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Stephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 04


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Victoria told Stephanie that she knew about her lesbian side. When Steph found out about Jackie’s big mouth, she knew she had to fix her some way. She didn’t want it to be known by everyone that she was a lesbian. The girls went their separate ways. Stephanie called Angela to see if she would let Leanne come back to her. Angela didn’t want to, but in the end, after a lot of sweet talk from Stephanie, Angela said okay.

Stephanie anxiously waited at the airport that weekend for Leanne. When her flight came in, Stephanie didn’t see Leanne get off the plane. She started to worry. After waiting for twenty minutes she decided to call her lover on her cell phone. There was no answer. Stephanie started to worry. She went to the bathroom. When she walked in, someone turned the light off and locked the door. She felt someone leap into her arms and kiss her. It was a long deep kiss that literally floored Stephanie. The mystery person turned on the light. It was Leanne. Stephanie stood up.

“How long have you been in here?”

“Just a few minutes. I knew you would have to use the bathroom sometime.”

Stephanie kissed Leanne.

“God I missed you babe.”

“I missed you more!”

“How’s Angela doing?”

“She’s okay. I don’t want to talk about her. Tonight is for you and me.”

“I got a problem.”


“Jackie Gayda. She is broadcasting to anyone who will listen that I am a lesbian. You know I don’t want that out.”

“So what are you going to do about it?”

“Well I thought about getting her fired, but then she would have the free will to out me to the world. So I came up with another idea.”


“I want to make her submissive to me.”

“Oh my! Are you sure that is wise?”

“Yeah. What’s the problem?”

“What if Angela finds out?”

“So? I don’t think she’d mind.”

“She’s been awfully upset lately.”

“What does that mean?

“Never mind. If you’re in, I’m in.”

“Good! (kisses Leanne) This is going to be so much fun!”

Stephanie grabbed her cell phone and called Jackie. She had her answering machine on.

“Jackie? Sweetheart, I can’t stop thinking about our night together. Can you come to my place Friday night? I really need to feel your body against mine. I’m so horny I’m about to explode! Bye baby! I’ll be cumming tonight thinking about you!”

Leanne saw the devil in Stephanie’s eyes. She knew that she was really going to go through with this full throttle. Jackie called back within the hour. The date was set. The next day she would prepare her apartment for Jackie’s arrival, but that night was reserved for Leanne.

The girls walked to Steph’s corvette. Stephanie opened the door for her lover. Leanne gingerly sat down. Steph was a little concerned.

“What happened, did Angela fuck you raw or something?”

“You could say that. (quickly changing the subject) What are our plans tonight?”

“Well we are going to eat at the fanciest place in town. Then we are going to go home and fuck each others’ brains out!”

Leanne smiled. The drive was quiet. Stephanie noticed. Leanne wasn’t her upbeat wacky self. Something happened while she was with Angela. She wanted to know what it was. She would find out soon.

After a private romantic dinner, the girls headed for home. Before they could get in the door, Stephanie was all over Leanne. She was kissing every inch of her body. When Stephanie started to get really frisky with her, Leanne wanted her to stop.

“Steph? Baby? Normally, I would be all for this, but can we not have sex tonight?”

“Why? What’s wrong baby?”

“I’m just feeling a little jet lag that’s all. I promise we’ll do something tomorrow.”

Stephanie was a little upset, but she conceded her lust filled evening so her lover could rest. Something was bothering Leanne, and it was bothering Stephanie too.

Leanne went to bed. Stephanie was still extremely horny. She flipped through the channels and found a lesbian porno on television. It was more of a lesson for Stephanie. It was a bondage lesbian porno! Stephanie took notes, taped the show, and watched it over a couple of times for her own self pleasure. Then she watched it again and took more notes. She wanted to be perfect in her role as Mistress to Jackie Gayda. It was about twelve midnight. Stephanie tip-toed into her room. Leanne looked so angelic laying in bed. Stephanie took off all of her clothes and got in bed. She heard Leanne whimpering and crying. She was still asleep. She was talking in her sleep.

“Please stop! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please stop!”

Stephanie thought about waking her up, but she didn’t. She figured she was having a bad dream. She wrapped her arms around her and comforted her.

“It’s okay baby. I’m here. It’s okay.”

Leanne calmed down after that. Occasionally through the night she would whimper a little.

The next morning Stephanie was awakened by the smell of breakfast being cooked. She walked in and saw her angel cooking scrambled eggs and waffles.

“I was wandering when you were going to get up? Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, but you sure didn’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“I came to bed and you were crying and begging someone to stop hurting you. I started to wake you up, but I just held you in my arms until you calmed down. You have a bad dream?”

“Huh? Oh yeah. That was why. Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

“How about after breakfast we take a hot shower together?”

“I don’t think we will have time. We got a lot of errands to run for Jackie Gayda.”

