tagMatureStepdaughter's Best Friend

Stepdaughter's Best Friend


"Tina, where are your clothes?" I asked the nubile teen I discovered naked in my den.

"Clothes, don't need no stinkin' clothes, Mr. B," she slurred.

"You've been drinking." Nothing like stating the obvious while trying to buy time, and having trouble dragging my eyeballs from staring at those gravity defying young tits, with the vividly erect nipples.

"Drinking, moi?" Tina said, bouncing lightly on her toes, which just made her chest thrust pout further, and then recede, boobs trailing a beat behind. She dramatically threw an arm wide and splattered it against her chest, multicoloured long nails grazing that all over tanned flesh.

"Just sunbathing..." she continued, hiccupping. Her hand went over her mouth, emphasizing her girlishness. This was my stepdaughter's best friend, the girl next door, the nineteen year old former babysitter of my young son.

"Where is Ellie?" I asked.

What I really wanted to say was 'my den is a strange place to get a tan.' I could see what she had been really doing -- my favourite porn site was still showing on my monitor, my rolling desk chair's seat gleamed with pussy juice which matched the sheen on Tina's fingers and the air was full of the scent of woman. The trouble was, I had a really hard time thinking of Tina as anything but a gangly tomboyish girl, despite the nymphette standing nude in this room.

Ellie's Mom and I had been married for fourteen years, and at times it was hard to remember that I was not Ellie's 'real Dad'. At other times, looking at Ellie's exercise toned body just made me hard. As she grew up to resemble her namesake, the actress Elisa Cuthbert, from the precociously cute "Popular Mechanics for Kids" stage, through the young hottie in '24', and now, the 'Girl Next Door' sex goddess, I felt most unfatherly.

Tina was equally hot, but had been a late bloomer. She had been the gawky pigtailed moppet with braces; always willing to watch our young son while Ellie began dating at what I thought was a dangerously young age.

"I started dating when I was twelve," my wife, Zola, had reminded me, letting the silent pause remind me that I was not really Ellie's father.

"And you had Ellie when you were only twenty," I always pointed out. A few times, I might add "without knowing who the father was," which tended to start a horrific fight. Almost as nasty as the brawls I started when I suggested to Zola that I rescued her by marrying her. But fights with Zola were just foreplay, a way to add spice to our marriage. Zola loved excitement.

"Ellie's out getting' laid..." Tina slurred, dreamily, twirling a strand of hair. She giggled. "Oops. I guess I'm not supposed to say that. Wicked stepfather might tell mommy."

A pause as Tina shrugged her shoulders, pouted, her nipples rising towards my eyes and then falling. I'm sure I licked my lips. I know I was staring most rudely.

"Mommy would just be jealous," I heard myself blurt out even as I thought it.

Tina opened her eyes wide, eyebrows arching. Somehow, this again lifted her taut tits skyward. I knew I was staring, that she must be about to call me a horrid old perv, but I did not care. I felt my manhood swelling in my pants. As soon as this ridiculous encounter ended, I knew I had to rush to privacy and jerk off.

"Why would Mommy be jealous with a hot hubby like you around?" Tina replied, catching my gaze, forcing my eyes to meet hers rather than simply stare at her tits.

A quizzical grin spread across Tina's open young face. "Or is Mommy a slut like Ellie?"

"Ellie's a slut?" I stammered, my thoughts still spilling out unedited. This thought made my half hard cock throb faster.

I found myself wondering if Ellie's body had changed as much as Tina's had in the year they had been away. I realized that all summer, I had been avoiding looking at my stepdaughter closely, especially when she flounced around in baby doll sleepwear, or sunned by the pool, no doubt almost as naked as Tina was now.

Now, I found myself anxiously curious whether Ellie's nude body was as perfect as Tina's, or whether, like her mother, once the clothes came off, everything jiggled. Not that I minded the shaking, especially if the nipples were erect. Thinking of Zola's big areolae puffing excitedly made me notice that Tina's tinier circles were aroused underneath extended nipples. At least I wasn't fanaticizing about my stepdaughter. Until of course I thought that I wasn't, and then I did, pondering whether Zola or Tina's nipples most resembled hers.

"You must like the idea that your stepdaughter is easy, the way you're grinning," Tina said, but I only half heard her, my mind occupied by cascading images of combinations of nudity- real (Tina), recalled (Zola), and imagined (Ellie) -- not just alone but in combinations.

