tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 01

Stephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 01


If you haven't read Stephanie's Lesbian Vacation, read it, before you read this set of stories. Feedback is appreciated, an responded to.

Part One: The Plane Ride

Stephanie sat on the plane, and stared at the box sitting in her lap. Mistress Angela gave it to her, and told her to open it, when she got on the plane. She opened it, and inside was a black leather collar with silver plates on it. There was a note inside.

"Dear cunt,

This is your new collar. It signifies that you are my submissive charge. Wear it with pride. You will also find a picture attached to it. It signifies a bit of an incentive for you and slut, pending on how successful you are on your mission. Make me proud.

Mistress Angela"

Stephanie looked at the picture. It was a Gold collar with diamonds on it. Stephanie loved gold, and she wanted that collar! She woke Leanne up, and showed her the note and the picture. The girls began to put their plan for the mission together. While doing this, they got themselves a little horny. Leanne whispered in Stephanie's ear:

"Finger me."


"Finger me! I need to cum!"

Stephanie, snuck her hand under Leanne's blanket, and down her pants. Stephanie's hands were cold, and Leanne gasped as her frigid fingers touched her unsuspecting pussy.

"Sh! Be quiet about it! Now spread 'em!"

Leanne obeyed Stephanie, and spread her legs. Stephanie stuck her index and middle fingers up in Leanne's twat, and began to slowly pump them. In and out, and very slowly, Stephanie's hands went, driving Leanne insane. It was all she could do to keep her moans quiet. Luckily, most of the passengers on the plane were asleep. Stephanie wanted to cause her lover some grief, so she sped up her fingering. Leanne was finding it tougher and tougher to suppress her moans. Stephanie didn't care, she just continued harder and faster. She was going so fast, her hand was getting tired. Without warning, Leanne's orgasm hit. She exploded all over Stephanie's hand. As Leanne was recovering, Stephanie removed her hand, and began licking Leanne's sweet nectar off her hand.

Now it was Leanne's turn to make Stephanie cum. She had something special for her. A vibrator! Leanne snuck the vibe under the covers, up Steph's skirt. She put the vibe on maximum high, and watched Stephanie's eyes pop out of her head in surprise, as she rammed the vibe up her pussy. Leanne began to fuck Steph with the vibe. Stephanie was finding it very hard to keep her moans unnoticed. It didn't take long for Stephanie to lose control, as she came all over herself and the vibe. As she was coming back down from her sexual high, Leanne dozed off to sleep with a wicked grin, knowing she had won their little game.

Stephanie was sitting in her seat, out of breath from her orgasm, when the red headed stewardess walked by her, and tossed a note in her pocket. it read:


Meet me in the bathroom Now!"

The red head gave Leanne a look that made Stephanie cream on herself, as she walked into the bathroom. Steph soon followed, wondering if it was a coincidence that she new her submissive name.

As she walked in the bathroom, she felt a hand cover her mouth.

"Don't scream! I am a friend of Angela's. She told me to watch you two on the flight. I'm glad she did, because you two gave me quite a show! You did a no no. You know Angela's rule. (See part 3 of the vacation if YOU don't, or you forgot.) But I don't want to get you in trouble, so let's play "Let's Make A Deal.." I don't tell on you, you give me a little of that pleasure you were giving your slut."

Stephanie shook her head yes, and turned around. The stewardess began to take her outfit off. Stephanie was taken by surprise by her naked beauty. her red hair rested at the top of her nipples. Her breast were round. Her nipples were long and thick. Her body was tanned to a golden color. Her pussy was bare, and looked so tasty. Stephanie walked up to the woman and kissed her ruby red lips. She left a trail of kisses down her neck to her breasts. Stephanie slowly worshipped the red head's tits. Licking them. Kissing them. Sucking them. The red head whispered in her ear:

"Eat me baby. Make me cum."

Stephanie needed no further urging, as she got on her knees, and positioned herself nose to clit with her pussy. Stephanie stuck her tongue out, and began to tongue fuck the stewardess. She started slow, like she always did, but she picked up with rhythm as the red head began to moan. The stewardess didn't hide her moans either. She didn't have to, the toilet was sound proof, just in case passengers were sick, or shitting, so they could moan or what not, and not disturb the rest of the plane. Stephanie was going to town on her pussy. She even began fingering her ass. Soon, the stewardess came. She exploded all over Stephanie. Stephanie licked up all he cum she could, as the stewardess came down from her sexual high.

"That was so good. Angela has turned you into a really good cunt licker. Do you ant your surprise?"

"Yes Maam."

"Stick your mouth back on my pussy."

Stephanie wrapped her lips around the stewardess' pussy, and soon tasted the golden steam of the redhead;s pee. Stephanie didn't miss a drop and drank every drop of the woman's pee. The stewardess put her uniform back on, and instructed Stephanie to clean herself up and return to her seat, that they would be landing soon. Stephanie did, and as she got back to her seat, she began plotting for her first seduction: Torrie Wilson.

Part two: The Seduction of Torrie Wilson A couple of days had past, and Stephanie was in her make shift office at the Smackdown tapings. She had left a message to have Torrie come to her office around one o' clock. It was 12:50. Torrie would be in the office in ten minutes. Leanne, Steph's new "secretary" was setting up the hidden camera equipment. Stephanie was not ready. She was nervous. What if she failed? What if Torrie sued for harassment. Leanne noticed her "boss'" nervousness. She walked over, and gave her a long kiss, and reminded her of who she was to who, and what Torrie owed her and the company.

