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Stephanie Forever


I was moving stuff into my dorm room. It was my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin, ostensibly I was there to study journalism, but I was really looking forward to a year of going out all night, sleeping until noon, drinking until I puked, and all the other advantages of college life. I had grown up and spent my whole life in the city of Chicago, and I was looking for a change of pace. Madison offered a break from city life, but it wasn't fantastically rural. It was the best of both worlds. My roommate was some yahoo named Steve, from some small town in northern Wisconsin. I had not met him, and we had only spoken on the phone once since our room assignment was made. I was curious to meet him.

There was a knock on the door, and Steve and his family were waiting in the hallway. His Mom and Dad, and younger sister had made the trip from up north to Madison to see him off to college. His parents were nice enough, and some light small talk ensued. His sister was really quiet. A skin and bones fourteen year-old girl, Stephanie, with braces, acne, a tangled rat's nest of blonde hair, and all the other perks to being fourteen. She was awkwardness personified. She was also totally forgettable.

Steve and I got along pretty well. Every once and awhile we would sneak in a class or time to study. We had similar interests such as drinking beer, going to parties, and hooking up with girls. We would hang out, go to bars, and go on road trips to Chicago and Milwaukee together. Getting along well, we decided to live with each other our sophomore years. After our sophomore years, we decided to blow off finding summer jobs, and just hang out for the summer. Half the summer we would spend in my hometown and the other half we would go up to northern Wisconsin. The half of the summer in Chicago went by fast. Every day, we went out clubbing, played golf, went to the beach, or went to a Cubs game. When we got to his parents' house, I was looking forward to relaxing, and charging up the batteries for another year in school.

There was a surprise waiting for me at Steve's house. Stephanie had grown up in the two years since I had last seen her. Her braces were gone. The braces worked, as she had a perfect smile. Her teeth were a dazzling white, and not one of them out of place. Her smile didn't just light up the room it lit up the neighborhood. Her body had begun to fill out. She was more outgoing, and I would even say cute, for a sixteen year old.

Even though there was a four-year age difference between Stephanie and I, we seemed to get along really well. We had similar interests in music, sports, and we had many of the same values. Some nights, after everyone else went to bed, Stephanie and I would stay up until three in the morning, and just talk about everything. Never had I met a girl that could talk equally intelligently about the environmental impact of modern industry and whether or not the NBA should dump the no-charge zone. She would talk about her dreams of going to Paris, and visiting the Louvre to see the great masterpieces and visit the History of Science Museum in Florence. She wanted to see Monument Park at Yankee Stadium. We talked about her desire to go into biochemical engineering, and how she wanted to help people get medication that they couldn't afford. She seemed to take an interest in my desire to become a journalist. We would talk every night. And it wouldn't get dull.

The relationship between Stephanie and I was friendly. We were like two good friends who had known each other for a long time. That would change. One morning, I walked out of the guest room, and into the hallway. At the other end of the hallway, I saw Stephanie scurrying into her bedroom, wearing only her bra and underwear. From that fraction of a second in which I saw her, I noticed that she was really put together. She had shapely, well-toned legs, flat stomach, perky handful-sized breasts, and a cute little butt. There was no doubt; she was going to be one sexy lady. Equally doubtless, this image of her would be etched in my memory forever. From that moment, I realized that I had developed a small crush on this girl.

Unfortunately, it was time for Steve and I to go back to school. I gave my thanks and said my goodbyes to his parents, but Stephanie was nowhere to be found. I looked all over the house for her, but I couldn't find her. Steve was eager to get back to Madison, and he had no idea of the friendship that had grown between Stephanie and I. He urged me to get going. I reluctantly gave up looking for her, and we headed out of town. Disappointedly, I was wondering if we would ever have the connection had over the summer.

What was I thinking? I was going back to college, where there was an unlimited flow of beer, and thousands of girls. Thousands of girls who were over eighteen years old. Many of them available. Some of them sluts. And I am in the car daydreaming of some talks I had with a sixteen year old? I kept trying to put it out of my mind. I had two more years before entering the real world, and I was going to make the most of it.

We got back to the dorm and got ready for a junior year. Our first weekend back, we went out in full force, but something was bothering me. Every girl to whom I talked was compared to Stephanie. None of these girls had her charisma, her charm, her smile, or her intelligence.