Tina grinned back at me, bouncing lightly on her heels, those great nipples flipping up and down. I felt my eyes follow, which just made her bounce higher and faster.

"Your excitement is showing somewhere other than your face too," Tina giggled, her eyes no longer locked on mine, but instead glancing lower down on my body.

As she spoke, Tina's arm slowly moved across and up her body, softly caressing her tan flesh, beginning on her lower belly below the navel. Slowly, she touched from right to left, and then across again, a long lazy Z, ending with her casually cupping her own left breast in her palm. Long fingers curled around the side of the mound. I knew I was staring, and barely breathing, but was unable to stop. I felt my cock fill with more blood each time my heart beat echoed in my ears.

Tina flicked her erect ruby red nub with the sharp nail of her thumb. My zipper felt like it was about to burst from the pressure building in my pants. I watched breathlessly as my stepdaughter's young friend grasped her nipple between two finger tips and slowly rotated it. She moaned, her knees almost buckling, eyes closed.

"Tina, this is hardly..." I stammered, searching for the word. "...appropriate?"

My hesitancy made my statement seem more like a question. My young guest chuckled, tugging her nubbin away from the bulk of her firm tit.

"Zola and Ellie will be gone for hours," she said, grinning and opening her eyes. I tried to remember whether anybody, even Zola, had ever literally batted her eyelashes at me as Tina seemed to be doing now.

"I'm way too old for you."

Tina chuckled. "So, you'd, like, totally fuck me if, like, that didn't matter?"

I was speechless, trapped, but worse, I needed all my willpower to restrain my hands from dropping to my aching bulge, and my feet from carrying me across the room towards this temptress.

"I'm, like so ready for my older man experience," Tina continued, advancing towards me, now massaging both tits in her palms.

She laughed again, this time so loudly I feared she might wake the neighbours. "I'm so full of shit," she said. "I just thought you might want to hear that as a justification. Really, I'm such a slut I have fucked half my college profs -- even a couple of the women - and yesterday, I gave a hummer to a cop who stopped me for speeding who must have been like fifty."

As she spoke, Tina stepped closer to me, or, rather, stumbled. Within a step or two, I could smell the booze. She swayed as she moved, the side to side shaking of her nipples hypnotizing me. My cockhead throbbed in time with my heartbeat, or the motion of those tasty looking treats, though maybe they were matching each other. I know my organ was begging to be set free.

"Whoa," Tina gasped. "It must be the sun. The first pitcher of margaritas usually doesn't hit me like that."

We both laughed, me hoping she was exaggerating, her because however much she had to drink, booze makes everything seem funnier, as well as lowering inhibitions.

The brain in my head cautioned me not to take advantage of a drunken friend of my stepdaughter. "When she sobers up, she'll regret it, and that can never be good."

The smaller brain in my pants replied, "Booze lowers resistance, but never makes anybody do anything except what they really want to be brave enough to do. No one ever regretted a visit from Dr. Bobo."

The little voice was likely to win anyway, but Tina resolved the debate herself. One more step and she was within reach. My arms did not move before her thin but muscular right arm swung forward, closing the gap. She ran the back of her hand down my torso, starting at my breastbone, rubbing my slightly rounded belly, and pausing with her baby finger hooked in my waistband.

"So many buttons," she slurred, her head bobbing from side to side, eyes half closed. "I love a man with a hairy belly. They seem to have harder cocks."

Tina paused, burped, and lifted her hand from my waist to cover her mouth in a ladylike move. "Oops, excuse me." She said. "I can tell you have a nice big hard tool, so I guess I don't need your shirt off first."

"Maybe you should check to be sure," I replied, passing the point of passivity, abandoning deniability. If Tina squealed to Zola, or shared with Ellie, I could no longer honestly say it was all the youngster's aggression and drunkenness. Failing to rebuff her was one thing - at least to a point. Requesting that she touch me crossed a line for sure. I was risking my marriage for a grope, granted one that promised to fulfill all sorts of additional fantasies.

Tina did not give me time to doubt my choice. She dropped her arm and slid her palm along my bulge from the outside of my pants. I found myself barely able to breathe, the swaying of her tits still mesmerizing, despite the fact that her whole body was shifting drunkenly from side to side. The mature voice cautioning against taking advantage of my stepdaughter's best friend while she was drunk was drowned out by my racing heart.

