Step-Sister Amber


"Who did you think of" Maria asked. What? I said questioning not knowing what she meant.

"Come on who did you think of when you jerked off in there" Megan added. I started to blush again and just answered I didn't.

"You mean you thought of someone other then the girls here?" Lucy asked with a frown. No, no I just answered saying I didn't jerk off. They did not believe me saying that my hard on where gone and a virgins hard on would never go down like that unless he had released the pressure. I then spread my legs and it popped right back up and a big bulge was seen. The entire room started to laugh and giggle. The game went on and I started to think about what Lucy had said about Amber wanting to lick my balls, those words went through my mind and I didn't really catch anything the girls said.

It took a long time before I got a queen again. When I picked a card for the ninth time it showed Queen of Spades, and Amber got the Queen of Hearts.

The other girls huddled up and Amber just hugged me like I was all hers. I really was all hers at that moment. I felt so good at that moment really loving the hug from Amber, I was more deeply in love with her now then I had ever been. At this point I really wanted all the other girls to pack up and go home. I wanted to spend time alone with Amber, I did not know though if she felt the same about me yet, but those words that Lucy had said where really going through my mind. Or was this just a game with her friends? Had she drunk a little to much of the good stuff? My mind pondered away thinking of all possible outcomes, the most likely being that everyone in the room that I called my friends would alienate me for wanting to have a relationship with my sister.

I suddenly heard a a lot of laughter and Amber where taking her shirt off and I had no idea why, I was so deep in my thoughts at that moment and I imagine it must have looked like I had a question mark over my head. Grope your sisters tits Emma said laughing, I didn't have anything against this and looked for confirmation in Amber's eyes, she just gave me a friendly smile and looked at her own freed breasts. They where more perfect then I imagined, I had only seen them in the dark hallway outside our rooms earlier. Now I saw them in bright lights and oh my god. Each breast had their own small perfect pink areola with a perfect nipple each.

I took courage and grasped them both. They felt so perfect, so good as I studied and pinched her nipples more and more. I caressed and touched all over them. I pressed and squeezed and kept looking at Amber's big eyes to see if she how she took the touching, I squeezed and touched them for about 2 minutes until they got bored and said said it was time to pick 2 new cards. I did not want to let go but Amber looked at my face when I didn't and she just pulled her Shirt down and grabbed my hands off her tits and payed attention to the other girls. The remainder of the night I kept looking at Amber to see how she felt about me, she didn't really say anything after this and was really quiet the remainder of the night.

We stopped to play after Elise and Megan both chickened out a dare of them having oral sex with each other. We spent the remainder of the night just drinking and talking. Amber rarely spoke and didn't even look at me, I was really crushed and started to wonder what I where still doing here. This kept going until 2 left at around 12, and at 2 a.m the only people in the house where I and Amber. I offered to help Amber clean up the mess in the living room, she just responded by a smile. We did the cleaning under complete silence. I did not have to courage to muster any words, cause all that where going through my mind where tomorrow Amber is going to hate you. I really started to feel really bad thinking that I had offended her by grabbing on her tits way to long.

When we where done Amber ran up the stairs and I went out with the garbage. Why oh why did I come down and ruin my sisters night like that and started to think of horrible ways I could punish myself to redeem it. I really started to freak me out that my brain thought up such horrible punishments and I looked at the mirror and there I was, just looking like before but with more incestious thought's that would give me a front row seat down to hell. I got upstairs and sat my ass down in front of the computer thinking I'd look at the news and my usual forums and sites like I do every night before I go to bed.

I heard a sigh from the back of my room and turned around. the only thing I saw where two shining eyes.

"Amber?" I asked with a scared tone.

She answered by a yes,and added "why don't you come here and fill your bed with me." I was stunned, I had no idea that the thought's I had about her she also could've been having about me. Not in my wildest dreams I could think of such a thing.

This was really my wildest dreams coming true. She silently got up from my bed and walked over to me. She was completely naked and she looked so gorgeous at that point that I even had the brain power to say the following really shocked me.

