Stepdaughter's Valentine's Treat


"Hi Mom, I'll toss together a quick brunch while you guys shower -- you better do it together, I don't think I left much hot water," she said, barely finishing before collapsing into a fit of giggles.

While she was at least that distracted, I scooped my underwear off the floor and slipped them on. I hoped that my wife did not notice her daughter eying my manhood as it slipped into cover, and swung freely in its semi-erect turgidity as I quick marched to the bathroom. Good thing that in the tiny cabin everything was close.

The image of Emma's nipples popping erect under her T-shirt was burnt onto my eyeballs as her mother shut the bathroom door and pressed me up against the wall, her teeth knocking against mine as she kissed me ferociously. Good thing I loved the taste of my own cream.

"God, you make me so hot," she panted. "I need your cock in my cunt."

She grabbed my meat in one hand, while twisting her body to reach around and turn the shower on. I used that moment to step away from the wall, assuming we would fuck in the shower to use what hot water we had. She had another idea though. As soon as I created a gap from the wall, her arms linked around behind my neck and she jumped up, locking her ankles behind my knees. Her labia rubbed against my underwear until I slipped a hand down to tug them loose, dropping then to the floor. A second later, my wife's wet cunt enveloped my resurgent member.

Our fucking was so frantic that there could be no worrying about what Emma might overhear. This fuck though was all about her. I had emptied such a load already that another orgasm would have taken a long time for me. My wife had no such constraint. Afterward, I had to wonder if she had ever fully finished the last climax in the bed, or whether doing her slut walk past her daughter had turned her on afresh. In either case, it only took a few minutes of her sliding up and down my well greased pole, diamond hard nipples dragging along my chest, and then she bit my lower lip as another crescendo wracked her body.

As she shook and shivered against me, I staggered toward the shower. She dropped her feet, allowing my cock to fall free, but still trapped against her body, so that we could step into the already tepid spray. A very quick soap up, with no time for play, and we towelled off, emerging wrapped in the fluffy resort cotton, to properly greet my stepdaughter, who had coffee, juice and pancakes in the counter waiting for us.

I struggled not to stare at the pokies under her sweater even as her grin dared me to.

Although my wife encouraged Emma to go locate some young adults around her own age, to play with, Emma insisted on skiing with us instead. I could tell that my wife had hoped that we might find a spot for another round of sex- she likely wanted me to pump her full of my sperm and then eat her cream-pie, a favourite way for her to prepare for an afternoon nap.

Instead we spent a few hours on the slopes, until the lift lines grew tiresome, and a late lunch seemed in order. Every time we lined up for the lift, Emma found a chance to brush her body against mine, casually, so anybody noticing would think it was an accident. An arm one time, the swell of a breast against my back, a bump of our hips.

On our last trip up the slope, my wife got seated with a group in front of us. Only Emma and I were on the group of chairs together as we went upward. We had barely left the staging area when I felt her fingers caress my thigh. By the time we were passing the midpoint pylon, her palm was stroking my rapidly hardening cock through my tight ski pants.

"Stop that, or someone will notice," I instructed.

"So you're not complaining about what I'm doing, you're just afraid Mom will find out?"

"Does it feel like I'm unhappy about the attention?" I teased back.

"I heard Mom deny you the chance to fuck her ass - you know how much i want you to be the first guy to take that cherry, just like you took my virginity. You'd better do it this trip, though. I've gained a bit of a reputation at school as a slut who likes sex, lots of sex, lots of ways, with lots of guys. It's bound to just be a matter of time until I'm so horny that I let some frat brat or chemistry nerd stick a fat cock up my poop chute. Though I think a musty grad student, or even a prof, might be more gentle for my first. What do you think?"

I was reeling from her confession, too boggled to answer. Plus, the whole time she was talking, her hand was massaging my manhood, distracting me from coherent thought.

"But what about your Mom?" I wondered, tacitly admitting my desire.

"Let me take care of her."

Lunch was at the main lodge, and we walked back to the cabin. As we went inside, my wife yawned, and said, "If I'd known the morning would be so energetic, I would have booked our surprise couples massage for 2:00, not 4:30. Oops... I just ruined the surprise, didn't I? I think I'll nap. Wake me at 4:00, please."