"Nice and hard," she purred kittenishly, stepping closer as she rubbed me. I could feel the heat radiating off her tanned body as her nipples drew teasingly close to my chest.

She giggled, her nipples for the first time brushing against my shirt. I could feel their hardness pressing into my flesh through the fabric. "And nice and fat too," she continued, "Ellie said you were big, but I thought she meant long. I so love a thick one."

Her tongue flicked across her lips. Having passed the point of no return, I was fully occupied wondering how that tongue might feel flicking across the tip of my cock. It took me a few beats for her comment to fully sink in.

"Ellie?" I gasped. "I've never..."

"Never fucked your stepdaughter? Never flaunted yourself for her?" Tina replied, her fingers busily fumbling with my belt. "But you've thought about it, haven't you, I can tell by how your meat is throbbing every time her name comes up."

Tina paused, looked straight up at me, grinning and blew me a tiny kiss. Here she was, struggling to undo my pants, and we had not even kissed yet. I cupped my hand behind her neck and bent lower, intending to fix that oversight. Just before our lips met, she completed her point.

"Maybe you didn't realize it, or do it on purpose, but you give Ellie lots of free looks -- you got used to wandering about nude while she was at school, I guess. So she's seen you in all states of arousal. And likes what she's seen. It makes her wet, you know, she jills off thinking about your cock in her tight pussy. Sometimes we do it together, with her describing it to me. And now I get to have the real thing. She'd be so jealous."

"Well, she's my stepdaughter, I ..."

"I bet you would. She's not just your ordinary slut. She's a fuck and a half."

Tina had my zipper down and the weight of the blood filling my cock pushed it forward, my underwear falling away. She cupped it in her palm. I remained silent as her small hand slid along my shaft.

"Are you wondering how I know?" Tina giggled.

I still could not speak. I wanted to, but the combination of Tina stroking my prick and talking about Ellie was too much. Finally, I moaned.

"At first, she would just bring guys back to our room and suck and fuck when she thought I was asleep. Then once, I opened my eyes a bit too much, or maybe my fingers tickling my clit tented the bedcovers and caught her eye. After that, she started screwing whoever whenever. I might be sitting at my desk reading and Ellie would have a football player sitting in her chair, his cock buried deep in her cunt as she bounced in his lap."

Tina's baby finger teased my balls as she gave my root a good squeeze.

"Oh, Daddy likes those images, I think," she purred, leaning closer.

"Are you calling my cock 'Daddy' now?" I asked in my most assertive tone, trying to regain some measure of control. Things were way out of hand. Or, more accurately, in Tina's hand.

"Hush," she said, bouncing up on her toes and kissing the tip of my nose as she placed her finger across my lips. "There's more to my story."

Her tongue flicked teasingly across her lips, and she pulled her hand up my entire length, closing her fist around my bulb and squeezing then releasing, resting her fingers around the ridge under the head as she continued.

"Of course, it didn't end there. Before long, I was masturbating openly while Ellie ate some virgin's balls, or whatever. It was all very casual, as if it was as normal as brushing our teeth."

My cock throbbed, filling her hand, and then she pumped my shaft before continuing. She was now looking up, steadily meeting my gaze.

"I bet Daddy knows what happened next." She winked, and grinned.

"Do you mean me, or my cock?"

Her response was a hard tug that made me grimace. Still, Tina grinned, even wider, and my cock swelled larger, despite that second of pain.

"Silly Daddy," she laughed, slowly pumping her hand up and down my length, pausing to twist her fingers around the head, gently teasing my slit. She then rose up again on tiptoes and kissed me. It was not a tongue twisting deep throat sort of kiss, but not a chaste neighbourly peck either -- more a 'did she or didn't she jab her tongue into my cheek?' Though with my cock in her fist, expecting virginal shyness was hardly in step with the direction we seemed to be dancing towards. Well, swaying, the tempo influenced by her tequila intake.

"What happened was that one of Ellie's guys finally asked if I wanted to join in."

"And did you?"

"Of course," she giggled. "The first guy, I think I blew him after her fucked Ellie, then had my turn while he ate her. Or maybe that was the second. I think maybe the first was the plumber's apprentice who came to unclog the sink one night. He was so muscular. Even more than you."

Tina paused, toying with my shirt buttons with her left hand as she still stroked my cock with her right one. Before continuing, she flicked her tongue up, licking the spot where my throat rose from the shirt, and then tickling my chin.