"No, I am sorry Amber but this is the wildest of my dreams and I do not want to do this unless you are entirely sure that you want to do this." She stopped in the middle of the room looking like a question mark.

"You have had a lot to drink and may not feel the same way tomorrow when you wake up." Those words where really hard to say and my dick and heart where really screaming at my brain at that moment.

"Why would I not want you?"

She asked with a worried tone that you only hear from a family member or someone that is deeply in love with you.

"If you still feel this way tomorrow I will never say no to you"

"Matter in fact, if you still feel this way tomorrow I will never leave the bed with you still laying in it.

She put a smile on and walked up and gave me a wet kiss on my lips. "I promise I will be back tomorrow and fulfill your wildest dreams with me." Those words really got to me, my wildest dreams. How can having sex with my own sister be my wildest dreams I kept asking myself.

She walked away and god her ass looked so perfect, She then turned around and looked me straight in the eyes.

"You do not masturbate tonight! You got it!?" She said it with a tone that was sexy mad.

"I want it all tomorrow!"

She said and then left the room and closed the door after her. I started to wonder if I had made a really big mistake, this was really my wildest dreams. And I had passed the chance on her, she might get her head straight and this will just be a distant memory. I have had wet dreams about her ever since we moved in together. To have her living in the room next door really was intoxicating, and I do not know if I can live in the same house as her if she changes her mind. I do not know how people can live with siblings that looks the way like Amber does. I went to bed really needing to jack off. No I thought, I'd save it for Amber if she shows up tomorrow. I fell asleep just before 3 really wondering if I really turned Amber down for sex.

I woke up at the light's through my window hit my face and I was still really tired and looked at the clock, 6 I thought to myself. I never woke up early and I looked around after remembering that Amber would come in today and grant my wildest dreams. I did not see her and was actually a bit sad. Well it's only 6 so a glass of water and I'll get right back to bed I though and got up out of the bed.

I went up and opened the door. There Amber stood in a sexy black bra and panties. My eves took a close look of her entire body and then stared at her eyes and understood that she was serious last night. She gave me a big hug and whispered.

"Are you ready little brother?"

My heart and brain where both screaming yes now, my cock did also scream by standing and pointing her in her stomach. But still all I could muster where no. I questioned myself, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? my brain and heart where shouting and I wasn't really sure why I said no right there. Her smile turned from a sexy smile to a sad face you see from a little sister after she's fallen and hit her knee. She started to turn around and I took grab of her arm and said, when we wake up again with a smile that I'd never shown anyone but Amber or my kids. I want us both to have the energy to keep this up a long time if you really want to fulfill my every dreams. She took a leap and jumped up holding on to my body and landing her ass on my fully erected penis.

"This will be worth waiting for"

she she whispered in my ear as I carried her downstairs for a glass of water. As i took out a glass and poured it with water she sat down on a stool and looked at me as I drank it. You want a glass I asked as I stood there. Yes she answered with a smile that would make any boy in the world fall deeply in love with her. She took a sip of the glass and carried it up in my room where she put it on the nightstand next to my bed and climbed in.

"I want to sleep with you until we wake up if you are going to keep me on hold like this" she said this with a sigh at the end and smiling really sexy. I climbed down next to her and started too spoon her. My cock was now between us on my stomach and her back, she pulled her hand down under her own sex and took a grasp and guided it between her legs and locked it just beneath her sex with her other leg. Now If you wake up before me and tries to sneak off I will notice she said and smiled at me.

