tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 03

Stephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 03


Thanks to all the feedback I get. Let’s start this first part off by explaining the fictitious version of how Torrie Wilson got into Playboy. Or is it? (insert evil laughter)

Stephanie McMahon felt complete. She was the happiest she had ever been in a long time. She loved her secret submissive lesbian life. She was resting in her hot tub with her lover Leanne when she got a phone call. It was her Mistress Angela.


“And how are my two girls doing?”

“We’re doing okay. How are you doing Mistress?”

“Wonderful. I’m just looking over your tapes you have been sending me.”

“Are you pleased?”

“Yes I am. It’s time for your next mission. What’s the name of that blonde who used to hang around that gold guy?”

“Terri Runnells?”

“Yes! Is she still around?”

“Yeah. She works for Raw.”

“Good. She is the next mission. By the way, tell slut I want her home by tomorrow. I miss her.”

Angela wished Stephanie luck and bid her adieu. Stephanie told Leanne that she had to go back for a few days. Steph was a little pissed. The phone rang again. Stephanie answered. Leanne wasn’t sure who it was. Stephanie was very excited as she hung up the phone.

“Well? Who was it!”

“You remember the pictures you took of Torrie? I felt bad about lying to her just to get her in bed, so I sent the pictures to Playboy! That was them, and they want Torrie to pose for them!”

“Oh my! You better call her!”

Steph did call Torrie. Torrie was completely surprised.

“Oh my God! Steph! I don’t know how I can thank you!”

“I’ll think of a way! You just go and represent the WWE the best way you can!”

As they soaked in the tub a little longer, Stephanie was patting herself on the back for doing something really good for someone like Torrie.

part two: Stephanie and Terri.

Stephanie was excited about the next mission. Terri Runnells was one hot piece of ass! She knew it too! She was always wearing the skimpiest of clothes. Stephanie didn’t really have a plan to seduce Terri. Terri was a woman who craved sex all the time. Stephanie was going to try and play off on that.

Stephanie invited Terri into her hotel room. She used the excuse of negotiating her contract. She was going to use her new trick she learned as bait. She stripped nude and sat down on the hotel room floor. It was five minutes till three. Terri would be here any minute. She put a sign on the door that told Terri to come on in. She looked over the bed to make sure the camera was hidden in place. She put both of her legs behind her head and began to eat herself out. After she learned how to do this, she did it constantly. She wasn’t concealing her moans when she heard Terri knock on the door.

Terri saw the note on the door and walked inside the hotel room. She saw Stephanie on the floor eating herself out! She was in complete shock. Stephanie didn’t stop until she exploded and came all over the place.

She stood up and turned around to see that Terri hadn’t taken her eyes off o her.

“Hi Terri!”

“Uh, Hi.”

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, that’s okay.”

“Well I need one!”

Stephanie got a glass of water and drank half of it. She poured the other half onto her body. Terri noticed that Steph’s nipples were pierced.

“Did you join a nudist colony?”

“No. I just like being naked. You should try it. You certainly have the body for it. You sure you don’t want anything to drink?”

“You got any bottled water?”

“Yeah. Hang on a second.”

Stephanie opened the bottle of water and tossed it at Terri. The water flew out of the bottle and drenched Terri.

“Oh shit. Sorry Terri, let me get you a towel.”

Terri wasn’t wearing a bra, and it showed. Stephanie was in awe of how far Terri’s nipples were sticking out of her shirt.

When Stephanie returned with her towel, Terri was completely nude. Stephanie was a bit surprised.

“Don’t play innocent with me Stephanie. I know all about you being a lesbian. The blonde bitch from Tough Enough told me. (Terri got close to Stephanie.) If you wanted to fuck me, all you had to do was ask.”

“Can I fuck you Terri?”

Stephanie kissed Terri. Their tongues danced. Stephanie broke the kiss and began laying kisses down her neck. She saw Terri’s big tits and knew what to do. She wrapped her mouth around her left tit. She began to suck on it. Terri was moaning uncontrollably. Stephanie was twisting the other one with her free hand. Then she switched, and switched again. She kept doing that until Terri was begging her to stop.

Stephanie stopped. She wanted to concentrate on an even better surprise. She got on her knees and inhaled the wonderful scent coming from Terri’s hot twat. Stephanie rammed her tongue up Terri’s pussy. She licked every inch of Terri’s pussy. She wrapped her tongue around Terri’s clit. It only took a couple of tugs, and Terri came all over the place. Stephanie licked every delicious drop of cum up.

Stephanie started to get up.

“Where are you going? Aren’t you going to let me taste you?’

