Step-Sister Amber


"Oh my god Alex, this feel so good. You have no idea how good your cock feels." up and down up and down she really increased the speed and as her breathing and moaning got higher I started to grasp her tits just holding them as she kept going up and down faster and faster. She held my hands on her own tits and really gave out a scream that was amazingly hot to hear. She grasped my hands even harder shaking on top of me as I felt her insides tighten around my cock. I couldn't take it anymore and for the fourth time I had cum.

She fell down on my stomach trembling and breathing really heavily and rested her face on my chest while she caressed my stomach. I was still hard and inside her with cum dropping out around my cock. I was so glad to have her with me, at that moment. That was the most happiest memory I had ever had. Not the sex, just having her rest her head on my chest as I held her. We gazed upon each other as a big smile on both of us showed how much we truly loved each other.

She rolled of my cock and lay'd herself next to me looking into my eyes, she kept caressing my entire body during this and her eyes went all over me.

"Still hard? How is it even possible!?" She said it with a smile showing me so much love.

"I love you so much." I said as we looked at each others eyes.

"I have loved you ever since you became my best friend, to get this thing soft with you naked around is probably going to be a mission impossible." I said this and she started to giggle.

"Alex, I have always loved you. I will always love you no matter what, but we can't keep doing this in secret when our parents come home. They have to know how we feel and we need their approval."

I sighed and took a short breather to clear my thoughts.

"Dad will really freak out, you know that.."

"I don't know about that"she said with a smile that really said I love you.

As I saw that smile I knew she deeply loved me.

Tears started to roll down my chin as I went in for a kiss.

She responded to the kiss and I just laid there in the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

"Well let's go make something to eat".

I said as I started to move out of the bed, she took hold of my arm and had a sexy smile.

"Whatever happened to I wont leave a bed with you still in it." She said and oh my god I was so turned on again, I had not lost my stiffness for one second but now it was hard as a rock again and we started to kiss passionately. This time I had the courage to do something on my own, I took hold of her and pinned her down with me laying on top of her. I took hold of my cock trying to guide it in her pussy. It was so wet and juicy. I tried to get it in with her laughing and smiling at me the entire time but I just couldn't get it in her.

"Here let me help you." She said as she took hold of my cock and guided it in. I went slowly at first trying to get it all in and as it was all inside here I went out and in very slowly at first never losing her gaze.

Oh my god, oh my god went through my mind during the entire time I was on top of her, it felt so amazingly good.

"Is it okay if I increase the speed?" I asked as she gave me a look that made her look like a question mark.

"You are on top and I am all yours, do whatever you want Alex!" She said and a giggle went out both of us as she said it.

I increased the speed more and more and I felt myself getting close to the edge after just a few minutes of thrusting. I heard her moaning and breathing getting higher so I knew she was close as well. I increased the speed even more and went in harder and harder. The noise of our bodies smacking together where in the entire room. The smell of sex was so arousing and the look on Amber's face as she came was all I needed. We collapsed embracing each others and enjoying our orgasms. I laid there catching my breath then felt her hands all over my back, I looked up and saw that sweet pretty face with those enormous bluegreen eyes just gazing at me with so much love. She pushed me aside and got up walking naked with my cum and her juices dropping down her legs.

"I'll just take a quick shower then I'll go down and make you some lunch." She said and I was alone in my bed, We had started the sex just before 1 p.m now it was 2.30 I could'we spent a lot more time in the bed cause I was once again ready. But I got up and took a quick shower and for the first time since yesterday night my cock was soft and just hanging, it was actually a big relief.

I got out of the shower and in to my room for some new clothes. As I opened the door I immediately saw Amber laying on the bed with whip cream all over herself.

"Here's lunch." She said and gazed up on my cock that started going hard instantly. I did not wait for her to tell me to come over, I ran over the room and took a gigantic leap into the bed and started to lick up all the whip cream. I started at her breasts, they tasted wonderful with the smell of her newly washed body and whip cream. I spent a long time licking her entire body and she moaned every time I touched one of her sensitive spots. I licked and moaned all over her beautiful skin and just as I where going to take her pussy in my mouth she grabbed my head and we just gazed at each other. I tried to get down but she kept pushing me away.

"Do you not want me to go down on you?" I asked with a sad smile, she looked a bit serious and opened her mouth.

"I do not know if you want to go in there with your mouth, it may still be some cum in there."

"Why would I care? I want to pleasure you as you have pleasure me."

She let go and I saw her eyes tear up as I instantly dove right into between her pussy lips. I went from the lips to the clit, then penetrated her with my tongue and she where starting to moan higher and higher. I started to lick her clit more and more and I sensed she was close when I had been down there tasting the nectar of gods for a five minutes. She started to shake and scream a lot higher then before. She shivered and her voice kept going up and down, she pressed my head harder against her sex and I kept going at a furious speed as I licked her harder and faster. I knew she where cumming and wow, she where really cumming harder then earlier today I thought to myself as I saw her eyes closed and her mouth completely open screaming my name.