I woke up at half past 12 only to notice the bed was empty. No I thought to myself, what have I done. I pushed her away two times and that was more then she could handle. I really started to panic now. Why did I have to sleep more, we could'we been having sex the entire morning WHY OH WHY DID I HAVE TO PUSH THE TIME. At that moment the door opened and she walked in with a smile that said let's do this. What's the matter she asked me as I sat there looking a bit sad. I thought you had changed your mind I responded looking into her eyes. I would never have changed my minds she said. My morning boner got even harder as she said those words and and she sprinted across the room and climbed down in the bed and put her legs on each side of my stomach and sat down so much penis where against her asscrack and up her backside. She leaned in and gave me my first kiss with a tongue. The only other girl I had kissed on the mouth was Amber but this was my first with a tongue and her mouth tasted so good, how can she have had multiple boyfriends and everyone let her go I asked myself as the kiss kept going into a third and fourth kiss. She paused way into our sixth kiss and asked if I had ever kissed a girl before.

"What do you think?" I asked with a smile.

"Have you only kissed me?" She asked really sounding naughty.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked sounding serious for a moment.

"This is my wildest fantasy, losing my virginity with the prettiest girl in the world".

She started to blush and started kiss me again while rubbing my breast and abs with moans from both of us. My cock was really close to bursting at just a kiss. So when she started kissing her way down I looked for her gaze and said this is probably going to go extremely fast so be careful. She just smiled while kissing her way down my stomach and stopped at my pubes and kind of tickled herself in the face with them. My cock was now ready to cut diamonds again as she started to kiss her way up on it, I heard her moan and all I could say was oh my god over and over. I was in heaven, this couldn't be happening. I was sure I'd go to hell because she was my sister and a man should not be able to feel this way as she put my cockhead in her mouth and started to suck like a vacuum. I immediately felt this was it, ngggggh was all I said and a spray that would drench a entire room filled her mouth, she just smiled and her big eyes looked so gorgeous when she looked at me while gulping it all down. My cock did not lose it's hardness for 1 second and she kept sucking it even when the head was really sore. She did it carefully really giving me the time of my life. She kept sucking my cock and started to take it deep right away when she saw she could take it a little harder again.

I looked at her eyes during the entire blowjob and this was the happiest I had been at this moment. She kept sucking and moaned the entire blowjob she kept dancing her tongue over my mushroom shaped head and tried to take it deep several times, she managed to take in about 8 inches but started to gag and god that felt great. She saw that I really liked this and kept doing this. It didn't take me long and BOOOM I started to explode down her throat, to my surprise she let it stay there and gagged and swallowed at the same time. I saw though she was really uncomfortable so I pulled it out myself and left only the crown in. She swallowed all of my cum and gave me such a smile that would melt an iceberg.

She had kept it in her mouth and not said a word for over 15 minutes and I held her face and told her I have never felt this good ever before in my entire life. Amber started to giggle and gave me a quick sucking and then started kissing up towards my face when she reached my chin she took the glass of water she'd taken up earlier and took a few chugs and then started to kiss me deeply.

"I love the taste of your cum Alex, I will never go a day without from now on, I promise you this Alex."

The kiss was so intense and those words made my cock harder then I have ever been and even after cumming twice. After Amber broke the kiss she sat up on me and asked why I where not touching her.

"I did not know if you'd like that" I responded a little nervous. In fact the only part of her I'd touch where her head and backside. She started to giggle and gave me a smirk. She started to remove her bra and out those gigantic tits popped out, they where just perfect. They hanged down with absolutely no sag, it looked just like a boob job but there was no silicone in them. I started to eagerly caress and touch them sensitively. She bent down and pushed one of the nipples straight into my mouth and I started to suck it, and even gnawing a little like I have seen in all those porno movies. I moaned and soon after she started to moan again. I spent almost 10 minutes just playing around with her tits moving from one to the other then going back. They where just perfect, I could not believe how lucky I was.

She backed up and stood up over me in the bed, she smiled and pulled her panties down to her ankles and kicked them away. I saw a pussy up close for the first time in my entire life. It looked so juicy and I could smell the scent of it, I smelled it earlier but the intense smell of it now where surrounding the entire room. I had never smelled anything so good before. She sat down on my stomach and started to touch my breasts and abs, then gently leaned to my ear and asked.

"Do you want to taste me?"