"He was grumpy -- I guess he felt that our problem was beneath him, or maybe too many other girls washed long hair into their drains that week also. So Ellie said she would cheer him up. He hesitated first, because there are big bad rules about staff not fucking students, but it was the middle of the night, and Ellie was wearing barely there baby dolls. No man could resist. I leaned back on my bed and fingered myself as Ellie kissed him, and then his shirt buttons were popping across the room. From my corner, I could see his cock straining to get out of his heavy work pants; a lot like this one was a minute ago."

Tina squeezed my shaft, to emphasize which cock she was comparing to the plumber's excited tool.

"They even seem to be the same size," she giggled, teasing my slit with her thumb.

She let me hang free in the air, warmed by the heat radiated off her body, her skin almost grazing my tip. Her fingers went to her mouth and she paused with her lips pouting, and then she balanced her thumbnail on that fleshy ledge beneath her pearly teeth. I could see precum glistening on her skin. The corners of her mouth curled upwards into a brief smile and then Tina drew her thumb into her cheek, slurping away like a baby sucking its thumb.

"Ohhh, Daddy likes," she laughed as she pulled her shiny clean finger out of her lips with a loud 'pop'. She began stroking my shaft again, but it hardly needed the touch - the visual stimulation had maintained my arousal.

I got even harder, if that was possible as Tina spoke of the plumber adventure.

"Ellie took her time releasing him, rubbing her body all over his first, and taking his shirt off slowly, like he was doing a forced strip tease for her. By the time she shoved the shoulders off, I was leaning in the corner on my bed; my legs bent upwards, wide open, frigging my clit with this thumb."

She showed me the one she had been sucking, and gave it a good tonguing. My cock throbbed, wishing that mouth was wetting my flesh. If my balls drew up any tighter to my groin, they would explode out the abdominal wall.

"I used three fingers like a cock, thrusting deep into my wetness. The poor guy couldn't help but tear his eyes off of Ellie to look at what I was doing; the smushing sound was so loud." Tina giggled. "I'm even more wet right now, Daddy, want to check?"

I realized that my hands were still attached to my arms, but were dangling unused at my sides. Tina took my wrists in her hands, dropping my cock, which still brushed her belly as she swayed. She drew my right hand up to her left breast and forced me to knead that firm mound, the nipple hard against my palm. Tina moaned, her head leaning into my chest.

My left hand only needed a gentle tug to almost jump into Tina's groin. She opened her legs slightly and moaned as my middle finger slid effortless inside her. I instinctively thrust, and then began rotating, exploring her depths. My thumb teased her clit, which I discovered was as stiff as a miniature cock.

"Oh, Daddy, older men as so much better than boys my age," Tina groaned.

I was ready to fuck her right there -- images of throwing her onto the love seat, or bending her over the desk so that I could fuck her from behind rattled through my brain as her juices flooded down my hand. The gap created by my arm between our bodies allowed the tip of my hard cock to bobble rhythmically against Tina's tight young belly, brushing all around her navel. I slight shift and lift and she could easily be impaled on my weapon.

So I was caught by surprise when Tina pried my fingers from around her nipple and lifted her cheek from my chest. Then she stepped back, forcing my finger to drop from her gash with a 'plop' so loud I worried it might wake the neighbours.

Tina grabbed that hand in her own fingers and lifted it to my lips. "I tasted you," she moaned.

My jaw was already slack so she had no trouble sliding the tasty treat into my mouth. My tongue immediately reacted, slurping her tangy sweetness clean. Tina then released my wrist, shifting a little further back from me. She lifted her right shoulder in a tiny shrug, and then grabbed my forearm before I was fully relaxed. She brushed my hand up her thigh, which was coated with sticky fluids. Drawing my arm up her body, she left a trail that ran past her navel, between her tits and the glistened on her chin as she licked her own juices off of my palm.

Rising up on her toes, Tina cupped her hand below my neck and drew our mouths together for a proper kiss, her tongue jabbing between my teeth and lingering in my cheek as our flavours mingled. Her rock hard nipples rubbed my chest as her belly massaged my cock. Again, I thought of how easily I could just cup my hands around her asscheeks and impale her. Since my hands were just dangling in the air, that image caused me to fill my palms with Tina's butt, confirming that her firm young flesh was a nice pair of handfuls.

Before I could lift, Tina wriggled, pulling her mouth back from my lips, and creating space. Hands balled up on my chest, she spoke. "None of that until I finish my story."

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