tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 02

Stephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 02


Thanks to all the feedback I get. Finally, back by popular demand, here is the next chapter in the Stephanie McMahon lesbian mini-series.

Chapter 2: Visiting Angela

Stephanie and Leanne took the next flight out to Los Angeles. The plane ride was uneventful. Stephanie was a little upset, she was hoping that she would run into the red headed stewardess again. The girls played with each other all through the flight.

They got to LA, and headed towards Angela's apartment. When they got to the door, Leanne had a radical idea:

"Steph! We aren't properly dressed!"

"Oh no! What shall we do?"

"Do what I do."


Leanne started removing her business suit. She wasn't wearing any underwear, so as soon as she took her shoes off, she was naked. She reached in her purse and pulled out her collar that Angela gave her and put it on. Stephanie did the same thing. When the cool air hit her sensitive pierced nipples, Stephanie couldn't help but get wet. She put on her collar and knocked on the door.

Angela opened the door and smiled at the scene before her. Leanne and Stephanie just stood there and admired their Mitress' naked form. Leanne broke the silence.

"May we come in Mistress?"

"Yes Slut, but I want you to crawl."

"Yes Mistress."

As the girls crawled past her, Angela gave them each a couple of playful swats on the ass with her riding crop. Stephanie told Angela all about finding Triple H in bed with another woman. Angela consoled her. Angela then slipped into Mistress mode to Leanne.

"Slut, go sit in that chair."

"Yes Mistress."

"Cunt, tie her up."

"Yes Mistress."

Stephanie tied Leanne to the chair. Angela came to them and put a couple of nipple clamps on both of Leanne's breasts and nipples. She clamped her clit as well. She went to her room and returned with a huge vibrator. It was at least ten inches long. She put it on it's highest level and shoved it up Leanne's pussy.

"Slut, You are to hold that Vibrator in place until I decide differently. You ARE NOT going to cum. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. Stephanie, come sit beside me on the couch. I want to tell you a story. It's been a while, but one time, I was in love with a man. He was everything to me. I loved him, and I thought he loved me. (Leanne starts to moan.) We were going to be married. One day I came into his office. I wanted to surprise him. I was the one who was surprised. I found him on his sofa with his secretary! I was devastated! I moved everything out of his place and vowed that I would rather burn in Hell than see his ass again. That night, I found myself at a bar. I wanted to get drunk. I did. There was this woman in red who had her eyes on me all night. She came up to me and asked me what was wrong. (Leanne moaned: "Ohhhh Yesssssss!") I told her. She bought me a few drinks and consoled me. By the time the night was over, I was so drunk I could barely stand. She offered to take me to her place for the night. I said okay. When we got to her place, she kissed me! I didn't know what to think. She just kept kissing me. I melted into those kisses. That night she and I made love. (Leanne is screaming in ecstasy by this point.) Stifle those moans Slut! Any how, we spent five years together and I never looked back. Steph, I want to be there for you. I want to show you that nothing compares to another woman. "

Stephanie leapt into Angela's arms and kissed her. Angela returned the kiss. Their tongues danced with each other. Angela had Stephanie on the couch laying kisses on every inch of her body. She sucked on her sensitive nipples. She playfully bit them. All of this was turning Stephanie mad with lust. Angela started rubbing her pussy against Stephanie's. The friction was intense! It was so intense that Stephanie came!

Angela buried her head into Stephanie's pussy. She licked, nibbled and sucked until Steph was moaning like there was no tomorrow! Angela was glad that the room was sound proof. Her slaves' moans were so loud it could have started an earthquake. Stephanie exploded into Angela's mouth. Angela licked all of the nectar up that she could. The two were laying beside of each other kissing and cuddling when Leanne broke the silence.


"What is it Slut?"

"I'm about to explode. May I please cum?"

Angela got up and ordered Stephanie to help her free Leanne from her prison. They did. As Angela removed the dildo she had an offer Leanne couldn't refuse.

"Slut, Do you really want to cum?"

"Yes please Mistress."

"You'll have to do it with your own mouth."

"Yes Mistress."

Stephanie asked Angela what that meant, only to be shushed by her. Leanne stood up and sat down on the floor. She put one leg behind her back, than the other. Then she bent over and started eating her own pussy out! Stephanie was amazed! She had never seen anything like this before. It didn't take long, but Leanne finally came!

"Cunt? Was that the hottest thing you have ever seen?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Would you like to try it?"

"Oh may I Mistress?"

"Go ahead!"

Stephanie got down on the floor. She couldn't do it. She tried and tried for ten minutes but she couldn't.

"I'm sorry mistress."

"You'll learn. By the time the week is over, you'll be able to do it. I'll make sure of that. You'll have to put on a vigorous exercise routine, and go on a strict diet. Are you up for it?"

"Yes Mistress!"

That week, Stephanie was put through a vigorous training schedule. She trained one-third of the day, served Angela another third, and slept the last third. Angela also put her on a strict salad diet. Every day, Stephanie would try and get an inch or two closer to her goal. On the last day of training, she was confident she could do it.