“Yeah, but we both need showers. And if we take one at the same time-”

“We’ll never get through. I know how you are when you get someone in the shower.”

“Okay. I can wait.”

Stephanie was concerned. Even when she was playing games, Leanne was never this hard to get in bed.

The girls shopped all day in different sex shops. That got dozens of dildos, nipple clamps, pussy clamps, whips, chains, ropes, and a collar branded with the words: Stephanie’s slut. They got to the apartment and got the place ready for the next evening’s festivities. There was an empty room in the apartment. That was going to be Jackie’s room. The more Stephanie thought about what she was going to do, the more turned on she became. She once again tried to get her lover into bed. Once again Leanne turned her down. Leanne made the excuse that she was going to meet some friends in town. Once again, Stephanie conceded and let Leanne have her fun.

Leanne returned around four in the morning. She was a little drunk and fell asleep immediately as she collapsed on the bed beside Stephanie. In the process, Leanne woke Steph up.

“It’s about time you showed up.”

(Leanne snores)

“Poor baby. I’ll tuck you in.”

Stephanie started to remove Leanne’s jeans and shirt from her. She pulled her shirt off and noticed a burn mark on her left breast. She took off her jeans and was shocked to see that her lover’s vagina was swollen and badly bruised. She thought she had been raped and was about to call the cops when she turned her over and noticed another mark on the back of her thigh. She had been branded and the initials were MA’S. Stephanie began to piece everything together. The bruises and burns on Leanne’s body were at least a week old. She had avoided any sexual contact with her since she arrived. She couldn’t stay seated the last day or so for more than a few seconds at a time. Every time Angela was brought up in conversation, Leanne tried to change the subject. Stephanie now realized what the nightmares were about. MA’S stood for Mistress Angela’s. Stephanie was horrified. How could Angela do this to Leanne? She was so loyal. Stephanie was going into fits. She couldn’t sleep. She started to call Angela and tell her a thing or two, but she figured that would do more damage than good. She sat in a chair beside Leanne all night and all morning, seething in anger for Angela, the one person who she thought the most of.

Leanne woke up and saw Steph sitting in the chair. She realized she was naked. She realized that Stephanie had seen her bruises. It was time to come clean.

“What happened? What did that bitch do to you?”

Leanne started to cry. Stephanie grabbed and hugged her. The girls cried an ocean of tears. They calmed down and Leanne told Stephanie everything.

“Everything was fine the first night. She treated me exactly how I loved it. Spankings, fistings, and a lot of fuckings. I repaid her for it over and over. I made her erupt all night with every orgasm. The next day, the mood changed. She came home drunk. I greeted her at the door and she slapped me. I didn’t do anything wrong. She pulled me by my hair and locked me in her special room. She tied me to the black table spread eagle. She tied my hands at the top. Sh took her cigarette lighter and burned it on my breast. Then she started hitting my pussy with her fist. I was in such pain. I was screaming but no one heard me. The same thing happened the next night. This time she beat me with a brush. I thought I was going to die. then she branded me! I’have never felt so bad in my life. I didn’t have a good healthy meal until the other night with you. I was so glad when you called and said you needed me. I loved her. I loved her, but I guess all I was meant to be was her punching bag.”

Leanne began to cry again.

“Shh. It will be okay bay. I’ll take care of you. She will never hurt us again.”

Stephanie and Leanne laid in bed the rest of the morning and afternoon. Stephanie was going to cancel her plans with Jackie, but Leanne begged her not to. Stephanie promised that Angela would pay for what she had done.

It was eight o’ clock. Leanne and Stephanie were dressed in some leather bondage costumes. Leanne’s was all leather, while Stephanie’s had holes that freed her tits, pussy and ass. They waited patiently for the vixen Jackie Gayda.

Jackie arrived at eight thirty. The door was open Jackie walked inside. The room was dark.

“Stephanie? Are you here?”

Jackie felt someone was behind her. Before she could turn around, someone grabbed her in a bear hug. Another person blindfolded and gagged her. Jackie was scared. Thet wo people dragged Jackie into a room adjacent to the front door. The room was dark. Jackie heard a voice say:

“You’ve been a very bad girl Jackie.”

Several candles were lit around the room. The last one was lit in front of Jackie. The person who lit it stood in front of her. She had her back to her. The person turned around. Jackie was almost relieved when she saw it was Stephanie.

“Remove her gag.”

Leanne removed the gag from Jackie’s mouth.

“Steph? I was worried for a second. Wow that’s a nice outfit you have on! Are we playing a game?”

“You could say we are. We have a problem Jackie. It has come to my attention that you are telling everyone that we are a lesbian lovers.”

“Well we are, aren’t we?”

“Not really. All you were was one little fuck in a chorus of many.”

“But I thought we-”

“Keep your mouth shut. I had no idea that you wanted more in our relationship. Guess what? I want more from you to. I’m not sure you can handle it.”