Terri walked Stephanie to the bed. She laid Stephanie on the bed and kissed her hard. Her tongue nearly touched the back of her throat. She licked, nibbled, and sucked every inch of Stephanie’s body. After Terri brought Steph to several thunderous orgasms, Terri wanted to rub pussies and get off one more time. They did. the girls came all over themselves. The finished their torrid sex session by sixty-nine-ing. They came until they could cum no more.

Part Three: Stephanie makes Lillian Garcia sing!

That night was Raw. Stephanie decided to hang out backstage. She left a note for Lillian Garcia, the Raw ring announcer, to come to her hotel room after Raw.

Stephanie was in her hotel room lighting scented candles. She wanted Lillian for a long time. She was the first person that she thought of when she admitted to herself that she was a lesbian. Her cell phone rang. It was Leanne and Angela. The three talked about how they missed each other. Angela had really been hard on Leanne, but she would never complain. Stephanie told them about her plans for Lillian. Angela loved the idea. Then she pitched another idea her way.

“Why don’t you show that psycho chick with the black hair a good time?”


“Uh huh.”

“Okay! As you wish!”

The girls said goodbye as Stephanie waited for Lillian. She didn’t have to wait long. Lillian knocked on the door. Stephanie opened the door and greeted her special guest.

“So what’s up?”

“I just wanted to share a drink with a friend, if that’s okay?”


The girls drank a bottle and a half of the highest priced wine Stephanie could buy. They talked about a lot of things. They laughed the longest about that night in Knoxville last December. That night, a fan in the audience that said “Hey Lillian, call me!” His cell number was on the bottom of the sign. She got her cell during the commercial break and called him.

“He was fresh wasn’t he?”

“Yeah, and a bit stupid.”

“All guys are that’s why I don’t fool with them anymore.”

“You’re a lesbian Stephanie?”

“Promise not to tell?”

“Of course.”

“Yes I am.”

Lillian looked and Stephanie in shock.


“Come on Lillian. Don’t tell me that you have never thought about getting it on with another woman.”

Lillian spoke not a word. Stephanie saw the look in her eyes. She took the bait.

“You look so tense. How about a massage?”

Stephanie got behind Lillian and began to rub her shoulders. Stephanie’s expert hands caused Lillian to melt. Stephanie’s hands wandered from her shoulders to her breasts. Lillian gasped.

“Steph I-”

“Just let yourself go.”

Stephanie removed Lillian’s blouse and skirt. Then her bra and panties.

“Feel it Lil. Feel me.”

Stephanie kissed Lillian. It was a deep kiss. Stephanie wanted to go straight for her prize: Lillian’s pussy. She stuck her tongue deep into her vagina. Lillian started moaning. Stephanie was shoving her tongue in and out of her swollen twat. Stephanie would lick slow, then lick fast. She would do this. Lillian was moaning in Spanish. She was so turned on that she started moaning in both English and Spanish. Lillian exploded over and over and over in orgasm. When she could cum no more, Stephanie picked her up and helped her into bed. The two cuddled as they went of to sleep. The next morning they bid a very fond goodbye, but not before they shared a hot shower together.

Part four: Stephanie and Victoria.

A week had passed. It was Monday afternoon. Stephanie was hanging around at the gym. She invited Victoria over to “work out.” Victoria didn’t turn her down. The girls worked up a sweat for almost two hours. It was almost like they were competing against each other. When they finished Victoria said that she was going to shower. Stephanie waited outside of the shower and thought out her plan once more.

She always thought that Victoria was a dyke, and by sneaking up on her in the shower, she would expose her lesbian side. She saw a scene like that in a lesbian porno the other night, and she wanted to really try it.

Stephanie took off her clothes and got in the shower. Victoria was facing the wall. She looked so hot with the soap covering her body. She snuck behind Victoria and grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. Victoria was surprised, but she knew it was Stephanie. That damn Jackie Gayda had a big mouth.

Victoria turned the shower to cold and Stephanie screamed as the cold hit her naked body. Victoria turned around and kissed Stephanie. The two kissed for and uninterrupted extent of time. They licked, fingered, sucked and rubbed each other off. Then they tried to bathe each other. Every time the shower turned back into sex. They fucked each other until the water turned cold. They dried each other off. Victoria told Stephanie that she knew about her lesbian side. When Steph found out about Jackie’s big mouth, she knew she had to fix her some way. She didn’t want it to be known by everyone that she was a lesbian. The girls went their separate ways. Stephanie called Angela to see if she would let Leanne come back to her.

Feedback is appreciated.

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