tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStephanie's Lesbian Vacation Ch. 03

Stephanie's Lesbian Vacation Ch. 03


Thanks to everyone who sent me feedback on part one and two. There were some really great ideas, and I plan on incorporating some into the story. A special thank you goes to the feedback that corrected my grammar. Without further ADO, here is the finale of Stephanie’s Lesbian Vacation.

After their showers were over, the girls, wrapped up in a large towel, snuggled close together. This gave Stephanie an opportunity to make an observation. For an apartment, in the attic of a bar/strip club, it was well furnished, and even had a hot tub, and a shower.



“How can you afford all of this?”

“There’s probably something I should tell you.”

“Well, tell me.”

Just then, Leanne recognized a familiar knock on the door. It was her. Leanne’s face went pale. The knocker knocked again. A voice behind the door asked:

“Slut are you not in there?”

“Who was that?”

Leanne replied in silence. She was nervous. She was hoping that She wasn’t behind the door.

“Slut, I know someone is in there with you, now let me in!”

(Steph) “Leanne?”

Leanne shushed Stephanie, as the person behind the door used her key, and unlocked it. She opened the door, and was surprised at what she saw. Her submissive charge, Leanne, was entangled with a sexy looking blonde, who looked like she had dyed her hair recently.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

Leanne jumped off of the couch, and stuttered in response.

(Steph) “Who the fuck are you?”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“I asked you first.”

“What are you doing with this slut?”

“She’s not a slut.”

“She’s my slut. How do you think she affords this place. I own this place and the bar. I mean how many fucking attics in a bar or strip club have you seen that look BETTER than most condos. Cause I furnished it. She is mine, all mine. She does everything I ask. Watch.”

The woman snapped her fingers, and immediately, Leanne was on her knees in front of her. Stephanie was a bit shocked.

“Slut, who am I?”

“You are my life, all I live for, you are my Mistress Angela.”

“Since she won’t tell me, who is this woman?”

“That is Stephanie McMahon, Mistress”

“No! It can’t be. he Stephanie McMahon and my little slut fucking each others’ brains out. How long has this went on slut?”

“Since yesterday, Mistress” “My poor stupid slut. You know the rule. What is it?”

“I only give pleasure to Mistress, and receive pleasure from Mistress.”

“And you have violated that rule. Haven’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Leanne began to cry. Angela grabbed some leather rope from her black bag, and told Leanne to sit in a chair spread eagle. She than spoke to Stephanie.

“Look in that corner, what do you see?”

Stephanie looked, and she saw a camera. A look of fear came over her face.

“That’s right, I have been recording your rendezvous with my slut.” I could bury you, and release a plague of embarrassment on your family. You don’t want that? Do you?”

Stephanie shook her head no.

“I thought not. All I ask is that you witness this slut receive her punishment.”

“What are you going to do her?”

“With this whip, I’m going to whip her pussy thirty-five times.”

“No! You can’t!”

“All you have to do is watch.”

Stephanie knew that she couldn’t afford this kind of embarrassment, so she stayed quiet.”

Angela made sure that Leanne was secure and tied up in the chair. She began to pussy whip her. The first five, Leanne screamed in pain. Angela scolded her and Stephanie winced after each blow. Ten and fifteen came, and Leanne was screaming louder. Stephanie couldn’t take it anymore and she stood in front of Leanne.

“Please stop!”

“Bitch, you don’t know how close I am to calling the tabloids.”

“I don’t care please stop, I’ll do anything. Just stop hurting her!”

“Anything?” (A Domme’s favorite word)


“How about you take the rest of this slut’s punishment?”

Stephanie was taken by surprise by this request. She knew that Leanne could take no more.

“I’ll let you choose where you want to take it. On the ass, or on the pussy like she did.”

Stephanie threw caution to the wind, and agreed to take twenty licks from Angela’s hand to her bare ass. Angela sat down on the sofa. Stephanie straddled herself across Angela’s lap. Angela bean to spank Stephanie. Stephanie was surprised, but she actually liked the spanking she was getting! She felt so dirty and perverted, but she liked it. This didn’t go unnoticed by Angela, as she felt Stephanie’s moisture from her pussy drip off her leg. The spanking was over, and Stephanie started to get up, but she couldn’t Angela wouldn’t let her.

It’s not over yet. Is it Leanne.

“No Mistress. Punishment is concluded when the slut takes whatever fucking Mistress desires.”

Angela, without any more warning, began to fuck Stephanie’s ass with her bare hand. It was a hard fuck that saw Stephanie’s ass take in Angela’s entire fist. With her other hand, Angela began to finger Leanne’s pussy. At first, Stephanie was protesting the invasion of her ass, but those protests quickly became moans of orgasmic bliss. Soon, both girls came. As Stephanie was coming down from he orgasmic high, Angela stood over her.

“It appears that you enjoyed that. Yo have a choice to make. All your life, you have told people what to do. You have always been the boss. With the servants, teachers, and now all of those wrestlers that work for you and your family. Now you have the opportunity to be bossed around, to be dominated, to be submissive to someone else’s needs. You know you want it.”

Stephanie without thought replied:

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good girl. Now for your new name: cunt. Cunt, prepare to receive your marking.”

Stephanie didn’t know what to do, but Leanne helped her to her knees. Angela stripped herself of her clothes, and put her pussy in front of Leanne’s face.

“Open wide, cunt.”

Stephanie did, and Leanne helped her press her mouth against her Mistress’ mouth. Pee ran from Angela’s vagina into Stephanie’s mouth. She gagged, and piss gushed all over her body. She took in as much piss as possible, but some of it ended up in her hair.

“You are mine cunt. Slut, go bathe yourself and my new cunt.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“We are going to have a lot of fun, my little cunt.”

Angela kissed Stephanie long and hard. Stephanie had never been kissed like that.

The rest of Stephanie’s vacation was spent being submissive to Angela. Angela turned the “Billion Dollar Princess” into the “Billion Dollar Nympho,” the “Billion Dollar Whore,” and ulimately the “Billion Dollar Submissive.” Each day was a new adventure in humiliation, acceptance, and sexual highs. Angela had her cunt fuck herself with a banana and a cucumber, walk through the bar, wearing only the banana, cuke, and a mask to hide her identity. and proclaim that she was Angela’s to fuck however She desired. Another time, Stephanie was fucked by some of the hottest women she had ever seen. Once again her identity was concealed. That was a promise that Angela made from the start, not to reveal who Stephanie was. She was given treats by Angela as well. Among them, was the piercing of her big thick nipples.

Stephanie loved serving Angela. She did it so well, that Angela couldn’t punish her. Angela had to make up reasons to punish her. Stephanie loved the punishments, mainly because of the fucking that would follow. The only time Stephanie felt uncomfortable was when she was tied up, the ropes hurt like Hell. Other than that, she loved serving her Mistress. The last day of her vacation came, and it was time to say goodbye for a little while to her Mistress, and her lover Leanne.

“Cunt? Stephanie?’

“Yes Mistress?”

“I have a proposition for you. Take slut with you, and find her a job with the WWE.”

“Mistress, no I don’t want to leave you.”

“Let me finish Leanne. I have a job for you two to do. Seduce the WWE Divas into our world of lesbian sex. Don’t domme them, just introduce them to the joys of sex with another woman. Record it, and send it back to me to enjoy. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Angela walked up to the girls, and gave them both deep, loving, and long French kisses.

They boarded a flight to Connecticut, and were headed off on the next mission for their Mistress.

Too be continued in Stephanie’s Mission.

Feedback appreciated.

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