So that was her big Valentine's treat for me, I surmised, busy wondering if she had arranged it to be an erotic massage, and if so, whether she had found masseurs who would join in - group sex being something we had never tried. My cock quickly swelled at the images this brought into my brain.

"I guess Mom wanted to make sure you didn't interrupt her nap," Emma said, nodding toward the closed bedroom door, "and that means she won't be able to help you with that bulge."

Her eyes were dancing. If she was a guy and I were a woman, I'd say she was leering at me. I felt like a piece of meat. But, being a guy, I was okay with that.

As Emma closed the gap between us, I remembered that she had insisted on getting her Mom a hot chocolate when we had reached the lodge. Had she slipped her Mom a mickey? Was that why she was so tired? Was that what Emma had meant by 'taking care of' her Mom? If so, Emma and I could fuck for couple of hours, with no fear of waking my wife. But I did not dare ask, for fear of spoiling the mood if Emma took the question as an accusation. Taboo sex was turning out to be complicated business.

The mood was perfect once I focused on Emma stripping out of her ski vest, sliding her sweater over her head to reveal a very impractical but sexy lace bra. She unbuttoned the top of her spandex pants, causing them to sag open, but not slide down. Before we had gone skiing, we had asked housekeeping to stoke the fire at 1:00, so the cabin was warm, the logs crackling.

I stepped closer, grabbing a handful of my stepdaughter's hair, kissing her with unconditional lust, unlike my caution at Christmas, ignoring the fact her Mom was sleeping ten feet away. As we twisted tongues, Emma's hands were busy, freeing my aching member from my clothing, and lovingly stroking my shaft.

After a moment of this, she shifted back a half step, and let go of my cock. Her hands lifted up, cupping her tits, lifting them higher than the bra had. I knew what she wanted and buried my face in her cleavage. She forced her mounds tight around my head. While I was occupied, she reached behind herself and released the bra fastener, freeing the tips of her breasts, and I began suckling each nipple in turn, flattening my tongue as I went across from one to the other, and then nibbling the very points. She kept me there until the valley was soaked. If she had not promised anal fucking earlier, I would gladly have fucked that space, happily spewing my seed on those slopes. I made a mental note, just in case I ever had an opportunity. Another thing about taboo fucking, I realized - you never knew when it might happen, or when it might end.

I refocused on the task before me. My hands became busy with her pants, sliding them below her hips, allowing me to slip a finger into her lace panties, which I was not shocked to find were already sodden. Her labia were engorged and moisture was gushing from her loins, soaking my hand and her thighs.

The bear skin rug was still where it had been when I had fucked her Mom there the first day of our trip, and Emma steered us to it, the smoothness of her moves confirming that she indeed added a great deal of experience in the few weeks she had been back at school.

As soon as we found the warm fur, we quickly stripped each other of the rest of our clothes.

I lay her back on the rug, her head raised on that of the bear. She raised her knees and I crawled in between. Before I got my Valentine's treat, Emma would get hers - the cunt lapping I had not had time to provide at Christmas.

Emma was already wet and gaping open, ready to be eaten. Her hands were kneading her tits, fingers and thumbs twisting her own nipples. I hoped her Mom was sound asleep, because Emma's moaning was loud enough to travel through the thin partition walls, and my tongue had not even touched her flesh.

I began with Emma's thighs, cleaning up the fluid that had already coated them, skipping past her honey pot as I switched sides. She writhed, raised her hips, begged me to eat her.

My hands slid under her rump, lifting her loins to meet my lips. Emma held my head against her flesh as her juices splashed up and wet my face. I licked up her slit, like a dog slurping water from a dish, and paused, teasing, my warm breath bathing her engorged clit. Emma was ready to put up with that, and roughly shoved my jaw down, my tongue sliding between her labia, fucking her like it was a cock.

More aggressive now, playfulness forgotten, I savaged Emma's clit with my lips, stabbing her pink young slit with my stiffened tongue, lapping at her essence as it flows from her loins. Emma's breathing was shallow and rapid, her fluid running in rivulets to her ass.

