Stepdaughter with Her Best Friend


Rather than answering right away, I reached around and caressed Ellie's bountiful boobs, and Tina quickly joined in, licking the nipples as my fingers played.

"For a supposed slut hot to fuck her stepfather, you are certainly taking your time. I can't compare Alice's tight virginal vagina to your teasing."

Ellie giggled, bounced lightly in my lap, her flesh and my cock all aquiver. Much more of this, and I would come all over her back.

"Will you let your Daddy fuck you if he finishes telling us the Alice tale?" Tina asked Ellie.

"Alice was a fine young piece of tail." I joked, filling the silence while Ellie wriggled rather than speaking.

"I bet the whole thing is just a tale." Ellie said, still not answering her best friend's challenge.

"Please tell us more, anyhow, Daddy, and we'll see what Ellie decides." Tina suggested, now nibbling Ellie's nipples more vigourously.

"It didn't last long, actually, I was all horny from Zola's promises earlier, and of course all of the earlier encounters with Alice had melded together into extended foreplay."

"That's a lot like today then," Tina said.

As she spoke, she leaned forward, pushing Ellie gently backwards into my chest. I quickly untangled my legs underneath Ellie and allowed the pressure to carry us to the floor, so that my stepdaughter was lying on top of me, my hard cock nestled in her asscheeks. Tina crawled on top, and returned to devouring Ellie's nipples.

"More like all those days you teased me wearing skimpy bikinis by the pool, or bending over in shorts, Tina, because that's what led to me fucking you today, and then to realizing that I had the same feelings for Ellie, but was ignoring them because she's my stepdaughter."

Ellie was humping upwards to bring her chest up, meeting her best friend's lips. Tina began licking down Ellie's tummy, and this made my stepdaughter arch her back further, grinding my rod with her ass.

"That's because you didn't know what a slut I am, Daddy," Ellie moaned, then she giggled. "I also didn't dress as trashy as Tina because I knew you'd end up wanting to fuck me anyway. After all, I look a lot like a younger version of Mommy, don't I?"

"That you do," I admitted, reaching my hands around to fondle her massive mounds, so like Zola's, as Tina's tongue ran up from my exposed scrotum to lick Ellie's gash.

"Finish Alice, Daddy..." Ellie's voice was a sultry gasp as Tina nibbled her tender bits, making her writher continuously against me.

"Not much more to tell, actually, she took control. Like I said, I'm not sure how virginal she really was. She rubbed my cock in her fist while we kissed -- our mouths, then me nibbling her nipples while she teased my ear, my neck, my back -- wherever her little mouth could reach. Then she sort of shrugged her hips and lifted herself up and then settled on my cock. There was no gentleness to this deflowering. The whole time she was screaming wildly, vile words, talking dirty, but also wanting to be just like Zola and fuck me like Zola."

Tina lifted her face from Ellie's slash just long enough to chuckle and say, "Except I bet she was asking you to say how much better it was fucking her than Zola."

"And what did you tell her, Daddy? Was she better than Mommy?" Ellie asked.

My turn to laugh before I responded. "I never compare two lovers. Each is special. Each is different. Sure, a dead lay who does nothing is a waste, but luckily I've avoided those most of my life. Alice was a great lay, but comparing a tight young cunt like hers to your Mom, even back then, is unfair. It's like sometimes you want steak, other times seafood."

No one spoke for a moment or two as Tina's tongue continued rolling my balls while occasionally teasing Ellie's clit. It felt like Tina had placed a couple of fingers back inside Ellie as well. My stepdaughter was writhing again, approaching another orgasm, her hair flying across my face as she moaned. My cock was getting a great rub job from her skin, but I realized that we still had not fucked. Earlier, having just come with Tina, I had not cared much whether or not Ellie dared to fuck me, but we were way past that point. In spite of the earlier emissions, my balls were heavy and ready to explode. They wanted a fresh young vessel. I wanted to fuck my stepdaughter, and I wanted it now.

It was not going to happen that quickly though, as Ellie's hips were levitating up from my lap, and then slamming back into me, as she screamed in ecstasy. Tina kept licking until Ellie finally collapsed with a sigh.

"Poor Daddy, you're lucky I didn't crush your cock," Ellie said as she caught her breath, and then giggled. "Is it time to find out whether I'm steak or seafood?"

"You'll always be my little lamb," I said, recalling a nickname she had liked when I was courting Zola -- right around the time I had seduced Alice, in fact.

"Baaaa...." Ellie moaned.

Without further ado, after all this teasing, she raised her midsection with acrobatic ease, planting her feet flat on the floor, pushing her back up my body, and then easing back down. I felt Tina's tongue give my slit a few quick licks, tasting my precum, as Tina held my shaft at just the right angle.

"I just wish that you had sucked my cock first, Ellie, like Alice did," I said.

