tagFetishStepdaughters Adjust to New Lifestyle

Stepdaughters Adjust to New Lifestyle


About five years ago my ex-wife divorced me as she preferred her girlfriend to me in her life and in her bed. I peacefully moved out of my Northern Minnesota home leaving her and my two stepdaughters, Lynn and Jody.

I moved to Southern California and now have a beautiful home in the hills near Laguna Beach where I have developed a clothes free lifestyle around my secluded property and on vacations.

Two months ago I received a phone call from Lynn saying that their mother had kicked Jody and her out of their house to fend for themselves as they were now adults. Lynn asked if Jody and her could come and live with me till they found jobs and a place of their own.

Now when I lived with my stepdaughters they were always very rude to me and treated me like a slave in my own home. Keeping this in mind I decided to have some fun with these bitches and maybe a little payback. I told Lynn that Jody and her were welcome to stay at my home as long as they wanted but they needed to follow a few simple house rules.

Lynn said that they would be good girls and that a few rules would be easy to obey. She told me that they would be arriving at LA International in the next few days.

It's now three days later and here I am in the airport at 3 a.m. waiting for the girls to get their luggage. I was pleasantly surprised to see how the girls had grown in the past five years into beautiful, shapely and very sexy women.

Lynn was now 22 years old and she is very tall with waist length blonde hair, very thin hips, and ample sized breasts. She looked great in the tight jeans she was wearing which contained a very firm looking butt.

Jody is 19 years old and has short strawberry blonde hair which frames her cute face. She is average height and a little broader in the hips then Lynn. Jody's jeans looked great as they stretched across her pear shaped ass as she bent over to put her suitcase into the back of my car. Jody's best feature was her large breasts that stretched the fabric of her sweater she was wearing.

The girls slept as I drove them to their new home. They looked so peaceful as they slept but I laughed to myself knowing how their lives were about to change with my prompting and direction.

When we arrived home, I showed the girls around the house and gave them each a key and my cell phone number, I then left for work and told them that I would be home around 4 p.m. when we'd get into the swing of things.

After a long hot drive home from work I found the house empty, the girls must have gone out to check out the mall down the street. I stripped out of my work clothes and dove naked into the cool water of my pool in my secluded backyard.

I was relaxing in the shallow end of the pool when I heard the girls return home. Jody came out into the pool area to ask what we were having for supper, suddenly she gasped loudly when she saw that I was naked. Lynn came running out to the pool when she heard Jody and arrived just as I was exiting the pool, my wet body tingled with excitement as the girls stared at my manhood as it swayed back and forth as I dried my hair with a towel.

Once I was dry, I threw my towel over my shoulder and casually walked into the house. As I walked past the stunned girls I asked them calmly what they liked on their pizza as I was about to order delivery.

While we ate the pizza, I explained to them that I lived a clothes- free lifestyle at all times while I was on my property. I also told them that because this was a new idea to them they could wear clothing around the house but due to the chemicals and the filter system of the pool, the entire pool area was nude only. Lynn voiced her opinion and said that NO WAY was she going to swim naked in front of me. Jody said nothing, she only sat there with her mouth open.

I laughed and said I'm not through. As I said, you can wear clothes around the house but only for the rest of the week until you get more used to the idea. Also there will be no smoking, drugs and no parties without my knowledge. You will be responsible to keep your rooms clean and picked up at all times. If you don't get a job you will keep the house clean and prepare the meals.

For all of this, I will purchase all the food, clothing and other items you will need and I will keep a roof over your head. Any questions?

Lynn said okay but we'll find jobs and be moved out before the end of the week. I replied fine by me knowing that work is hard to find and even worse without a car to drive.

I awoke the next morning to the smell of breakfast and coffee which the girls were making. I showered and then walked naked into the kitchen. As we ate, I told the girls that with it being Saturday, I was going to the beach and they could go along if they wanted.

At the beach, we sat down our towels and I told them that this was a clothing optional beach and they could wear their bikinis if they wanted to but that most of the people on the beach would be naked as well as me. The girls look great in their Minnesota purchased bikinis even though their skin was pasty white and their bikinis looked like granny panties. By noon I could see that they were getting very sunburnt and I suggested we go home.

On the drive home Jody asked me many questions about my nudist lifestyle and kept commenting on how so many people, especially good looking boys, walked casually around naked on the beach. I knew then that Jody was about to fold but Lynn still thought we were all perverts.

At home again, I went directly to the pool to keep working on my tan while Lynn and Jody went to their room to take a nap. About an hour later, Jody walked out to the pool area wrapped in a towel and announced that she was going for a swim. She walked up to the edge of the pool and seconds before she jumped in, she dropped the towel giving me a quick but clear view of her totally nude backside.

Jody swam for a while but when she went to get out of the water she found that I had moved her towel onto the lounge chair next to me. She let out a nervous laugh and said "okay I give up" as she climbed out of the pool and walked directly towards me and sat on the lounge chair.