"If you don't do it today Stephanie, I am afraid I will have to punish you. Now give it your best shot."

Stephanie sat down in the middle of the floor. She put her left leg behind her head, then her right leg followed. She bent forward and she was right on top of her pussy. She looked over at Angela and asked:

"May I please make myself cum Mistress?"

"You may."

Stephanie bent over and ate herself out. She was going wild on her own pussy. She was having such fun. As she was feeling her cum build up inside, she thought: "I'm going to have to do this more often!" Without warning, she exploded into her own face! When her orgasm calmed, she cleaned herself up. She looked up at Angela and asked:

"Did I please you Mistress?"

"Yes you did."

Angela and the girls took a hot steamy shower together. It took a while , but when the were all clean, Angela told the girls to put on their best clothes. They were going out to celebrate their last evening in Las Angeles.

Angela picked out an Italian restaurant that was close by. She asked for her usual table. They were seated in a secluded spot in the back of the restaurant.

"I know a few people at this place. They always treat me well."

The waitress came bouncing to the table and greeted Angela.

"Good evening Mistress."

"Good evening Twat. Let me introduce to you Slut and Cunt."

The three submissives exchanged greetings. When Stephanie looked at the girl, she could have sworn that she knew who she was. She looked at the dark blonde from head to toe, but couldn't place her. She figured that she must have seen her at the club a few weeks ago.

"So Twat? What are you wearing under your blouse and skirt?"

"No underwear, just clamps like you asked."

"And where are the clamps?"

"On my nipples and pussy."

Angela reached under the girl's blouse and skirt to see if she was telling the truth.

"Good girl."

"Thank you Mistress."

Angela ordered for herself, Leanne, and Stephanie. She ordered some expensive pasta and wine for herself. She ordered salads and water for her girls. Angela left a generous tip, and invited "Twat" to her place the next evening. She happily agreed.

Angela drove the girls to the airport. Steph's dad called and told her he needed her back in Connecticut as soon as possible. The girls gave their Mistress a tearful goodbye as she kissed both of them and gave them a note.

"It's your next mission."

On the plane ride back, Steph read the note:


You are making me happier each day. I hope you had a wonderful time this visit, because I sure did. Your next mission is to seduce Jackie Gayda.

Mistress Angela"

Stephanie smiled. This was going to be fun!

Part two: Jackie Gayda

It was three days later. Stephanie was sitting in her office. Her plan was in place. She was going to use the old :fuck me or your fired" plan on Jackie Gayda. Jackie was one of the champions from the Tough Enough franchise. The internet has been buzzing ever since she won. It has been a negative buzz. The marks on the net say that the only reason Jackie won was because of her big tits and tight ass. The marks don't like her because she has no wrestling ability. Steph was going to use all of this to her advantage. She heard a knock on her door. It was Jackie. She came in the room crying.

"Jackie? What's wrong?"

"My boyfriend dumped me. My cat died and your going to fire me!"

Jackie was crying louder and louder. There went Steph's plan. She wasn't necessarily concerned with that right now. She was concerned for Jackie.

"I'm not going to fire you. What makes you think that?"

"Because I suck!"

"You don't suck. Now calm down and tell me what happened with your boyfriend."

"I found him in bed with another woman!"

"It's okay, let it out."

Jackie let it all out. She told Steph the whole story about finding her boyfriend in bed with "some bitch." When they left, they ran over her cat.

"Then I got a call this morning saying you wanted to see me, and I assumed the worst."

"It's okay. Don't worry."

Steph hugged Jackie. It was a warm hug. Stephanie let her hands roam freely all over Jackie's back. She caught herself just as she was grabbing her tight ass.

Steph and Jackie looked at each other. Steph broke the stare and kissed Jackie. Jackie pulled back and started to get up.

"Steph.. oh my!"

"It's okay Jackie."

"Okay? You just kissed me!"

"And you liked it didn't you?"

Jackie stood in silence. Stephanie took that as a yes. She walked to Jackie and kissed her again. Jackie let down all her defenses. The kiss melted her. The girls fell on to Steph's leather sofa and were making out like crazy. Stephanie started taking off Jackie's blouse and skirt. Jackie was anxiously doing the same for Stephanie. The girls wee rubbing their nude bodies against each other. Stephanie was suckling on one of Jackie's enormous breasts. The girls licked every crevice of each other. Stephanie, even though she was enjoying it, sort of recognized that Jackie wasn't as inexperienced in lesbian love as she thought she was. The girls exploded into each other. They brought each other to numerous orgasms. The biggest one came when Stephanie dildo fucked Jackie in the ass for nearly a whole half hour. They laid together sexually spent. The silence was to much to bare so Jackie broke it.

"I guess I don't have to worry about being fired huh?"

"Not as long as you keep putting out like that."

The girls snuggled close together while Leanne was in an adjacent room getting ready to mail the "Jackie Gayda" tape to Angela.

Stephanie was thinking to herself: "Life can't get any better than this!"

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