I was officially nuts. I would go to sleep at night, and I would see her face. I would pick up the phone and hear her voice. I would see her on the street, but she would turn a corner and be gone. I dreamt of her often. Someone needed to come and slap the straight jacket on me. Steve noticed a change in me, but I couldn't tell him the truth. I couldn't tell him that I had fallen for his sixteen-year-old sister. He wouldn't understand it. Hell, I couldn't understand it. I tried to rationalize to him that I was growing up, and partying wasn't as important, and I was reprioritizing what I wanted out of college, and lie, lie, lie. I had to get this girl out of my head. I tried dating a few other women to get my mind off of her, but it just wasn't working.

Eventually, I just buried myself in my studies. In retrospect, this may have been a subconscious tactic on my part. Some of the conversations between Stephanie and I had been pretty deep, so perhaps I felt I needed to keep my brain sharp for our next talk. If there would be a next talk. I phased myself out of the party scene for the most part. The summer was coming up, and I was looking forward to possibly going up north with Steve. That was dashed when he told me that he was behind in some of his classes and needed to stay in Madison for the summer session if he had any hopes of graduating next spring.

I was crushed. It had been a year, how could I not have gotten over her yet? Why did she never call? Didn't she care about me? Again, my insanity took over. She was seventeen! She had her own life. I pictured it, she was probably in high school, going to Homecoming dances, playing girls' basketball, going to National Honors Society meetings, and the sort. I was completely off of her radar, I kept telling myself. What did I think, that she didn't have a boyfriend? Was I na‹ve enough to think that no one up there would notice the qualities that I had seen? It had been a year!

The next year was tough. I really began to resent Steve. It was his fault that we didn't go up to visit last summer. It was his fault that he wasn't closer to his sister. It was his fault for introducing me to her in the first place. It was a tumultuous autumn semester that ended with me deciding to get my own apartment. He resented me for never going out anymore, and neglecting our friendship. I was becoming obsessed with Stephanie, and I realized that Steve was not to blame. I realized that I wasn't being a friend to Steve anymore; I was just seeing him as a device to get to Stephanie. I thought it was in the best interest of our friendship, and my mental health to move out. We didn't see each other much. Maybe we would get together to watch a game and grab a beer, but it was different now. I had destroyed out friendship.

Eventually Graduation Day came. I was looking forward to moving back to Chicago and starting fresh. Just before leaving to go to the Graduation ceremony, Steve called me, and asked if we could get together afterwards. His parents were in town, and they wanted to have dinner with me. I didn't have anything else planned, and I wasn't going to pass up a free meal. I received my diploma and threw my hat, and walked out of the arena. I was able to see Steve flagging me down. I walked over to him, and we congratulated each other. His parents walked out of the arena, and then I saw her.

My gosh, she was beautiful. There was Stephanie, eighteen and grown up. Her beautiful smile, the smile that I had missed for the last two years. She had shoulder length blonde hair that almost glistened in the sunlight, and she was wearing an aqua green cotton sundress that matched to color of her eyes. She had long slender legs, and perky little breasts. I am sure that I stood there with my tongue on the ground for about ten minutes before I could even say hello. She walked over to me and hugged me. I found the strength to hug her back, and she said "Congratulations!" audibly in my ear, before whispering, "I missed you", such that only I could hear. I was shaking. Well not all of me was shaking. Part of me was as solid as a rock.

The five of us walked over to a local restaurant for dinner. Stephanie and I tried to act nonchalant. I tried to come up with a strategy to get some alone time with her. Stephanie had already worked that out. Stephanie had mentioned that she was thinking of coming to Wisconsin for college next year, and she asked if I could give her a campus tour after dinner. Steve was going to some party after dinner, and her parents were going to retire to their hotel, so I said that I would be happy to give her a tour.

After dinner everyone went his or her separate ways. The second everyone was out of earshot, I looked at Stephanie and said, "We have to talk." She agreed, and we headed to my place. I needed answers. I needed to know why she ran away two years ago, and why I hadn't heard from her since. I was looking for closure. As we sat on my couch, she reminded me that she was young, and she had developed feelings for me that summer, and she didn't know how to handle it. She thought it was just some schoolgirl crush, and she was even a little embarrassed at the time. She was embarrassed that she was so sad that I was leaving. She hadn't had a boyfriend in high school, as she kept thinking of me. I confessed the same to her, that it was nearly impossible to have any kind of a social life, as I couldn't stop thinking about her. She was in tears, as was I. I reached over to put my arm around her. She looked at me and smiled. I absolutely melted at her smile. I couldn't wait any longer. We had been waiting for two years for this moment, and I leaned over and kissed her. Our lips met, and our arms started to wrap around each other. I could feel her breath on my cheek, and the wisps of her hair against my neck. I could smell her perfume. I felt like my heart was going to explode. And just when I though I had reached heaven, our tongues met. Her tongue danced with mine as my hands wandered over her back, and hers through my hair.

