. "But - well, just lust, you know? Like you and my mom."

I nodded. "Yeah - okay. Well, I guess I can understand. I mean, it makes sense."

Traci smiled and kissed me. She let the tip of my penis just press past her outer lips, then pulled away. She knew how to drive me crazy, my sister!

"And what if I've also thought about my mom - that way?" she asked wickedly. She parted her pussy slightly more and pressed down, taking me into her sweet wetness.

I moaned, distracted. The question didn't really register consciously. All I knew was that Traci was turning me on so I would have agreed to just about anything, have offered to share or do almost anything.

"Your mom?" I finally asked as I realized what she had asked. By then, Traci was already sliding up and down my shaft deliciously. She looked down at me with her mischievous eyes and nodded, curling her lip seductively.

I felt a throb go through my body. "Well, I guess it's kind of like you having sex with Debbie or another woman..."

"Which turns you on to no end," she smiled and leaned down, teasing me with her tongue.

"Which turns me on to no end," I admitted and began to thrust with more urgency and need.

We rolled, and I began to fuck Traci deeply. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I came inside her. She held me until we both relaxed and cuddled again.

"So, have you?" I asked gently.

"Have I what?" Traci asked dreamily.

I snuggled close and breathed my question in her ear, sending shivers through her body. "Have you thought about having sex with your mom?"

Traci moved close, enjoying the cuddle. "Yes," she said, her eyes twinkling.

"Whoa!" I sighed. That was heavy. And somehow, incredibly erotic.

"So - you're not disgusted with me?" she asked, though she knew I wasn't.

I kissed her, deeply. "No, Trace. I'm more turned on by you than I have ever been before. And that's saying a lot since you are my every fantasy come true."

She laughed and hugged me. "Oh, Jase! You're so sweet! I just can't get enough of you!"

We made love again, Traci taking my cum inside her pussy, before sneaking off to her own bed.

I'm scared to admit it, but I actually missed her when she left, and wanted to wake up with her after a night of sex and do it all again.

The following week was our family vacation. We went to a lake up near Yosemite. Dad has a cabin up there, and it's pretty secluded. Before Traci and her mom had come along, it was not unknown for "us men" to "get a little wild" and run around buck naked, acting like savages for fun.

The drive up was - interesting. Traci and I sat in the back, and she even managed to give me a hand job while supposedly "sleeping", her head on my lap. Traci had thrown a blanket over my lap, and it hid her hand. I kept a nervous (and excited) eye on our parents, but they were too busy watching the road. Plus it was several hours into the drive, so nobody was all that sharp by that point.

Traci told me later that she had actually wanted to give me head, but realized it was too risky. (She did, however, do exactly that shortly after we were all settled into our rooms!)

I was dying to eat her out, fuck her, anything! But we had to wait. We had to be patient.

The first night, we were all too exhausted, and nothing happened.

The next day, though, things began to get strange. Exciting, but definitely not the "family vacation" dynamics we'd had in the past!

First, about midday, when we were swimming and sunning off the private dock, my dad gets up and jumps into the lake with a huge splash, soaking all of us. But then his trunks come flying up onto the dock, and our mom is standing there saying, "David? I can't believe you!"

She's laughing; he's laughing. So, mom pulls off her swim suit and she jumps in.

Ok - no big deal. Skinny dipping. Plus, the water hid most of the sight of their naked bodies.

But then Traci pulls off her swim suit, and she stands there challenging me to jump in naked, too. If it were just us, I'd have done it, no problem! But it was our parents. Then I remembered what Traci had shared - about being sexually attracted to my dad, and her mom, and I felt a woody threaten.

Traci must have recognized the look in my eyes, because she cannon balls into the lake, making our parents shield themselves from the splash. It also gave me a chance to dive into the water before anyone could see my hard on.

"C'mon, champ!" my dad called. "Take 'em off!"

"Yeah, Jase! Take 'em off!" This by both Traci and our mom.

So I pulled my trunks off and tossed them on the dock.

The water was cold, so I had little fear of a hard on now.