She let go of my head and I looked at that sweet face as she gave me a smile.

"That was amazing Alex, I have never cummed like that before."

I was really proud and started to kiss my way up her body. I kept kissing her a long time before she pushed me away with that sexy smile on her lips.

"Now it's my turn to make you cum like you never have."

"Oh god" where all I could muster and she kissed her way down to my cock.

She licked the entire cock and climbed higher until she where flickering her tongue at the back of my cock under the red mushroom-shaped head. I was once again in heaven and she took it in, taking it deeper every time she sucked it in. She got it in about 8 inches and let it stay there as she gagged. I looked at her beautiful eyes with lust and she saw I really really liked this. She kept doing this with moans and groans coming out of both of us. As she kept this going she must have seen in my face I was really close to cumming and she started to use her hands on it and sucking the head harder at the same time. That was all that needed and I let out a high pitched groan and I flooded her mouth again. She swallowed it all and kept my cock in her mouth and sucked it gently until the soreness where over. She started to kiss her way up and gave me a kiss i'd never forget. It where the first time I'd taste my own cum and the salty flavor made me so hard again.

"You like the taste little brother? I love the taste of my little brothers seed. I love the taste of your cum so much Alex that I will never go a day without from now on, I promise you this Alex!"

I was so turned on and couldn't really say anything as she stood up and walked out of the room. I heard her shout that I should get dressed so that we could go out and eat something, hell yeah I thought to myself as I could show off my girlfriend.

I quickly got dressed and outside to the garage. There where only 3 things I loved in the world at that time. My family, Amber and my birthday present from my father when I turned 16. My Lamborghini Gallardo, it was pitch black with toned windows and made noises that would make any man go hard.

I heard the front door close as I got into the car and drove it outside of the garage and got out and locked the garage door. Amber came up and gave me a wet kiss then went in to the car. I got in to the car put a gear in and drove away more happily then I've ever been.

We stopped at a small Italian restaurant that Amber often took me to when our parents where out of town. It was a small quiet little restaurant, romantic really. There where scented candles and even a violinist playing when we got in. The restaurant where pretty full but we got a table in a corner next to a wall.

We both ate satisfying meals and the conversation at the table where if we really should tell our parents. I did not think we should tell them because I do know my father, this was not something that he would enjoy hearing. He had always been a fun guy but ever since his divorce he had gotten a lot more strict. She on the other hand convinced me by saying that she did not want to be in a secret relationship, and I could not say anything that would make her to keep it a secret.

The following week really flew by, we had sex at every opportunity we got and I shot at least 5 loads a day in her. I'd never thought that I would lose my virginity and then almost spend the entire week in bed with her.

The 2 weeks where up and today our parents would come home, we decided that I should talk to my father and Amber should talk to her mother when they got home. I kissed Amber goodbye and went to the airport to pick up my father and Jennifer.

I sat in the car waiting for twenty minutes and finally I saw my fathers face in the crowd of people. He hurried up with Jennifer close behind. I greeted them both and complimented their brown and good looking tan but I didn't say much on the ride home. I did not want to risk anything by saying something that would make my father mad before I told him the news. We got up to the house and Amber was sitting in the living room watching some documentary on discovery channel. Jennifer got in the couch hugged and started to talk with Amber.

I heard my father calling me from his office and I walked over to find a kind of mad face.

"What's this?"

"What's what?" I asked it with a little shiver in my tone.

"A letter from your trainer, you haven't been in the gym for over 1 week. Have you been feeling ill or what is the problem?"

"No, no I have been fine but it's kind of why I would like to talk to you." I was really afraid right now and I just told myself, just say it! Amber is telling Jennifer right now and he will eventually find out anyway.

"I am in love with Amber."

Those words really sounded good coming out of my mouth but the respond from my father was nothing that I'd expect. Oh really? He said with a smile and a laugh, well good for you then. I saw he was sincere and there was no irony or sarcastic tone in his voice.

"And I presume Amber feels the same way or else you would never miss any of your training."

"Well yes she does, we hoped you would give us permission to keep seeing each other."

"I would never keep you from someone you love, but listen here Alex. Not all people will look at your love as you and Amber does, so please play it a little safe when you are in the open."

That my father really said this was really awesome, I got close and gave him a big hug and thanked him over and over.

"Do you think Jennifer thinks the same way you do dad?"

"I do not think so, I know it. She have wanted to see Amber and you sleeping in the same room for quite some time actually" He said those words sounding really happy and god was I happy at that moment.

There was laughter in the living room when my father took me by my shoulders and guided me out there. As we came out in the living room Amber got up from the couch and walked over to me and gave me a wet kiss without tongue. Her aroma was intoxicating.

"Well well, I guess there are 2 loving couples under the same roof here I guess." Jennifer said it with a big smile as dad walked over to her giving her a hug over her shoulder.

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