Ellie twisted gracefully, her skin rubbing against my erection, sending shockwaves through my body. She kissed me. At first, it was tender, just her full lips pressing against mine, like a stepdaughter might kiss the man who raised her. Then it lingered longer than innocence would permit. My jaw dropped just a millimetre as she opened her mouth slightly, allowing just the tip of her tongue to click against my teeth. I opened my mouth wide, and found myself caressing her flanks as she leaned back hard against me, her neck twisted so that she could kiss me passionately, right hand holding the back of my neck, like lovers, not like a daughter at all.

Finally, Ellie broke for air. Her face was still so near that her words flowed like waves across my skin, she said, "Somehow, Daddy, I think we'll be doing this again."

I did not have time to reflect on the consequences of this statement. If I had, I might have worried not only about repetition increasing the risk of Zola finding out, but Ellie's half brother would be home before she returned to school. His presence would prevent any dreams of an ongoing fuckfest. Though Zola and I had no trouble regularly fucking in every room of the house -- he was an active kid, not home a lot.

But those thoughts were for later -- at the moment, Ellie's confidence caused my already swollen cock to grow fuller. Tina's lips drawing each of my balls in turn into her mouth added to the excitement. Ellie continued rotating her hips, the head of my cock pressing against her clit as I played with her nipples.

"Alice did not spend this long teasing me." I moaned. "Even though she claimed to be a virgin, she was really very horny, ready to get fucked. Her little cunt was so wet my cock slid right in without any delay."

"I'm ready to fuck if you are Daddy," Ellie giggled. "After that point, though, there's no going back."

"I think we passed that point long ago."

"Is Tina ready?" Ellie asked, glancing down to where her friend was fingering Ellie's clit while licking both my balls and her slit.

"She better be - she's the slut that started this, remember?"

Without further ado, Ellie slid a bit up my belly, to position herself for penetration. Tina confirmed willingness as she asked, "cunt, or ass?"

Ellie giggled. "Carrying the sheep metaphor a little far if we assfuck, I think. I prefer my first stepfather fuck to be just like Alice."

She sat up, posed with just the head of my cock tickling her pussy lips, and spoke again. "Of course, unlike Alice, I'm definitely no virgin."

Tina joined in Ellie's laughter, and then they kissed. As their lips locked, I could not see, but imagined tongues twisting. I imagined rock hard nipples rubbing as Tina's firm tits pushed against Ellie's ripe melons. I knew that the juices lubricating Ellie's thighs included Tina's contributions. I reached around and fingered both pussies with fingers from one hand.

While I was distracted, Ellie relaxed her legs, lowering her body, impaling herself on my manhood. Tina reached behind Ellie as my stepdaughter began bouncing on my meat.

Tina grabbed my arms and pulled me into a seated position, so that it was as close as possible to the same fucking that I had given Alice the babysitter all those years ago. Tina's tongue teasing the spot where my shaft slipped inside the wet teen slit though was a sweet addition.

Ellie grabbed my hands and clamped them on her tits, forcing me to manipulate her nipples.

"Make me come again, Daddy," Ellie panted, her head on my shoulder, her breath warming my ear as she bounced harder and faster. "Did little Alice come on your fat cock?"

"She came buckets," I recalled. "Her wetness stained my pants, but I didn't care at the point about whether or not Zola found out. I just had to pump my seed into that virgin womb."

"You can fill me up, too, Daddy, if Tina left enough. I'm on the pill, like every good little slut should be."

Ellie groaned, and her bouncing slowed until her hips were just grinding against my thighs. Her muscles were clamping my cock, then releasing, over and over, as if trying to milk me.

"Tina is nibbling my clit, Daddy," Ellie moaned, "Too bad little Alice didn't have Zola to lick her clit while you fucked. Or is that what happened the next date night?"

That image caused my balls to pull even tighter into my groin and I felt my load surging up my shaft. Tina rolled my balls in her hand, and then I felt her finger slip under my ass, exploring my backside. I knew that the instant she entered my anus and massaged my prostate, I would explode, since all that allowed me to hold back was my recent deposit into Tina.

I focussed back on Ellie, on how her young cunt, as slutty as she claimed to be, was in such shape that I was sure I could feel individual muscles open and close around my shaft like fingers, as the entire pussy slid up and down like a velvet glove.

"Cripes, lamb chop, you fuck even better than Alice," I screamed.

Tina chose that moment to stimulate my orgasm. I felt my great gobs of goo fill Ellie's flesh, as she climaxed, clamping down tightly on my organ. Her spasms were so violent that we all crashed into a heap on the floor.

Only then did a voice from the door say, "Well, if Ellie fucks better than Alice, we have to share her too, even if Ellie is my daughter. You know how much I love a hot young slut."

"Zola...." I exclaimed.

"Mommy...." Ellie screamed at the same instance, her voice drowning mine.

Tina just kept licking up my come as it drained out of Ellie's pussy.

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I don't mind the mom catching them but you need to get rid of Tina. Having a friend there is one thing but for the first time between "Daddy" and Ellie should've been just the two of them. Why do somore...

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