“What is it? Tell me what you want!”

“Calm down. Don’t get excited. I want you to be my submissive sex slave.”

“Why are you saying this.”

“It’s simple. If you are my submissive I can control you, and you big mouth. In return, I can take you to places you have never been sexually.”

“What if I refuse?”

“You won’t. Leanne, help Jackie out of her clothes. Thanks Baby. Jackie, you’ve met Leanne. She‘s my assistant by day, my lover by night. Tonight she will help guide you to the nirvana of sexual submission.”

Jackie was stripped nude. Leanne ran her hand over her swollen labia.

“Mmm. She’s so wet down there Steph.”

“So you are interested, aren’t you Jackie?”

“Yes I am Stephanie.”

“Then let’s get to it.”

Stephanie put a latex glove on her right hand. She put the glove in Jackie’s face.

“Lick it.”


Stephanie took her other hand and pinched Jackie’s tit. Jackie moaned in pain.

“Always answer to me as Yes Mistress understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now lick it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jackie licked on Stephanie’s gloved hand until it was covered in her saliva. Stephanie got down on her knees.

“Spread your legs.”

“Yes Maam.”

Jackie spread her legs as Stephanie inserted her thumb into her pussy. She began to massage the inner walls of her pussy. Jackie began moaning.

“Don’t you dare cum unless I tell you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

As Stephanie began to insert her other fingers and the rest of her hand for that matter, Jackie was going insane with the feelings she was feeling. Leanne stood behind the girls and watched. She was getting so turned on. Stephanie began fisting her submissive. She wasn’t doing it very hard, just doing it enough to make Jackie explode. Soon, after what seemed like forever, Stephanie stopped.

“Lick my glove again.”

Jackie licked all her juices off of Steph’s glove. Stephanie then went and did the same thing to her ass that she did to Jackie’s pussy. Stephanie swapped back in forth for over and hour on Jackie’s ass and pussy. Soon Jackie’s knees went weak and she hit the floor. She was begging Steph to let her cum, but Steph wouldn’t. Instead, she pulled out two big strap-ons and gave one to Leanne. Together they spent the next hour fucking Jackie’s ass and pussy at the same time. Jackie was begging harder and harder to let her cum.

“You wanna cum Jackie?”

“Yes Maam! Please!”

“Eat us out and we’ll think about it.”

Jackie took turns eating out Leanne and Stephanie. She made the girls cum to thunderous orgasms. At one point, Jackie was finger fucking both girls at the same time, while they made out with each other. She was basically serving as a human dildo. When they could cum no more the girls collapsed on top of Jackie. They were all laying in a pile.

“Do I get to cum now?”

“No. You need to be punished for telling everyone about me.”

“But I didn’t tell everyone.”

“You need to be punished little girl. Tie her up Leanne.”

Leanne tied Jackie up in a rocking chair. The rocking chair had a device in front of it that swung back and forth. When Jackie was secure in the chair, Stephanie attached a ten inch dildo on the device. She spread Jackie’s legs and moved her pussy close to the dildo device.

“Do you like it Jackie? It’s my own creation. I haven’t thought of a name yet, but let me tell you how it works. When I turn it on, The dildo will go in and out of your pussy. It’s set on one speed super fast. If you can last until morning, I might let you cum. If you can’t, then you won’t get to cum for a long time. Good luck.”

Stephanie turned on the device. She and Leanne left the room. Stephanie and Leanne spent the night having wild sex. Leanne wanted to show how much she appreciated Stephanie. Around four in the morning the girls checked on Jackie. She hadn’t came yet, but she looked like she was going to explode. The girls got back in bed and cuddled each other to sleep.

Leanne and Stephanie woke from their slumber around nine that morning. Stephanie got up and went to see if Jackie passed her test. She had. Stephanie unhooked the device and untied her. Jackie was asleep. Steph took a glass of water and threw it on Jackie. Jackie woke up and was happy to see Stephanie.

“How do you feel?”

“I feel good. I want to cum.”

“Do you want to be my sex slave?”

“Yes I do Mistress.”

“What about Leanne?”

“I want to be her’s to!”

“I’ll be right back. Don’t move.”

Stephanie quickly returned with Leanne. The girls carried Jackie’s limp body to the tub in the bathroom. The girls stood over Jackie and urinated all over her. She was marked as their slut. She thanked them.

“Jackie? You are athletic, can you do this?”

Stephanie sat down on the floor and put herself in the “eat yourself out” position.

“Sure that’s easy. Do you want me to do it?”

“Yes we do.”


Jackie got in the position and ate herself out to a good cum. The three girls shared a shower together. After they bathed and fucked each other, they all laid on the bed. They cuddled. Jackie fell asleep just as soon as her head hit the pillow. Stephanie and Leanne laid in bed looking at each other putting together a plan to get revenge on Angela.

To be continued in Stephanie takes Control.

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