One of my fingers slid along the curve of her ass, no firmer than her Mom's, but less ample. Effortlessly, that digit slipped into Emma's tight ass hole, which was well lubricated from her excitement. I used two fingers next, finger fucking her anus, my tongue still attacking her cunt, soon shifting so that my teeth began to play with her clit.

Emma's pelvic muscles clenched and she was completely stiff for a second. Then she began to quake from the climax that was exploding around my finger and mouth, and making her whole body quiver. My mouth remained tight against her pussy until she tugged on my hair both hands and pulled me up face to face. She kissed me fiercely , her tongue tasting at her own juices on my lips. her hands found my stiff cock, stroking it, caressing the swollen head.

"Thanks for the Valentine's treat," she giggled as her spasms subsided,"Now it's time for your treat." With that, she released my cock and pushed my bulk up off her body just enough so that she could flip over. I had a beautiful view down along her back at that wondrous ass, my hard member already brushing against the tender young flesh.

It only took a modest shift of my position to align my cock with the valley between Emma's buttocks. She shifted her feet wider, opening the cleft for me. Knowing that her anus was virgin, I did not want to just plunge right in deep, no matter how wet she was, or how my fingers had already relaxed her sphincter.

I pressed forward slowly. Emma did a good job of relaxing her muscles, allowing the head of my cock to slid easily into her. I paused there a moment, rotating my hips so that my meat twisted into her rather than driving like a nail.

"I guess that's why they call it screwing?" Emma laughed lustily.

Steadily, I worked deeper into her rectum, making sure that my elbows kept my weight off of her. Emma let out a loud grunt as the last bit of my shaft sank right to the root, and my hips instinctively began fucking, the rhythm increasing.

"Oh my god," Emma shouted as I pumped into her anus.

"That's it, fuck my ass" she panted," Fuck your stepdaughter old perv."

Her body was shaking again as another orgasm made her muscles milk me.

"Good thing you love old pervs," I replied.

"Come in my ass! Let me have your hot seed!" she screamed.

I was beyond caring if she woke her Mom up. I plunged as deep into her shit hole as I could fit, my semen blasting into her bowel.

"Good work, now you've had your Valentine's treat, and it's my turn for my treat."

It was my wife's voice. My cock wilted instantly and slipped out of Emma's anus, the last dribbles of sperm spurting onto her backside. I twisted around and saw that my wife was bright eyed and wide awake, naked, leaning against the door frame by the bedroom, one hand twisting a nipple, the other deep in her squishy cunt.

I stammered to explain, but then realized that there was no need -- I had been set up by the pair of them.

My wife stepped over and dropped to her knees beside us.

"I've always wanted to eat your cream out of an ass. Don't ask me why, but that just seems dirtier than a cream pie out of a cunt."

"But it's your own daughter," I said.

Both women giggled, one exactly like the other.

"That just makes it naughtier, thus better," my wife pointed out as she lowered her face to her daughter's rear.

I lay still, enjoying my ringside view as my wife started by licking the trail of semen off the curve of Emma's buttock, following it down to the cleavage that led to her daughter's rosebud. She shifted then to tease the dripping tip of my cock, which was still resting on Emma's backside, drinking up my last few drops.

Once that was done, without further ado, my wife shattered a bunch of taboos - lesbian sex, group sex, incest. Her tongue plunged right past Emma's anal ring. I could see her cheeks, and her tongue sucking up my offering, which would no doubt be tinged by Emma's secretions, both vaginal and anal.

Like the experienced cock sucker she was, my wife knew enough to swallow, but toward the end, as Emma's hips began bouncing up off the rug, another orgasm obviously near, my wife raised her head, slipping her fingers into both of her daughter's openings. We kissed, sharing a dirty snowball as Emma had one final climax courtesy of her mother's fingers, before collapsing, spent on the rug.

"You haven't come yet," I pointed out to my wife, our heads only inches apart as we used her daughter as a pillow.

"So you think -- I was watching for most of the time the two of you fucked. I came twice at my own hand. But just think of how much fun we'll have the rest of the day once you recover a bit. And we have half the week left."

"This has been the best Valentine's treat ever," I agreed.

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