I for the first time took charge and changed places with her and put myself over her and started a deep and sensual kiss, we moaned into each others mouths. I broke the kiss and went down kissing her all the way down to her mound just above the clit and smelled the soaking wet pussy. She was completely shaved and her pussy looked so perfect with her big clit and those big nice juicy pussy lips just sitting and waiting patiently. She where really overflowing, her entire thighs where wet from her own juice and I did not have to be experienced to know she where turned on.

She told me to lick just at the top of the pussy,

"The little knob at the top, do you see it?" she asked as I instantly started to lick it with a furious speed.

"Slow down, I want it to last a little while at least" I saw her tell me with a sexy smile. I slowed down and the moaning from both of us started again. I licked her clit over and over and never lost eye contact with her. Just like she did when she sucked my cock.

I had absolutely no idea what I where doing so she guided me by pushing my head and I started to lick the lips of her cunt, soon after she started to scream.


I got courage and started to enter inside her cunt with my mouth, she started to breathe much more heavily and the moaning went higher and higher. Her entire body started to shiver and I felt her cunt going tighter and tighter and she started to scream again. "YEEEEES ALEEEEEX OH MY GOOOOOOOD"

That where the first time I got a girl to get an orgasm and I felt really proud that I made her cum. I was so much in love with her when she opened her eyes and that smile came through her mouth as she pulled me up and we started to kiss again, she licked my entire mouth tasting herself and my cock was even harder.

She again took charge and as we kissed she turned around so she was on top once again and then sat herself just above my dick. She gave me such a sexy smile and asked silently.

"Do you want your big sister to take your virginity?". She said it with such a sexy voice and oh my god I was ready at that moment. I just nodded and gave her a smile and my eyes started to tear up. I was so deeply in love with her at this moment that I couldn't say anything without my eyes tearing up.

She looked a little scared that she might have hurt me and stopped moving away from my cock and asked.

"What's the matter Alex?"

She said it with such love and I knew I had to tell her the truth.

"I love you so much Amber, I know this can't keep going like I'd want it to but I must tell you how much I have loved you ever since I first met you. I have always seen you as a sister and my best friend."

Her eyes started to tear up and she climbed up on my stomach again and started to kiss me again as we both laid there naked crying and moaning into each others mouths. She broke the kiss and said.

"I will always love you Alex, I am glad to be the first you will have sex with, I want to be the only girl you ever have sex with".

There is nothing wrong with what we are doing, we are not even related by law. My mom and your dad are not married, there is nothing anyone can do to stop us.

I was so glad to hear her say that and dragged her down to kiss her again. That was the longest kiss we have ever had since, and it kept going for long over 10 minutes. She then leaned back and started to get ready for penetrating.

"You did not answer my question Alex." She said it with a really sexy voice.

"Do you want your big sister to take your virginity?"

Oh my god was all I could muster and she must have taken it as a yes because she instantly started the penetration. My head went into her really slow and she had problems getting it all in, she where struggling in fact. She looked into my eyes with lust as she kept going up and down taking more and more in at a time.

She kept moving up and down for about 1 minute never losing my eye contact. I had finally lost my virginity. My entire cock where inside her. Oh god how it felt good, she kept looking at my face for confirmation that she could continue.

"I'm close Amber" I said as she where starting to ride me up and down. She gave me a sexy look again and just went faster.

"Cum in me Alex, PLEASE CUM IN ME" She screamed as she went faster and faster.

"NGGGGGGGGGH" I imagine my own groan sounding like and I had sprayed her inside full with my jizz. She slowed down and sat down on my groin with my cock still inside her and bent down for a kiss. The kiss where really passionate but she broke the kiss and started to kiss her way to my ear.

"How was it to lose the virginity with your big sister?"

I started to tear up again.


I started to kiss her again, the moaning into each others mouths where really loud and could easily been heard downstairs. She started to kiss and lick my tears that had fallen down my chin and never losing the sexy glimpse in her eye. I felt as she started to move up and down on my hardened cock again as she continued to lick my face.

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