We kissed for what felt like hours; when I felt her hands reaching down to pull the bottom of my shirt out of my pants. I felt her soft gentle hands against my chest, as if she didn't want to break me. We released our kiss, and she told me that she wanted me since she first saw me four years ago. She pulled my shirt over my head, and immediately reached for my pants, and in a heartbeat had unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants that were now trying to contain my erection. She pushed my pants down to my knees, and my penis popped out of the fly in my boxers. She stared at it for a second, and then started to massage it with her fingertips before starting to kiss me again. Her hand was slowly and gently moving up and down my penis and down below my balls.

She broke our kiss again, and stood up off the couch. She turned and started walking towards my bedroom. Standing in the doorway, she slipped off the sundress, and posed in her matching white bra and underwear. I thought back to two years ago when I last saw her in this outfit. She had grown so much, but yet, she was the same Stephanie. She snapped me out of this flashback by asking if I was going to join her in the bedroom. I jumped up, but had forgotten that my pants were still around my knees. I fell flat on my face. She laughed at my awkwardness. How ironic it is that now, I am the awkward one.

I picked myself up, and ripped off my pants, and ran to her. I playfully tackled her onto my bed and lay in top of her, kissing her. I let my hands roam free on her body. Hers roamed on mine, pushing the waistband of my boxers down, until I finally wriggled them off. I rolled over onto my back, taking her with me, while never losing our kiss. I reached around her back, and fumbled with the strap of her bra. I was so excited and nervous, that I couldn't get it undone. She sat upon me, and unhooked it and pulled it off her chest. She was so beautiful. Her breasts fit perfectly into the palm of my hand, as if it was custom fitted. It was like being in bed with an angel. She laid back down on me, and I could feel her bare chest against mine. I could reach down into her underwear and feel her tight buns. Again, she stood up. I laid there, naked, with her standing over me. She pulled down her underwear. Her slender hips framed a small triangle of blonde hair, punctuated by her swollen labia. She fell on top of me, and I felt the electricity of her bare skin upon mine. Her legs slightly spread; she began rubbing her clitoris against my shaft. Dripping wet, she continued this up and down tease of me. I was in no hurry, as I didn't want any of this exhilaration to end.

She slowed her motion, and she whispered in my ear, "I'm a virgin. I have been saving myself for you." Stephanie had been supremely confident, until now. I could sense some her voice crack a little on her last statement. I could feel her hands shaking ever so slightly on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, and held her as close as I possibly could and said, "Stephanie, I know it sounds crazy, in fact at times, I thought I was crazy. But, I have been in love with you for the last two years. You are like no person I have ever met. And I will always love you." She said that she loved me too, and started tearing up again, and we kissed. She sat up again, and straddled her legs over my body. She started to slide herself onto me. She was soaking wet, and she was able to take all of me inside her. She reached down, and put her hands on my shoulders, and was able to work herself up and down my rock hard penis. Slowly, we built up the pace, and we gradually kept going faster and faster. I felt her tense up, and she started to orgasm, and hearing her scream my name, I lost it, and I shot into her. I was completely exhausted by my orgasm, as two years of frustration were emptied out of my body, taken away by this perfect angel. She collapsed on top of me, and kissed me again. I held her in my arms. I never wanted to be away from her again.

After the aura from our orgasms subsided, reality began to sink in. She was going to college here next year. I was moving back to Chicago. What would we do? I needed to ask her. She said that she was considering other schools, but after being in Madison that day, her mind was pretty much made up. I was heartbroken. I told her that I would stay in Madison, so I could be with her. She asked why I would do such a thing, since her mind was made up to attend Northwestern. My heart leapt. I started kissing her again, and we made love.

Four years later, we are now married, and she is preparing for her graduation from Northwestern, and I am more in love with her than ever. For our honeymoon, we visited Paris and Florence. She has grown from the awkward teenager to the love of my life. From the girl of my dreams to the girl of my forever.

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