My God she was lovely, her breasts were large and round with large dark nipples which stood out hard, either from cold or excitement. She had an excessive amount of pubic hair but it was neatly trimmed. As I gazed at her I could feel my cock getting hard and I did nothing to hide it. Jody simply said "I guess you think I look okay naked" Oh yea, was all I could respond.

Jody was still red from the beach and I suggested that we go inside and get a few beers and but some lotion on her sunburn. Jody got the beers from the fridge and followed me into my room where I kept the lotion. She laid down on her stomach on the bed and asked if I'd put the lotion on her.

I started to apply the lotion ot her shoulders and worked down her back slowly allowing her to relax to my touch. Soon Jody said that she was starting to enjoy being here and that she felt very comfortable around me but that Lynn still hated me and everything I did.

I worked my hands down onto her round firm ass cheeks then down her legs as I applied the lotion. While I worked back up her thighs I felt Jody slowly spread her legs a little giving me a great view of her puckered ass hole. The more I rubbed her legs the wider she spread them until I could see her wet pussy lips and smell the aroma of her arousal.

I returned to the globes of her ass and slowly rubbed lotion and my hands down between her wide spread legs. Her pussy was so wet I knew she was ready for some heavy fucking but before I placed my cock into her soft folds, I first wanted her to ask for it.

I slowly inserted one finger then another into her dripping pussy until Jody started to moan and thrust her hips back and forth against my fingers. I soon found her enlarged clit and tickled it with one finger as I fucked her pussy with another finger and my thumb. When I sensed that she was nearing an orgasm I withdrew my now well lubricated thumb from her pussy and rubbed it around the opening of her anus. When she didn't react negatively to my rubbing her butthole I gave one push and slid right into her ass until my thumb was buried completely.

Jody screamed in delight as she thrust harder onto my thumb and fingers till she started to shake violently as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through her body. After she regained her strength, she left the room without saying a word.

Later that evening while I was watching television Jody walked into the room wearing a sheer black nightgown with a little black thong underneath. She looked so sad, I patted the sofa next to me and asked her why she looked so sad. She said that it was wrong what we did as I was her dad. Then she started to cry. I stopped her and said that I wasn't her natural dad, only her dad by marriage, so technically it wasn't incest only friends enjoying each other. This brought a smile to her face and she said then we can do it, right?

With this disaster solved, I asked Jody where her sister was as I hadn't seen her since the beach today. She said I think she is in her room reading. As I approached Lynn's room, I could smell cigarette smoke so without knocking, I burst through Lynn's door only to find her sitting on her bed smoking and reading a magazine. I calmly told her to put out the cigarette, open the window to air out the room and then come into the kitchen.

A short time later, Lynn entered the kitchen where Jody and I were sitting at the table. I told Lynn that she had violated a house rule and asked her what she had to say about it. Lynn sharply said it's her room and she can do what she wants in there. I held back my anger and said you knew the rules and yet you broke them so now you will need to be punished.

Lynn was wearing short denim shorts and a t-shirt under which she clearly didn't have a bra on. I asked both girls how they were punished when I lived with their mother and them. Jody instantly jumped in saying "Lynn's going to get a spanking" but Lynn said no way, she was too old for that.

Before Lynn could react, I grabbed her arm and pulled her over my naked lap with the seat of her pants sticking up into the air. I told both girls that for their first violation of the rules they would get five whacks over my lap and for each new rule violation, they would get another five.

Just as I was about to lower my first slap across Lynn's butt Jody said, " that's not how you spanked us, you always spanked us on our bare butt, remember?" Lynn started to scream and fight to get up but with the help of Jody, soon Lynn's shorts and panties were on the floor. As my first strike landed on Lynn's bare bottom, her fight subsided and she took her punishment in stride. When I finished, her pretty butt was a light shade of crimson.

She laid across my lap whimpering as I lightly rubbed her warm cheeks while reminding her of what the rules were. I told her that I knew that she would test me again and that she would soon be back across my lap for another spanking.

As she got off my lap and ran bottomless to her room, I noticed a small puddle of fluid on my leg where her pussy rested during the spanking. When I showed this to Jody, she squealed, " Wow she really like the spanking.", we both laughed loudly.

Over the next few day's Jody fell right into my lifestyle, she was always nude at home and kept her room and the house very clean. Lynn, on the other hand, has fought the rules to the point where she has had two more spankings. Today was the day where Lynn had to move out or join Jody and me naked, the choice was hers.

I called the girls out to the pool area for the final decision. Jody, of course, ran out naked and stood next to me and said that she wanted to stay with me. Lynn came out in normal street clothes and said that she could not find a job or any friends that she could move in with and that she really wanted to stay at my house. I said fine you can stay but you need to disrobe now. She said that she wanted to but she just could not get the nerve to just strip.