My dad swam out to the buoy, and began to swim back. I followed. It was tradition. We tried to see how many "round trips" we could swim. I'd been able to hold my own against my old man for a couple of years, now. It felt good. Plus, it helped wear me out. The women climbed out and went back to sunbathing, getting an "all-over" tan.

By the time dad and I had swum about twenty laps, we were pretty worn out. I climbed out, too exhausted to feel aroused or embarrassed. Dad, too, seemed a bit winded. We lay down and soaked up the sunlight, which felt incredibly good. Warm sun on cool bodies. I was happy.

I dozed. I woke up, feeling comfortable, even naked around my mom, now. Dad had a BBQ going, and mom and Traci were sipping beers, their swim suits replaced and topped by long T-shirts. Nancy threw me a towel to wrap around my waist. I noticed, however, that Traci and she both gave me an unconscious "once over, twice". Traci tossed me a beer.

The women stayed out on the dock, while we men cooked dinner. It was quite a repast! Nothing like good exercise, clean air, and good food to make one feel mellow in a hurry. I guess the higher altitude didn't hurt, either.

We had hot chocolate with brandy while we all sat in front of a fire inside. Traci was snuggled close to me, discretely, while mom and dad cuddled pretty openly. I swear, dad even groped Nancy's breasts once or twice when he though no one was looking!

Traci excused herself at one point. I went to get up and follow, but she waved me to stay put.

"I have a surprise," she said and winked.

Our parents, already somewhat buzzed by the food and beer, just nodded and whispered to each other lovingly.

Traci came back and, to my surprise, she sat down with what looked like three hand-rolled cigarettes.

"Weed?" I asked. "You brought weed?"

Traci smiled mischievously. She lit one up, took a hit, and passed it to me. " 'S okay," she rasped. "Mom's cool. And your dad. We've just never - done it together."

I took the joint and inhaled. It was smooth - good stuff. I handed it, somewhat awkwardly to our parents. Nancy took it from me.

"Thank you, honey," she said and took a drag. Leaning back, she pulled my dad's face forward and he moved to kiss her. She blew her smoke into his mouth. It was incredibly sensual.

Looking at Traci, I noticed that her nipples were showing through her T-shirt. She had taken off her swim top, and was (presumably) naked underneath her long T.

Dad took a hit, then passed the joint back to me. "Good shit," he wheezed.

Ok - I knew my dad was cool. I even suspected my dad had smoked pot before. But to actually see it was something altogether different!

I took another hit (mainly because I needed one) before handing it back to Traci. Traci, though, waved it away, already lighting a second. So I passed it back to Nancy.

A few hits, and the mood became very comfortable and mellow.

And we began to talk. Like a family. Interested. Laughing. Sharing. Our previous vacations had never felt like this. For the first time, as strange as the circumstances around it were, we felt "close."

Traci obviously had the highest tolerance, and she seemed to be kind of guiding the conversation. She got dad and I to share some about life "before" - before she and my mom were in it. They shared about some of their experiences before they were part of our lives. Traci even brought up the trip to Europe she had gone on when she was, like, twelve or so.

Nancy laughed as Traci admitted to admiring all the Italian men in their Speedos.

"Even at that age?" Nancy asked, amused.

"Well, shit, mom," Traci said. "I was already masturbating when I was that age. Why wouldn't I notice?"

Traci moved closer to me, handing me her joint. Our hands touched, and it lingered for a second or two before I moved. It felt warm. Nice.

"How old were you, Jason? When you first started jerking off?" she asked me. Her leg moved next to mine. I could feel her, her energy, and I began to get aroused. In a mellow, buzzed sort of way.

"Shit, young. Yeah - about that," I muttered.

Nancy shifted against my dad, and her hand ran absently up and down his stomach. David looked glazed, almost like he was purring under Nancy's touch.

"Are you still a virgin?" Nancy asked - I assume she was asking me, but I'm not sure, now.

"No," I said and swallowed.

My dad smiled. "That a boy!" he said. "How long ago? Anyone we know?" He was buzzed.

"Oh, uhm... actually pretty recently. But - well, I don't want to say too much about it. I mean, I really - care about this person..." I said lamely.

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