A knock was heard on the door. Stephanie sat behind her desk.

"Who is it?"

"Steph? It's Torrie. You wanted to see me?"

"Come in."

Torrie walked in, wearing a tight t-shirt, and tight jeans, and did not notice the bed against the wall, or Leanne.

"Hey Steph! Wow you look great! How was your vacation?"

"It was good."

"So what's up?"

"Do you remember a couple of months ago when you came to me and asked if your Dad could be on television?"


"Well, I told you that one day, there would come a time when you would have to do something for me in return, right?"


"Well its time to pay up."

"What do you mean?"

"The WWE is planning on doing a nude magazine. We would like it if you would be the featured model."

"Wow, cool!"



"So you'll do it?"

"Of course!"

Stephanie couldn't believe her plan was going so well. She also couldn't believe that Torrie was so dense.

"Well, we are going to do some practice shots now, if you don't mind. Meet Leanne. She is my secretary, and she is also a photographer. We thought you would feel more comfy with a female taking the pictures."

"That's cool."

"Okay, get naked, and position yourself however you want on the bed over there."

Torrie did, and Leanne began taking pictures of Torrie in all kinds of positions. Stephanie was sitting at her desk, running wild with lust. After about five minutes worth of pictures, Stephanie stopped them.

"Hold it! Stop everything!"

"What's wrong?"

"A light bulb went out."

Steph got on the bed, reached over at the light, and "fell" on top of Torrie. Stephanie kissed a surprised Torrie! Torrie didn't know how to react, but she let Stephanie kiss her again. And again! And again! Stephanie needed no further investigation. Torrie needed to be fucked just as bad as Steph wanted to fuck her. Stephanie began to rub herself on Torrie's naked body. Torrie began to moan, as she felt Stephanie's body, still in her business suit rub against her swollen pussy. Stephanie relieved herself of her clothes. Th two girls were naked. Leanne stood and watched in amazement. She couldn't believe the plan was going so well.

Stephanie and Torrie were passionately kissing and rubbing their bodies against each other. Soon, Steph began to slowly kiss her way down Torrie's body. She went down to her target, Torrie's pussy, and began devouring it. Stephanie expertly licked at Torrie's pussy. She had Torrie screaming in ecstasy almost immediately. Steph wrapped her lips around her swollen clit, and began sucking on it. Torrie was in Heaven.

"Oh God! Oh God! Please don't stop! I wanna cum!"

This sent Stephanie into overdrive. She began to intensify her actions everytime Torrie moaned a little louder. Soon, Torrie had an orgasmic explosion, and came all over Stephanie. Stephanie got up from the bed and walked over to her bed. Leanne could take no more, as she took of the business suit she was wearing, and got in bed with Torrie. Stephanie pulled an eight inch strapon dildo out of her desk, and put it on. She walked over to Leanne, and told her to lube it up. Leanne gave the dildo a very wet blow job. When she had the dildo wet enough, Steph motioned for her to stop. She told Leanne to straddle Torrie's face. She did, and Torrie needed no further introduction. She began to eat Leanne out, just as Stephanie had inserted her fake penis in to Torrie's pussy. Stephanie fucked Torrie hard. Torrie ate Leanne out like a pro. The harder Steph fucked, the louder Torrie moaned. The louder Torrie moaned, the tastier Leanne's pussy got. As Leanne was getting ate out, and Steph was fucking Torrie, Angela's slut and cunt began to make out with each other. The girls were thinking of how erotic this would be for Her to watch. The girls spent the next hour or so fucking each others brains out. Finally, they exhausted themselves. As the three laid together, Torrie had just one question:

"So, when is the magazine due out?"

Part three: Getting Rid of Triple H.

Two days later, Angela saw the tape and pictures of the seduction of Torrie Wilson. She smiled, thinking of how good her cunt really was. Stephanie sent a note professing her love for her Mistress, and for the most part, Angela believed her. But she knew there was someone else: Triple H. Angela picked up her phone and made a phone call.

A couple of days later, the WWE had a few days off, so Steph wanted to spend some time with Hunter. She had felt so guilty not giving him much attention lately. So she snuck into his house, because she wanted to surprise him. The house was empty, but there were cars outside. Stephanie heard something in the bedroom. She went to investigate, and she found a shocking discovery! Hunter was in bed with another woman! Hunter saw Stephanie, and fell out of bed trying to explain himself. The other woman who had long blonde hair hurried herself into the bathroom, and locked it. Normally, Stephanie would explode if this would have happened before, but she felt different this time. She was angry, and she was crying, but she just felt different. Stephanie ran out of the house, and went to Leanne's hotel room. She told her what happened, and they decided to call and tell Angela.

They told Angela what had happened, and She asked Steph how she was feeling. Steph replied that she felt weird, like it really didn't matter, but she was still hurt over it. Angela offered to have the girls spend the weekend with Her, and they accepted. Steph perked up when She offered the weekend to her. Angela said goodbye to her slaves, and made another phone call. She told the person:

"Good job twat."

And the BLONDE on the other end, locked in a bathroom replied.

"Thank you Mistress."

Feedback is always appreciated.

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