I walked up to her and said okay you can stay and be naked, is that what you want? She said Yes, I said fine but rules are rules and I grabbed the front of her T shirt and tore it from her body revealing a white lacy bra, I told her to take the jeans off or I'd rip them off her also.

Lynn stared me right in the eye as she undid the zipper of her jeans and slowly slid them off her legs and threw them on a pile with her torn shirt. She now stood in front of me wearing only her lacy bra and a matching lace G-string panty which I could clearly see a small triangle of light brown pubic hair.

Lynn had a tear run down her cheek as she said I want to be naked but I still can't take my undies off. Now without hesitation, Jody walked up behind her sister and pulled Lynn's panties down to her ankles then she unhooked Lynn's bra and slid it from her shoulders. Lynn didn't try to stop Jody and allowed the bra to fall to her feet. She stepped out of the panties and kicked the undies away and stood in front of me totally nude.

Lynn was a vision of perfection, her breasts were the size of oranges with perky large rosy nipples erect. Her pubic hair was trimmed short into a neat triangle ending just above her pubic lips. The way she was standing with her legs slightly apart brought her shaved pubic area and soft pink lips into clear view.

I told both girls welcome to their new life as I took both of their hands in mine and we ran and jumped into the pool for our first nude family swim together.

As the weeks went on, Jody and Lynn grew accustomed to being nude around the house. Lynn still had problems smoking in her room which was against the rules. About once a week I had to punish Lynn with a firm spanking on her bare ass.

One day while Lynn was out of the house, I noticed that Jody was acting a little out of the ordinary . When I asked her about this, she told me that she felt a little left out around the house. I asked what she meant by that.

Jody surprised me when she put her head down and said, you never spank me, you only spank Lynn. Jody further said that Lynn doesn't like to smoke but only does it so you will catch her and redden her butt.

I told Jody that she is just so good that I have no reason to punish her. With that said, Jody walked over to the kitchen cupboard and took out a water glass and dropped it on the floor breaking the glass into little pieces.

I took the hint and pulled her over my knee and gave her five good whacks on her soft fleshy ass. I then told her to clean up the mess she'd made.

Jody got out the broom and dustpan and swept up the glass and said how sorry she was. She had a tear in her eye but her smile gave away her true desire to be controlled through pain.

I then told her that she had taken too long to clean up the glass. I led her into the living room where I bent her over the back of the couch and told her she was to be punished again.

This time I told her to count my whacks as they landed on her ass with each stroke, and she should tell me when she'd had enough. Jody counted aloud as my hand came down with a sharp slap on her flesh. When Jody reached 10, she said that she had enough for now.

I started to help her stand up when Jody said, "Now fuck me hard, I need you inside of me." This is what I've been waiting to hear. I stood behind her as she was again bent over the couch and slowly slid my now rock hard cock into the moist, soft folds of her pussy.

She was so wet from being spanked that I had no problem thrusting my manhood deep into her on the first push. Jody screamed, "Harder, fuck me harder," which I did, almost knocking the couch over. It wasn't long until Jody started to shake violently as her orgasm arrived. At this moment,I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shot my load of hot cum all over her round ass.

I was still standing over her naked and used body with cum dripping from my one-eyed monster, when the door opened and in walked Lynn. She stopped and said, "Oh, that's how it is, I get spanked and she gets fucked". Jody, still breathing heavy from her orgasm said, "No, he spanked me first until I begged him to fuck me. It was great."

Lynn said, "Okay, let's just see how good you are." She stripped off all of her clothes and knelt in front of me taking my soft cock into her mouth. As her soft lips slid over the head of my tool, I could feel the blood pumping back into my penis, soon my cock was hard again. I looked down onto Lynn's body as she sucked on my cock. Past my cock I could see that Lynn had one hand rubbing her clit and the other hand was pinching her nipple.

Lynn stood up and took the same position, bent over the couch that her younger sister had just vacated. Without hesitation, I rammed my hard tool into her juicy honey pot. In and out I thrust my cock, Lynn's mouth was wide open but no words were escaping, only heavy gasps of air.

With each push of my cock, I'd slap her ass giving her the wanted spanking and fucking at the same time.

As I started to feel the pressure deep in my balls signaling that my eruption was getting close, I pulled my cock from her love tunnel and placed the well lubricated head of my penis against her anus. With a soft shove, my cock slid easily into her ass and past her tight sphincter muscle. Lynn screamed with delight as an orgasm ripped through her body, starting in her bowels.

I pumped a few more thrusts into her butt before I lost control and filled her rectum with load after load of my warm, sticky cum. We stayed in this position until my cock softened and fell from her tight brown hole. My cock's withdrawal was soon followed by gobs of my cum which dripped out and onto the floor.

After we all regained our strength, we went and took a long, hot, soapy shower together. Then we fell into my large king size bed where we fell into a well deserved sleep

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